22 in 2022 project pan update #5

I am a bit late on this post, but not actually late on the update. My 4th update posted April 11. The last time I wore makeup this month was May 15. So, the update photos are fairly accurate. I’ve got a nice amount of empties again which is lovely, including a bonus empty.

Here’s the progress photo from April:

Since there were a nice amount of empties, I chose to take a photo of just the empties for this month.

I finished the elf putty primer, the maybelline setting spray, the cerave sunscreen, and everything I wanted to finish out of the sleek contour palette. The bonus item is a pretty vulgar powder, not only did I finish the pretty vulgar powder but I then depotted another powder into this container and finished that as well. I’ll only count it as one though.

And the progress for photos and roll in items:

I made only the tiniest bit of progress on my mac foundation. This is technically a “bonus” item but I am really quite determined to finish it. And since work just went back to full time masking, I may make some good progress on this again in the upcoming month. I’ll prioritize it again.

I have the makeup forever powder sample I put in the larger laura mercier secret brightening powder container, and I removed the previous marks and put washi tape to mark the current progress.

I am very close to being done with the amazonian clay color corrector from tarte and perhaps I will be done next month.

I keep working away at my colourpop supershock shadow in frog, it sits on my vanity and every time I need a little extra sparkle I use it.

The pan of blush was repressed after the last update, I ended up adding a bit of leftover highlighter I was trying to finish up to give it more glow. It has worked well and I am enjoying the product in this new way, but there’s a lot more of it than I imagined there would be. I think it’ll be months before I finish.

Tarte Jelly Glaze is likely to be done next month since I’ll be using it again under the masks at work.

My stila lipstick made a tiny bit of progress but that progress is likely to stop again for a bit while we ride out this latest increase in cases. Plus it is really a dark lipstick which is more suited to the fall and winter.

My makeup forever artist color pencil saw some good progress over the last month as I was using it with a lipgloss over top for a nude lip. I really enjoyed that and will continue to do so but probably not while we are all masked up again.

And I am rolling in two items from the list. The benefit gimme brow and the coola setting spray with spf. I did not realize the coola sample, which I used once, had so little product in it. But since that’s the case, I imagine I can finish that up quickly.

So my list as it is right now:

  1. Hourglass Dim Light powder
  2. Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation
  3. Cerave sunscreen
  4. Juice Beauty primer (deluxe sample size)
  5. Bite Beauty lipstick
  6. Sephora green color corrector
  7. Tarte Amazonian Clay color corrector
  8. Colourpop supershock shadow Frog
  9. Benefit eyebrow pencil
  10. Elf putty primer (deluxe sample size)
  11. Ilia lip balm (deluxe sample size)
  12. Tarte lip balm (deluxe sample size)
  13. Tower 28 gloss (deluxe sample size)
  14. Sleek Face Palette (darkest contour shade only with use of the light bronzer shade as well)
  15. Makeup Forever Lip Liner
  16. Makeup Forever powder (deluxe sample size)
  17. Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
  18. Coola spray (sample size)
  19. Maybelline setting spray (travel size)
  20. 1 mascara of any type
  21. Benefit tinted eyebrow gel
  22. Ofra liquid lipstick travel size any color

Bonus items:

elf eyebrow wax
Stila lipstick
Pan of blush
Mac foundation
Clinique eyeliner
Pretty Vulgar powder

That has me at 15 completed items out of 22 though not all of them are from the original list. I don’t mind, the bonus items were placed there in case I had some struggles using some from the original list. All in all another good progress month that I appreciate.

3 thoughts on “22 in 2022 project pan update #5

  1. Awesome progress! This brightened my day today as our family recently experienced a tragedy that is still too fresh to even explain. Seeing a post from you made my day a bit better. I am combining April and May into one update that will come in June due to everything going on with the move. Now, this new weight we have to bear might put it off more, but we all must do what we must.

    • I am so sorry to hear of your very heavy load. I look forward to the point at which you’ll be able to post your progress, and am excited to have seen your new apartment!!!

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