Graveyard Project Pan Update 1

On May 4, I posted the start of my graveyard project pan, a project I’ve always wanted to do but never had the space for. It’s time for update 1.

Resurrection products last month:

With the cover FX palette, my goal is to try to hit pan on the blush, bronzer, and brightener.

The NYX cream shadow (in the cover FX palette) the goal is to use up.

The tarte smoothing primer, goal is to use as much as possible.

Here’s the update photo:

I have already hit pan on the bronzer! I am going to keep using this as I attempt to hit pan on the other two pans. I have been using the NYX cream colored shadow to set my eye base but I don’t use it every time. It’s hard to tell if much progress has been made, but there’s so little in there I am not concerned. And, the tarte primer I made a nice amount of progress on though it may be hard to tell. I am really working my way down one side in order to be able to see progress evenly as I update. Originally my goal was to use as much as possible, but now my goal is to use this up. I feel that my progress is pretty good, and even if I don’t finish it before the end of October there’s a good chance I’ll finish by the end of the year.

Collecting Cobwebs last month:

My goal was to use each eyeshadow in the palette at least once, which I did. There were a number of shadows I used 4 times over the month. I have an ongoing project of using each of my eyeshadows once this year, so I am going to roll in new palettes in this category.

The mac powder I’ve been using almost every time I use makeup. It’s a domed product and I am not sure it’s going to be easy to see any progress at all, but I do feel I’ve worn down the dome significantly.

Here’s this month’s photo:

And now to roll in something a little more challenging for my eyeshadow palettes. There’s a total of 48 shadows plus two highlighters here, as I am going to work my way through my BH Zodiac and Zodiac Love palette.

This is rather a large undertaking, and will likely take me more than a month to complete. I’ll hold off the next update until I have completed this portion of the project. I’ll be recording each use and likely each shimmer will get used once but the mattes more than once. In the past I’ve had a lot of trouble with these shimmers staying on my eyelids and not creasing so I am likely going to experiment a bit with what types of primers I use with these. Then I need to write down my results so that I can remember what works best!

Many times I’ve considered depotting these palettes and only keeping the mattes but I am glad these are intact for now. Hopefully I can find a way for the shimmers to work well for me.

That’s it from here! I am thinking that this year’s project pans have been some of my favorite. They’ve been rather reasonable and not too crazy making. Good visible progress and some flexibility built in. I wish the same for you if you are a project panner!