Graveyard Project Pan Update #2

Last update on my graveyard project pan was June 11, and I knew I wasn’t going to be updating strictly monthly. My goal was to update after I had worked through each and every shadow on of the BH cosmetics zodiac palettes. Which I did! So let’s start there.

I enjoyed working my way through these. But at the same time there are a lot of shades in here that I just don’t really care to wear on the regular. My absolute favorite shade is the Aquarius of the original zodiac palette, it looks gold but is kind of a gold/green duochrome. By far the most stand out shade in both palettes. I have thought about depotting these palettes pretty regularly but I think that they are really lovely the way they are even though I don’t really want to wear all the shades.

This endeavor was under the Collecting Cobwebs heading, and I am going to do the same type of eyeshadow usage goal for the next update. Again, I won’t update until I work my way through all of these. My plan is to use every shade of every Too Faced palette I own. That’s Sweet Peach, Chocolate Gold, and a christmas palette I picked up a few years back. The christmas palette has blush/bronzer/highlighter as well, which I also will work my way through.

Sweet Peach and Chocolate Gold are fairly well used palettes. The christmas palette less so. I am going for the goal of using every eyeshadow in my collection at least once this year, so this smaller challenge furthers the larger challenge.

For the rest of the products, here’s where I was at the beginning of June.

The mermaid palette was not in last month’s rotation, it’s a leftover from the previous month.

For this month, I am adding in a powder. The mac powder I was using (pictured above) is too light for this time of year. When I wear it, it lightens my foundation and that looks cruddy while I have been outdoors regularly and am a bit more tanned. So, I am adding in my Rimmel Stay Matte powder which already has pan in it, it also goes well under the collecting cobwebs heading.

This month’s progress. The two setting powders are collecting cobwebs and the rest are resurrection products. The Tarte poreless smoothing primer I am making fantastic progress on. I actually began using a tool with this to scrape out the side. This might be a bit of a deceiving photo as I scraped out the areas that had the least amount of product and now am left with larger amounts. But I would say that I am about halfway through using this up and am really hoping to power through it by the end of this project. If not the end of the project, certainly the end of the year.

My cover FX palette has seen a fair amount of use. My original goal was to hit pan on the bronzer, the blush, and the brightener. But now I want to finish up the bronzer completely. After I took this photo I repressed the bronzer, adding in a bit of the darker highlighter as well, and it is now sitting more in the middle of the pan. This will help me use it up easily.

I have not yet hit pan on the brightener, but I’ve been mixing it with the lighter highlighter since the summer is the only time I can use that highlighter. So progress on the brightener has slowed considerably! And the blush is a blush so it’ll take time to hit pan. In fact I fear I will not hit pan by the end of this project. But I’ll keep after it and try.

The eyeshadow that I use as a primer setting powder I also repressed as it’s hard to get any use out of it with everything concentrated at the edges.

with the Rimmel powder I am rolling in, I am really hoping to finish this one. Or at least get as far as possible during the warmer weather. I am concentrating my brush on the outsides of this one as I want to wear away the edges that are still quite full.

All in all, good progress toward some longer term goals. If I finish this bronzer, I will have finished 4 pans of bronzer this year which is amazing. I had two I finished in the sleek cream contour palette and then earlier this year I finished an hourglass bronzer. All of them had been worked on prior to this year but being able to finally finish them this year is very motivating.

I likely won’t have another update until end of august or beginning of september now, that’s a lot of eyeshadow to work through! But hopefully because of this, the next update will be interesting!