Graveyard Project Pan Update 3

This will be the last update before the finale of this project and things are still going quite well on this one. Let’s start with the eyeshadows part of the project. In the collecting cobwebs category, I decided to work my way through all the colors of certain eyeshadow palettes. In part because I wanted to see if I wanted to keep them and also get a fair amount of use out of them. For the previous month and a half I had chosen 3 Too Faced palettes.

I am very pleased to have done this. In part because it showed me that the christmas palette had gone off. This shadows performed beautifully when I purchased the palette but they absolutely do not anymore. When I compared this to the other two palettes, the other two, while older, worked wonderfully. So the formula on the christmas palette wasn’t worth keeping. I ended up destroying the palette to get the majority of the face powders saved in a magnetic palette and I tossed the rest, including a highlighter that was too dark for me.

I am not choosing more palettes to work through for the next update. With 8 puppies and a foster dog in the house I am just not able to give attention to makeup, particularly eyeshadows, the way I do when I only have our two dogs. There’s no point choosing a couple palettes that I know I won’t be able to work on. Instead, I’ll work through the base products which I am still wearing with some regularity.

Here’s the photo from last update on those:

After this photo was taken I repressed the bronzer as it had been getting difficult to use. I actually added a bit of the highlighter next to it to give it a sheen.

There really isn’t much left of the bronzer now. I do hope to fully finish it before the end of this project. I also hit pan in the brightener and while you can’t see it, I’ve been using the lighter highlighter this summer even though it is too dark in the winter and I hit the tiniest pan on that too. It’s in the lower left quadrant but I doubt you’ll see it for the sparkles. Pretty exciting though when I assumed I wasn’t going to be working on it at all.

I had also repressed the cream colored eyeshadow pan so it’s hard to tell what usage I had on that over the past month and a half. I think it’s been pretty minimal since, again, 8 puppies and not much time for makeup. I’ll keep plugging away at it.

I’ve somewhat given up hope of hitting pan on the blush, but at the same time recognize that I finished the other blush I was working on, so if I keep using this one exclusively, there’s a chance I can hit pan on it before the end of October.

For the face powder I am actively working on, so much progress has been made! I am now working at lowering all the product toward the sides of the pan but I genuinely believe this could be finished in a month and a half.

Finally, the primer. In the last update I’d worked product out of the corners with a tool, but this time I am back to using my fingers and it doesn’t feel like a ton of progress was made. I think that is because to some extent I am also pushing the product around while I am trying to access it.

I will be entirely ready to put away the face palette at the end of this project and use some other items in my stash. But, I’ve made so much progress during this year that I do plan to go back and finish up the blush at some point fairly soon. I actually feel that way about every single item in this project, all of them are close enough to see finished up when I have the motivation for it once this project is over.

It may be that I can’t use makeup as much as usual or it may be that the weather is turning but I am full on contemplating what I’ll be choosing for project panning next year. I do think once this project is over I’ll use November and December as a break to work through choosing for the new year.

All in all another fairly successful month and a half despite the fact that we are all completely topsy turvy in our household right now!

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