Graveyard Project Pan Finale 2022

On this lovely spooky day at the end of October I can post the finale for my graveyard project pan. This was a project which I began in May and then ends on Halloween.

The idea is to use items which have been in other project pans (resurrection items) or use old items which haven’t seen much love recently (collecting cobweb items.)

I had a fairly small and focused group of items and was able to make wonderful progress. Here’s the original photo I started with:

My goal for these items were to hit pan on the contour, brightener, and blush. Then to finish the tiny pan of eyeshadow and to get as far as possible on the container of primer.

I eventually rolled in a powder as well which I already had pan on but wanted to keep working through. July was the start date on that one as the previous powder I’d had in the project was lightening my foundation making me look rather “ghostly” which while appropriate to the theme was not at all what I am going for during the summer months. I’ll get back to that powder this winter.

Last month I had an update which was pretty fantastic, I was very pleased with my progress.

It was at this point where my goal to hit pan was out the window and now I was eager to finish the contour entirely. I also had a tiny bit of pan on the lighter highlighter which I hadn’t expected to use at all. I’d reached my goal on the brightener but wanted to continue working on it through the month. And, I did realize that I would not hit pan on the blush but I continued to work on that as well.

Here’s where I managed to get to throughout the past month and a half:

The bronzer and the eyeshadow are completely used up. I expanded the pan on both the brightener and the highlighter. And, as expected, I didn’t hit pan on the blush but feel pretty good about the use I did get out of it. The primer is pretty close to being finished and I do want to continue using it up throughout the upcoming months to finish. Same goes for the powder, though I don’t really need as much of it right now as the weather is cooling and I no longer have to wear a mask at work. It may end up getting set aside for next summer.

As for the face palette, I am putting it away for a time. I will enjoy rotating through my stash in the upcoming 2 months while I prepare for whatever project I decide to attempt in the new year. (I am leaning toward full face of rolling project pan with quarterly refreshes again this year but I am not positive.)

All of this is to say, this was a wonderfully productive project for me this year. In part, it was made easier by the fact that we had a foster dog and puppies in our home for 3 months of this project, and I had to pack away all my other makeup to make room for puppies, keeping only the barest bones makeup stash out for getting ready in the morning. It’s easy to see progress when you don’t really use any other makeup!

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