Big Changes

In July, in order to accommodate a surprise litter of foster puppies in our home, we removed almost all the furniture from my craft room. We then put a piece of sheet vinyl flooring over the top of the carpet in hopes of keeping the carpet clean during our time with our fosters. The sheet fit the majority of the room but had about a foot and a half at one end of the room that went uncovered. So, we cut a piece away from the door in order to make the door swing open easily and blocked off the exposed carpet. Which worked, for a time, until mama learned how to move the pen to get to the door. And then one day when she really wanted to get out, she tore up the carpet.

You can see that under the carpet is some old linoleum, and Mr. Ink said “That seems ok, let’s just tear out the carpet and use the old linoleum?” To which I said “no.” So, I ended up choosing some luxury vinyl plank figuring it would be about the most hard wearing thing I could put on the craft room floor in case we ever do puppies again. Once I purchased it from the flooring company they informed me that they couldn’t get an install done until December. I honestly wish I had known that before I purchased, but ok.

I ended up being pretty pleased that I didn’t stick with Mr. Ink’s idea of keeping the old linoleum since someone was clearly very careless about a paint job in that room. Plus, it would have looked horrendous even if the flooring was pristine.

The new floor was a lovely improvement.

And while not everything was perfectly placed yet in this photo, it’s clear that the room looks so warm and inviting. I really love it!

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