Update 2, Perfume Project

Hi all! In October last year I started a little perfume challenge in an attempt to use some of my perfumes in a focused manner. It’s been going really well and I am ready to do an update and a change it up.

Here’s the original photo, I haven’t been keeping empties and I am not intending to take photos of empties.

By the first update I had finished all the Replica samples as well as the Ariana Grande moonlight perfume.

I set myself a personal goal of using the Alien perfume once a week, which is basically the equivalent of 7 uses. I finished the Tom Ford Black Orchid sample, I finished one of the Ellis Brooklyn Bee samples, and I finished the Ellis Brooklyn Apres sample. That’s pretty good progress!

I have now taken a new photo as it’s time for a project focus shift. I’ve got so many tiny samples laying around and while I do want to use them, if I focus only on them, I will not get the use I’d like out of the perfumes that I’ve purchased because I liked them enough to have a larger amount in my collection. To rectify that, I need a shift in gears. This shift will incorporate what is left in this project (Alien and Bee) in hopes to still finish them over time.

From now until the next update which will be end of February I am putting myself on a schedule. Here’s the photo of what I am going to be using predominately:

I did not add the many sample sizes in here but I will list what I finished during the update.

Monday: Alien in hopes to use it up
Tuesday: Bee, in hopes to use it up
Wednesday: A sample, any sample from my collection
Thursday: My choice of one of the YSL perfumes
Friday: Replica By the Fireplace
Weekend: Apres and a wild card. Anything I choose.

Basically this means I’ve got 6 full weeks before the next update. I do not believe I can finish Bee or Alien in those 6 weeks but I won’t burn out on them by using them once a week either. And this will give me a good opportunity to use some of my winter favorites which have been languishing because I’ve been choosing to concentrate on samples.

At the end of February I’ll evaluate where I am, likely keep working on Bee and Alien, but perhaps either concentrate on samples again for a bit or give myself a new set of perfumes on a schedule.

But, as of right now, I’ve managed to finish a full size perfume (with just a bit left in it) and 6 samples while also working on a few others, all in all a pretty good project so far. I am glad I decided to view my perfume collection with a bit more purpose, it helps me keep it from getting out of hand while also giving me the space to enjoy it.

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