Stitch In Progress

I’ve continued to work on my stitching over the past week and through the weekend. It’s been really enjoyable and focusing and relaxing. I had very much hoped to finish the first half of the project this weekend and indeed I was able to do that.

The daisies on the left were a real challenge, as I knew they would be. Working with white floss on white cloth is tedious at best. But I think they came out really well! I approached it quite methodically which helped. I am sure they’ll pop a whole lot more once the outlining is done.

Now I work my way to the right starting with a very tall bottle with a fern in it .I also have to continue the pink flowers from the very first jar I worked on as they hang over into the tall bottle space. I did get started on that this weekend but did not get far at all. Which is fine! I am not actually in a massive rush and feel no inclination to begin another project.