Stitching Update

Another weekend has passed so another stitching update is prepared. Last weekend I had worked my way all the way through the left side. So this week I started to work the middle out toward the right. During the week I had finished 2 new jars so on Saturday I worked the flowers and greenery in those two jars. Then on Sunday I began a third jar on the right side along with some of the flowers in it. That’s the point at which I took a photo:

I did manage to finish the jar last evening. Once this jar with flowers is complete there are only two more jars to work and then I’ll get to wash this thing and do all the back stitching and french knots. I am not at all worried about back stitching, in fact while there is loads of it I am excited because I believe it will really draw the piece together. I am, however, worried about the french knots since I don’t believe I’ve ever successfully created one in my life. That being said, there’s youtube in this day and age and I’ve watched loads of french knot tutorials so I feel better prepared than I have in the past.

In any case, this one is just a few weeks away from being complete and I can’t wait to see it fully finished! I am very excited. My first full large counted cross stitch project as an adult.

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