Quick Stitching Update

I stayed up quite late last night as I was so close to finishing the cross stitching portion of my project. I just wanted to complete it! And that is what I did. I finished the cross stitches, removed the hoop, and carefully took out my gridding thread. This morning I washed the piece and set it out to dry, and that’s the point where I grabbed a photo.

I am hoping it will be sufficiently dry this evening so that I can begin the work of back stitching on it. But I’ve got rather a busy day today so it may not be possible. And tomorrow is rather busy as well. I imagine the back stitching to go a bit more quickly than cross stitching though, so hopefully I can get this completed rather quickly. I also fully expect that I’ll find stitches here and there that need to be added. With so many clusters of stitches and color changes it’s rather easy to miss them!