SAL Update

It’s been a bit since I’ve had an update, and even longer since I’ve remembered to post. You see, two things were going on. First, my dog Fury competed in her first flyball tournament, did very well for a very first attempt, and then we got really busy with additional training and practice. More on that in a future post I believe. In addition to that, we took care of a 4 month old shepherd mix puppy white her foster family went out of town for a bit, and that kept us very busy. But she was a surprisingly great puppy, and it went much better than I had imagined it would. Nevertheless, we were overwhelmingly busy. Once that was over, I was able to get some stitching done, in part because I took a couple days off to unwind after all the busy weeks.

During that unwind time, I was able to finish the whole of the January chart of my Fox and Rabbit stitchalong for 2023. The whole of the chart except for the extensive border which I did not complete. And I am glad I did not complete it since we now have more pattern in the border and I think it’ll be easier to complete it while also working that pattern area.

I then put this project down for a bit instead of moving right along to the next section. You see, my temperature tree had been languishing. It was languishing for a few reasons I’ll address in a future post about it, but I ended up giving up on it, going to the local stitching shop, purchasing a very pretty piece of linen, and starting it over completely. I have been working on that exclusively for about a week now, and it’s looking really good. In fact I am farther along than I was when I quit the project previously. But, I am looking forward to some downtime tonight where I can get back to this SAL project instead. I am eager to see what the next bits will look like. I am particularly fond of the border filling in framing the piece beautifully.