Small Changes Perfume Project

Mid January I had posted what I was going to do with my perfume project, indicating that I’d post another update at the end of February. Here we are past mid-March and I finally am getting around to an update.

The previous schedule was:

Monday-Mugler Alien
Tuesday-Ellis Brooklyn Bee
Wednesday-A sample size of whatever I like
Thursday-One of my YSL perfumes, my choice
Friday-Replica By the Fireplace
Weekend-Apres and Wildcard

I finished my sample size of Ellis Brooklyn Bee which was in part the goal. The other goal was to finish Alien. There’s very little left.

I am making a couple tweaks to the schedule for the upcoming month and a half. You see, I’ve found out that someone on the flyball team is sensitive to fragrance so I am going to make a concerted effort to remove fragrance from my life on any day which flyball happens. For the next month that means Tuesday nights. It also means some Friday nights. And some weekends are flyball weekends as well. So I’ve developed the next 6 week (ish!) schedule bearing all this in mind.

Monday: Mugler Alien-then when that’s gone, go directly to Alien Goddess sample size
Tuesday: Nothing, unless no Flyball, then sample size of anything
Wednesday: Sample size of anything
Thursday: One of my YSL Frangrances
Friday: Kayali Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli (Unless it’s a flyball practice night)
Weekend: Wild card and sample

My biggest goal would be to finish both Alien and Alien Goddess, since there’s not much in either I believe I could make that happen particularly if I considered these for one of my wild card days. Additionally I love the idea of really working on finishing some sample sizes as well. Because I am doing the whole no buy thing, it’s a fantastic time to deplete my stash of samples as nothing else is coming in to replace them.