March 2023 Empties

Plus inventory update. I am posting this a tiny bit early because I have the time and because I don’t really see anything else that will be completed between now and the end of the month. Here are my notable empties this month:

Inventory update:
Overview-I’ll just post about what has changed rather than do a full rundown. I did have 3 items come in to my collection from the Lush subscription box. But, no other purchases were made and no other items came in via gifts. This inventory does not contain any makeup items which I keep track of separately.

I finished 1 gentle cleanser bringing me from 3 to 2.
My daughter has taken one cleanser from my collection, taking me from 6 to 5.
I finished one retinol product from clinique, so inventory goes from 4 to 3.
I finished a cleansing balm, so 3 to 2.
One eye serum was used up, that leaves me with 2 eye serums
I finished a Vitamin C serum, leaving me with just 1 Vitamin C product.
I finished up my little Farmacy Honey Halo sample so I am left with 6 moisturizers in my collection
Toner-I finished 1 good molecules toner so now I have 5 toners.
I finished up a hair repair serum leaving me with 1 repair product.
I finished my Verb texture spray so I now have 3.
I had a Madison Reed conditioner sample and that is now gone, I have 9 hair conditioner items left.
In the Body Wash category I finished Lush Yog Nog but received Lush B Electra body wash and Lush Mama Mia body scrub, so I went from 5 to 6 in this category.
I received a Lush Fun soap which is kind of like a play dough in soap form. Not sure how I’ll use it so I shoved it in the “shave” category bringing me up to 2 items.
I finished 1 perfume sample so now I have a total of 40 perfumes, samples included with full size and travel sizes.

Ultimately in this part of the inventory I was able to go from a grand total of 194 to 182. I am certainly pleased with this result. However, I do believe that the upcoming month may be challenging as I don’t have too many items that are super close to being finished. But as we’ve seen before if I just keep consistently plugging away and not replacing I’ll get there eventually. It’s just that next month may be a slower month for empties.

One thought on “March 2023 Empties

  1. I’d love a review on your Lush Subscription box. I saw the price and I’m like woah. lol. But I love their products. You did awesome with your inventory! March is gonna be a so-so month for me. I was going to finish up a few more items, but I’m done with covid for the 2nd time.

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