This Week in Stitching

For my Fox and Rabbit stitch along, I decided to take a break from the border (March clue) and work on February’s clue which is a selection of motifs on the left top side of the project. It took me an entire week to finish up the largest clue but I was able to finish the remainder of the motifs on Sunday.

The pink floss I used for this motif is variegated, and you can see the different shading going on in the pink. The rest was solid colors of floss.

Then I moved on down to the remaining small motifs and finished them up which was lovely. Now I am back to working on the border. There’s no hope I’ll finish that before the next clue comes out Saturday. And I also won’t get an opportunity to begin April on Saturday as I’ll be out of town with Fury at a flyball tournament. Upon my return I may put in some time on my temperature tree, completing the March branch and leaves. But then I should be back on target to work on this project again. So my goal for this week is simply to get as far along on the border as I can with the limited amount of time available to me for stitching. Then once I see what the April clue looks like, I’ll decide if I want to complete the border portion or take a break and work on the April portion.

All of this is to say, and I think it’s easy to tell, I’ve been enjoying this sampler so much. It feels like a great way to be getting good practice stitching on linen, triggers creativity when I get to choose colors, and just plain gives me practice with a hobby I am new to. Very enjoyable!

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