A Stitching Update

I got bored with the two projects I’d been concentrating on, the temperature tree and the fox and rabbit mystery stitch. I then realized that it was unnecessary to power through them, instead I could just devote a little time elsewhere. After all, I’d started a Bothy Threads project a few months before but put it down because I was so excited about the other projects. This is where I left off on January 12:

And now, picking it up again and devoting a lot more time to it;

I am close to being done with the first poppy and eager to work on another in a different color.

I have also realized something, and that is that I much prefer working on linen. Once I work through the kits I’ve already purchased I will not be picking up any more kits with aida as the fabric. When I first took up this hobby I was delighted that there were fully prepared kits to purchase and that seemed so much easier than trying to purchase a pattern, figure out size of fabric, purchase fabric, purchase all threads. But in reality, making my own kits will be a much better option for me now that I know my preferences. But it’ll be a year before I have to do that I suspect. I’ve got the two projects on linen, this project, another large kit to stitch, and a smaller kit of three tiny floral pieces. I think that should last me all year.

Stitching will be taking a slow down now, we’ve got a foster dog coming this weekend and we are watching someone else’s foster dog this week. These types of activities don’t lend themselves to a lot of stitching time!

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