April 2023 Empties

And inventory update!

Let me start at the top, over this past month my mother in law experienced health problems that ended up with her in hospice and then subsequently passing away. As such, we also moved her out of her assisted living apartment, and I absorbed some things into my collection. I also found a few things in sorting and organizing that I added to my collection. I did not purchase them but I did not previously know about them to list them. So I accounted for them this month.

The only items that came into my collection via purchase were from the lush subscription box. And here’s the empties that were worth noting:

I finished a texture spray and a hairspray. I also finished a handcream which was not a scent I appreciated. I finished a clinique eye makeup remover (but found another in my basement). I had a travel size of Cosrx aha/bha toner and an elf moisturizer I was able to finish up. And I finally finished my travel size of Mugler Alien perfume. I finished up a couple other sample size items as well, and one thing I finished was a travel size of briogeo shampoo but it didn’t get photographed.

Overall, even with accepting items into my collection the numbers are going down. I started keeping overall numbers. I began all this with 207 items I was tracking-again many of them sample, travel, or sachet sized. I am now at 167 at this point in the year. I am also at a point where I may have to purchase a thing or two, but I also intend to keep waiting it out until the situation is dire and/or there’s a sale going on I can take advantage of to replace a thing or two. I am going to add the overview below, and again, I will only talk about a category if there’s been a change.

Cleansing Oil is a category I used, and I had 1 cleansing oil. I found a half finished micellar water in my basement and for lack of a better category to put it in, I added it to this category, now I have 2.

Nighttime moisturizer went from 3 to 2.

Toner went from 5 to 4.

Hairspray went from 2 to 1.

Hair wax went from 2 to 1-but only because my husband had his first professional haircut in 20 years and I gave one to him.

Texture spray went from 3 to 2.

Shampoo went from 7 to 6.

Body Moisturizer, this one went way up. I received one in my lush subscription box and then also added 3 from my mother in law’s apartment. So I went from 6 to 9 in that category (as I’d also used one up) and I’ll be working hard on finishing these.

Body wash went from 6 to 7 because I again received a lush body wash in my subscription box.

For fragrance, I went from 40 to 36, using up one travel size and 3 sample sizes. And I am on a mission to be working my way through more sample sizes this month. I am delighted with the results here.

Overall it feels like a bit of a light month for empties but I also feel like I knew that going into it already and I did manage to go through more than I thought. Further, with all that was going on this month really any empties at all feel like an accomplishment.

As for the upcoming month I think there are a solid 7 items that I will certainly finish and then add to that whatever fragrance samples I manage to get through this month. I am imagining 2 or 3 lush items will arrive via subscription box, so I should stay well within my goal of more leaving than arriving.

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