2 Updates for Stitching

The slow mo weekend we really needed after the funeral and all the family left happened last weekend. I had a very long to do list but had also been suffering from a great deal of inertia and so I knew that I also needed to rest and contemplate and have a lot of quiet. Which I did get and I did go into this week feeling so much better overall. The to do list is still too long but looks a bit more manageable from where I am standing now.

I got a Lowrey stand for my stitching a couple weeks ago and have been testing it out. I found that the 11″x17″ frame I was working with for my fox and rabbit mystery sampler is so large that it throws off the balance of the stand and tips it over. So I popped on down to the stitching shop this weekend to get an 11″x11″ frame to see if that made a difference. While I moved everything over to the new frame, I took an opportunity to photograph the project. This is 3 out of the current 5 clues complete:

So far so good! I am still really enjoying this one. However, I’ve set it down and will need to pick it back up here shortly.

Meanwhile I’ve been working hard on my Bothy Threads poppies. I finished the orange poppy and moved on down to the white one, plus got to start on some of the greenery as well.

So, obviously stitching is still going well and I am enjoying it immensely as my relaxing hobby of choice.