2nd quarter stash shop update 1

A brief overview, I picked a full face of makeup to concentrate on for the second quarter with hopes of using some and finishing some, here’s what I started with:

A month and a half in I’ve had some very nice progress. The photo was taken outside and I am now thinking that wasn’t the wisest choice as it was early morning and I had a lot of shadows going on, but here we are anyhow:

The Nars concealer, I hadn’t really used it before but in this month and a half I’ve used it almost exclusively and really enjoyed it. I’ve used 1 gram of product.

The Mario Badescu facial spray has decent progress being made. I won’t finish it before the quarter is over but I’ll have made a good dent.

The CYO foundation is obviously going to be done by the time I finish the project. I am excited about finishing up a second foundation this year. I won’t roll in anything new, I’ll just explore my stash until I choose one for the third quarter once this is done.

Becca Backlight priming filter is also likely to be done this quarter. I didn’t have a primer in the first quarter as it didn’t work with the sunscreen I was trying to finish. So, this will be the first primer finish this year.

I’ve really been enjoying the Natasha Denona Bloom palette. However, it’s just so full of pigment that I can’t see any progress. There’s been no weight change either. I am really hoping that I can use a gram of this by the time the quarter is over.

I’ve made great progress on the ciate london powder! I started with 46 grams and am down to 41 grams. I don’t think I can finish this up in the quarter but I am delighted to be working on it and maybe I can finish it before the end of the year.

The bronzer is also pigmented and does not show any difference in weight. But I do believe I am seeing a slight dip in the product so that feels like a decent start.

2 grams of milani eyeshadow primer have been used up. I really appreciate this primer and will likely purchase it again in the future once I have finished this one up.

Here’s a surprise item, it’s the anastasia beverly hills brow gel, which I thought I put in the original stash shop but did not. I have been using it regularly though and am hoping to use it up this year as it’s just a tiny sample size.

Rare Beauty mascara, I’ve used this exclusively and really liked it. If I were to see it on sale again I’d purchase it. It does not transfer and looks great. It is, however, either drying out or getting used up as I now have to layer it quite a lot to get the results I did at the beginning.

Charlotte Tilbury sample size lip gloss is gone! And on that note, I failed to get a photo of the melt lipstick but it’s about halfway gone. I believe I can finish that as well over the next month and a half. And if not then, certainly by the end of this project.

Wayne Goss eye pencil, this is a very creamy formula and wearing it during the last month and a half has shown me that it slides around and doesn’t really stay put. Now that I say that, I think it may benefit from a bit of eyeshadow or powder over it. That being said, I like the look of it, kind of smudgy and unkempt. I don’t hate it but I am not wearing it all that often. I’ve sharpened it once now.

The l’oreal brow pencil, I know you cannot see it, but it’s almost finished. So, that’s another one I’ll have completely finished by next month. Out of what I started with, 6 items should be gone by the time I am done with the current quarter. I feel great about that!

I am rather delighted with this project. Despite saying I was not going to do a panning project this year, I finished 5 items last quarter and will finish 6 this quarter which would be a very successful project pan if that’s what I was calling it. The combo of choosing items in my collection that I want to enjoy plus choosing a few strategic items to work toward finishing has been extremely effective in keeping me engaged plus motivated.

I still think I’ll do a 2 month at a time stash shop next year, but for this year, the project is working very well as I envisioned it at the end of last year. I do have something a bit interesting up my sleeve for the final quarter though. I’ve got enough sample sizes or categories where I just don’t have a lot of collection to go through, and I am thinking for the last quarter I may roll back in anything I got close to finishing this year but wasn’t quite successful with in hopes to finish it up completely in the final quarter.

3 thoughts on “2nd quarter stash shop update 1

  1. When I had the Nars concealer, I really liked it a lot. It’s really pricey to buy tho, so I just keep an eye out at TJMax and the like as they usually have them in stock. I have some full coverage foundations rn that I use as my concealer bc idk how I ended up with so many. Lol.

    The facial spray I will never get again unless it’s in a set that I wanted something else in. I don’t think there is anything special about it.

    I have that Becca Primer in the full size that I am excited to use when I get back once it is officially summer. I’m sad that Becca is no longer a brand. Every time I see something at the store, I look to see if it will work for me as I want everything from them like Marc Jacobs.

    I took my Natasha two pan palette with me to Poland and I’ve been enjoying it. Very pretty flush. Do you enjoy the cream blushes in this?

    I finished my Ciate powder so I have faith in you!

    I am excited to see the items for the final quarter and see what you can do with them. I’m thinking about joining the shop my stash with you next year as it’s a nice way to make sure you are using everything you own.

    Awesome progress!!!

    • I totally agree about the facial spray. I think I got it free in some promotion and I definitely don’t need it again. I miss Becca too! I really loved their primers in particular. The Natasha Denona blush palette, the cream blush is very very very pigmented. Which is fine, I just have to be super careful with how much I use. I apply with my fingers and just the lightest tap in the pan. But I am sure that’s why there’s no weight change at all, I am just barely touching it.

      I would love to have you join me in my stash shop next year! I have learned through this year that you absolutely can finish stuff up while still rotating nicely through the stash. It’s such a great realization!

      • One thing I found out about myself this year is that I love cream and liquid blush. I’ll keep my eye out on more of her palettes. I love the little duo that I have. Lots of blog posts for when I get back. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks A. That spray is overrated and B. That Becca had some of the best primers.

        Yay! I shall join you for sure then. 🥰 I need a nice balance and I’m excited about my collection again as if something doesn’t work I pluck it out and move on. I know that I love everything I keep now. I’m always excited to switch it up. Nothing is a chore to use. When I get home, I will see what little things I have to finish up until the official start of summer. I can’t wait for swimming season 🥰

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