Foster Dog Updates

We haven’t fostered any dogs since we had the mama and a litter of puppies last year. And quite frankly, my dogs really enjoyed the time off. Meanwhile, we were going through a lot of stuff in our lives that wouldn’t have lent itself well to having foster dogs around. We did take care of a few foster dogs for other foster homes for short periods of time, and that’s how we were able to engage in our rescue dog assistance.

However, I’d agreed to a very small, only 18 pound dog right before my mother in law broke her hip for the third time. In what was perhaps the absolute worst timing imaginable, that dog arrived in our city on a transport the last day of my mother in law’s life. Thankfully another foster home in the rescue was able to take her for a few days while we got ourselves sorted with family and funeral arrangements. And even more thankfully, she contacted me to let me know that this little dog was very easy and easy going and would have no trouble fitting into our household. She was correct.

This little dog arrived at our home at a time in which there were like often 12-15 people at our house at a given time. And she charmed ALL of them. She had no trouble at all fitting in our home and at the age of over 2 years, was also housetrained and perfectly well behaved.

She is spunky and happy and really good, and has found her new home which she will join this evening. Works out well for us because we have another foster dog arriving Saturday. Just enough time to give my dogs a bit of a break. And, I promise to actually post a photo of the one arriving this weekend before she’s leaving our home!