4 out of 10 ain’t bad

After my slightly panicked post yesterday bemoaning my lack of christmas spirit and knowledge I had little time left and so much to do, I banged out 4 out of 10 stops yesterday. Two at lunch and two in the evening while Miss Butterfly was at show choir. It was a very busy evening and I may have forgotten a few things here and there, but it does feel good to have some of it done.


And here’s a photo of my 3 braid combo spin! This is skein 1 and it’s 530 yards. The second skein ended up being 480 yards and it’s currently soaking. So, a solid 1,000 yards out of the first set of braids. I did order more, because I do want sweater amounts.

I was shooting for a fingering weight yarn for this spin, but I think what I have is more a sport weight. Nube tends to bloom quite a lot, as well as increase greatly in softness. So, the lightweight yarn I thought I had turned into a gorgeous bouncy sport weight. I think this has happened to me before. Hah.

I wouldn’t really have imagined these colors would be this dark overall, though I should have imagined it. And it’s not colors I would have chosen as already created yarn. That being said, it’s a good color, and probably very appropriate for wearing. Anyhow, it’s good looking yarn, no question. I am glad I have it!

One more errand of the season will be completed at lunchtime today. And then I may be done with lunchtime errands for awhile. But, it has been nice to knock those out during the word day rather than wasting my evening.

Hope your week is going well!


That moment when you realize you are so far behind in your holiday planning as to be ridiculous.

Even just normal, run of the mill shopping needing to be done is out of hand now, and I am not sure how I’ll even keep up with that! And then it’s coupon season, meaning the stuff you need anyhow is cheaper if you just buy now, despite the fact one might not like to set foot in the store because it’s the holiday season.

So, I made a ridiculous list this morning of the various places I really need to go. There are currently 8 stores on the list. I also listed out when I might possibly get to each of them, of course in the most efficient way possible. And naturally, I feel a bit guilty just realizing I let an entire weekend go by without doing any of these tasks!

That being said, we took Lizzie out for her first long walk post kennel cough. We took her on her harness instead of collar just in case, as we didn’t want to aggravate her issue. The walk we took is a 3 mile walk around a lake. It generally takes us about an hour with her. Mr. Ink rode his bike on the mountain bike trails while Miss Butterfly and I walked Lizzie. For the first two thirds of the walk it was miserable. She had to smell ALL OF THE SMELLS since she hadn’t been out in awhile. We walked so so slow, and it was so irritating. But for the final third Mr. Ink had been riding long enough and came to find us. Once she saw him on the bike, she decided that she wanted to do some running too. We let her off leash, and then it was tough to keep up with her.

BTW, Lizzie has her own instagram account run by Miss Butterfly. While most of the photos posted there are ones you see here on the blog, sometimes she also posts videos. You can follow here if you are so inclined. There are long periods of time in between posts because sometimes (often) Miss Butterfly has her phone taken from her for one reason or another.

Anyhow, instead of posting a Monday list for the week, which I seem to have failed to do anyhow, I am just going to see how many of those 8 places on my list I can manage to get to this week.

The photo for today is my rikaart shawl as it is currently.


There’s only the brown colored edge left and then I am done. Well, that and weaving in ends, obviously. I brought this to work so I could get it done this week, before I told myself I’d use my lunches to help me get some of those stores off my list. Unless I take it back home with me, I won’t get a chance to work on this until Wednesday. Ah well, projects will get completed despite the full schedule. There’s a week of vacation time coming up at the end of the month!



I started Drijfhout on October 9. I knit it in about a month and then had all those issues with buttons. The buttons finally came in around thanksgiving time, and I got them on but then never wore it or got a photograph until this weekend.

The day was so bright and sunny. Miss Butterfly took a million photos of me with a scrunched up face and closed eyes. It was alarmingly bright. I tried photos in the shade but then it was impossible to see the sweater at all. So, I had to pull out some sunglasses. Things got much better at that point.


Turns out this sweater fits very nicely, and I am certainly keeping the pattern in the running for future sweaters. I really like it! Maybe a handspun one next, where the handspun does the color changes for me. The pattern was easy to follow, I like the small details like the tab at the bottom of the button band, and the wollmeise is really easy to wear without feeling like you’ve got WOOL!!! against your skin.

The buttons I chose are itty bitty czeck glass mushroom beads which add a lovely interest to the sweater. And they were cheap, even though I got them from overseas.

Had a lovely day yesterday, Mr. Ink and I went to my favorite restaurant for a late lunch. When we arrived, I realized that my favorite meal which I really had chosen that place for was not being made that day. I was so disappointed! This is a place where the menu changes though they have some core foods. The waiter pointed out oxtail ravioli in a gorgonzola cream sauce, and told me I would not be disappointed. In the end, I was actually pleased that my favorite meal was unavailable to me, so good was the alternate suggestion! We then wandered around downtown looking in antique shops. For what I am not sure, but I realized the difference between him and I. He goes in a place like that and sees potential. I go in and wonder why people didn’t just throw that junk away. It’s not that I don’t like anything old, it’s just that I am so easily overwhelmed by too much stuff and those shops always have too much stuff. I wander around going “WHY!?! WHY?!?!” And then anything that does have potential gets lost in my grumpiness. Hah.

But, that’s not to say it wasn’t a lovely sunny day out.

Miss Butterfly had a lot of her own stuff going on and ended up sleeping over at a friends house. I am hoping she’ll get home with enough time to take a nice long walk today as the weather is supposed to be mild.

Have a great Sunday friends!


I’ve got an update on this cold but sunny Saturday! I just spent a lovely morning with my family, starting with pancakes and bacon, then spinning singles from my 3 braid combo while watching a musical with Miss Butterfly. I finished the singles! Which is great, right on target for where I wanted to be today. Plying.


I have this distinct feeling I am going to love this combo, and I have half a mind to pick up 3 more braids of the same color to complete enough for a garment if I do love the first plied skein. However, I am insisting that I finish and wash a skein, maybe even knit a swatch, before purchasing 3 more braids. I think that’s fair.

Over this week I kept thinking that I really had nothing to show off craft wise. I mean, miles of singles that you’ve already seen, as well as a scarf that has grown but the pattern is the same as the last picture just doesn’t seem like particularly interesting blog fodder. However, there is something I haven’t shown off. Mind you, I started it over thanksgiving vacation, and haven’t worked on it in at least a week. But, I can still snap a photo.


I am working on a hitofude cardigan. I am using some rowan felted tweed I had in stash. Gotta use up those sweater amounts of stashed yarn before I move on to other fun commercial yarns!

Today the big thing on my to do list is to get dressed up to go out to lunch with Mr. Ink. It’s cold, and so I plan to wear my new sweater. The one that has been sitting finished since before thanksgiving but I never get around to getting photographed. I really like it, but it’s mostly been too warm to wear it. Today’s the day! Tomorrow’s the blog post.

In other hobbies, I’ve been really into doing my nails lately. I’d let my nails get longer than usual and I considered a proper manicure but I couldn’t be bothered to leave the house for it. So instead, I steal Miss Butterfly’s nail polishes since I don’t have any of my own. I really had this impression that it takes so long to do, and I can’t be bothered to sit still for that long. But apparently I was mistaken, or, the products used now are better than they were 15 years ago. Which is probably how long it’s been since I’ve painted my nails. In any case, with a little care it doesn’t take that long at all and in just a few minutes I can be back to spinning with no adverse effects. Not too bad a prospect at all!

And with that, I suppose I should go get something worthwhile done today! Have a fantastic weekend!



Holiday Decorating

Here’s the scene that Miss Butterfly put together for us with her inherited pieces.


It really is lovely and festive! And with all the snow, feels entirely unlike what we are looking at outdoors. The weather is cool now, but doesn’t even remotely feel snowy or seasonal.

Last evening Lizzie broke down what I feel may be the last of her rescue dog walls. (Though there’s still a cringe she does if we hold our hands a certain way, but we just try to avoid that.) Lizzie immediately became “my” dog, attaching herself to me and following me everywhere. Miss Butterfly was a close substitute and a reasonable surrogate, and a great toy. She likes people in general, and so she’s liked Mr. Ink all this time. But, she has never been quite so affectionate with him. She has never jumped on his lap, jumped up on the couch beside him, and always hollers like she’s hurt if he tries to pick her up. While she seemed to think him just fine and like his attentions, she has stayed reserved as well. And I know this has been tough on Mr. Ink a bit, because he’s the dog whisperer. Dogs just love him. On the other hand, he’d had 17 years of a very attached dog so it was ok with him if Lizzie decided I was her person.

Until last evening. Seems like somehow he broke through that barrier, unexpectedly. He got home from work, and as usual she was super happy to see him. And then when he sat down on the couch? She hopped right up next to him and put her leg on his.


Just wiggling and begging for attention!

I had to capture a picture or two, of course. And then she got a lot of attention.


It really didn’t end there. Throughout the evening, every time he sat on the couch she’d jump right up beside him. At the end of the evening, he got down on the floor with her as he often does, and she ended up laying on her side, her head on his shoulder, eyes closed looking totally blissed out. He finally did it, with patience, he won her over.

I don’t have any crafty photos. I’ve been working on my sparkly scarf, and spinning my 3 braid combo spin. I kind of have it in my head that I could be plying by the weekend. I am about halfway through my second bobbin. So, it’s possible, but it would also be a real push. We’ll have to see, but I admit I am anxious to see how the yarn turns out which really does help push through.

That’s it from here, I don’t think I’ll have much to share this week to be honest. Slow crafting week with larger projects I guess!



I am still working, quietly, on my Rikaart shawl. I am not quite done with the third pattern section, and the fourth comes out tomorrow. But, it’s been my work project so it can be slow going.


It’s been a fun project. I like the changes in color of the orange. The brown has far fewer color changes going on, it’s pretty even. And then there’s the cool brown slubs in the off white. Fun stuff.

Not sure what all to post about yesterday, it was pretty quiet. Lizzie sounds a bit better, enough so that I canceled her vet appointment. She got to the point yesterday where walking around the yard was just not cutting it. She simply stared at me like a total creep for hours, until I took her on a walk around the block. She sneezed for half the walk. But she was thrilled to be out.

Miss Butterfly came home from visiting her father yesterday evening. She walked in the door hollering “I KNOW I KNOW I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF BUT IT’S NOT HERE TO STAY!” I look over, and there’s her and her father with an armload of boxes. What the heck? Turns out it was some of those porcelain christmas scenes. You know the ones, with the light up homes? I don’t know much about them, but her grandmother had given her a house and a barn and about a million trees. So, I told her she could indeed set them up on the sideboard. She did a lovely job, so I’ll get a photo of that tonight.

Other than that, not much new. I kept working on my sparkly scarf yesterday, and finished the first bobbin of the 3 braid combo. Mr. Ink worked on…gardening. It was a lovely quiet day.  This week is likely to stay busy so I do love a quiet weekend prior to a busy week!

Another 3 Braid Combo

My last 3 braid combo spin, where I used 3 braids from different dyers was so much fun. Here’s the photo for reference:


In this particular case, I did each set of singles separately and then plied them. But, I wanted to do a combo spin where I mixed up each braid into 3 parts. So, on small business saturday, I picked up 3 braids of Malabrigo Nube to spin for a combo spin. Now, my irritation with Nube is well documented on this blog I believe, but the reality is that the price point is low for dyed fiber. So, if I just remove the felted bits at the edges, I can still end up with a pretty decent spin.

The colorways I divided for this spin are Boreal, Whales Road, and Candombe. All the skeins had a cranberry theme going on with one heading more toward pink/purple, one headed more toward green/earth tones, and the third headed more toward various blues.


I am spinning on the rose for this one, pretty thinly so it’s slow going for sure. I am partway through my first bobbin, so I’ve a long way to go yet. In the meantime, if I get too bored I’ll just pull out another bump or two for thicker singles on the prelude. Seriously, that’s not going to get old any time soon!

We had a pretty quiet day yesterday. I stayed quiet so that Lizzie would stay quiet. We did go out grocery shopping and I made some food so that we had something to eat when company came for firepit time. All of us are on low carb diets so that made decision making pretty easy. We did have some serious giggles when Lizzie, who had done her best to stay quiet and resting all day, broke out dancing when Mr. Ink put on some music. Hilarious. We couldn’t help but dance with her for a few minutes. Such a funny, goofy, happy doggo. She also was able to enjoy a ton of attention from visitors too, so we feel like we were at least able to provide her brain with something interesting even if taking walks, running, jumping, and playing are off the table right now. On the bright side, she did seem better yesterday and so far today she’s seemed much better too.

That’s about it from here. I’ve already done the clean up from last evening’s visitors, and have started the laundry, so now I can hang out in my warm sunny house feeling comfortable!