My Small Challenge

I’ve got two more looks for my small eyeshadow challenge. I am working through all the shades of this palette:


Butter London Natural Goddess palette.

Yesterday I chose to use Diva. I used my newly depotted JH morphe palette mattes for my crease and undereye shades and then just used Diva all over the lid:

This ended up being a rather pleasing neutral look.

Today I got to use the lightest colored shimmer, enchantress. Again, I used mattes from the depotted JH Morphe palette. I used slightly warmer colors in this case though. And then Enchantress all over the lid.

I lined with a teal eyeliner in this case as I just wanted something with a little more interest.

My conclusion, without having used the matte teal shade again, is that the shimmers in this palette are worth keeping. The brown matte shadow isn’t necessary in my collection. I’ll have to make a decision about the teal at a later date. But, I also think that I don’t really NEED this little palette, so I may instead allow this one to go to Miss Butterfly if she wants it.

It’s been one heck of a week, I haven’t gotten much blogging done at all. Even less crafting really. We’ve been out every evening so far and I am exhausted! Hopefully I can get some buttons sewn on a little sweater and get a craft related post up next!

October Beauty Balance

At the end of last month, I had 16 items leaving my collection over what entered it. That’s a really nice total that I felt great about.

One tiny piece of housekeeping before I get any farther. First of all, since I do not currently have any sachet sized samples in my collection to use, I’ve decided not to continue adding them to my count when they arrive or leave my collection. I will still show them off when I use them up, but I am not going to count them in my totals anymore.

Regular sample or travel sizes will still count though. Things that I can get more than one use out of are to be counted. I’ve still got a lot of them in my drawers and I do want to use them. Plus, it seems like every time I place an order, new arrive.

Now, let me explain what I did this month. I had a nice chunk of ulta points to use. They weren’t expiring, and I’ve had them for a while. Over the past few months I have kept putting eyeshadow palettes in my cart, then pulling them back out and replacing them, and then putting new palettes in my cart, and repeat. I figured I’d spend my points on the things I loved the most.

But then I got to thinking about how sometimes I don’t even feel like I am getting use out of all the lovely palettes I own now. I feel out of touch with so much that I really love. The change of seasons has me eager to pull out my cool-toned palettes which I haven’t messed around with since early spring. I just did that major depotting and have renewed interest in my “new” magnetic palettes. My reality is that I do not need any more eyeshadow, and at the moment, it would have to be something pretty spectacular to not make me feel a little stressed out about having more in my collection.

In addition to this, there are so many other brands who sell eyeshadow I’d love to try. Brands who are not sold at ulta. If I am going to add to my collection at this point, I’d like it to be from one of those brands.

So I did something to put a hard stop to contemplating which eyeshadow palettes I should spend those points on. I spent the points on not eyeshadow palettes. More specifically, I used the hair event to purchase some hair products half price that I wanted to try. My new weird style requires a lot of work to get it to sit as high on my head as I want, and trying new products for that is fun. The white hairspray came as a gift with purchase, so that was lovely.


I also picked up some lipsticks I wanted to try and then some other more logical additions to my collection of things that I’ll actually work through in a reasonable amount of time. My favorite waterproof mascara, some soap for brush and sponge cleaning, some concealer I wanted to try, some body wash.


I picked up two mac lipsticks, one in the brand new formula, the love me lipstick, and one cream formula. The new formula is a violet color since I’ve been craving another violet color after finishing my nyx intense buttergloss earlier this year. The cream formula is a pinky nude. Then I picked up a L’Oreal colorriche shine lipstick because the formula sounds exactly like something I’d enjoy. It’s a brown nude. I am really eager to give these a try.

And then, of course, there are the freebies and samples that come with the purchase.


Now that I am not counting foil sachets, this category has been greatly reduced. There were a LOT of foil sachets. I gave all the conditioners to Miss Butterfly and saved the shampoos for myself. There was also a large amount of foundation samples. The samples are so small that it’s funny to imagine being able to cover my entire face with them. Maybe one from each brand? Hah. Anyhow, these three are the only measurable items that count toward my beauty balance now.

That’s 16 in, so I am back to balance unfortunately.

No matter, I do have a few things that I finished:


I finally finished the verb texture cream. I am glad it’s gone. I finished my living proof texture spray, really glad it’s gone, I didn’t like it at all. And, after many many many months, my belif toner is finished. I won’t be replacing this in my collection, I have another toner that will take its place. That’s now 3 items leaving over what arrived for my October balance.

I may pick up another texture spray or two, I would like to find ones that I like that I can pick up at ulta. But, my morracan oil texture spray truly is my favorite. I am not sure I’ll find one that compares. Other than that, I am good for this month and can ride out the month anticipating that my project pan will give me the rest of the empties I am hoping for this month.


My Small Challenge

This week I plan to use my Butter London Natural Goddess palette in my little challenge for myself. The challenge is to use every color in the palettes I haven’t experimented with very much.


It’s not the most beautiful photo here, but if you want to click elsewhere to see a better photo, you can. There are only two matte shadows in here, Temptress and Femme Fatale.

For day 1, I chose to use a light brown matte as a transition and then place Temptress as an outer corner deepening shade. It was patchy and didn’t blend well at all. That was my previous experience with Femme Fatale as well, but I will use that matte again during this challenge just to make sure. I spent way more time on this morning’s eye look than I would like to have done. I am a lazy makeup person, if it doesn’t blend well, I don’t want to deal with it at all at 6 am.

After I finished using the mattes to the best of my ability, I used Queen all over the lid. Under the eye, I used Temptress at the outer edge and the original light brown matte shade as well. I used a waterline brightener and I used a brown liner at the outer corners of my eye. I also used a highlighter as an inner corner shade. I did highlight my browbone as well with the thrive causmetics brightener I have in my project pan.

I must say that the shimmer color, Queen, performs fine. I did wet my brush. It looks pink in the pan but goes a bit warmer on the eye, it’s more of a copper color.

I appreciated being able to pair this with my nudestix lippie that is so close to being panned!

Day 2: I wanted to use the green color, Star, today. I also wanted to have a different experience with blending. So, Star is the only color from the palette that I used. I chose a mustardy brown color for a transition from sydney grace. It is one that fell out of one of my palettes and broke, and then I repressed it. I hear that mattes don’t repress particularly well, so I wanted to test it to see how it went. It works fine. That was good news since I also was using a dark brown for the outer corner that had been repressed. The same issue, it fell out of a magnetic palette. That one is a depotted Pur shadow that I saved. What a different experience from yesterday, despite being repressed, it was a dark brown that blended much easier than the one from the Butter London palette.

Then I popped Star all over the lid. I used the same two mattes on the undereye, used a highlighter for an inner corner brightener, and the thrive product on the browbone. The look is one I like, it’s warm, it’s fairly understated (for me), and all shadows performed well.

I was able to use the nudestix lippie I am trying to pan yet again, and I was thrilled to do so. I am a day or two from finishing that one now. It is getting very difficult to sharpen and the cap is close to useless. After that, I am going to have to start on some cooler toned shades to work on my other project pan lippies.

Two more shimmer shades to play with before I end this project, and then the teal matte color. I might save the shimmer shades for next week as I am eager to play with my warm-toned palette I depotted recently. And, I also think I’ll save the teal matte for a weekend look. I do not remember having a nice time with it when I last tried to use it, so I just don’t want to start my morning on a workday with that type of frustration. As of right now, I am leaning toward depotting this and saving the shimmers, tossing the mattes. But I should save my verdict for a future post.


I’ve been itching to do this thing for quite some time. I do not love my morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. It’s just too large and because of this, I just never ever bring it out to use it. I’ve been thinking for quite some time about it and imagining 2 or 3 different smaller palettes.

Over the weekend, I finally decided it was time to have a go. Here’s the palette. You can see that it has been used. Mostly by Miss Butterfly but now that she has a number of her own lovely palettes, she doesn’t pull it out to use anymore either.


I’ve depotted a few other things and it hasn’t gone particularly well. Mostly because, I believe, I am attempting to dig out the shadow pans from above. This time I figured it was time to go after them from a more logical place. I used an x-acto knife to remove the packaging around the cardboard that the pans sit on.


This ended up coming off in 3 pieces. Initially, I cut the lid off. Then, I cut around the outside of the palette and pulled off the top piece. Below that was the cardboard I was trying to get after and under that was another thick cardboard piece. I was able to remove the cardboard under the palette as well.

Then, I pulled out my iron and set it on the lowest setting. I put the cardboard on the iron and held if there for about 2 minutes. This loosened up the glue that the pans were stuck on with and I was very easily able to pry them up gently without bending or otherwise disturbing the pan and cracking the shadow inside. Sadly, my iron then broke. It refused to turn back on, so I pulled out a hair straightener and started again.


Here I am partway through. As you can see, some of the pans were coming up with the glue still on them, and on some, the glue stuck to the cardboard instead. When the pans came up with the glue still on them, I just flipped them over and scraped the glue off while it was still hot. It worked a treat!


I had originally intended to make up 3 smaller palettes, but I realized that the magnetic palettes I had actually lend themselves better to combining a good portion of the shadows. Here you’ll see the large warm-toned palette I created on the left. This is mostly the shadows from the depotted palette along with a few sydney grace singles and a depotted pur palette single I felt matched nicely. Many of the mattes in the JH palette are redundant, so I removed some of the redundancy. Then, I ended up pulling out the pops of color and putting them in a different palette. I added back in some of the redundant mattes and a vanessa’s vanity single shadow that never had a truly appropriate home. It now looks nice with the darker purple from the JH palette.

JH palette originally had 35 shadows and it was “too big.” The analysis paralysis was real when I’d pull out that palette. The large magnetic palette has just 7 fewer shadows, but are arranged in a way my brain can make a little more sense of it all. Mattes on one side and shimmers on the other. This might not be its final arrangement, but it is a heck of a lot more inspiring to me already. Plus, the size of this palette fits nicely on my vanity. I haven’t used it yet because I ran out of the little magnets I need to affix to the back of the pans. But I am eager to use it now, and that’s what counts.

I did take a photo of the vast majority of my single shadows together in the palettes I’ve created for them.


I’ve got two other tiny palettes that I forgot to pull out for this, but it really doesn’t add much to the collection as a whole. The cooler-toned palette is mostly sydney grace shadows from their taylor bundle, deep and light. Then, the small yellow and green palette has sydney grace, vanessa’s vanity, and some depotted pur shadows. I was looking for something similar to melt’s gemini palette and I feel like I can really dupe the vibes with that little palette. It lacks some of the orange-toned shades but that wasn’t what interested me the most anyhow.

In any case, I am ridiculously pleased with the turn out of this palette. For me, depotting has to get to the point where I am considering decluttering the entire palette if I can’t depot it. I have to be ok with losing those shadows. I have to be ready to live without the palette at all in its current form. Then, I am ready to attempt depotting it. That is definitely the case for this palette. I hadn’t pulled it out to use since December 2018. Tomorrow I plan to post about another palette that I am considering depotting. More about that then.


Back At It

I am back to my exploration of the BH cosmetics zodiac love signs palette.


Upon taking a closer look at this palette, I realized that the only unexplored shadow left was the Taurus shimmer. I haven’t used that before. So, that’s what I worked on using today.

I decided to use the Libra matte as a transition and the Sagittarius matte as an outer corner darkening color. I also blended that into my crease a bit but tried to stay away from the inner third of my lids.

I’ll tell you this, one thing I can say about this palette wholeheartedly is that the mattes are beautiful. If I had to buy this palette all over again knowing what I now know, I’d do so just for the mattes. The shimmers are fine too. But the mattes perform so beautifully for me.

Then I added the Taurus shimmer to my lid. I highlighted the inner corner with the middle highlighter shade. Under the eye I kept it matte, using both mattes I had used on the transition and crease. I lined with a navy blue liner.

I don’t really know why I was expecting the color to be more of a pink than a burgundy. But, on the eyes it’s solidly burgundy. Using the mattes I did, the overall tone is pretty dark and smokey.

I also experimented with a new mascara this morning. It’s the trestique one I got in a boxycharm. Honestly, I am about to just start purchasing the clinique waterproof one I love and calling it good. I am not happy with either of my two essence mascaras currently open. The waterproof one transfers more than any other mascara ever. The regular one transfers too, as does the trestique. It may just be worth it to start using the clinique one I love and calling it good. I am getting really sick of wiping transfer off my browbone and undereye during the day.

Anyhow, that’s it for this palette. I am going to have to choose something else next. I think this time it’ll be something I got in a subscription box, and I’ll then make a decision about whether or not to keep it.

All I Knit Are Socks

I am having my own personal month of socks. Like I used to have in the spring way back when. Except I am not really truly knitting socks exclusively. It just seems like it because that’s what has captured my attention at the moment. Or rather, perhaps my attention is elsewhere and so socks are perfect for me.


Another nice pair of socks with an afterthought heel. I knit these out of the leftover yarn from Mr. Ink’s extremely large and long pair of socks that he wears quite often. The yarn wasn’t technically entered in my stash, so I couldn’t count it as leaving my stash. But I am still really happy to have them knit up and finished, especially since I was craving the simplicity of sock knitting.

I am doing super well on my goal of 40 projects this year now, as this pair of socks brings me to 83% complete. I think this is my year! I wasn’t quite done sock knitting either, so I began another pair. For these, I am using two different yarns I had in stash. I only had enough for one sock of each, so I combined them. I am using the solid pinky red color for the cuff and toe and then just alternating colors each row. I’ve done this before and really liked the result, so I figured this would be a perfect pairing again this time.


I’ll work an afterthought heel at the very end when I know which color of yarn I’ll have enough of to do that with. These eliminated one stashed yarn, as the other never made it into my ravelry stash.

After this? I might knit yet another baby sweater, as I just found out another family member will be having a little girl quite soon. I have pulled out some very pretty yarn for it and that’ll be another project I’ll enjoy while also eliminating another stashed yarn. I admit, I rather love knitting tiny baby items, it’s a really good time!

Day 2 look

On the theme of continuing to use BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs palette until I’ve at least used every single color in the palette once, I created my second look.


The Leo shimmer is the next color I’d never used. When looking at it, the matte matches it beautifully, so I thought perhaps a monochromatic look might be fun. I used the Leo matte as a transition shade, but then couldn’t leave it be. I used the Virgo matte in my crease for a little additional dimension and then popped the Leo shimmer all over my mobile lid. Under the eye I used the Virgo matte which was left over on the brush I used for a soft wash of color. Then, I put the cancer shimmer on the inner corner. It wasn’t light enough, so I popped the middle highlight color on top of it to lighten it up a bit. It retains its gold color but was light enough to be a highlight. I blended the Cancer shimmer a bit more onto the eyelid to mix it in with Leo, again, for a little more dimension.

For eyeliner, I started with my wet n wild highlight on my waterline. Then I used my new UD brown shimmer liner and actually made a very soft wing which I smudged out quite a bit. I paired this with the nudestix lippie I am trying to pan, and had a pretty good autumnal makeup look, I think!

It’s going to rain all day, so this is really as light a photo as I could possibly get.

I expected to have a few more of these this week, but as it turns out, I couldn’t stick to one palette! This project will stay in rotation until I finish using all the shades, so I will resume again next week.