2018 Summer Project Pan Update 1

We are about 3 weeks in to my 3 month long summer project pan, and I am ready to talk about where I am with all of this. I am going to jump right in with the intro photos and my progress, and I’ll have some additional thoughts along the way.

Intro photos:

Update photo:


My progress-in case you missed it, the Elbow Grease broke me out, and that’s in addition to how much I already disliked it, so it got trashed.

The moisturizing serum in the square tin is completely gone. I ended up bringing it to work for the moments in the dry building where I needed a hand moisturizer. I can get away with a really thick product at work because it’s just THAT dry sometimes. I actually enjoyed using it this way, it really stuck nicely to the skin, and would continue to moisturize even if I washed my hands. But it also got used up VERY quickly that way.

No progress was made on either hair product. In fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was unwise to put as many hair products in my project as I did. But, there’s still a couple months left.

However, the shampoo bar I used as both shampoo and soap, and I think Miss Butterfly worked on panning it too. All we are left with are tiny scraps of it, and it’s probably time to call it quits.

I’ve used one of the PureHeals masks, I got two uses out of it.

I decided that I am not going to pan the second smaller porefessional tube. It’s great for travel, so I am going to keep it. The larger porefessional tube I cut open and depotted into a small plastic eyeshadow container, as I no longer had any control over that tube. If I could manage to squeeze out any product, I’d be squeezing out too much.

I am working consistently on the FAB serum and the estee lauder serum, I am switching between them so they’ll both get used up at around the same time. Both weigh in as one gram used.

Much progress has been made on the toner.

Out of the origins 3 pack, I am done with the night cream, and I am using the other two consistently. I’ve marked the moisturizing gel, as that’s all I really need even at night this time of year, so this one will begin to show significant progress more quickly than before. The eye cream weighs as one gram used. The moisturizing gel had 7 grams used, so I think it is safe to say that’ll be gone by next update.

No progress at all on the Kiehl’s.

Next intro photos:

Update photos:

I’ve continued to work on the eyeshadow palette, the pan I hit on the transition color is much larger now. I think this is one of those situations where once I finish the transition color, I can let this little palette go. It was $3. I certainly will have gotten my money’s worth at that point.

I am still working on the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion, but have cut that and depotted it too. It’s just the tiniest little bit left now. No progess on the wet n wild one, as that’s my back up.

The green/brown liner-I am dumb. I thought that it would be super easy to use because there was very little product in it, but it didn’t occur to me that it’s an actual pencil, and I can actually sharpen it. Which I did. Surprise, way more product! I probably need to be cognizant of this, just because it is not a traditional style wood looking pencil, it still may be something that is intended to be sharpened. Actually, it went on much smoother after a sharpening, which was pleasant. I ended up liking the product more. That being said, I failed to get a measurement on paper at the beginning of the project, so I had to add that in this round.

I am still working my way through the eyebrow pencil. Daily. It continues to not finish. I should be satisfied with progress being made. You can see an indication on the paper of how much I have used up. I am getting there.

The clinique setting powder got used, but not a ton, as I have also been using what is in the wet n wild contour palette. However, Miss Butterfly has also been using it. We used 3 grams.

The dandelion twinkle-I’ve hit pan! It’s not a lot, and I can’t help but think that maybe my kid dug in there, as I am not sure HOW I hit pan that fast. But, that’s what happened. Can you see it? It’s just the tiniest pan.

The blush is being used daily-no pan. And that’s fine with me. Still shows as one gram used.

The contouring palette-pan hit on both sides! The light side is probably why the clinique powder hasn’t been used much, I feel like working that palette evenly gives me the best use of product, so I am using the light side as an underye setting powder.

The urban decay all nighter foundation, when looking at my progress, please keep in mind it is an airless pump, so the markings should be viewed as working my way UP the bottle. I am using this very consistently. 4-5 times a week. I get a bit frustrated, just because I don’t even like it. And I listen to youtubers say that they can use up a foundation in 6 weeks, I’ve been working on this consistently for at least that long if not longer! But-I am at a point where I can make it work for me for the work day. It’s looking sketchy at the end of the day, but it is getting used. Miss Butterfly and I just had a discussion about this product, which was basically her telling me that she doesn’t see why I am hitting it all that hard. She says that maybe I should slow down and like my foundation look better from time to time. I did take her advice today, but I still do want to get this product out of stash.

The makeup forever blurring stuff with sunscreen is being used as just that. Sunscreen. On days when I intend to be outdoors. It doesn’t get used often, but it is getting used. No discernible progress.

No progress on the nude lipstick. But that’s ok, I threw that in there for when my colorful palettes arrived in my subscription boxes. They just arrived. So I’ll get to work on the nude lipstick in the upcoming weeks.

As for the clinique chubby stick-I am pretty much done. I get annoyed when these crayon like applicators reach the end, and they get all over your face because you can no longer control the product placement. I can’t believe I was able to use this up completely! And I am glad to have gotten use out of it and can toss it. I did like the tinted balm situation, it was easy to throw on at work consistently with my neutral eye look and call it good. Low key. But, no more clinique lip products. No more sore throats from lip products.

Despite almost daily use, no discernible progress on the mary kay lip mask and balm.

Other miscellaneous stuff-I tossed the 11 year old dior perfume. The prada sample beside it is almost gone. The elf setting spray is gone. The ulta brush cleaner is getting closer to gone, though Miss Butterfly was wrong, it didn’t get finished in June. I think this is because sometimes I washed my own brushes instead of leaving it to her, and I suspect she’s more generous with the spraying of those brushes, plus uses it as an opportunity to clean her own brushes with my product. In any case, I am glad it isn’t gone yet. No progress on the pureology. Because, as I mentioned, TOO MANY hair products in this project pan! I am going to remove this product from my summer project pan, leaving myself better able to concentrate on the two remaining hair products.


Because I have removed some haircare from this summer project, and because I tossed some things, I am subbing in two items.

The first is a cleanser from trader joe’s. I purchased this awhile back during the winter. It didn’t really work for me, and it ended up in the linen closet. I pulled it out during our recent decluttering, and I think I am going to give it another try. At the time I purchased it, my skin would have been naturally drier than the summer, and also, at the time I wasn’t taking care of my skin. Between the winter and what was likely quite dehydrated skin, it didn’t work. I’ve used it a few times in the recent days and it seems to be working just fine now. So, it’s time to use it up, and get my money’s worth out of it.

The other addition is a buxom lip gloss that I received in a subscription box. This is the gloss that started my obsession with buxom lip gloss and made me purchase the full size. However, it’s only slightly tinted, instead of giving a nice vivid color to the lips. It’ll be a good one to finish this summer.

That’s all from this update! In one month, 5 products were used up and 2 products were used enough to know it was time to toss them. I feel like I can manage another 7 or 8 in the next update. That’s my prediction, as there are 7 or 8 products that are really close to finish. I will also acknowledge that it’s pretty easy to use up sample sizes. However, for us to keep trying subscription boxes, we have to keep using the samples we receive. It could get out of hand quickly if we settle on some products, purchase full sizes, and then still have sample sizes coming in.

Now-the real trick will be continuing to use the foundation. It’s the one product I am REALLY tired of and am having trouble incorporating into my daily routine. Let’s see how that goes….

Declutter Update 7

The final update for a bit, I do believe.

After another night of heavy rains, another 2 inches, and a day full of unrelenting rain until the afternoon, it finally cleared up yesterday. Miss Butterfly and I were out in the rainy part doing a bit of shopping. The plumber arrived early and replaced our toilet, so we were able to get out and about fairly quickly.

Then I had time for rolag creating, which was yesterday’s true goal. I managed to get through more than a pound of wool in my creations. I created two sets, the first being a green set that has 7 ounces, and then a blue/grey set that has over 6 ounces.

I know it sounds odd, but I am actually running rather thin on wool for rolags now. I’ve got enough for one more set without going to great lengths to flick card and dye the fleeces I have in stash. And that’ll be a lighter set at that.

The biggest challenge I have right now is simply not starting spinning the stuff I’ve just created! The whole point was to get it to a point where I can spin, not necessarily to start spinning immediately.

That being said, I have put things away for now. I head back to work today, and because of that, I wanted to see where I was with all this. I wanted to be done enough to see if I really did reduce the stash in the craft room. And I did! Instead of two cabinets full of wool, I now can fit everything in one cabinet. And it’s the smaller of the two cabinets. So I was able to put away some other items, not wool related, in the larger cabinet. Rather than a laundry bin full of wool plus a plastic bin, I got my dyed stash and add-ins down to just the laundry bin, INCLUDING the very large amounts of red mohair I own. I repurposed the plastic bin for one of the fleeces needing to be flick carded, reclaiming a proper bag for my own use again. I still have the brown merino on the prelude, but I have to admit I am not overly eager to spin it right now, after marathoning the grey CVM/Romeldale. I prefer to do a bit of knitting instead.

In any case, as of right now, I have pretty much cut my “hidden” stash right in half. And my to spin fiber cabinet is full to the point of bursting, both with fiber AND potential. It’s very exciting! This weekend may bring us back to a bit more dyeing, I’ve got another project in mind. But, I do believe my progress thus far is satisfactory, and I won’t keep posting declutter updates daily.

It has really only recently occurred to me that I just have two days of work and then I get another weekend! That’s nutty. And wonderful.

Declutter Update 6

Guys, this one isn’t going to be too exciting. Yesterday began early. We’d had an inch and a half of rain in a storm overnight, so once I was out of bed, assessing the damage, coffee in hand, was my priority. For us, it mostly meant that all the mulch in every bed that isn’t actively raised or mounded flowed off the beds and into the yard. And sometimes right out into the street.

While Mr. Ink was cooking breakfast, the plumber stopped by. Turns out, old blue, our lovely blue toilet that matches the rest of the blue bathroom, born in 1959 and added to the home when it was built in 1962, gave up the ghost. The porcelain is now compromised and it cannot be fixed. I would have been happy to allow the plumber to go get us a new toilet and install it, but Mr. Ink wanted to purchase his own. So, we carefully took down the plumber’s advice, then went to the zoo as we’d originally planned.

We spent a very long, hot, extremely humid day at the zoo. When you find going into the jungle building to be a great relief from the outdoors, it’s probably too hot to be at the zoo. But, it’s also so expensive at this point that we really felt we’d better make the most of it. So, we ended up leaving for lunch then going back for more exhibits. In the end, a good day was had by all, but I was greatly relieved to get home when we did.

Once home, and after a change of clothing to dry off, I began some decluttering. Nothing big, as I didn’t have much time. But, I decided if I was adding to my yarn stash, I’d better also reorganize it as it was getting really out of hand.


Here’s the before photo. I used to have everything properly put in bins, but somewhere along the line, I lost my way. Balled yarns weren’t staying in the cubes anymore, and so I just started throwing everything on the very top of the cabinet.

So, I pulled everything out and rearranged. I ended up with this:


It really is much improved! In the basket, which I managed to gain the use of once I spun and dyed the wool that had been sitting in it, I put all the balled up yarn that was making stash take a tumble. Now, there’s still a lot of yarn, and it’s really packed tight in there, but everything is separated out again. One of the things I notice about my stash now is how it used to contain all commercial yarn and I kept handspun elsewhere. Then I began to knit the commercial yarn out of stash and moved all my handspun into two empty cubes. Now my handspun takes up 4 cubes, and Miss Marja’s handspun takes up one cube, and that only leaves 4 cubes for everything else. And those 4 cubes aren’t as full as the handspun ones.

This is all the decluttering that could be done yesterday. It was a day for family activities instead. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some rolags created today. I just have one more declutter photo to show off, and it’s my 900 yards of 2 ply CVM/Romeldale yarn.


I am so proud of this! I can’t believe I got through all this in such a short time. Also, it’s beautiful. And it was ENTIRELY worth working through. I am so glad I decluttered, came across the remainder of this fleece, and created something with it. I think some sort of proper traditional shetland style shawl might be exactly the thing for this yarn, but for now it’s in the stash to be saved for another time.

I do hope I can find an equal amount of joy in some of the other fleece left to process. We shall see!

Have a great day everyone!

Declutter Update 5

Oh my good goodness, did I ever work through some hidden stash yesterday!

I got started at that drum carder, and 8 hours later I had made my way through almost 2 pounds of wool. 2 pounds! That’s nutty. Here’s what I made.

In these two, I used the same blue base for both sets and toned one blue and light, and the other I toned black and dark.

Despite the fact that it looks like both these sets are orange, they aren’t. The set on the left I began with a yellow base, adding pink and hot pink to the orange looking ones, and blue tones to the green looking ones. That’ll be a combo spin. Then the set on the right is an actual orange color combo with reds and rusts.


I loved this set quite a lot. I took a coral color base and then added a whole mess of pink to it, with some rich teal green as well. I think these will be a blast to spin.


And then for my last trick, I took an emerald green dyed over a grey natural wool, added a whole mess of different color greens toning toward olive, added a pop of brown bamboo, and called it good.

Each set is over 4 ounces, some more than others. Each set has various amounts of silk, bamboo, and other various add-ins so they’ll be totally interesting to spin.

So, now I have almost 2 more pounds of wool in my stash to work with, in batt form. Add to that the 10 ounces that made it in there yesterday after dyeing and drying. Previous to this, I had a big pink laundry like bin full of wool as well as a plastic storage bin. The storage bin is completely empty, and the laundry bin is somewhat light. Not packed full.

I decided to stop and put the drum carder away because I really would also like to create some rolags out of this. I do still have tons of base wool and tons of add-ins. But, I can’t really easily control the color on my drum carder, so I am looking forward to working on some rolags and creating something that’s a bit more gradient.

I really didn’t do any spinning yesterday, there really wasn’t time, and when I did sit down for a second, I decided I could knit a few rows.

Today is for the plumber and perhaps the zoo. We’ve been having some funny freak storms with a major downpour, but we are hoping that we can still enjoy the zoo all together anyhow. So, far less time to work on the destash. I think I can still get some done though.


Declutter Day 4

Another full day of dyeing and spinning, with major progress made. At this time I am done dyeing and the dye materials are packed up and back in the basement. Here’s what I worked on yesterday, a number of different locks:

Bright stuff! It’s not quite dry yet.

And I spun. And spun and spun and spun, finishing all the singles for my CVM/Romeldale fleece:


That was a major accomplishment!

Miss Butterfly returned after a weekend with her dad last evening. Our neighbor had contacted me asking if Miss Butterfly would be willing to dog sit for her if she went out of town. So, we headed over there to get the details of that. Our home is situated as such that while she’s our neighbor, our access is completely cut off from her, and we have to walk quite a ways to get to her home. So we’d never officially met her dog, though Lizzie tends to grumble at the dog. Turns out Jasper is a fantastic 13-year-old English foxhound with a smiley expression and sweet disposition. So now we are just waiting to hear final plans for dog sitting, but are quite eager to do it. I think we can get Lizzie on board too, with an introduction in a neutral place. Our neighbor is disabled, and cannot walk the dog so he plays a lot in the fenced in backyard. I think we’ll see if we can make a point to walk Jasper from time to time as well once we get to know him a little better.

Today for decluttering I am not entirely positive what is up next. I think maybe some batts. If I can get some of those made, it’ll go pretty far toward feeling like I’ve worked through some of my stash. I am avoiding the dark merino because it makes such an absolute mess. But perhaps I should decide that working on that daily even if it’s not much at a time would be wise. If only it were pleasant outdoors and I could spin on the patio, it’s perfect patio spinning where the vegetable matter would just drop to the ground outdoors requiring no additional clean up on my part.

That’s all to report from here, I’ll have another update tomorrow I hope. We are supposed to see a break in the heat tomorrow, but then a lot of rain. Which at this point would be perfectly welcome.

Declutter Update 3

Yesterday was dye day. I admit, while I did get some things done, I should have worked at it a little harder. But, I’ve got the dye pot running again this morning.

The first thing I dyed was some merino locks. They weren’t yet flick carded, and I decided to try a technique I’d tried twice a long time ago which created some of my favorite dyed locks. The technique was called cram pot dyeing. The idea is to layer in the locks, and dye them various colors all in the same pot. So here’s what I came up with:


Ok, clearly my phone didn’t love the bright colors. But, as you can see each individual lock even has different colors in it. I am not sure if I’ll flick card and spin these, or make rolags and spin them. But either way, the wool is super soft and will absolutely make a lovely finished yarn.

I then quickly dyed up some corriedale locks that were already flick carded, these just go in my bin of colors for drum carding.


Then I divided up 8 ounces of undyed corriedale wool top into 2 ounce sections and got 3 of them dyed.


The yellow will head right into the bin of dyed wool for batts and rolags. The blue and the blue/green were intended for the same, but now that I look at them more carefully, I’ve decided instead to dye up another blue/green section then combo spin those three sections together.

I had another early start this morning. As per usual, the moment you try something new that Lizzie likes, she’ll hold you to it. So she held me to the 6 am walk. To be fair, I wanted that motivation as well, I just had a little harder time getting out of bed this morning.

That being said, I did get so much of what I had hoped done yesterday. Did you know that ALL the grey CVM/Romeldale locks are carded now? Which means now I just have to spin spin spin. And keep dyeing.

Declutter Update #2

We are under a heat advisory here, and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to get to doing all the things I have planned for today. Mr. Ink, despite being on vacation, has to work today. This is what always happens when we plan a vacation. I started the morning with a dog walk, because there’s no way I am walking her any later.

This morning is for pulling out dyes and getting fiber dyed, the next step in decluttering the craft room and making some of my wool into something that can go in the fiber cabinet.

But, while I wait for coffee to brew, I figured I’d show you where I am now. First up, here is the dark merino that I didn’t grab a photo of yesterday:


The batt has a ton of vegetable matter in it, and I am kind of ignoring it. Whatever falls out while I am spinning falls out. More will fall out when plying, and whatever is left I can deal with while knitting. Trying to pick out each individual piece now just slows me down way too much. I worked on this for awhile last evening while Mr. Ink and I watched the new Murder on the Orient Express. Well, he kind of slept through most of it, but I enjoyed it!

I now have 4 spindles of CVM Romeldale now.


This is quite an accomplishment really since I am spinning the singles pretty thin, and, you have to remember that every bit of fiber I have spun also had to be flick carded first. That being said, this is the project I am enjoying immensely. I really don’t want to work on anything else right now. So, this particular fleece absolutely held it’s charm over a number of years.

Tomorrow….fiber! Dyed fiber. I feel certain I’ll have some to show off. And while that fiber won’t be ready to spin any time soon, it’ll be one step closer to where it needs to be.