The Quick Long Project

Hi all, I am back again today with another finished object, who would have known?

I started this one row scarf ages ago, it’s Miss Marja’s handspun and it’s a pretty bulky yarn. You would think it would be a very quick project, maybe a week or two worth of work. And yet, I started it at the beginning of February and only just finished last weekend.

Because it sat at work, and I didn’t knit on it more than a few rows here and there. There was a point at which I realized that I was close to finishing, and that was the point I brought it home and finished within an evening.

Anyhow, that’s that, I don’t have much more to say about this squishy scarf that took me far too long to knit!

Finished Cozy Corner

I began a cozy corner shawl at the beginning of March, and it’s really been my only lives at home knitting project for the entire 3 months that it took to knit it. It is done!

This is all handspun yarn, the gray that I used as the main color was spun from a fleece I processed myself. I can say, one thing about fleece processing is that it always gave me loads and loads of yarn even though it took ages to create! It’s tempting to do another fleece some time in the future. It has been MANY Years!

The colors are from yarn Miss Marja spun and gave to me. I ended up using two of her projects in this piece. And I didn’t even finish the pattern, I ended up finishing early because I didn’t have any more appropriate handspun colored pieces to use. The shawl is immense anyhow!

This was a pleasant, easy, fun knit. I did enjoy it quite a lot! I just kind of threw in colors as I saw fit with very little rhyme or reason. If I had to do it all over again, I might just do a solid colored icord edge instead of striping the icord bind off. I would knit it again though, simply because it was fairly simple and comfortable to create.

It is consistently amazing even after all these years just how much garter stitch grows when soaked and blocked. This shawl ended up being so large once complete!

In the end, a large project knit over the span of 3 months now complete. And the hard part becomes what to knit next!

More on Spinning

In keeping with yesterday’s color scheme, I also spun 8 oz. of yarn on support spindles. Then I plied into a 3 ply yarn. I ended up with 1,020 yards which is really a heck of a lot.

This is from the dearly departed crown mountain farms. It’s been years and years since they were in business and yet I still try to grab their dyed fiber from destashes when I can.

In Spinning

Before we got our most recent foster dog, I had been doing a fair amount of spinning. As seems to be often the case, as soon as we have a foster dog, I stop doing all crafts and just manage the foster dog. She’s still with us, as she’s being treated for heartworms, but I did manage to get some time to skein, wash, dry, and count yardage on something I spun prior to her arrival.

Already I have forgotten where the fiber came from, but I created laceweight singles on my wheel.

The green and brown colors are quite pretty and I do enjoy singles. I have 600 yards this time. Into the stash it goes, until I can find a project I want to knit with it.

Makeup depotting and repressing

While I am not sharing empties and purchases anymore, and I’ve got only one specific project pan running, I am still using up other makeup!

Last year I worked most of the year on a travel size of the Benefit Hoola bronzer. While I did not choose to keep using it for my A-Z project pan, I’ve been using it on the downlow and making good progress. Such good progress in fact that it was getting pretty hard to use.

The Hoola bronzer is on the left and since it’s a pretty small pan I just don’t have good product pick up on a brush anymore. I’d been meaning to repress it to the middle of the pan for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it. But then I got to thinking about Benefit’s new release, Hoola Glow bronzer. I admit that while not a lot of new makeup releases sound particularly interesting to me at this point, that one did! Then I got to thinking about a pan of Pur bronzer I had depotted out of a palette ages ago. I used it a lot during the summer last year but it’s a bit dark, very glowy, and I can really only get away with it during the summer. I thought that maybe I could do a little experiment. The amount of bronzer I have left of the hoola is so small that if my experiment didn’t work, it really doesn’t matter. I figured I’d take my hoola matte and give it a bit of glow.

Originally I’d considered adding a highlighter to it but I think a glowy bronzer is better. So, I removed all the bronzer from the hoola travel size and put it in a small bowl. At that point I decided I didn’t need the packaging either, I really don’t have much product left, so I depotted the pan and recycled the plastic packaging. Then, I scraped some of the glowy pur bronzer into the bowl as well. I crushed both products and mixed them up really well then added a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the bowl. Once mixed in with the bronzer mixture, I pressed it into the hoola pan I had left.

On the left is my new hoola bronzer glowified, and on the right is the scraped pan of glowy pur bronzer.

I did have an opportunity to use my new to me hoola bronzer this morning and rather appreciated it, so the experiment was a success. I have new enthusiasm for a product that has taken me well over a year to finish and I’ve managed to remind myself that I don’t need a new glowy bronzer. If I could do it all over again, I would have left the pan in the packaging. After all, I quite liked how this turned out and could have made my own glowy bronzer using my full size Hoola bronzer and more of the glowy pur bronzer, nicely pressed into tidy packaging. But, I suspect I thought my experiment would fail so I didn’t have the foresight. In the end, I wouldn’t consider this a fail at all!

9th Foster

Our 9th foster over the course of a year arrived this weekend, want to see her?

She’s a gorgeous brindle girl only about 30 pounds and a year old. She’s about as opposite as she can be from our last foster in personality. She’s terrified of people. Dogs seem ok. She would prefer we did not touch her or approach her at all most of the time. She’s been a challenge because while we don’t want to scare her, I do have to put her on a leash to go outside for potty time, and she absolutely does NOT want me to do that to her. Once she’s on the leash, she’s fantastic. But the act of going to her and putting her on a leash is terrifying as far as she’s concerned.

So, she’s got a long way to go compared to some of our other fosters. With other nervous dogs, they’ve wanted to be snuggled until they feel better. This gal absolutely doesn’t want that. But, she is warming up! She plays around the house when people are sitting quietly, she entertains herself very well. She approaches us humans when we are still and sniffs us all over. She’s taking treats out of our hands, seems genuinely happy to see us even though she doesn’t want to be touched, and even hopped up on the couch to sit at the other end while I was on the couch. Progress is being made!

She has been treated for heartworms and still has about 3 weeks of kennel rest so we will have time with her. Our last 3 fosters were adopted within 2-3 weeks of getting them in, so it’s nice to have one we know will stay for a bit. She’s never lived in a home before, we suspected this before it was confirmed. She is much more comfortable outside than she is indoors. I thought there would be a lot of learning for having never been in a home before, particularly in regards to potty training. But in reality, she likes to go outside for her business, so that hasn’t been a problem at all. Now it’s just teaching her what is and what is not an appropriate toy. Since she’s so scared, she is easily corrected even in the gentlest of voices.

While the confident fosters are fun, they are often also a handful and I don’t feel I have much to give them other than a warm home until they find their forever home. With the nervous ones, I have even more of a sense of joy from fostering as I get to teach them, show them gentleness, and work with them to gain their confidence. The gains are so easily seen with a nervous foster and as such, I am having a great time with this little gal.

A to Z project pan update #2

Last update was March 25 and we are into May now, so I think it’s time for another update. Mostly because I had finished the IT cosmetics cc cream I had depotted into a tiny container and I want to wash the container for other products needing to be depotted.

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. The goal is to finish. (No usage in the first month, 2 uses in this update, not shown as it’s residing at work right now.)
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses this month, with 4 uses total)
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan. (4 uses this month and total)
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan. (6 uses this month with 9 uses total)
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan. (No use this month, 1 use total)
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses this month with 11 uses total)
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish. (26 uses, with 50 uses total)
H: Pur Highlighter-goal is to use up. (23 uses this month with 37 uses total)
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish. (9 uses to finish, so a total 24 uses in the project.)
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish. (14 uses with 30 uses total)

Last month

K: Kilian princess sample-goal is to finish.
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish. (no usage)
M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses with 14 uses total)
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan. (8 uses with 16 uses total)
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish. (13 uses with 29 total to finish)
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan. (14 uses with 24 uses total)
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan. (17 uses with 34 uses total)
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan. (25 uses with 47 uses total)
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses with 6 total uses)
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan. (6 uses with 11 total uses)

Last month
This month

U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish. (19 uses with 37 total uses)
V: Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7. (10 uses with 20 total uses)
W: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish. (4 uses total)
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow. (8 uses with a total of 29 uses)
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (at the bottom of the black eyeshadow palette) goal is to use up. (10 uses for a total of 13 uses)
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade. (7 uses for a total of 12 uses)

Last month


I’ve now finished 3 goals out of the original 26. I have not hit any pan on any of the many eyeshadows in the project. Then again, I didn’t really expect to. I’ve not been concentrating on any one thing in particular. Instead I’ve been mostly trying to divide my use between all of the shadows plus use items in the rest of my collection. I did increase the pan in the highlighter that I am looking to use up. By next update I expect to be done with the Grace and Stella facial spray and I think it’s likely I’ll also be done with the Urban Decay eye primer. Other than that, I am just plugging away at this project and really having a pretty nice go of it. It’s nice to have a focus on certain items in my collection while also giving myself the room to play with other items when I am feeling bored.

So that’s a wrap, 2 months in, 3 items finished, a few more getting close, and a lot of plugging away on the horizon.

Some Spinning

Our foster dog went to her new home on Tuesday evening, the fun spunky gal gets two kids, ages 9 and 13, to play with and a cute little fenced yard with a friendly neighbor dog. It’s a great situation for her and she’s already quite happy there. And naturally, that leaves me slightly more time on my hands for a blog post. I have come to the realization that when we have a foster dog, even an easy one, I just do not have the extra time and energy that it takes to compose a blog post.

But, over the last few weeks I’ve been spinning. And in fact, I finished this particular yarn before our foster dog arrived. I pushed to finish it so I could put my wheel away. I try to keep my wheels out of access with foster dogs because they are often naughty! I spun the singles on my support spindles and then created a 3 ply yarn. I’ve got about725 yards of this one.

It’s a lighter pastel yarn because it is from locks I carded and then dyed with easter egg dyes a bit over a year ago. I am glad to have it completed! The rolags were taking up a lot of space in my storage. They certainly take up less space as yarn, but it’s still a pretty large and bouncy skein.

That’s it from here, have a great day all!

Foster # 8!

Here’s our latest foster dog, she arrived Saturday evening. She’s a corgi mix and has the corgi long body and stub tail. What is she mixed with? No clue. But she is adorable, sweet, playful, and entirely engaging. We love her! She has made easy friends with our dogs and fits in very well. She’s said to be about 2 years old which I think is a pretty fair assessment.

But even more amazing, to me, is that we’ve got our 8th foster LESS THAN A YEAR after beginning to foster dogs! I think the longest a foster has stayed with us is around 2 months and that’s generally because there’s some sort of medical issue we are mitigating. But by and large we don’t have them all that long, they keep flying right back into forever homes!

Of the 8:

-3 were heartworm positive and went through treatment.
-8 were female
-7 were from louisiana
-1 was a returned dog originally from louisiana as a puppy-so technically all 8 were from louisiana
-1 had surgery to remove her eye
-2 spay surgeries in our care the rest were done before they arrived
-They ranged from 15 pounds to 60 pounds, but generally are around 30 pounds.
-Only 2 (and maybe 3, jury’s still out on the current one) were properly potty trained before our care.
-The youngest we’ve had was probably 10 months to a year, the oldest said to be around 3. Mostly they are one or two years old.
-Our resident dogs have taken a liking to 7, the only one they didn’t like was the 60 pounder.
-I only ever had to say no to one applicant after the home visit, 7 were placed in the first home that wanted them.
-1 had puppies come into rescue with her-but I am pretty sure 4 were mamma dogs at one time in their past.

I doubt we’ll get a 9th dog before our first full year of fostering, 8 will probably be it for year 1. I plan to email the family of our first foster dog on the year date, we don’t hear from her and I would love to know how she’s doing.

What has been going on?

When I last wrote, we’d just placed our 7th foster dog in the home of Miss Butterfly’s father. The very next day we left on a road trip. We drove to PA to visit my parents, both of whom are vaccinated. (I am also vaccinated.) We spent 4 days with them, then turned around and drove one of my parents’ cars back, as they had so kindly given it to Miss Butterfly. Fury dog went with us and really enjoyed the trip. We did too! It was good to be able to travel safely and see my parents as it was going on two years since I saw them last.

Upon our return, our state opened vaccinations for ages 16 and up, so the rest of my family promptly got vaccinated and we are so joyful to report that in a few weeks, after dose 2, we’ll be a fully vaccinated family!

We’ve been waiting on our next foster dog who arrives this evening so there will likely be some photo opportunities and a blog post about that. Foster dog time is always a busy time, and this little gal is younger than we usually choose so I know we’ll be extra busy. But I look forward to the chaos a foster brings. I am hoping we will find her a perfect home as soon as possible!

I have not been knitting at all really, but I have done a fair amount of spinning. A project I’ve worked on for months now is some singles on my support spindles from fiber Miss Marja created for me. I finally finished the singles and got the yarn plied. I did a 2 ply laceweight yarn and I ended up with over 1500 yards of yarn!

The skein is massive and the color absolutely gorgeous. It’ll just go into stash until I begin to knit again.

In my other spare time, I’ve been trying to gather the items we will need for a white water rafting wilderness trip this summer. Since camping far away from our car and civilization isn’t something we do very often, there are a few items we need to pick up to bring along. The trip is months off still, but there’s nothing that would stress me more than trying to find those items in the correct sizes at the very last minute.

So, that’s a bit of an update from us, how are you doing? How is the vaccine roll out in your state? It’ll be a beautiful day when we finally are able to get this pandemic set behind us.

Foster Pup

We have some pretty good news about our most recent foster!

This pretty girl ended up being adopted by Miss Butterfly’s dad and step mom! I’ll tell you a little about it.

When she arrived at our house, it turned out that our dogs didn’t seem to like her too much. She’s big and bouncy and they seemed to be threatened by that and couldn’t understand her. We learned how to maneuver this situation using baby gates and kennels in order to keep all 3 dogs safe and happy. It was a challenge this round. Foster dog was really a joy though, and one day Miss Butterfly’s dad came over to pick her up. Foster dog was out in the main area of the house chasing balls all around the room as she does to entertain herself. Miss Butterfly’s dad just….fell in love! He texted his wife photos and videos, and she showed up at the next meet and greet to meet our foster dog. They put in an application and it was accepted!

I was very nervous about the dog intro, they have an old black lab who is ball obsessed and fetch obsessed but not playful or interested in other dogs. He likes having other dogs around but doesn’t show signs of playing with them. Since foster dog didn’t really get on with our dogs I was quite concerned that maybe she wouldn’t get on with their old dog. On the other hand, I thought, he is significantly larger than her so unlikely to find her bouncy energy intimidating.

Well, she went over there last night to meet him. And what happened? They immediately started playing together. Her bouncy energy brought out the young playful dog in him and he bounced and played and fetched with her all over the yard. Then they went inside and played tug together and ball keep away from each other. They got on as if they were always meant to be together much to my surprise and delight!

So, in the end, she just stayed at their house. I got all the adoption paperwork completed and left a bunch of goodies with them and we snuck out while former foster dog and new family got to know each other.

It’s very exciting that she’s still “with us” in some way. We’ll likely get to see her, get to hang out at the dog park with her, etc as sometimes we’d already do that with their old dog. And I am really glad that this bouncy fun dog ended up in an active home that will keep her playing fetch all evening. A fairy tale ending!

A to Z Project Pan update 1

It’s been a month and a little over a week since I began this project pan, so I think it’s time for an update. I’ll do the letters and products in sections along with a photo from last month and this month’s photo under it. I’ll also list usage for this first month. Shall we get started?

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. The goal is to finish. (No usage in the first month)
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan. (2 uses)
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan. (no usage)
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan. (3 uses)
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan. (1 use)
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan. (4 uses)
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish. (24 uses)
H: Cover FX Palette Highlighter-goal is to hit pan on one of these. (I am making a change here as the highlighter is too dark, I am subbing in a pan highlighter from pur. I’ve already hit pan but my goal is to use it up. I used one or the other highlighter 14 times)
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish. (15 uses, I depotted this and put it in the little blue container for easy access.)
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish. (16 uses, though it doesn’t look like any.)

First photo
Update1 with a new highlighter subbed in. I did not take photos of items I did not use.

K: Kilian princess sample-goal is to finish. (Used 6 times and it is gone.)
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish. (no usage)
M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan. (7 uses)
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan. (8 uses)
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish. (16 uses, MAJOR dent in this product!)
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan. (10 uses)
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan. (17 uses)
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan. (22uses)
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan. (4 uses)
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan. (5 uses)

First photo
Update 1

U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish. (18 uses)
V:Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7. (10 uses)
W: Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish. (no usage)
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow. (21 uses)
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (at the bottom of the black eyeshadow palette) goal is to use up. (3 uses)
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade. (5 uses)

First photo
Update 1

I’ve been trying to look at this project pan as a long term project and not get overly focused on it to the detriment of the remainder of my collection. And I think overall it’s been successful. There are items that I’ve got great progress on like the two foundations I concentrated on. I am hoping to have both of those finished off by next update. And I can see some good dips going on in some of the shadows. However, I’ve spread out my shadow usage between the 3 palettes and other palettes in my collection pretty well. I only finished one item over this month, but that’s all I expected to finish. I think I can finish 2 items for next update, possibly 3. The additional bonus on this project is that since I’ve got multiple eyeshadows from 2 palettes, the colors that aren’t technically in the project are also showing a nice amount of use. The mermaid palette in particular has expanded pan in two of the matte shades.

Again, I am not planning to roll in new products when I am done with goals on current products. This is just a project to complete, the products will dwindle as I complete them. Once finished, I’ll see then how I am feeling about another project. But, this has been an enjoyable lowkey project for me this season as I ease back into the office more fully post vaccination.

Another Foster Dog

When I last talked about our foster dog journey, we had a very perfect little dog who didn’t stay with us long at all, and I talked about taking a little break since we had a bit of a trip coming up. Well, it didn’t work out that way. There was a return of a 2 year old dog adopted out as a puppy. She wasn’t a dramatic case, she’d been loved well but her owner was moving to NYC and didn’t want an active dog to suffer in a tiny apartment.

She’s a boxer lab mix and she is indeed very active. Also puppy like though not destructive and perfectly potty trained.

She’s utterly ball obsessed and will entertain herself beautifully for as long as we’ll let her. She also LOVES the dog park. And she’s very smart which makes getting her the training and manners she needs so much easier.

Our taking her in was borne out of need for our rescue rather than us choosing her and waiting for her to come in. She needed a place to land and we were able to provide it.

The biggest trouble is that she and our dogs do not get along. This is not their fault, each dog on their own is a fantastic dog. But the combo of personalities doesn’t work. I think our smaller dogs are a big intimidated by her puppy like energy in a big body. I am sure it was bound to happen at some point, and we were probably lucky it didn’t happen until our 7th foster. But we are over a week in and things have gotten progressively worse rather than better. As much as we love her we do hope she’ll find a new home soon!

Thankfully if she doesn’t find a home I do have another foster home lined up for her to stay with while we are away. We are glad for the support of other homes, making sure our rescue is a village of help to get these dogs homes.


I’ve been working on a new project, the Cozy Corner shawl. I decided that since the one project in particular that I really was inspired to knit last year was a Stephen West project, I should take a look at what else I could knit out of his pattern library. Cozy Corner really struck me as one that would hold my attention.

I am using a natural grey handspun yarn I made out of a fleece I processed paired with handspun that Miss Marja created (so far.) I am just kind of adding in color as I see fit, not being particular about color placement and just kind of knitting until I run out of a particular color. If I run out of the colorful yarns I am sure I’ll have others in my stash I can bring in.

It does indeed hold my attention so I am glad I chose it. And it is possible I already know what my next project will be as well, I am appreciating the botanique stole and if I can find appropriate handspun yarns in my stash, I think I’ll knit it.

Our foster dog did indeed find her home, she will be going there permanently on Tuesday evening. In the meantime we are really enjoying having her, mostly because she’s just such an easy dog. In other dog news, our Fury dog has been in advanced flyball class and today she ran the full course a few times, I was so impressed!

That’s it from here, it’s been a very busy weekend but also pretty lovely since the weather is pleasant!

A Finish

I finished up my striped baktus scarf recently. I actually think if I make this again I’ll elongate it instead of making it this much of a triangle. And I probably will make this again, it’s a pleasant knit.

I used handspun yarn for this, grey and yellow, but the grey had some yellow in it. So while it’s striped, the striping is a little bit vague in certain areas. I kind of love that! I ran out of grey yarn, so one end fully yellow but I don’t think it’s too noticeable.

In other news, our new foster dog arrived.

She has winged eyeliner! She’s super cute and sweet and absolutely the most laid back dog we’ve ever fostered. She’s too easy. Fully potty trained with absolutely no adjustment accidents, loves to chill and nap, is not a morning dog and would prefer to stay warm and cozy in bed, just super easy all the way around. She is finishing up her last few days of kennel rest from heartworm treatment and I haven’t had to kennel her since she’s perfectly happy to laze around the house without the kennel. Naturally, because she’s so easy, she’ll be meeting her potential new home less than a week after she arrived to us.

This went so fast that it may be quite some time before we get another foster dog! I imagined having her through the bulk of March and then getting the next in April, but she’ll likely be gone so fast that we’ll have a pretty long break between fosters this time. That’s ok, a quick turn around means she gets to land in her forever home as fast as possible and that’s a good thing!

That’s all for today, but I do have a new project on the needles I should try to get posted shortly!

The Next Knit

Since I managed to clear my queue for finished knitted objects, I had to cast on something new. I ended up going with a good ol’ baktus scarf. Striped. I forgot how easy and pleasant it is to knit these. I notice that the pattern is no longer available, but I know the pattern by heart. Or at least I think I do!

In this case I chose two handspun yarns to go with a “striped” scarf. These two skeins were from the same fiber source. One was yellow and the other grey with some yellow. So the striping becomes a little bit vague at times. But I really like the effect!

It’s kind of an interesting shaded look that is very pretty. It’s also knitting up very quickly and I’ll have to figure out what to next knit after this! Potentially another one or two of these. It’s too easy!

In Progress

Now that I am back to starting new projects I have taken a photo of a project that has actually been in progress for a little while.

The fiber spun into singles on these spindles is one which Miss Marja made for me and gave me at the end of last year. It’s very beautiful and she made it on her blending boards! While I haven’t been doing much spinning at all, I have been plugging away at this project and truly enjoying it. I’ll be making this into a 2 ply laceweight yarn, but no clue what I’ll do with it after. It should have loads of yardage though!

In order to ply it I will likely have to finish a project on my wheel that I started ages ago. It’s a very pretty brown and green single project but I tend to not bring out my wheel when we have foster dogs, and we have foster dogs more often than not these days! So, ultimately I am not sure when this project will be completed but for now it’s satisfying to plug away at the spinning of the singles.

A to Z Project Pan

You may or may not have noticed but I completely abandoned my project pan and my beauty balance posts when I abandoned the blog temporarily. I am not upset about it. I had fun while it lasted, made use of my products, and got what I needed out of it. I am ready to move on.

Beauty Balance posts aren’t coming back. I just….don’t care. I’ve been throwing empty stuff away willy nilly and kind of loving it. And sometimes I buy stuff too, and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

But, I still kind of want to do a little project pan. A little something to concentrate on specific products. So, I’ve put together an A to Z project. This will have maybe monthly updates. It will not be rolling. Once the items are gone, they are gone. Or rather, once a goal is hit, the items roll out. I anticipate this being a year long project but mostly I just want to see if I can hit goal on everything and then do something new.

I’ve chosen a wide variety, some items should be fairly easy to use, some will be longer term. Some I won’t even use until later in the year. This is also rather eyeshadow heavy, there are two palettes I really want to see a lot of use in this year. I am also not going to hold myself carefully to one month updates, I’ll just get to them when I get to them. And finally, I am also going to track progress. If I use the item on a particular day, it will get tracked. I do like that idea very much.

A to Z:

A: Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. The goal is to finish.
B: ABH Sultry palette Bloom-goal is to hit pan.
C: ABH Sultry Palette Cinder-goal is to hit pan.
D: ABH Sultry Palette Dystopian-goal is to hit pan.
E: ABH Sultry Palette Ember-goal is to hit pan.
F: ABH Sultry Palette Fresh-goal is to hit pan.
G: Grace & Stella Spray all Day Rose Spray-goal is to finish.
H: Cover FX Palette Highlighter-goal is to hit pan on one of these.
I: IT Cosmetics CC cream-Goal is to finish.
J: Elf Jellypop primer-goal is to finish.

K: Kilian princess sample-goal is to finish.
L: Estee Lauder Doublewear-goal is to finish.
M:Tarte palette Mermosa-goal is to hit pan.
N: Tarte palette Nude Beach-goal is to hit pan.
O: C.Y.O Lifeproof foundation-goal is to finish.
P: ABH Sultry Palette Pearl-goal is to hit pan.
Q: Tarte blush color Quirky-goal is to hit pan.
R: Rom&nd bronzer: goal is to hit pan.
S: ABH Sultry Palette Steamunk-goal is to hit pan.
T: ABH Sultry Palette Twig-goal is to hit pan.

U: Urban Decay Eye Primer-goal is to finish.
V:Urban Decay eyeliner in Voodoo-goal is to use past the 24/7.
W: Lancome Teing Idole Ultra Wear foundation-goal is to finish.
X: Too Faced Boudoir Eyes (soft and sexy) eyeshadow palette use up In The Buff eyeshadow.
Y: NYX eyeshadow pan (at the bottom of the black eyeshadow palette) goal is to use up.
Z: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette-goal is to hit pan on the matte Virgo shade.

I really had to start getting creative there in the end, trying to make the makeup in my collection fit a letter. But I think I did it just fine! I’ve gone a little heavy on eyeshadows, but ABH palettes tend to be softly pressed, and I’ve used the tarte palette loads. The others are all more of a primer setting shadow, so I should be able to get those done as well. There’s a number of foundations but they are all sample sizes or heavily used already. I think the blush and bronzer will be the hardest to hit goal on, perhaps the highlighter as well. But, that cover FX palette is one I’d like to pan in the future so getting some good use on it will help get me closer to that goal. Since we are already mid-February, my plan is for the first update on this one to be the beginning of April. I am eager to get started!

And Again

I have yet another finished object! I really appreciate having made the time to finish up three projects in the past few weeks instead of casting on new things and letting these languish.

This one is Scottish Stripes. I’ve knit it before. This time was the same experience. Basically, I’ll get about halfway through and then just lose all interest. Then eventually I find I can pick it up again and finish. Honestly though, the lost interest part is severe and I hope I never choose to knit this again.

All that aside, the finished object is really truly amazing, particularly with handspun yarn! This one is out of Miss Marja’s handspun and it goes to her once it is finished. More than a year ago now I agreed to knit this out of her yarn for her. I bet she doesn’t even remember now! I was really looking forward to knitting it and passing it off to her, but the space in between losing interest and picking it back up was extremely long. It resided in a work drawer without being touched from before covid hit last year until just the past few weeks.

And that’s it! I don’t have any more long term unfinished but close to finished objects that need finishing, so I am back to choosing new items to cast on.

Festival of Stitches

I started this project back in September but set it aside for various other projects over the months. I knew I wasn’t far from being done, so I recently decided to pick this back up and finish it.

I used 3 different handspun yarns. The green and the pink are my handspun and the white is Miss Marja’s handspun.

I had really been trying to use up ALL the yarn, so I knit and knit and knit and then it became apparent that my scarf would be way too long to even wear if I kept it up. So instead, I cut back and ended up with a much too long scarf, and I don’t mind much to long. I would mind unwearable.

I was really taken with all the different textures and colors in the scarf pattern which is truly what pushed me to knit it. I love combining textures and patterns and it really does help keep interest in a large scarf.

This mosaic knitting was probably my favorite part to knit, though I am not sure it’s my favorite part of the scarf overall.

The raindrops pattern looks so nice blocked out even though it really felt while knitting that these would look silly finished. I am glad I knit them anyhow!

Seeing the soft colors added in to the white yarn was really fun and gave the whole thing added interest. Tiny pops of purple, yellow, blue, I just love the way handspun knits up!

I probably wouldn’t knit this pattern again necessarily but I am glad I knit it. It was a very large project and rather intense, but kept my interest and was also quite satisfying. Turns out that blocking it was the true challenge! This has been sitting around waiting for photographs for a few weeks, so I am eager to finally wear it next week when I head in to the office in the extreme cold.


I test knit a pair of night mitts for Rachel at Dyeabolical in early December and after they were done, I immediately cast on for another pair. It was a really fun pattern and I loved the end result!

But as many other projects go, I got partway through the first mitten then put it down to make all the pretty little christmas ornaments. I didn’t pick it back up until a few weeks ago. I’ve been on a bit of a kick to finish up a couple of projects that were languishing before casting on something new.

Once I did pick it up, I started to have a few problems. I tend to knit on two circular needles for these types of projects. The first needle broke. No big deal! I went back into my stash and found another needle of the same size and started using it. The next day a second needle broke. That left me with only 1 needle where I needed two. In my whole stash! Which is surprising because I used to have scads and scads of needles of all the same size. But I bought most of them between 2006 and 2009 so I think they’ve just all outlived their lifespan pretty much all at the same time.

Naturally, completing the mittens took yet another pause as I worked out the new needle situation. I ended up purchasing a few new needle sets. The first one to come in showed up defective. So it had to be returned, setting me back even longer.

But I am now pleased to say that I have a few more needle sets to replenish the ones that have bit the dust over the years. And, I also have a new pair of mittens!

These were knit with some handspun yarn from Miss Marja. I really enjoyed the yarn and was pleased to be able to get two pairs of mittens out of one skein. I gave the other pair to Marja, so this pair I get to use myself. Just in time too, it’s awfully cold here in the midwest!

Her Final Form

Last week, our foster dog finished up her time with stitches and had them removed on Friday.

Ultimately, the eye, or lack thereof, healed so well! While we, as humans, are so reluctant to make hard decisions like eye removal or amputations, the reality is that the dogs generally just adjust really well to losing the body part that caused them pain or problems. Our foster dog healed beautifully from this surgery, was clearly way more comfortable after the surgery, and is so happy to be healed up and ready to play.

On Saturday morning, despite cold and snow, we headed off to deliver her to her final home. She gained a family who loves her as she always deserved and are committed to any medical care her buckshot may bring up in the future. She also gains two dog brothers, both of whom she fell in love with very quickly. This adoption felt particularly serendipitous, I felt like I was delivering her new mom her heart dog.

The house was so quiet with her gone, it’s always a deafening quiet when we let them go and I always feel a little off that day. I’ve learned just to take it kind of easy on myself. But her new mom has kept in touch and I’ve seen lots of great pictures of her being loved by all members of the family, and that makes it easier.

I’d say this foster and the previous little jack russell mix have been my favorite foster dogs, but really, we’ve had 5 now and there were only 2 that I wasn’t completely taken with. And even those two I liked just fine, they were great dogs! So, the reality may be that the vast majority of foster dogs will be my favorite.

And on that note, we chose our next foster before letting go of this one. It’s healing to know who we will be bringing in when we let one go. We only had one week break between the little jack russell and the one above. This time we’ll have 2 weeks if all goes to plan. Maybe more if all does not go to plan.

Here she is! Another presumably black mouth cur mix. She’s heartworm positive but being treated in the rescue she’s with now, so we won’t have to manage too much of that care. Doesn’t she have the biggest eyes?! She is said to be about 2 years old and 35 pounds so she should fit our home quite well. She’s coming up from the same rescue that all our other fosters came up from, because why mess with something that is going well? We’ve had really great foster dogs from that rescue.

So, that’s our big weekend update, another beautiful and kind dog placed with a loving family and really, that’s a good weekend.

Catching Up

I just looked at my last post and realized it’s been over a month since I updated. Ooops! I vaguely remember saying “I don’t feel like it” while being busy around the holidays and then that’s where it stopped.

Here’s some of what happened since. Since Miss Butterfly had covid in November, we felt pretty safe sending her to spend a couple weeks with my parents. It was nice for her to be doing something else other than trying to be safe at home after so many months. We had a lovely little holiday with just my cousin who has also been very careful. We chose to make lasagna and garlic bread instead of a traditional christmas feast. It was extremely well received!

At the time we still had our little foster dog who came in extremely terrified. She had totally opened up and became a fairly confident dog. It was my first situation where the first home she was scheduled for didn’t work out, but her second home did. Her second home also adopted her brother. He is still struggling with some medical issues so he’s not with her yet, but her home anxiously awaits for him to join them. Here she is on her adoption day:

She got an adoption day pup cup!

She will be forever in my heart as our biggest transformation dog-coming in almost too scared to know what to do with, but then totally changing her tune and gaining confidence! I really really loved this foster.

Somewhere in there I got some knitting done, I knit another honey cowl out of Miss Marja’s handspun yarn.

About a week after our little foster went to her new home, we received another foster! While the little dog above was the biggest mental transformation, our current foster has the most dramatic story and is going through the biggest medical transformation.

Sweet new foster girl!

As you may be able to see, there’s something wrong with one of her eyes. We knew this when we committed to her. She had been found full of buckshot, she’d been shot many times. She’s got buckshot all over her head, ears, back, legs, all down one side. But despite this, she remains the absolute sweetest and good-est dog you’d ever meet. Just an absolute gem of a dog. But, the thing about buckshot is that it moves. Her body tries to reject it, bringing it to the surface. And there’s buckshot in her eye cavity. The rescue that she was with before she came to our rescue treated her eye, trying to save it. They felt she was responding to light so they hoped to save as much as possible of her sight. When she came to us, it was clear the eye was still hurting her despite the treatment given, but also, I could tell she was not seeing out of it very well. She would turn her head all around to get a fix on me when I spoke to her. When outdoors on a leash, she’d make a flying leap doing a 180 in the air in order to see me if she lost sight of me on the bad side. I had this inkling that the eye needed to go and wasn’t sure how to approach our rescue about the surgery. I told a rescue friend “If she were my personal dog, the first thing I’d do is take her to the eye vet specialist and ask what the options were.”

The sign of things to come

Well, within 48 hours of her arrival at our place, I no longer had to wonder how to ask. On a monday morning when I was working from home, I noticed that her eye had turned a bit red, I took the above photo and sent it to the rescue. Within a few short hours, her eye had completely filled with blood. I took another photo and sent it to the rescue, and was instructed to get her to the vet asap. Vet let us know that indeed she needed to have her eye removed, the buckshot was moving around in her eye cavity and causing problems. I admit, I was actually grateful for this news because that would put to rest the uncertainty of how to treat this medical issue. She was scheduled for surgery.

4 days post-op

Now, I was prepared for the worst, the surgery can be a bit gory looking. But, it soon became clear that she really needed her eye removed. She’s now 6 days post-op and healing beautifully. They generally do not look this good. But what is even more amazing? She FEELS good, and it became immediately clear. She was instantly more playful, happier, more excited. She also SEES better, she’s not working around the sight in one bum eye, instead she can concentrate on the sight she does have. She plays with balls, she pushes them all over the house, then chases and pounces on them. She can SEE those toys and act accordingly and she is Just. So. Happy. And we are just so happy for her!

She’s had a very medically transformative journey, and it’s felt a bit out of my comfort zone. But she’s all the sweetness and she’s so fun, and her medical needs have been so well managed that it turned out to be so much less worry and work than I thought it would be. Her stitches come out at the end of next week and then she’ll be ready to find her home! And we’ll be ready to commit to the next foster, whoever that may be.

There’s been a lot of other stuff this past month-there’s the general state of the country that felt rather worrisome. My mother in law fell and broke her femur, had surgery, and is now in a rehab facility despite the fact we’d tried hard to keep her out of one during the pandemic. Unfortunately, no one can go see her at all, due to the pandemic. The fall brought to town my brother in law who is really a fun person to be around despite the stressful situation, and it was really great to see him. He also “took care of business” with his mother so I didn’t have to be so worried or making decisions I wasn’t comfortable making (these types of things are often left to the women of the family, but my mother in law does not have any daughters.) It was nice to see the guys step up this time. So, overall, it’s just been kind of a busy time, and somewhere in the mix I forgot about the blog. It happens!

Day 18

Guess who got good sleep last night? This girl! Little foster nugget did not whine in her kennel at all last night so she’s really catching on to the routine. She also went for her third walk last evening, and she actually enjoyed herself. She had a moment or two here and there where she was concerned, but by and large had a great time. Progress is being made, including so much progress that she’s getting nice and naughty around the house. This is exactly the type of progress we want to see out of a timid dog, it means she’s blossoming right before our eyes.

The other good news is that she has a potential home, she will meet her potential family on Saturday. We will have her through the end of the year no matter what, but it will be good to get her home settled and know where she is going once she’s done with all her vetting.

As for the advent stuff, let’s start with the christmas ornament. My goal with this project is to have only spent money on the pattern. From the start, I had intended only to knit from stash yarn and stuff with stash wool. So far so good! However, I am running out of lighter colored yarns for contrast. So for this christmas ball I used a handspun yarn. It’s mostly natural colored with a few bits of a light brown thrown in. You can see that in the ornament itself.

It works just fine, and there’s something pretty about the addition of silk in the handspun that is adding some places with extra shine. I really enjoyed using the handspun on this one.

I am actually falling behind on knitting these. Initially I was keeping a few balls ahead each day so that I could get them blocked and then a decent photograph taken. But, this morning before work I had to put the kettle on and boil some water so I could steam block this one before work. The photo is dark, but it is still evocative of the christmas spirit. I actually love those dark december days leading up to winter solstice.

As for my makeup advent, this morning I opened my too faced natural face palette. This one tends to be a little on the darker side and I typically only wear it in the summer. Receiving it in the winter felt like a bit of a stretch! But at the same time, I think I made it work just fine. I used a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter out of this.

And that’s it, that’s day 18 as a wrap. Looking forward to a weekend!

Day 16 and 17

On day 16 I was working from home. And the item that my daughter had wrapped for me was a perfume, my Nest black tulip. So, that felt very much like a little bonus, as I didn’t have to wear makeup that day, it was a nice break.

However, day 17 has been an in office day for me, and I received my royal blue eyeliner. Since this was in a project at the beginning of the year, this felt very much like something I have already spent a ton of time with this year. But, I definitely don’t regret having to use it today. I paired it with my Colourpop It’s My Pleasure palette for another purple look.

It was a bit of a tiring night and I think it shows. Mr. Ink wanted me to stay up later than usual watching a show, which I did. When I went to bed, I gave foster dog to Miss Butterfly as usual, but she’s become rather attached to me now. So, she wouldn’t knock off the whining once I handed her over for bedtime. In an effort for me and my daughter to get sleep, I got back up, moved the kennel into our bedroom, and then put her in our bedroom in the kennel. Took her a bit, but she did settle there. Unfortunately, she did wake us up multiple times during the night. But I think she’ll get used to it! And I suspect we’ll only have her through the end of this year, I think she’ll find a home quickly anyhow. She did also massively screw up my morning routine by being in our bedroom, but I’ll just work out a new routine and call it good.

On to the Christmas Balls. For yesterday’s christmas ball, I had gotten a bit tired of the same christmas colors over and over, so I decided to try something new. I pulled out two leftover sock yarns and used those as my colors.

I absolutely love this one! It just turned out so pretty, and it was exactly what I needed.

In keeping with that, I used the same lighter blue and paired it with a charcoal color for the next one. This ball is called winter wonderland and each side had a different motif. When I chose the colors I wanted to consider what snow looks like at night. I’ve got the charcoal of the night and the blue tones that the snow takes on in the deep winter.

There’s a tree, a church, and a home with a star above it. Another side features another home, but it’s similar to the one above and I didn’t take a further photo.

It’s been enjoyable to try a few new color combos. In reality, I am running out of the lighter colors in normal size yarns so it’s harder and harder to make colors pop. Creativity is helping! I just don’t want to knit the remainder of the balls for this year on size 0 needles. That’ll have me giving up too fast. We’ll see what I come up with for the final 7!

Day 15

Let’s start with foster dog before getting into advent stuff! When we went to meet the transport, we found a little jack russell terrier mix who was so terrified she clung to the back of her little kennel for dear life and it took 2 sets of hands to pry her out of there. She then would not walk on a leash, would not potty even after a full day on the road, and just crouched and cringed. We had our work cut out for us! And to be honest, that’s likely why I haven’t blogged since. Timid put it mildly, she was terrified. But I am pleased to report that after a few days in our home she’s improving with leaps and bounds.

Looking very JRT except for the ears in this photo.
But seriously, those ears!

She no longer crouches and makes herself small when our dogs walk by her, instead she likes to trot along with them wherever they go. Loud noises still make her freeze, but not ALL of them. She can only walk past two houses before panic sets in and she turns around to go home from a walk, but she now likes the snow in the yard and rolls through it excitedly. She’s been a fun little nugget to watch move toward comfort. For the first few days it felt like I had a newborn, she had to be carried almost everywhere, she slept a lot, she cried when I put her down. But now she’s getting used to being a dog, gaining independence, and working toward confidence.

And on to christmas balls! I’ve got 3 to post, gingerbread, ice crystals, and nutcracker.

That moment when you realize your background color choice makes your gingerbread man look evil.
This one is my favorite out of this bunch, isn’t it pretty?
Such a tiny ballerina in shades of green!

And then there’s the makeup post. I only have one photo, I used the makeup from all three days in one look today. The first item was my chella brow cream. I got it in a subscription box ages ago and haven’t used it in about a year. I actually thought it might be dried up and I could declutter it, but in reality, it works just fine.

Item 2 is my alamar cosmetics blush palette which I absolutely love but forget to use because I tend to concentrate on 2 blushes at a time, something warm toned and something cool toned. I was very happy to use this today.

Item 3 is my actual favorite eyeshadow palette in my collection, my petit pro soleil palette. I love all my petit pro palettes but this one is just so beautiful, unusual, and intense!

Oh boy, the lack of haircut has my hair all wild today! Actually, I kinda like it, I might leave it a little longer through the winter.

So there’s our 3 day catch up post, I hate to admit it, I am way behind on knitting but doing my best. However, tomorrow’s christmas ball is glorious, my favorite yet! So stay tuned for that!

Day 12

For day 12, Miss Butterfly had chosen my Urban Decay eyeliner, in color Freak. This is a lovely green color and it’s a lot of fun to use, but I really wasn’t sure how to use it in this instance. Then, eventually, I decided that since it’s Saturday and I wasn’t going to see very many people, I’d go ahead and experiment. If I had my entire collection it likely would have been a little easier but with my Violet Voss Sugar Crystals palette hidden somewhere, it wasn’t super easy to get inspired about a colorful look. In the end I used my BH Cosmetics zodiac love palette along with the mac snowflushed highlighter from the other day. I also did use the lancome foundation for the first time.

It had snowed overnight, so Mr. Ink cleared the driveway while I was playing with makeup. As soon as I’d put on lipstick he said “Ok, I am ready to go to the dogpark.” So today’s photo is in the car on the way there. It’s a very glam look for the dogpark but my dogs didn’t mind.

Today’s Christmas ball photo was not taken outdoors since the snow makes the light too intense. The snow does help indoor photos though, so this turned out great right on the tree!

We got some work done around the house today and are officially ready to welcome our foster dog this evening, cannot wait!

Advent Day 10 and 11

I skipped a day again, but that’s ok! Let’s start with the christmas ball While there should be 2, there’s only one. The day 10 ball is reminiscent of nuts, kind of a favorite treat at christmas time:

Certainly a pretty little pattern!

I don’t have day 11! I tried to knit it numerous times, probably 4 or 5 restarts, but each time it was a fail. I grew increasingly frustrated, then I realized that wait! This is supposed to be fun! So I skipped it and moved on to day 12.

Now let’s talk dogs. I posted a few days ago about the new foster dog who was going to arrive this weekend. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow that to happen, and I found that to be quite a bummer. It really got me down. To be honest, I’d already purchased him a few items because we don’t usually take such large dogs and we couldn’t repurpose what we already have. It’s not the loss of money, I just feel for the dogs that cannot make it, and we’ve had this happen twice now in our short time fostering. I love each of our fosters before they even arrive, the idea of them is so full of potential and joy. So my heart breaks a little for them when something prevents them from coming. It’s the hard part of rescue, and honestly, it’s a struggle for anyone involved in rescue. No matter how many you do save, you still are upset about those you can’t save, even if it isn’t your fault. The fosters who cannot make it still reside in my heart in a special place, and I do think of them often.

But, the other thing about rescue is that there are always more dogs needing to be saved. If you didn’t get the right fit the first time, the second time is likely to work out. I got a message a few days later from our rescue, 2 smaller dogs had been picked up and needed a home, I could take my pick. I chose a little female, about 25 pounds, and said to be 5 or 6 years old. I’ve heard she’s timid, so we will be working on her confidence as soon as we can. She hasn’t been in rescue for any time at all, she was dumped very recently, so I don’t know what her medical needs will be. If I were to make guesses, I’d guess she’ll test heartworm positive once in our care. I also don’t have a good photo, just a tiny, shadowed, blurry photo. Which I’ll share anyhow.

We are excited to welcome her tomorrow evening. I think I’ll stop by the local shops and grab her a sweater, it’s going to be cold for her so far north from where she originates.

It’s a tough time in rescue right now. Lots of dogs needing homes but it’s hard to plan events where these dogs can be seen. Indoors is out of the question with virus rates being so high, but the weather is cold so planning outdoor events doesn’t work either. If you have the heart and the cash for it, please donate even just the cost of a cup of coffee to your local shelter or rescue, they’ll be ever so grateful.

Now on to the makeup stuff. For day 10, Miss Butterfly had wrapped up my mac snowflushed highlighter. This is a highlighter that flips gold to pink. It’s VERY sparkly. It’s not something I use as an actual highlighter. I mean, I might if I were going to a holiday party or something? But I am not. I am just going to work. So instead I like to use it as an eyeshadow topper, kicking up the sparkle intensity layering it over other shadows. In this case I took a burgundy shimmer from my tarte be a mermaid palette all over my lid, then topped it with the snowflushed highlighter. I loved it, it was a very pretty but still fairly professional look.

On day 11, I unwrapped 2 sample size foundations. So, that’ll be one that lasts me two days in a row. This morning I used the it cosmetics cc cream. This one arrived in the lightest shade, which I haven’t used before. It’s definitely too light. I don’t think it looks particularly great, so I’ll use it as a lightening mixer rather than on its own from here on out.

This I paired with my Urban Decay Born to Run palette. And you know what? I am finally willing to admit it. This is just not a great palette. The shimmers crease and wear off my eyelids in record time. It looks positively terrible by the end of the day, but I can see the wear on it by 9 am. The majority of the matte shades are fine, and I may consider depotting this if I can manage to do so. It’s really irritating to have wanted a palette so much and then have it to have turned out so poorly overall. But really, my very well loved tarte mermaid palette performs so much better I question as to why I am still picking up the UD one. Especially since I’ve got loads of wonderful palettes! It’s a waste of time.

That’s all from me today, hopefully by the end of the weekend there’ll be at least a few dog photos! And more makeup and christmas balls of course!

Days 8 and 9

I…kind of forgot to post yesterday so we’ll do day 8 and 9 together.

On day 8, I unwrapped my A’Pieu juicy pang blusher. It is another k-beauty item I picked up and absolutely love. I also wore the copper colored supershock shadow since I couldn’t wear the copper and the purple on the same day from day 7. I worked from home so I paired it with a red lipstick because why not? Oh how I miss red and bright lipstick!

Then today, the item was my mac fix+ and that’s not an item that is easy to see, not a colored product. But I did what I was supposed to anyhow, and took the selfie.

We are back to the bad lighting as I left for work early in the morning.

As for my christmas balls? The first was a little bird on a branch which was absolutely delightful:

And the next was a little angel which I did on size 0 needles so it’s awfully small!

I had done a decent job getting ahead on these over the past weekend, but midweek I am running out of steam again, falling a bit behind. I have tomorrow’s ready to go, but the one after that has taken me a full 2 days to even get the increases done, so it’s very slow. I fear I might actually fall behind fully, but I should be able to get caught up again over the upcoming weekend.

Advent Calendar Day 7

Miss Butterfly seems to have boxed up not one but two colourpop supershock shadows for today. The colors don’t actually go together, so I only used the purple shade. I will use the copper shade tomorrow as long as the next thing I open isn’t a shadow.

I paired the purple with my colourpop it’s my pleasure palette since that, too, is purple. And then since I was working from home, I figured I’d add a purple lip as well. The lip is a lipstick from mac that I love and really do wish I had a larger opportunity to wear these days.

I do like the look ever so much though, it was fun to create.

My knitted christmas ball today is titled ivy and it’s really pretty! I enjoyed knitting this one a lot.

I also feel a little like practice makes perfect and I am getting slightly better at knitting these, so that might have something to do with my appreciation for this one.

It was a pretty relaxing weekend. I’ve been battling a sore upper back and neck recently and it was quite bad over the weekend. Staying on top of that was certainly difficult. I tried to relax and we did spent a lot of nice time at the dog park, we’d been missing doing so since Rose’s stitches and then our quarantine. The dogs are so much happier now that the dog park is part of their lives again!