Things of Note This Weekend

It’s March 10 already! In 10 days we’ll be one month away from my wedding. That’s nutty! Things on that front have been making steady progress this week. Mr. Ink’s tie came in yesterday, it’s lovely. My pretty little handbag arrived this week and immediately got put into the stash of things that need to go to the wedding. I booked someone to come do our hair and also booked a trim and trial run with her for the end of this month. I chose wedding jewelry and ordered it. My veil arrived this week. Miss Marja and I discussed more plans and added things to our to do/to bring list. All of these things are tiny details but the tiny ones can get very overwhelming. I need to arrange a phone call with Mr. Ink’s sister in law so that I can make sure she’s on the same page and ready to direct a lot of traffic the day of. It’ll drive her crazy because the guys in Mr. Ink’s family will all be busy pushing back at her, but she’ll get things done. Mr. Ink and I arranged a day off to go get our license as well, that was weighing heavily on my mind.

In non wedding related news, when last I wrote about the weather I expressed that there’s been snow storm after snowstorm piling up the snow. The paths we’ve cut for the dogs are over Lizzie’s head. But now we have had a warming trend, and with the warming trend yesterday came a ton of rain. In the morning Miss Butterfly and I took the dogs to our rescue meet and greet to say hi. We came back home, Mr. Ink made lunch, and then I decided to take a nap. I went to curl up in bed and ALMOST had my earplugs in when Mr. Ink opened the door. I was ready to be quite annoyed until he said “I am so sorry to disturb your nap but the basement is flooding.” So, we all ran to the basement and assessed what was going on. Miss Butterfly and I began moving items that were getting wet and Mr. Ink said “I think I’d better go work outside, shoveling snow away from the side of the house.” So, he headed outdoors while Miss Butterfly and I worked indoors. Once we moved stuff, we then used every towel in the house to sop up water. We then put the soaking towels in a bucket, tipped the bucket into the washer, and spun out the towels. We did this over and over and over again until it started to look like we were actually making progress. Then one final spin in the washer and we put those fresher towels around the areas where we could see water coming in the worst.

After that we came back upstairs and warmed up. That water was cold and we ended up ditching our pants for shorts and our slippers for bare feet it was so deep in some areas. So we warm up and I get some other things done. Mr. Ink continued to work on the outside. I waited about an hour then headed back to check on the basement. It was flooding in pretty good again so we had another round of clean up. Then I told Mr. Ink the areas where it was coming in so he could concentrate more on those areas. He spent time digging trenches in the snow to redirect the water, moving all the snow from around the house, melting any ice that was stuck to the ground in those areas, finding places where the ground was soft and shoring those up, and he even built a makeshift dam on our back patio to redirect the water away from the house. It worked, after the second shift in the basement things stopped pouring in and started drying out. I was able to get some of the towels laundered and Mr. Ink was able to come inside.

Now, he’d already worked all morning, then immediately turned around and done heavy work outdoors. His body was wrecked when he came inside, so I arranged for pizza to be delivered for dinner, diet be damned. There are times when you just gotta do what is best for the family, and I honestly was feeling so privileged to just be able to order pizza when everyone was too tired to cook. Perhaps I was busy looking on the bright side after the basement flood. In any case, it seems like all of our city was dealing with a similar situation yesterday.

I did begin a new project yesterday. I needed a no thinking knit. So, I pulled out some of my handspun and the Boneyard shawl pattern and got started on that.


I think my tweedy handspun is turning out to be the perfect pairing with this shawl. I was worried it would be boring, but all the bits I put in there when I made the fiber are holding my interest just fine.

What else this weekend?

Some moments with the dogs. Rose wanted a good cuddle Friday night. Lizzie did too. Her eyes are starting to look much better. I bought Rose a ball but she decided she would prefer to shred it than play with it. As such, it got taken away. But, she spent hours trying to get us to give that thing back to her. No dice Rose, learn to play not shred!

And that’s it from here. I am hoping today is a little more relaxing than yesterday!

Balancing Beauty in March

In my last beauty balance post I needed two more things to leave my collection in order to be balanced with the items that had come in with fab fit fun. I spent some time decluttering this morning in order that I could come up with those things.


I came up with all that and more. Let’s discuss.

There’s half a bottle of gucci perfume that smells not as much like it should as it did. I have removed that from my collection and Miss Butterfly owns it now.

I tossed a morphe makeup sponge that is pockmarked and tearing. I have had it close to a year now.

There’s a Lush lip scrub in bubblegum flavor. It is also gone now. I find the lush lip scrubs to be a bit harsh for my taste.

You may remember that I mentioned that I was putting aside some makeup for a friend who will be visiting for the wedding. I have identified 3 items that will go in that box. I am counting them as out of my collection though if she doesn’t want them, technically they’ll come back in my collection and I’ll have to account for them again.

The first of those is the hourglass vanish foundation stick. It’s too yellow for me and trying to use it up is just not working. It was an expensive lesson. I’ve set it aside just in case my friend can make it work. If she cannot, I am tossing it. I just can’t continue trying to use it.

I am also adding to that collection a wet n wild highlighter and a makeup revolution blush. I like them both, but I have better in my collection.

I am finally decluttering what is left of the wet n wild eyeshadow quint that I panned the transition shade on last summer. There’s no reason for it to stay in my stash.

At the bottom of the photo is a catrice eyebrow pencil, it’s gone. And below that is a nars eyeshadow primer, it is also gone.

Then, off to the right bottom corner, I have a perfume sample of viva la juicy. It was nice to use but it really doesn’t stick around long enough on my skin. So I wouldn’t repurchase. It’s a bit too sweet anyhow. Then there’s my monsieur big mascara sample, it’s kicked. And, a makeup forever skin tint with spf. I used this AS an spf since it was always too dark for me. There may be one more use in there and I’ve decided I like the space in my collection better than I like keeping it around to try to use up. It’s over a year old as well.

That’s 12 items leaving my collection, though two were needed to balance the last post. So, this leaves me with 10 items that have left my collection this month. I’ll have 4 coming in with my boxy charm box and I placed an order at ulta that is definitely going to screw with these totals because I suspect I am getting a bunch of samples with that order. But for now, until more comes in, I am 10 items leaving my collection ahead of the beauty balance.

Someday I’ll regularly have more leaving than coming in. It’s just that this month and next will not be as easy to balance with the upcoming wedding. After that I intend to really knuckle down and get better at this. But it was good to do an old fashioned declutter at this point as well. There will be no better time than now to get some items given to a friend so she can perhaps get use out of them.



March Beauty Unbalanced

We are not going to be able to balance the beauty budget today. Fab Fit Fun arrived earlier than expected and I just haven’t been able to finish up enough products to find the balance.


6 products that I would list under the category “beauty” arrived in my box this month! That being said, I am only counting 5 of them. But I figured I’d show them all here so I could explain what I am doing with one of them.

Left to right, top to bottom.

The Trestique product was a “mystery” choice in my box. It’s a cream highlighter. I guess I finally have to get on the cream products trend! I actually used this in my morning routine this morning and it does look quite lovely. It packs a punch as well.

Dr. Brandt no more baggage eye gel. I’ve received this once already and I hate it. I gave mine away to a friend. Now it’s back in my collection. However, I have a friend who is my age and also getting into makeup for the first time. She’ll be traveling to see me for the wedding. She asked me to please not toss anything between now and then and hand it over if I didn’t want it. So, I have decided to make her a box. This item will go in the box. So I am not going to count it as arriving in my collection only to count it as leaving my collection in April.

Ouai leave in conditioner. I am eager to try this but I have other hair products to work through first.

Tula face cleanser-I am never going to be particularly upset about receiving a cleanser in a subscription box. I am not going to use this immediately though, as I’ve got others to finish first.

Ciate London translucent setting powder-This was an item I got a choice on and I chose this one because I got a tiny sample size I have used and really liked.

Manna Kadar body scrub: This is going to be really nice to have since I am very close to being out of the shower gel I received in a fab fit fun fall or winter box. I can’t remember which. Anyhow, I’ll just replace that shower gel with this and be quite pleased about it.

So, that’s 5 products in. I can’t make 5 products leave my collection this early in the month. But here’s what I do have:


I’ve got a tarte rainforest of the sea palette that I received in a subscription box recently. Miss Butterfly and I have both tried it and decided it isn’t worthy of our collections. We have so many other gorgeous palettes to use that we both know this one won’t get any use. I’ve decided to add it to my box of stuff for my friend. I may find more to add to that box but haven’t really had time to sit with my collection and make that decision yet.

I also finished up another of my Almay eye makeup remover wipes.

And, there’s that tiny ciate london setting powder that I used and enjoyed, prompting me to choose the full size when it was a choice in the box.

So, I am 2 incoming products over the beauty balance this month so far. On the other hand, I also know I’ve only got a few days use on a couple things in my collection. So, I think I’ll be able to balance this month. It’s just that this month’s products are showing up faster than I can get older products used up thus far.

All in all, I am fairly pleased with the items contained in the subscription box, besides the dr. brandt product. While I don’t need to crack into any of them immediately, a result of too many subscription boxes too fast, they will eventually get used in my collection.

I am pleased though that there are still so many days left in the month to attempt to get the balance back on track! I guess having so much arrive so soon does help plan the remainder of the month. For instance, basically, anything I was thinking of getting this month has been pushed out a bit. That may save me money in the end, if I can push it out long enough I am likely to find things on sale.

Life Right Now

Life right now means grabbing a quick photo on my way out the door.


I began spinning these green singles after I finished up the orange ones, as I had intended to pair the two resulting yarns together. No time to even pull them aside and try to take a non-sloppy photograph.

My crafting time has been seriously lacking in general. All the extra work I am trying to fit in has me so exhausted I am sleeping later, which means no early morning crafting time. Then in the evenings, it’s go go go. Monday evening we had my first dress fitting/hemming. My dress needs a bustle as well, so we needed to try to figure that out. And Miss Butterfly’s dress needed hemming. So, we didn’t get home until 7:30 Monday evening. I was too exhausted after standing still in heels for over an hour while the tailor carefully pinned 5 layers of skirt. He kept saying “If you need a break, it’s ok!” and “Sometimes people begin to feel faint, be careful!” And “We could actually do the top two layers in two weeks if you like!” But to be honest, I just wanted to make sure we were getting as far as possible on the first run that I was willing to put up with it. Now I go back in two weeks and we shall see if we are able to do the desired over-bustle or if we are forced to look into doing the far more laborious under-bustle. Thankfully Miss Butterfly’s dress should be good to go at that point.

Last evening I took Miss Butterfly to get her hair cut, and I asked her stylist about wedding hair. They do wedding hair, but their Saturdays book fast and the only time she had for wedding hair was 8 am. I have NO desire to have my hair done at 8 am for a 6:30 pm wedding, so I need to find another option. I would have hoped this would be a simple fix but when we are working so late in the game, it’s unsurprising we are struggling with this one.

This morning was Miss Butterfly’s orthodontist appointment, so we flew out the door late for that because I woke up late. Or rather, I woke up “on time” which I never do, I always wake up early, and apparently “on time” isn’t really on time for me anymore.

Anyhow, things are go go go but also chugging along well. I ordered Mr. Ink’s chosen tie, I began a timeline, I contacted the groomsmen and let them know they could order their bowties, Mr. Ink and I scheduled a day off where we can go pick up the marriage license, we are totally getting there with all this, even if it feels like fits and starts sometimes.

But, we are midweek! Snow tomorrow but then I am seeing a warming trend! We will take the dogs to the dog park tonight which is always a favorite task of mine! I’ve got a proper to do list for the weekend which will make me continue to feel like I am moving forward. This has been a good week!


March Beauty Balance part 2

So, my Sephora order arrived. To be perfectly honest, I ordered another dry texture spray not because I needed one right now, but mostly because of the free Charlotte Tilbury powder offer. That’s a product that is too pricey to buy before knowing if I actually like it. But, I am still looking for a powder to set my undereye without looking extra dry. I’ve heard very good things about this one.


Naturally, my order came with a few other samples too. Since I am counting samples leaving my collection, I have to count them coming in too, right? Of course right. Now, I am a bit annoyed about the perricone md sample as I had anticipated getting a sample of the dior backstage foundation. It was another wedding foundation contender and I was eager to rule it out or in depending on how it performed. However, the mac I got the other day continues to perform so well that I think I don’t need to be on the hunt for another foundation.

In any case, this is 4 in. So, I need to come up with 4 out.


So that’s what I did. The top is a color correct palette, it’s 3 years old. I bought it when I had no clue about makeup but had an event I needed to be at that would require looking more polished. I used it for that event and then never touched it again. It got put in a bag and pushed into a closet, and then I discovered it when rearranging and decluttering over the weekend. It can go! Cream products do not last quite that long, and I haven’t any use for it to begin with.

I am done with another Lush shampoo bar, and that’ll be my last one for a long while. Once it breaks up into all those tiny pieces, I am done. I feel like it’s too harsh a formula for me anyhow so I am glad to have this one out of my collection. I panned one over last summer and had anticipated not using this one. But then I decided might as well get it gone and switch to something I liked more. I finally can.

The Lush hair custard is gone too, finally! I tried to pan it last year and was unsuccessful. I finally finished it! I like the product and the smell is extremely pleasant to me. But, I’ve got loads of products to use so I won’t repurchase it.

And the Blaq eye gels, I received these in a subscription box. Fab fit fun I think. There were 5 of them in there. I am not a huge fan of eye gels and I didn’t think these were particularly hydrating, which is what I am looking for. They performed best if I added them over a serious eye cream. That’s how I finished them up. One set per week for the past 5 weeks. Obviously, I won’t be repurchasing them.

So, I’ve balanced my beauty again this post. And in this case, the items leaving are as a general rule larger than the items sticking around. Pretty cool!

Fab Fit Fun arrives this week I think, and I am not positive I will be able to balance my beauty on the next post. That’s before Boxycharm even shows up! But, hopefully, I can get everything balanced by the end of the month. We shall see.

Fed Up

We are fed up with the weather around here. This season we have already received 50 inches of snow with more on the way. This is basically unheard of around these parts. The last few storms have not melted off so it’s just piling up at this point. It was -2F when I walked into work this morning and I am really hoping that’s the last of the majorly cold stuff. Snow, an additional 1-3 inches, anticipated on Thursday. But, on Saturday, they are predicting 39F and RAIN! So that’s a pretty good sign. At the moment I am hoping that this week is the last gasp of the worst of winter.

Along with being fed up with the weather, I am fed up with knitting. I’ve reached my limit and knitting is not holding my gaze right now.


So instead, I’ve managed to finish all this spinning! Not finish really, but finish the singles.

Turns out, Rose is fed up with her kennel, so we are certainly on a theme around here. We’ve noticed her increasingly destructive ways in the kennel. It’s clear she’s really struggling. Drooling. Managing to get hold of things outside the kennel who even knows how and drestroying them. Nothing holds her attention in the kennel. Mr. Ink and I had decided at the end of last week to work on transitioning her to hang out in his den while we are gone, doing the work of that over the weekend. It would require some furniture rearranging and some dog proofing of the room.

Before the weekend arrived, Rose, who is exceedingly intelligent, began looking at the kennel like the puzzle it is to her, and managing to escape without a mark on her. So, she ended her kennel days before we were able to transition her. And, miraculously, she’s less destructive outside the kennel than in. She had the full run of the house while we were at work, and she didn’t destroy ANYTHING. In fact, Mr. Ink’s leather jacket was laying on a chair she could easily reach. His socks were laying on the ground and she’ll go for a sock even if we are home. She didn’t touch ANY of it.

So, Friday night I spent the evening (when we weren’t at the dog park giving her a really good run) moving my yarn and fiber stash out of the den and back into my craft room. All my work toward knitting down my stash has really paid off, as I have much less space for my yarn and fiber stash than I had previously. We moved both pieces of furniture housing my stash previously to the basement. We set up the den for Rose (Lizzie already kennels in there) with a bed and an assortment of toys to keep her occupied. And then all weekend we did what seemed like the equivalent of sleep training a child with the dogs.

The dry run actually out of the house was to happen Sunday evening, and we attempted it but were foiled by Miss Butterfly coming home from her father’s house right after we left. So today is Rose’s first official day out of the kennel. I’ll hear how it goes around lunchtime when Mr. Ink goes home to check in with them.

Because I had to rearrange my craft room, I did another clean out. I came across this mess:


This is a whole load of playing cards all jumbled together. I know there was a game that I used to play with my ex inlaws way back when. Miss Butterfly would have been a baby at the time. Can’t remember the game, or games, but we are beginning to suspect either hand and foot or trash. Or both, who knows! Anyhow, these cards all jumbled up have managed to survive every move and declutter since my divorce and yet still never got sorted. Yesterday I decided to sort them. I lost one deck, but it was a deck in really bad shape. I was left with this:


8 tidy decks of cards.

The other thing I did this weekend was go back to the basement and sort through all the clothing I konmaried earlier this year. Remember that? I was trying to figure out if I should just get rid of it all or save it for a garage sale? Well, I didn’t get rid of it, likely because of laziness and cold rather than any sense I might need those things. But need them I do, because due to wanting to lose a little weight before the wedding, I no longer fit in the majority of my work clothing. Had to head back down to that basement, sort the clothes again into the most certainly get rid of clothing because I just don’t LIKE them, and the stuff it’s likely I could wear again, and the stuff that I actually can wear now. Wardrobe refresh at a time I really don’t want to spend money on clothing. That was a win!

As for wedding planning, so much got done this weekend! My sister in law will be doing photography. I went to Marja’s house and we had a facetime call with my sister in law to build our timeline for the wedding day. It went well and clarified a ton. Mr. Ink ordered the rings we picked out and decided on attire for the guys. He is choosing subtle, and his groomsmen, so different from him, are choosing not subtle, and he’s fine with that. I, being not a particularly subtle person am thrilled with that. Miss Butterfly and I will have our fittings tonight so that’ll be one more thing taken care of, and then I’ve got to seriously try to work out our hair situations. Miss Butterfly has a hair appointment tomorrow night so I am thinking I’ll ask some questions then and go from there.

Anyhow, things are now moving right along on the wedding planning arena and it’s nice to feel like progress is being made and lists are being crossed off.

I hope it is beginning to warm up wherever you are in the world as well since winter can’t last forever.

March Beauty Balance

So, to be perfectly honest, last month I worked on my beauty balance post all month. When products came in I grabbed photos, got them uploaded, composed some thoughts, and then waited until the next products came in. When I started the post, I had no clue what is going to happen throughout the month.

I’ve decided that instead of gathering those thoughts into one post, I am going to split them up as things come in and leave my collection.

As such, I am writing to you from the beginning of the month completely anticipating that this is going to be a BAD beauty balance month as I work through what I want to wear at the wedding and make mistakes. Like I did on March 1.


We went to purchase shoes and an undergarment for Miss Butterfly. Her dress fitting and alteration happens tomorrow and we needed to get those last two things worked out. Shopping, as I may have mentioned, tends to exhaust me. We were successful but it did take time.

While we were shopping for those things, I wanted to stop by the mac counter because I wanted to purchase their waterproof nourishing foundation, anticipating that it might be a pretty good option for the wedding. I wanted to get it early enough to give it a good test run. While it’s 100% not warm enough at this time in the month to give it a nice sweaty test drive, I thought I could get started figuring out how it applies the best. I’d never tried a mac foundation before so I needed to get color matched. (NW18 if you were wondering.)

I also wanted to pick up a matte lipstick in a specifically cool-toned pink shade. I had an example of the shade I wanted in a bite beauty lipstick. Here’s what actually happened at the mac counter and I am not sure if it was a bait and switch or an honest mistake. First of all, I couldn’t find a matte formula in a color I liked and got talked into the powder kiss formula instead, which in the end, isn’t going to serve my purposes. But the worst thing was that when I got home I opened the package of foundation to find that I’d been given the pro longwear above instead of the waterproof nourishing foundation. I thought that it could have been an honest mistake, but when I went to the mac website today I realized that the waterproof nourishing is currently on backorder in my particular shade. So now I am beginning to suspect that she slipped the other in there instead of having me just say no and walk away.

I would be irritable about this. I was irritable about this. But, I also LOVE trying foundations so I decided to keep it. I did learn one lesson though, check to see what you wanted is actually in your bag before you leave the store. Also, don’t shop while exhausted because defenses are down. Here’s the most ironic part though, I’ve been testing this pro longwear foundation for a few days now and I have never had a foundation stick to my nose better than this one does! It looks great on me and may end up being the perfect foundation for the wedding after all. Again, was this a bait and switch, an honest mistake, or did she KNOW better than me and give me what I actually needed? We’ll never know.

I guess I should mention the nyx lip liner. I thought I needed another lip liner. Spoiler alert, I did not. I’ll work at finishing up one I have this month to make up for it. I don’t know what my problem is. I am weak in the face of makeup.

So, update one, 3 items in and none of them are quite what I wanted, though one may be perfect for me anyhow. With boxy charm and fab fit fun coming in, there will be more items, and I placed a sephora order very recently. Moving forward, when I post these beauty balance posts during the month I will add empties. However, I had 3 more empties last month than items coming in. So, on this post, I am leaving the empties blank. It’s early in the month and I am going to call it even because of the extra three items last month. Maybe that’s cheating, but it’s my made up rules so I can get away with it.

Fab Fit Fun makes its way to me this week so there will be another beauty balance post coming by at least the weekend.