Finished Object #3

I knew I could do it!  I’ve pushed to get these done this weekend, but I certainly got bored towards the end.  These are my January Mystery Socks for Sock knitters anonymous.  I know it is hard to see, but they are beaded through the legs.  The beads are a purple color that mimic the flecks of purple/blue in the yarn.  This provided me with the opportunity to work my first official eye of the partridge heel and a new toe technique which creates sort of a pinwheel look and requires no kitchener stitch. Yarn is Koigu PPM in painters smock.


A close up of the toe:


Now, in an effort to use up scrap yarn in order to have an ACCURATE record of my stash bust 2009, I ‘ve decided to knit my scraps into scrappy blankets.  I started one but am not overly pleased with it.  So I decided to do a granny square crochet one instead.  But that one isn’t turning out how I prefer either, so I started another with a smaller hook size.  This one will be for Bug and incorporate the more girly colored yarns I have laying around.  She should just love it!


Finishing Up Susan, from Nick

Now that the circles have had a few days to cure it’s time for the final step of finishing. They get buffed out with some extra fine steel wool (#0000) and wax.
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This leaves a mirror smooth satin finish
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Next I attack the bottom of the Susan with coarse sand paper. This gets the surface ready for gluing the cork padding to the bottom.
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For this I’m using a two part epoxy. Epoxy loves sticking to wood (the cork) and plastics (The Polyurethane finish is basically a type of plastic).
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The Susan is put back together and sits on the glue covered cork for 12 hours. Those old fish food cans are filled with lead shot for weight. But don’t worry about Susan, that bearing is rated for 350 lbs. That’s allot of fricken yarn!
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After the epoxy cures overnight I trim and sand the edges of the cork bottom.
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And now Susan is done!!!!! She looks like she needs some arms! Those get finished up tomorrow!
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Once in awhile…

You just have to finish old projects!


This is a crochet project I started years ago.  It was supposed to be larger, right now it is about the size of a lap blanket.  It just needed a border, which I added tonight so that I could get rid of the yarn.  Yes, I am rearranging again.

Charity Knitting

A while back I posted about Too Much Yarn. So now it is time for an update.

Soon after I made that post, I saw in our church program that they were asking for help with knitting/crocheting for the babies in the Koutiala Hospital as a part of the Mali Project. The idea is that every baby born at the Koutiala Hospital goes home with an outfit and light blanket. So I thought I would give the contact person a call, as I had all this yarn just waiting to be used, and most of it baby stuff! I wanted to give it to her to give to the people who were knitting. Well, she was less enthused, apparently she needs the knitting, but she said she would ask around and she took my name and number. I never heard back from her.

Now, I am always knitting, every spare moment. I can barely sit down without picking up the needles. I have projects specifically that I do during work breaks, simple things which I can chat with the gals while knitting. I usually have 2 or 3 projects going at home. And yet, I complain that I don’t have time to charity knit! What is that all about? So I thought, after I complete my current work project, I will use my work time to charity knit. In fact, I have a pretty decent stash of unused baby hats and sweaters to start me out. Now, my coworkers also know how to knit, so I thought maybe I would try to get one of them in on the action, providing that I donated the yarn and needles. I got a tentative yes from my favorite coworker. (She needs a nickname for this blog since I talk about her enough, and she reads this, so it has to be something good 😉 ) So, expect to start seeing some charity knitting here in the near future, projects by the 2 of us!

I have to admit, I am rather excited about this endeavor. Gives me a way to blow off steam at work as I normally would while still doing something more productive than a dishcloth. Furthermore, it provides me with someone to knit with, which is somehow a wonderful thing. Just have to get the current project done……

Also, if anyone knows of any simple and free baby patterns, please feel free to share!

Too much yarn

Yesterday I felt the need to do some purging.  I chose to purge clothes which I wore when I was 20 pounds heavier and yarn I do not like to use.  I have noticed that if a yarn does not feel good in my hands, I won’t knit with it.  I had gotten on quite a “generic yarn” binge when I first started to crochet and I have hung onto all of this unused yarn with the hopes to someday use it.  Now I would like to donate it to someone who knits for charity.  Now, if anyone knows of someone who can use it, please let me know.  I cannot pay for shipping but I have 2 garbage bags full of various yarns and a lot of it has enough to do actual projects.  It is not just scraps.  I called my church and they don’t seem to have a program set up for this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have decided that before I start any additional knitting projects, I will finish at least 3 works in progress that I have been storing for about a year.  In order to hold myself to that goal, I will blog it.  There is, in addition to that, one crochet project that needs to be repaired.  Since I am rather proud of it and would love to display it in my home, I need to finish that as well. 

WIP #1:

I started this afghan the first time my brother went to Iraq.  The intention was that it would be done before he got back.  But the I got pregnant and it got put on hold.  My brother has now done 2 tour of duties in Iraq and is home and out of the Army and it is still not done!  Unfortunately it will never be done as a full size afghan because  somewhere during the first tour of duty the company stopped making that yarn and I ran out.  So the idea with this one is to take out a bunch of stitches and finish up the border.  Seems like an easy task right?  Yes, but I am less than inspired since it won’t be a real afghan anyhow.  I will be saving this for his first child, providing he has one.  It would make a great baby blanket.
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WIP #2:

A lovely cardigan for my daughter which I started last winter.  I made 2 front sides the same rather than doing them opposite.  I didn’t even have to rip out the entire side, just about 1/3 and I did that, restarted, then got frustrated.  This one is going to take some thinking to finish up but I would be very disappointed if she never got to wear it.
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WIP # 3:

A hat and gloves set for twins that I never finished.  The twins have been born and have grown out of the hats but I have not finished.  I will finish it as I am sure there will be another little one coming along eventually whom I can give this gift.
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 And the crochet project, you can see where the seams are pulling out.  I am lucky to have saved some yarn as I am a notorious purger and save very little even when I should. 
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After these 3 projects are done, I am going to treat myself to a lace pattern and finally teach myself to knit lace.  I have been itching to do so for about half a year and I am ready to get started.  Oh, and socks, I’d really like to make socks.  Oh, and there is this neat sweater pattern for myself, and I have a gift in mind for a friend, and oh yeah, that yarn I have stashed away for something else for my daughter…and then there is……(and so it goes.)