Meeting new people!

Yesterday evening I went to a knitting group at a local Borders and met up with 7 other lovely knitting women.  (they were lovely and their knitting was lovely!)  It is so nice to meet people here with similar interests and whom you feel comfortable with quickly.  I can’t wait until next month when we do it again!

I had asked my ex to watch my daughter a bit late that evening so that I could go to this event.  He said that he could, but then called me at the event saying that he made other plans.  I was disappointed to have to leave early but felt like I did get some lovely time out so I managed.  What burned me is that in the end he didn’t show up until way after the time he said he would, meaning that I could have stayed probably another half hour or more!

Then I had a strange dream about him last night.  Those of you who know the whole situation may see the significance (if there is any and if I am not reading into it!).  In my  dream, I was trying to get him to pay his part of the child care.  He was a month and a half behind in my dream (just like real life, imagine that!) The daycare had decided to ask him for it directly, and then I got called in because he was going a little bit crazy.  So I walked up toward the childcare building and he was walking out, face all red with what was tears or anger, I couldn’t tell from the distance.  But I could feel no sympathy for him.  He came closer and got up in my face screaming at me about how he was now out of $500 all of a sudden and he couldn’t afford it.  In my dream, he looked so large, he was looming over me.  And those who know me know I am not a small woman, and that I am at least as tall as him.  But he was certainly threatening me in my dream, and I wanted to run away.  Then, instead of running off and retreating, I drew myself up as tall as I could make me, rocked up onto tip toes, and informed him that not only was it his responsibility to pay half the childcare, but if he did it on time it wouldn’t hurt so much.  Suddenly I was the one who was larger, and I felt a sense of triumph through the fear in my dream.

Perhaps it is a significant dream, perhaps it is JUST a dream, perhaps it is just a reflection of how I felt during the day, but it did reflect what had happened during the day, as he was asked to pay over $500 in child care bills and he did get angry with me because it was such a hit.  And I did tell him that if he payed it on time he wouldn’t feel the hit so hard.

Selling the shirt off my back


About a month ago I came across wisp from knitty and just fell in love.

I had just managed to come across some lovely yarn on sale at Tuesday Mornings, which was a totally unexpected find! Trendsetters yarn and it was more than half off. I was so thrilled with the color combo, and since the pattern was simple I decided to knit it at work during break times. Today I finished it, sewed the buttons on here at work and then tried it on. It was cute, but I needed a mirror. So I went into the women’s bathroom to check it out. There was a gal in there who just gushed over it and asked how much I would sell it for. I told her, and she said, “OK, I’ll take it, I’ll bring you a check tomorrow!” (I just recouped the cost of the yarn ,buttons, and needles in this case)

Not exactly what I expected, as I wanted to wear it on vacation! But, I have also always wanted to sell my projects or make commissions. (the inquiries happen a lot but often people don’t take me up on them!) So I am thrilled to sell it and it will be fun finding more yarn to make another for myself!
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Unfortunately I have already been told by some that I am selling myself short, that I did not ask for enough. That may be the case but it was totally unexpected and it more than recoups the cost of making it so I am OK with that.

My daughter has been informing me of all the daycare gossip. It amazes me and her teachers that she listens so carefully as to know things that they are not telling the kids. One of the teachers is out on vacation. This is a teacher not even in her class. Last year this teacher went to the beach so this year, when my daughter informed me that Miss Barb was on vacation, I asked her if she had gone to the beach. My daughter said “No, Miss Barb went to have a baby!” I said, no sweetie, Miss Barb isn’t having a baby. We went in to daycare that day and I asked about this. The teachers told me that Miss Barb was on vacation and that her daughter was having a baby. So my daughter was not totally off base!

Then, she informed me of another fact. “Thomas comes back today. Thomas was on vacation. Thomas went to vacation in Minnesota.” Well, I didn’t know about that! So we went in to school and that was indeed the case! I didn’t even know she could SAY Minnesota!


So as most of you know, I like to have a work project.  I found Berroco knitbits Kable pattern and thought it would be a useful project that I could knit at work.  I have never felted anything before but thought I would give it a try.  So this:

picture-077.jpg  (yes those are my sneakers, they were necessary for perspective, so you could see just how big that thing was!

Became this:


It took a lot of muscle to get it to block in something resembling a rectangle!  My arms are sore!  It also took 2 runs through the washer.  And now my washer is covered with mohair.  But it was worth it!  I started on the first cable for the inside today.

On to the next project on my needles, my first attempt at lace.  I fell in love with the Creatures of the Reef pattern (details here) and decided to pick it up. 

I am this far: (blurry picture warning) picture-079.jpg

And I pinned it out a bit so you can have a clearer look at the lace.


Finally, I finished the back of Isabella for the second time. picture-074.jpg

And as usual, my daughter was very eager to pull out the blocking pins!



Beading & Scarf Picture

The promised picture of the scarf.  Blocking made this beautiful!


Last time I was in the local craft store to pick up supplies, I saw a fairly inexpensive tub of plastic beads.  There were all sorts of animals and the holes in the beads were large so I thought they would be perfect for my daughter to string with a plastic tapestry needle onto yarn.  I was not mistaken, she spend an entire afternoon beading!

That is one happy little girl!


Well, it has begun.  I actually do have to tape my daughters diapers at night.  I do not tape them too her (don’t worry) but around the middle so they can’t stretch and she can’t pull them down.  This saves me from at least one middle of the night bed change.  Funny thing is, because it is new to her, she likes it, she thinks it is very funny.  Any other creative parenting solutions I need to try?

Knitting and airplanes

I am currently on vacation, visiting my parents in the Philadelphia area. My daughter is, of course with me. We had a miserable trip! We were supposed to fly through Cincinnati to Philly. When we got to Cincinnati, we circled and circled as there was a storm there making it that we couldn’t land. We circled till we had no fuel left and needed to be diverted to Fort Wayne. We touched down in Fort Wayne, refueled, and sat on the plane waiting for a go ahead to go back to Cincinnati. We were repeatedly assured that everyone was delayed, not to worry, we would not miss our flight. So, I did not worry. We finally get into Cincinnati, and have to run to another terminal, when we get there, we are told that we cannot get on our flight, that we will have to spend the night in Cincinnati. I am told that the airline is covering the price of the hotel. So we go back to the main terminal where I am told that since this is weather related, I will have to pay for my hotel. I did attempt to talk my way out of that but to no avail. So I set that up and call the hotel shuttle. Stood outside waiting for the shuttle for 45 minutes. Mind you my daughter was exhausted. Call my parents and let them know what is going on and they arrange to pick me up the next day as I am to leave Cincinnati the next morning at 7:50 AM. Get to the hotel, ask for a crib, which is a long time in coming, and by the time we lay down and my daughter actually gets to sleep, it is 11:30. I need to be up at 5 so we can catch the shuttle back to the airport.

During the night, daughter wakes up at least once an hour crying, as she is so hyper-stimulated and out of sorts for being somewhere she doesn’t understand. Furthermore, neither of us has ever slept in the same vicinity well. I get up at 5:15, get ready to go, get her ready to go and we head downstairs. There is a shuttle leaving and I think about catching that one but notice that the continental breakfast is out so decide to catch the shuttle in a half hour seeing as all I ate the night before was a few goldfish crackers. We eat and then get on the shuttle and head back to the airport. Where we sit and sit and I notice that the flight time gets pushed back every 15 minutes. 7:50, 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, 9:15, apparently that same storm is now in Philly and we are not allowed to fly in. Luckily my daughter is catching some much needed rest in her seat and I can knit. I try to stay calm. I call my father who has JUST left to head to the airport, I tell him to turn around and head home and wait till I call from the airplane. Finally we are loaded up and I call dad and tell him so. He informs me he is not moving till he sees that we are ACTUALLY in the air. I do not blame him in the least. We get to Philly and start this whole circling thing again. every time we pull down to try to land we hit major turbulence and the pilot pulls back up. Took forever! We were so happy to finally be on the ground and settled and with my father. He then tells me that the plane I was supposed to be on the night before did not leave the airport till well after I had called him on the phone. Apparently they, due to weather, had filled it with other people. Now, I fail to see why, even though weather related, I should pay for my own hotel in this case. I was there in time to catch the plane even though we were delayed. If that is the case, doesn’t this move me from the realm of weather related incidents to the realm of airline issues? I will be attempting to get my money reimbursed.

On the other hand, all that time travelling meant that I got so much more knitting done than I ever expected! Jenjen now has a lovely set of “dashing” fingerless gloves. This is how far I got JUST during flights:


And the finished product…



I’ve also finished another sock, pictures to follow.

More Potty training

Ok, if you don’t want to read the good, the bad, and the ugly of potty training you may not want to read this  post.

My daughter has been doing really well with her potty training.  She is now staying in big girl undies almost all day at school.  The exception is nap time where they use a pull up just in case.  I used to take extra undies and clothes to school for accidents but I don’t seem to need to do that anymore.  She is always in the same outfit she went in with when I go to pick her up.

For awhile, this was all falling apart when she got home.  Seemed like I would remind her and remind her about going potty and she wouldn’t go till it was too late.  I have also been giving her a sucker when she manages it, extra incentive isn’t a bad thing!   Last night, rather than forcing the issue, I just let it go.  I reminded her, she would say Okay, but not go.  But then, when I wasn’t looking, she had done it herself.  She managed everything including getting her clothes back on all by herself.  I suspect she just didn’t want so much interference.  Then we went outside to play.  Typically it is very difficult to stop playing and go inside to potty but she managed it again.  I was very proud.  (We then went back outside and she promptly had an accident but hey, good try!)

What is more bothersome at this point is that with the dry undies all day, she doesn’t like to wear diapers to bed.  She takes them off if they are the least bit wet.  Last night I replaced diapers 3 times.  And the final time she had wet the bed so badly that I had to take all her clothes off and take her to her big girl bed.  (When I got her up in the morning she had again taken the diaper off.)  So what I would be saving in diapers all day I am replacing with diapers overnight.  This isn’t going to work for me.  We talked about how she must leave her diapers on today on the way to school, she tells me “Okay” but I don’t believe it.  I am willing to give it another shot tonight but after that I am duct taping those suckers on her.   I think the strong tape will make it that they are not stretchy enough to pull down.  We shall see how it goes!

Life’s simplest pleasures

Last evening, as it was getting cooler, and my daughter was getting ready for bed, I took her out on the porch and we sat in the rocking chair. I rocked her and sang to her as she put her head on my shoulder, and I wished this moment would never end. Though I think that I have many simple pleasures, this might be one of the best.

Sleep makes everything better

I had a much better evening with my daughter last night.  Neither of us was grumpy and she was being very good.  Very Good!  She went to bed early and willingly and slept till 5 when she woke up coughing.  That means I got a good amount of uninterrupted sleep.  I do not by any means feel caught up, but it certainly helps the disposition I assure you.  I woke up a bit late this morning but since she was so good getting ready for school, I was not late to work either.  I am crossing my fingers for another decent evening tonight.

On the other hand, she has the strangest little sickness I have ever seen her with.  She has a cough, no fever, a runny nose, and goopy eyes.  Not like pink eye, just goopy, I have to wipe them out frequently.  Sorta gross.  Just hoping we have turned the corner with it and she will be over it soon.

Last evening we had such a nice evening watching a video and I got to work on my sock.  I turned the heel quite effectively, was much easier than I ever expected.  I even brought it to work today as I was way too excited to keep my hands off it during break.  No pictures yet.  I will get there soon.  So I now have a leg and a heel and I am moving quickly into having a foot.  The gals at work are sure I will run out of yarn before I am done, but I think it isn’t likely.  Even so, if I do, I still have a sock!  Something I have been too chicken to try for a long time.  It will be good practice.  Pictures will come later.

Having a much happier day!

Sickness and Grumpiness

My daughter is again sick. Not really sick, but a cold and a cough.  She is fever-less, but the cough keeps her up at night.  Which keeps me up at night.  It also makes her grumpy to not feel great.  Which makes me grumpy.  I hate walking the balance of being nice cause she is sick and not letting her get away with things she should know not to do.  And when she is this grumpy, nothing, absolutely nothing, is right.  I get that 2 is a stage, and when she is healthy, it is a stage I really love.  She is funny, smart, and understanding things at an alarming rate.  When she is sick, it tries every ounce of my patience and I start to think I should give her to someone else for half a year because obviously single parenting is not successfully attainable in my case.  Yes, I know that is crazy talk, I know it is not the case, that I am a good mother.  It is a case where my heart says I can’t even when my mind says I can.  I also know it isn’t her that is the issue, it is my own insecurities and inability to know I can manage this on my own without family in the area.  OK, now I am just talking, because I am just tired.  I need to stop talking and eat.  Maybe I will get some rest tonight.


On Sunday, the weather was beautiful so I thought I would take my daughter out for a walk. I got her in the stroller and we headed out for the nearest trail. Since it was such a lovely day, the trail was full of people, mostly joggers. My daughter was enchanted with the “people running” and decided she must do the same. I took her out of the stroller and she started running, making sure she was doing it properly, imitating the joggers she saw. This became a delight to the joggers and they commented as they passed her. She did look adorable in her grey yoga pants and grey and pink striped polo shirt, balled up fists, running her little heart out. She ran for a solid hour, meaning I also had to run. I am not a runner! I’ll walk, bike, blade, swim, but I do not run! Then she walked for another half hour till I picked her up and put her in the stroller to come home. She then ran around the house for 20 minutes. Oh to have her energy!

Sweet Child of Mine

I gave my daughter a bath today.  After she got out of the tub I let the water out but didn’t pick up her toys.  I had forgotten about them by the time I put her down for a nap but when I next entered the bathroom, I realized that she, somewhere along the line, had gone in and picked them all  up and put them in their proper place.  What a sweetheart!

Happy Feet

Last night I took my two and a half year old daughter to her first movie in a theater.  The tickets at the theater we went to were only a buck each for matinee.  We saw Happy Feet and she loved it!  She was good for the whole movie, singing and dancing along.  I will certainly be doing that again.  I can’t even rent us a movie for that price.  What a deal! 

One of my first projects.

I made this little dress for my daughter right after she was born.  I was new to knitting at the time and was rather happy with how the project turned out.  This year she might actually be able to wear it!  I made it quite big as I was sure that I would not finish it in time. 

It is just out of storage and isn’t looking perfect at the moment but I did want to get it recorded. 
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Fat Lip

She got a fat lip at school the other day.  This is a picture of it.  Hard to see, but you can now see 2 white spots where she bit it well. 

 Second picture is of her, she reminds me of a cat the way she steals my knitting to lay on.  She is not picky, fully finished projects are fine, as well as skeins of yarn. 

And the last picture is just cute, thats all there is to it!
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All better

My daughter seems to be feeling much better. She really tried to be grumpy with me this morning but she just couldn’t! She didn’t even want to take her binkie in the car (thank goodness for small miracles).

Her father brought her a small Dalmatian stuffed puppy which she is quite enjoying. It is old, obviously used, I have no idea where he got it, but she loves it. She wanted to take it to school today. She said while in the car “my puppy is SO silly!” She just couldn’t wait to get to school and show her little friend Thomas her puppy. Luckily Thomas was there when we got there, and she just ran right up to him, showed him her puppy and her gloves. I was rearranging her things when she comes barrelling toward me and grabs my legs. I look down to see Thomas right behind her and she is just giggling and screeching and saying “Thomas chasing me!” Then she turns right around and returns the favor. I just looked at her teacher and laughed because it is so obvious she is feeling better and we are both so relieved. I do feel a twinge of guilt for the teacher though, poor gal, she is going to have her hands full today.

My mom and brother are due in today at 1:45ish. Doesn’t look like it is going to happen. They were delayed right from the start. I asked them to please call me when they get to their layover but have not heard from them. I suppose I can just stay at work though I was really looking forward to leaving early today. I have been telling my daughter that Nana and Uncle are coming to visit, but she keeps getting irritated with me, telling me that surely PopPop will be visiting too. I try to explain that it will just be Nana and Uncle but she will have none of that. It will break my mothers heart if she cries when seeing that PopPop indeed is not coming but I have a feeling that is what will happen.

To those of you who catch me online on a regular basis, I will be very scarce this weekend but look forward to catching up on Monday.


I got another fax call from JCR distribution. I really had wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. It is unfortunate that they did not take care of this issue. I again called the company and got the name and extension of the man who handles such things. He had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I had to leave a voice mail. Have I mentioned that I hate the phone? I did leave a very precise and logical voice mail message much to my own surprise and we will see if he calls me back.

My daughter seems to be ill. She had a terrible day at childcare crying most of the day, though no one called me to tell me. The next day went better but she did not eat at all. She didn’t eat for me either once she was home barring a small chunk of cheese. I suppose the protein helped. She is drinking plenty of fluids and I am not concerned. On the other hand, I am not feeling so well either. It came on strong and fast last night. I tried to get some sleep early but the insomnia was kicking in too. It is OK though, my mom and brother will be here tomorrow and I can be actually sick while they watch Riley providing I need to be. Just have a few important things to get done today and I will be free up tomorrow.

Laundry list

To start with, no 2:30 AM faxes so I must be off the list. Considering my great fear of the phone, I am surprised the incident managed to get me so worked up so fast that I would choose to call the company. After all, I am sitting on all those payday loan spam text messages on my cell phone which are costing me 5 cents each and making me angry yet not angry enough to call the phone company and complain about it!

My daughter woke up yesterday morning with a whole laundry list of complaints. It is apparently in our very nature to complain. And the more words we have the more willing we are to use them. I got up early and started my morning routine but somewhere along the line heard her crying. Typically she would play happily in her bed until I am done with my routine and it is her turn, but not this morning. I went up to get her and the complaints just came pouring out.

“My nose is runny, need a tissue”
“Need a binkie!”
“I’m wet”
“Chocolate milk all gone!”
“Chocolate milk on Baa” (this one might need some additional info, Baa is a white stuffed sheep she sleeps with)
“Mr. Potato head arm fall out!” (the arm was on the floor next to the crib)

I just laughed and marvelled at how fast language develops in this age. A month ago she would not have been able to get all those thoughts across. Maybe one or two complaints, but not a laundry list!

In anticipation of the arrival of my mother and brother this weekend, I have been hard at work doing some additional deep cleaning. Last evening I went to look under my bed and saw that my daughter has been using my bedskirt as a cool hiding place. All neatly lined up next to a chair she sits in to watch tv, but under the bedskirt, was a sippy cup, a bottle (both of which who knows how long they have been there!) a small dancing girl figurine, and a peanut butter sandwich I was under the impression she had eaten. I will have to remember to check there more often.

In other news….I have been asked to share my “story”, all of it, from start to finish. It may take some time but I am commited to at least working on it. I have been asked before but to present before groups of women is very intimidating. So I have not accepted. Perhaps writing it down will give me the courage to share in other venues when asked. We will see.


My daughter is developing a love for Disney movies. She used to not be the least bit entertained by TV in any way so this is a more recent development. All of a sudden, movies are fascinating, which is great when she is sick, but on more than one occasion, we have had to say “bye bye” to the movies because she forgets how to play with her trains and her dolls.

What most amuses me is what she calls these movies, and what she picks up from them.

First there is Toy Story 2, Pronounced Stoy Schtory. She loves Mr. Potato Head and has her own which she feels the need to take to bed with her every night. Her favorite part is the beginning where Buzz Lightyear “fly.”

We have just started Pocahantas, prounounced Pocapontas. She hasn’t seen it enough to pick anything up yet.

Lion King is “Tigers”

Charlotte’s Web (the cartoon version) is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Cinderella is as it should be pronounced. She loves the first scene where Cinderella is waking up and singing. For the longest time she would run around the house, almost stomping, and saying “Modder, Modder, Modder” and I had no idea why. Then I realized it was because the evil step sisters are often seen in this movie running around and calling ” Mother, Mother, Mother.”

101 Dalmations is “Puppies” and there will be more to follow as soon as I remember….

This post will be updated as to record these things for my own posterity.


On Monday, My daughter’s school called to tell me she had a fever of 101.9. I was ordered to come pick her up. The school has a rule that she must be fever free without medication for 24 hours before her return. That means even if she is well that day, we have no choice but to take the next day off too.

I don’t do so well with an unexpected day off. Especially with a sick kid. She really wasn’t acting all that sick but then she never does. She was acting demanding though. I gave her Tylenol and let her watch movies. She slept well for her nap and that night. Then the next day, she woke up early, acted fine, her fever broke early and she was very grumpy about not being in school. Apparently neither of us knows what to do with herself when we have a day off. I hesitated to take her out as she was supposed to be sick. By that evening she was so grumpy that nothing was right and she was throwing fits all over the house. I was ready to gouge my eyeballs out with a dull spoon. She went to bed but didn’t sleep until late as she had already slept too much. That left her sleepy and grumpy this morning so we had a repeat of yesterday afternoon in our attempt to get up and around to go to school. Once she knew she was going to school though, things were much better. I was very relieved to get to work and realized that I see work as my time away and rather stress free compared to living with a toddler day in and day out. I suppose that if I was a still a stay at home mom, we would have a certain routine we were in and it wouldn’t be so bad, but the way yesterday went, I am glad I am working.

Just think of it!

My daughter has been rather amazed by glasses lately. I attribute that to “The Nose Book” by Al Perkins which she received from my parents for Christmas.

The last section of this book talks about various strange things which would happen if we had no nose. Something like….”If we had no nose, where would our glasses sit? They’d all fall off, just think of it!”

She recites these lines in various toddler form regularly. Her facial expressions are too funny, shrugging her shoulders, tilting her head and asking me…”glasses fall off?” “what would happen?” with her eyebrows furrowed. Adorable. And just for kicks I let her try mine on.

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Siblings, or lack thereof.

My daughter does not have a sibling. As a single mom we can assume that none are on the horizon anytime soon. What I didn’t realize about only children was that they still have it in their nature to fight with siblings. But all we have to substitute is a doll. Now, when she first started to call her little dolls “baby sister” it about broke my heart. I want more kids and she wants them too! But now I am not so sure. Last night she was laying on my bed with her favorite doll, Miles. Miles was my doll as a kid. I hear her saying “Mommy Mommy!’ I turn around and she says “Mommy, Miles touching me!” I laughed and told her to move Miles. A little later I hear “Mommy Mommy, Miles bugging me!” Once again, I tell her to move Miles. Then I hear a thump. Yes, she has shoved Miles out of bed! But then I again have a change of heart because pretty soon she is upset as I refuse to give her a binkie. She wants Miles back. I give her Miles, and see her cuddling him and crying and telling him “Miles, I need my binkie!” And just this morning I went up to get her out of bed and I see her holding Miles on her lap and reading Hop On Pop to him. Maybe a sibling isn’t such a bad idea!


So I have started this blog for multiple reasons, one of the major ones being to record some of the wild and crazy things that my super creative toddler comes up with from day to day. I’d rather not forget but in the course of daily life and single parenting, it is easy to pass by those sweet and amusing moments and dwell on the stresses that make life insignificant.

So without further rambling, I introduce her to you…the amazingly flexible child who eats raisins with her toes. I assure you, I did not initiate this, she came up with it all on her own. And being the good mother that I am, rather than discouraging such behavior, I took pictures.

Here she is holding the raisin with her toe:

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Then eats it:
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And you can see how proud she is of herself:

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