Snowy Days

I already mentioned the weekend storm that gave us a Monday snow day. Last night, Mr. Ink and I decided it would be a great evening to take Miss Bug out for some sledding.

Mr. Ink gave her a sled for Christmas, and this was our first opportunity to use it. After just 3 trips down the hill, we ended up with this:


Quite frankly, Miss Bug never even got a chance to use it. She prefers a heavy duty ski sled with serious braking capacity, so Mr. Ink and I were forced to use the red sled, and it wasn’t quite up to the task of sledding with adults. Luckily, Mr. Ink found a way to make the bigger section continue to work.

A good time was had by all, even with the broken sled. We came home to chili in the crockpot to warm us up, and then we awoke this morning to another snow day.

Yes, it is again snowing, and so beautiful. I am at home with Miss Bug, and working on a commission shawl out of bulky yarn. It will use 3 skeins of Lamb’s Pride bulky, and I am on skein #2.


How’s the weather in your area?

The Final Howl

For now. I think it’s high time I get back to other types of knitting. In fact, I am beginning to welcome the idea of other types of knitting.

This third howl is again out of Marja’s handspun. The fiber is from Loop! and because of this, there’s a bit more of it. Enough so that I am not feeling like I must worry over each row.


I admit it, I am hoping this one is going to be MINE. I am hoping I’ll look at it and think “YES, I do want to wear that!”

And I might even add additional embellishments to this one.

But first? First I’ll need to knit a few more rows.

February Socks

In January!


I think I’ll even be done with them in January. After all, I did the heel last night, and got halfway down the foot today. Another day with them and I think I can be done.

I am using exactly the same needles for sock 2, but clearly my gauge is tighter. You can see by the stripes on the second sock as compared to the stripes (And often lack thereof) on the first.

But, these days, I don’t get too concerned about such things. Just knit the sock, wear the sock, and life is good.

Third Sock

Still no pairs! My mostly sock knitting most of the time has been highly productive thus far. I am past the heel on the first sock for my mom. This is the first pair you’ll actually get to see completed, as I’d like to get them in the mail very shortly.


The yarn is Opal, not sure of the colorway. I like it, it sort of looks like water color, or painted brush strokes. Very cool stuff.

I love Opal yarn for socks, mostly because it’s just a really lovely hard wearing sock yarn. With Mom being far away, I am not around to attempt to repair socks, even if I wanted to. And I rarely want to. So, making sure her socks are out of hard wearing sock yarns is a way to be sure she gets to enjoy them for as long as possible.

In other exciting news, I got Mr. Ink to agree to fun heels and toes on his socks. This is great for two reasons. First, his feet are quite large, and I’ll need every extra inch of sock yarn I can get I suspect. Different color heels and toes are great yarn stretchers. Also, his color is as muted and sedate as can possibly be, so the different heel and toe colors will be a way to break up the monotony of a really boring knit.

After a long absence….

A sock!

(For the record, I swear I already wrote a post about this sock and scheduled it to post this morning, but it is Just Not There. So, if you see this sock twice, it’s not my fault!

I finished the first RPM sock.


It has an afterthought heel because I find I wear out my heels first, and I do actually repair them if the heel is an afterthought heel. I tried a new to me heel, the Thumbjoint Hat Heel. It was good fun, but I am not sure if I’ll like it on my foot. We shall see once sock #2 is complete and I get an opportunity to wear them. The best part? If I don’t like that heel, it’s an afterthought, I can always rip it out and go back to a traditional afterthought heel.

You know, it’s kind of funny, back when I started knitting socks, I tried an afterthought heel immediately. And, I really could not understand why they hadn’t caught on, I loved the technique so much. It took a couple years and the fad of really good striping yarn, but they did catch on after all.

I don’t think I am going to start the second sock of this pair right away. I really would like to get a handle on the socks for Mr. Ink and the socks for my mom. Then I can go back to the ones for me.

So I Gather Completion

I finally finished the So I Gather shawlette out of Marja’s handspun singles. I think it’s fabulous!

IMG_2660 IMG_2661

The colors are amazing and rich, the yarn has sparkle and depth, the gathers were a ton of fun. Absolutely a winning combination.

I knit on it until I was running out of yarn and couldn’t complete another repeat, so it’s a great use of handspun.

Upcoming, I have 3 Christmas stockings to make in short order, and then I can get back to my grandpa cardigan. The one I didn’t continue because of the yarn being too thin. I got new yarn, it has arrived, and I can get started as soon as my obligation knitting is complete.

I Lied!

I was all “I am going to do the Grandpa Cardigan, not the Funky Grandpa cardigan!” And then? Well, I thought a bit more about the grandpa cardigan, and how the yarn was knitting up all loosey goosey and annoying, and discussed it with a friend of mine, and came to the conclusion that I would be VERY unhappy to knit an entire cabled cardi just to have loose cables that flop instead of pop.

So, I ordered new yarn for the Grandpa Cardigan, and now I have to wait.

In the meantime, until the yarn arrives, I’ve decided to get a head start on the Funky Grandpa.



It’s just a very little bit of the back. It’s bright and cheery and I have high hopes for it, even though it will be interrupted when the yarn arrives for the Grandpa Cardigan.


I made crazy yarn, and didn’t end up wanting to knit with it.

So, I took that yarn and made it crazier, by plying it together.

And then I did want to knit with it. But, I couldn’t imagine ever wearing the colors. So, I decided that it goes nicely with the Christmas theme, I’d make a cowl for Bug, and she could wear the crazy colors.


It’s just a simple stockinette stitch cowl, but I think she’ll enjoy it.

Don’t you love it when…

Don’t you love it when your vision of a project turns out to be less fantastic than the actual project?

I have had some of Marja’s singles in my stash, the handspun being of the inglenook variety. I think she was nervous about them being singles, but I was not, and the yarn was so beautiful that it wanted to be knit. I searched around for a bit for a pattern I thought would showcase the yarn itself, and landed on the So I Gather shawl. It’s a ruched pattern, and it seems quite wearable, so I gave it a try.

I worked on it most of the day yesterday, and I love how it is turning out. The singles look good, energetic but not too crazy. The large needles with the thin yarn give it all a light and airy quality. This one is going to be crazy warm once it’s complete.


As with Inglenook handspuns, it is even more rich and luscious in person than my picture shows. But, I think you can see the depth of color pretty well.

I love this shawl so much so far that I intend to knit another out of my own handspun singles, which I am creating right now. I may even just knit right off the spindle for a new and interesting experiment.

Extra Special

I’ve got two more finished objects for Bug’s handknit Christmas, and each of them are extra special. In the sense that besides being hand knit, they’ve got an extra touch from someone else special in Bug’s life.

The first is her shroom hat, downsized to accommodate thinner yarn than the pattern calls for. Its extra special touch is the yarn itself, which was spun by Marja. It’s a wonderful purple and pink and blue toned yarn, and that’s a color combo Miss Bug truly appreciates.


The second item is her tunic. I’ve been working on this for some time now, and it turned out fantastic. The pattern is Bulle, and I knit the largest size, and then added extra length since Miss Bug is quite tall. In addition to that, I messed up the yoke itself, so it doesn’t quite look like it is supposed to, and I was too lazy to do the pockets.

Its extra special touch is the buttons. They’ve been hanging around in my button stash for a few years now, because they were made by my mother, and I wanted an extra special project to put them on. This was the project.

IMG_2638 IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2642

And now, I get to wrap a few more gifts to set under the tree. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I do hope you are enjoying it.

2 More

I am back at the christmas ornaments, and having a great time with them. First up, one I did for Bug for a stocking stuffer. She’s been begging for this one, and I didn’t really want to make it. But, since it’s her year of handknits, I figured it’s only appropriate she get it in her stocking.


This is a new color combo, it’s navy and grey. I like it, and hope for more of this combo, perhaps more navy with a grey design.

And, next up, one I’ve been thinking about making for years. To my knowledge, this is the only 3 color Christmas ornament in the entire book. I decided to use the yarn leftover from my color affection shawl, so I ended up with a lovely jewel toned ornament. I had to hold the yarn double for this, which was complicated and very tight stitches, but I think the end result is quite beautiful.


Though I can see it needs some additional squishing to get it more round.

I am again out of stuffing, so I am going to need to slow down on the ornaments and do more flick carding.

In the meantime, I am hard at work finishing Bug’s Christmas tunic, and it’s almost there! I am excited to show it off as well, even though I’ll be stuck waiting for a modeled photo until after Christmas.

Gradient Vest

It’s finally complete!

So, awhile back I found a vest pattern at a new local yarn shop. I purchased the pattern, and was tempted to purchase the yarn. Then, I remembered that I had two loop bumps that I could spin for a nice long gradient, and I’d probably have enough for the vest.

So, I embarked on the long journey of spinning for a finished object. I was concerned about the yardage once I was done, especially since I added an additional repeat for my height. But, in the end, I had a bit left over, while still going through the entire gradient. I was quite pleased.

IMG_2627 IMG_2631

It fits nicely and it’s interesting and cute. The pictures don’t really show the sparkle, but it’s in there. I love the way it drapes, and it’s quite comfortable to wear, so I will call it a win.

More Christmas ornaments tomorrow!

Up to Speed

It’s been busy, friends. Very busy. This weekend I went to the local weaver’s and spinner’s guild show, then to our local Cranksgiving. This is a bike race/scavenger hunt which brings in food for the local food bank. Each rider got a list of 10 items the food bank needs this time of year, and then they go out and purchase each item from different stores. I volunteered this year which was great fun in and of itself. There was quite a bit of downtime, so I knit and hung out with friends while waiting for the participants to return.

I took this week off work even though Bug goes to school for the first two days this week. Because of this, I got up early, got dressed, and headed off as if I were going to work. Why? Because Miss Bug likes to argue with me about how she should stay home from school if I am staying home from work.


My morning started at a coffeeshop, knitting and drinking coffee and waiting for shops to open. I then went to half price books and goodwill to drop off stuff from my crazy basement, office depot for tape for gifts, and then I came home to make breakfast, start dinner, start washing fleece, and wrap as many gifts as I could find boxes for.

Speaking of gifts, I also had an opportunity to photograph a couple of the Julie knits. The first being a tiny pair of underwear for the doll.


These were kind of a ridiculous endeavor but I think they’ll be appreciated even so. And they turned out pretty good. I didn’t bother to block them, it seemed a bit like overkill.

I also made a pair of legwarmers


Quite simple, and very pretty out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts socks that rock.

And finally, I made another christmas ornament. This one doesn’t have high contrast so it isn’t my favorite. I’ll try to remember not to pair these two colors again.


I am working on another ornament when Bug is home, this one quite different from the others. But, it’s slow going as it is almost all colorwork, and I am using yarn that isn’t exactly fit for the job.

I am also almost done with Bug’s christmas tunic, which I hope to show off soon. That’s my knitting project for today since I can knit without her figuring out it’s hers.

More tomorrow, for sure! Including a gradient vest I finally completed!

Christmas Ornaments

I’ve been a tad bit obsessive about knitting Christmas ornaments this year. I’ve completed 3 out of the 55 Christmas Balls to Knit book. And, I’ve got another on the needles.

The first one I did using the two handed colorwork technique. Basically, I knit with the main color in my left hand and the contrast color in my right hand.


I wasn’t thrilled with my result. Meaning, it makes a perfectly lovely ornament, but I felt I could do better. So, I pulled out my colorwork thimble, and started another one.

IMG_2605 IMG_2604

I am particularly fond of the colors on this one. And, the resulting ornament is better as well. More pleasing to my eye.

Then I ran out of stuffing, so I was forced to do some more flick carding for scraps to fill the ornaments with. And then I knit another. This one I did with the colorwork thimble, but I was also very careful to secure my carried yarn as well.


I’ve done more flick carding and I have another ornament on the needles. I think this one will be even better than the ones before. And then Miss Bug has requested a rocking horse ornament so I’ll probably do that one for her stocking.

Again, with the little things. Little things are exactly what I want to be knitting at the moment.

The Flaw in the Plan

I am taking a bit of a break from Julie’s clothing. I had a ran out of yarn situation, and I couldn’t bear to keep going once I ripped that pretty little shirt out. So, I decided to work on my gradient vest a bit more.


I am no longer fearful I’ll run out of yarn, so that’s a relief. Both armholes are done, and now it’s just a matter of knitting the second front long enough to match the first front.

And then there’s the seaming. Which is where the flaw in the plan comes in. I failed to realize, as I was knitting along, that once I was done with a gradient piece, I would no longer have the appropriate yarn color to seam the shoulders. I’ve got one shoulder that’s orange toned, and the other shoulder that’s yellow toned, and by the time I am done I’ll be in green tones.

Lesson learned. If you are knitting a gradient garment, save some of the yarn color needed for the seams.

I am not sure what I’ll do about this issue. I’ve got some loop scraps in my bin, I could check them for color. Or, I could just use the green on both shoulders and hope for the best. At least the shoulders will match? I’ve no clue what I’ll do once I am done. But, I won’t make that mistake again, at least there’s that.

A Quiet Weekend

Miss Bug headed to her dad’s for the weekend last night. I spent the evening finishing up my creepy basement clean out project so that I could get the car in the garage. While the project is done, I still need a trip to the dump. But, it’s snowing today and Mr. Ink has to work so the trip to the dump has to wait for another weekend.

I worked hard to finish the basement project yesterday so that I could devote my time today to knitting Bug’s Christmas gifts. Being that she is gone, I don’t have to hide them. So I am just working as fast as I can on them.

I found an etsy shop that sold some stockings for American Girl dolls, and I purchased 3 pairs as gifts. This is fabulous since right now, Julie’s only stockings are red. I grabbed grey stockings and white stockings. Then, on a whim, I decided to also get a pair of stockings with bright peace signs on them. They were too cute to resist.

Then, I took some leftover handspun of Marja’s and knit a 3 tiered skirt. It matches the fabulous stockings perfectly, so I am quite excited about it. And, it was a quick knit!


I have more of that yarn, so I am not entirely positive I am done with that colorway yet. So cute!

The Christmas Sweater

I decided to knit one Christmas Sweater for Miss Bug this holiday. I chose the Bulle pattern because it’s more like a tunic, which is something she’ll enjoy, and it is designed to be worn with something under it, which seems wise for Miss Bug. The yarn I chose is Brooks Farms Mas Acero. I purchased it in 2008 or 2009 at Stitches Midwest and it’s been in my stash ever since. It’s lovely stuff, and I haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it, since I don’t want it to be gone from my stash.

While I realize that’s just crazy talk, it DOES happen. But, these days it happens far less, because I have yummy handspun in stash, and that takes the edge off getting rid of nice commercial yarns.

I love the little bit of added extra fabric at the back and front of this tunic, making it look so very sweet. It will be fun to put some great buttons on this for added detail, and even better? There’s alternating colored pockets to add. So sweet!  The pattern is translated from french, and some of the terminology is unusual, but since it’s also intuitive, it’s easy to figure out.

I did, however, not read the pattern well enough to figure out where to stop making it garter stitch and join it in the round. By the time I figured that out, it was farther back than I was willing to rip. So, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It’ll look great even so.


It’s entirely possible I’ll make different sleeves. I’ve got a kid who gets very odd about her socks and shoes and the feeling of her pants, and I don’t think tighter sleeves on a tunic meant to be worn over something is going to fly with her.

This project is currently residing at work. It’s just boring stockinette at the moment and I have little doll knits to work on at home and keep me interested. I can manage an hour a day 5 days a week, and I am sure it will be done well before Christmas.

How about you? Do you have holiday knitting? If so, how’s it going?

Taking a Moment

Boy has it been busy around here! I really imagined downtime between the conference and Halloween. But, that just hasn’t happened. Last weekend we completely overextended ourselves with social events, and I’ve started this week at a severe alone time/down time deficit.

Add to that the fact that I didn’t have knitting on my needles from Thursday evening to Saturday evening. I ended up, on Friday, getting quite upset with my next door neighbor and stomping around the house about it. Mr. Ink mentioned later that he thought I wouldn’t have gotten quite so upset if I’d had a bit of knitting to take the edge off. I suspect he’s right.

I now have a new sweater on the needles, as well as a new shawl. I’ve also done a bunch of spinning/plying. So much to show, but the yarn needs to dry, and the sweater isn’t interesting, and I keep forgetting to get a picture of the shawl. Until today.

I had all this great, interesting, different types of yarns all dyed in the same colorway from the Taos trip last year. I finally pulled out a shawl to work on. I am just alternating yarns as I see fit. I bet I’ll never wear this because I think mohair is really the most miserable stuff. But, I am going to have a great time knitting it, and it has many awesome memories attached to it.


The colors still remind me of the chickens at our casita while we were out in Taos.

More from me very soon, cross your fingers that some of the handspun has decided to dry!

Handspun Stripes

Awhile back now, Marja was parting with some of her handspun. She just had to much, and as a non knitter, she was happy to send away some yarn that might get some love elsewhere. I put two skeins, one very bright, and the other more solid and dark, into my yarn stash. I contemplated what I would do with them for a long time. They just sat there next to each other, teasing me a bit, but I couldn’t think of anything.

Then, one afternoon, after waking up from a nap, I was looking at those two skeins of yarn, and I realized that what they really wanted was to be paired together. And I remembered that there was this great 1X1 rib scarf from way back when that I could do.


So I did. I got started, because I needed “purse knitting.”  The stuff that doesn’t need a pattern. Even though my current obsession leans more toward the Tandem Adirondack shawls, I do pick this one up and put some time in on it daily. Not much, but enough to make it count.


I have decided to work two shawls in tandem. I am working on the Adirondack shawl. The first yarn is Marja’s handspun gradient from inglenook batts. It’s gorgeous. In tandem to that, I am using some dyeabolical fiber handspun 2 ply I spun awhile back. It’s a fractal spin. So, I thought it might be fun to compare a fractal spin and a gradient spin on the same pattern.


I am, at this point, a tiny bit ahead on Marja’s shawl, as I brought it to work today to catch it up, but then surpassed the place I was on my shawl.


The other difference in the yarn is that Marja’s gradient is a 3 ply, and mine is a 2 ply. And, as is the case with yarn comparisons between the two of us, I’d say Marja’s yarn is denser, mine more light and airy. This leads me to believe that her shawl is going to hold up better to wear than mine will. I expect mine will probably pill and felt faster, while hers will look nice long term.

It’s been rather fun to have regular use of someone else’s handspun. Quite a treat!

December Baby

So many new babies surrounding me! I just finished up another cardigan for a little boy due to arrive in December. It’s double breasted, and has silk in the yarn for extra warmth.


I ended up using orange buttons, which don’t show up properly in the picture. However, they are awfully cute. I’d thought about other cutesy buttons like crayons or tractors. But, it just felt like it was cheapening the spirit of the sweater. So, orange was bright and fun, but still classic.

I know there are more babies on their way, so I know there will be quite a bit more baby knitting in my future. However, I also don’t know the gender of those upcoming babies, so I am willing to wait.

I feel like I have so little to say about the sweater I finished that I need to post another picture. We’ve had this wonderful, unseasonable weather lately. Or rather, the entire spring and summer has resembled Seattle rather than the midwest, but now all of a sudden we have this pleasant 78-80F weather to enjoy. So, I sat outside yesterday on the porch and got some more spinning done. I’ve now moved into the darker orange on this loop bump. Only one color left to work through once the dark orange is done, and then massive amounts of plying.


Not sure the picture is fabulous, it was getting dark!

Stay tuned for side by side handspun shawls, and a handspun scarf I’ve been working on….all to be discussed in the next few days.

Off the Needles

For now. Just to be put back on the needles this evening.

I’ve been working on the boxy and buttony sweater since the end of April. That’s an exceedingly long time for me to have something on the needles. However, it’s also an exceedingly boring knit in the round with fingering weight yarn. So, It has gotten set aside for more interesting projects over and over.

But, last evening, I finally was able to complete the body of the sweater, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It fits nicely, and the yarn is amazing. So, now I just have the collar and the sleeves to knit. And buttons to order.


It seems almost odd to have this one so near completion. Especially since I’ve got a bunch of other projects going and quickly being completed.

Tonight, it goes back on the needles.

A Very Braidy Cowl

Yeah so, this was a fast and satisfying knit! This is, again, Marja’s fabulous yarn, knit into a Very Braidy Cowl, and it will be given as a gift to someone by Marja.


This is a project that thrilled me from start to finish. The yarn is wonderful and soft and bouncy and round. The cables are fun, the colors are simply amazing, and the end product is beautiful and unusual and unique. I am thrilled with it. I do hope the recipient likes it too. And, the pattern is certainly one I’ll be knitting again at some point!

What Next?

I finished two projects yesterday. This leaves me with two rather active projects on the needles at the moment, and both of those are nearing their conclusion as well. This leaves me wondering what is next. And, quite honestly, it’s too busy right now to figure it out. So, I guess that question will be answered another day.

I finished the Trillian shawl last evening, and I love it! This is the same 3 ply handspun I used for my stripes gone crazy sweater. I had such an exceedingly large amount left over, and I loved the yarn so much, that I decided to knit with the remaining yarn immediately.


The yarn thrilled me as stripes on my sweater, and it thrills me equally as a shawlette. It is beautiful and rich, it contains so many colors, and I’ve always loved a mustard yellow, which it is, predominately. I am so sorry to have now officially knit all my crown mountain farms superwash merino. It really was the dreamiest stuff to work with, and I am sorry there is no more available.

Cabled Cape

This weekend has turned out to be a bit more busy than anticipated. It’s tough to find a slow weekend right now! But, I did finish and block the cape I made out of Marja’s cabled yarn. I struggled with this one toward the end. First, it seemed very uneven over the shoulders, so I knit a little collar on it. Then, I blocked it, and it was no longer so uneven. So, I ripped back the collar. I then had live stitches I had to cast off. Despite using a larger needle, the cast off was too tight, so I ripped back again, and used a lace cast off. Thankfully, that did work.

IMG_2468 IMG_2469

It turned out that the cabling of the two ply yarn really did make it a fabulous yarn, and I am quite pleased with the color and the subtlety of the yarn.

Baby Knitting

There are so many upcoming babies in my life! I am so excited to knit for all the new arrivals. I knit the baby sophisticate for my coworker’s upcoming baby. I wanted a bit of a change for my very dear cycling friend’s baby. I chose a similar style to baby sophisticate, but this one I could use worsted weight yarn, and it is double breasted.


Still a tweedy yarn, but the slightly different style helped me stay inspired. I’ve got the collar and the sleeves yet to knit, if I work at it, perhaps I can have it done this weekend. I am eager to choose some fun colored buttons for this one.


Ever cast on a project where the yarn is so wonderful and stunning that your reaction is just that of the title? I am having that experience right now.

I cast on the very braidy cowl out of Marja’s handspun. This is a knit item that will be going back to her so she can give it as a gift. But, as I knit with it, I just can’t stop looking at the stunning colors in the yarn, and the bouncy yarn paired with a bouncy, full pattern. It is JUST GORGEOUS!


I am not sure the picture even remotely does it justice.

All I Can Manage

This weekend we were supposed to go on a bike camping trip. As time went by, I became more and more nervous about going due to the loss of an entire weekend of work around the house. Mr. Ink and I discussed various options where we might still go, and came to the conclusion we would still go and camp, and I might bike one day, but in the end we needed more time at home. As the weekend approached, we continued to discuss the pros and cons of heading out there, until Thursday. By Thursday, I felt a bit under the weather, Mr. Ink sounded like he was catching something, and Miss Bug had been complaining about a stomach ache all week. I finally gave in, and said “That’s it. I am making the executive decision for this little family unit that we stay home and rest this weekend!”

I expected to be jealous once I saw the bike camping pictures posted, but that didn’t happen. I managed to get a bunch done around the house on Saturday, but felt even more off than I had all week.

And then on Saturday night, it hit me. Full on head cold, staying home to rest did not keep me from getting sick. Though staying home kept me from getting sick on a bike ride, and that’s a plus.

Yesterday, despite having a bunch of projects on the needles, I couldn’t manage anything but a very simple washcloth. I’d found my cotton yarns during a clean out project I’d worked on Saturday, and I’d kept one of them out for a washcloth.

I made it a bit larger than the pattern I was using called for, as I weighed the ball of yarn ahead of time, and then started the decreases once I’d knit just over half the ball of yarn. Worked out great, and Miss Bug quickly claimed the remaining yarn.

I am not sure what I’ll knit today. I’ve got huge upcoming projects at work, and so taking a sick day feels like a ridiculous luxury, but I cant walk up and down the steps without huffing and puffing, I am a walking snot and germ factory,  and I know my coworkers would be angry to be exposed to this right now. So, home it is, the rest I’ll figure out shortly.



Update: Got sidetracked due to having no power all morning, the update is, no knitting has been done at all due to just not feeling well. Maybe tomorrow will be better! I’ve still got a washcloth out of the deal.

The weekend in crafting.

I was happily knitting along on my trillian shawl until my elbow started to give me sharp stabbing pains. This is something that happens to me these days when trying to knit too much with small needles. Hence the lack of socks now. So, I decided to temper that stress on my body by casting on something new that required larger needles.


This will become a cape, the type which I have tried on, loved the look of, but not yet knit.

The yarn has its own interesting story. It’s handspun, spun by Marja. There were two loop bumps and she thought it would be interesting to ply together, so they became a very large amount of 2 ply yarn. Unfortunately, once finished, the yarn was not satisfactory to her. So, I suggested she take that two ply and cable it. This would mix up the colors more. She ended up with 660 yards of worsted weight yarn, and this is yarn I absolutely fell in love with. It was soft and squishy and muted and interesting. I Had To Have It. I was promptly indulged, and I’ve had the great pleasure of knitting it up.

I can also show off the trillian shawl, it has come a long way even though I had to stop knitting on it this weekend.


I still love the colors, they are fantastic together. And, the resulting shawl is going to be stunning. But, for now, the going will be slower.

And finally, I began spinning the batt the little girls made on Saturday morning. Before doing so, I added some additional color in the way of silk. More orange, some blue, and more yellow. The resulting batt is rather….bright. But, it’s also interesting and fun to spin. I started it on my hipstrings mistral, just in time for a new hipstrings mistral to arrive.

You see, I had purchased a zephyr, and it was just too heavy for my spinning style. I knew I was eventually going to destash it, but figured I’d try to get used to it first. However, I saw a mistral go up for destash, and the person destashing it mentioned that she was going to purchase a heavier hipstrings. So I offered mine up in trade. It worked out, I got a new spindle, got rid of the one that was too heavy, and, the person destashing the mistral threw in some rolags from her shop, which was a complete surprise to me. I’ll show you them later. But, you should check out her shop, since she’s got some lovely yarn and fiber, and she’s a lovely and considerate person.


It really was a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I managed to get stuff done around the house that I’ve been putting off for ages, and that was wonderful. I hope you had an equally lovely weekend.

Baby Sophisticate

My lovely coworker is having a baby boy in a couple months. She’s not just a coworker, but a friend, and a knitworthy one at that. So, I decided this baby boy needed a little sweater. I chose baby sophisticate because I’ve seen it knit up, and loved everything about it.

I had some knitpicks city tweed in my stash, it’s been there for awhile, and I have attempted to knit it into two different sweaters, but neither of them stuck. It is perfect for this pattern though. I started on Saturday, and finished yesterday. It is still a little damp, but I couldn’t resist sewing buttons on before it was totally dry.


Great little knit, and a ton of fun!