Early Sunday

The dog has a bad habit of getting up really early. I guess it’s ok, because I have that habit too. But every once in awhile you just want to sleep in past 6:30, right? Mr. Ink tries to sneak her out and feed her at 5:30 in order that I can sleep in, but inevitably she’ll need to go out again after she eats and that’s my cue. Once I am upright, I am up, so going back to bed is not an option.

So anyhow, it’s early and I am sitting, groggy, with my first coffee. And ready to show you a start of a shawl!


So, this is the half with the singles, where there are little pops of cocoons hanging around. I’d say there’s about as many on the other side as there is on this side. It’s kind of goofy looking, but also interesting.

I took this photo yesterday morning, but then rushed off to hang with Miss Marja and didn’t get an opportunity to post later. I DID get a bunch more knitting on this done while hanging with Miss Marja, so it’s moving right along.

Meanwhile, I am still slowly plugging away at that inner collar on my jaina sweater. I hope to have it done this weekend, it would be lovely to finish it up. And then I think maybe a break from sweater knitting is in order for a bit. Mostly because I’ve no sweater amounts left in stash. Perhaps I’ll get bit by a spring spinning bug again, that would be nice!

That’s about it from here, I am looking forward to what I hope is another nice quiet day to top off my weekend.


It’s been QUITE a week folks. Large event went well but had enough hitches to make me an anxious mess. I am glad it’s over. So yesterday I was thinking about how I get to leave work early today, and will get my hair done, and then get some photos of knitting to show off. But….we’ve got copious amounts of rain that is supposed to stick around all day. By copious I mean a true spring storm, it’s so windy that the pouring rain is hitting our windows sideways here at work and making a deafening racket. Upon arrival to work this morning I had to roll my jeans up to my knees, and my umbrella just turned inside out so it was useless. Perhaps spring has arrived? I won’t hold my breath, I think we will still get snow in the upcoming weeks.

I can talk knitting though. My handspun jaina sweater is coming right along. I finished the first collar this week. It was right during the event time and I was struggling to pick up stitches for the second collar layer, because my brain was shot. So I put it down. No, that’s not true, I put it on. Unblocked, with ends hanging off it all over, I put it on for the rest of the evening because it was so soft and warm and scrumptious. And I started something else.

Way back when I had the mental energy for interesting spinning, I made these. One is a handspun single with those cocoons on it, and the other is a 2 ply. I decided to knit these up into an “easy” shawlette. I started with the singles, so I’ve got this fun garter stitch with pops of weird thick cocoons. I am loving it so far. Can’t wait to show it to you!

With the second section being a plain 2 ply I think it’ll make a very interesting scarf!

And with that, I am off to enjoy a lovely half day out of the office. In beautiful weather. Not. But, a half day is a half day and I’ll take it!


It was an extremely busy week, in prep for a large event downtown I am putting on this week. I expected a busy week, but it was busier than even I anticipated. I think things are in good shape now though, and it’ll all be over Wednesday evening. I can then concentrate on the next big event which isn’t until July. I should also get a nice little extra long weekend, since I’ll have worked too many hours Tuesday and Wednesday and will need to dump a few. Oh, and did I mention I have a grant due this week too? Hah. I am not too concerned about the grant though, I think that’ll go smoothly.

Last week, on the worst of the busy days, I got home and I was grumpy for very good reasons. I admit I had a nice vent with my family, but remained quite grumpy. I also found that I couldn’t do anything. I was just really off center. I couldn’t even knit! I was at the portion of the sleeve on my sweater where I do a tiny bit of pattern. I knit and messed up and ripped and reknit 4 times. And then I put it down and decided some nights you just don’t even knit. Mr. Ink told Miss Butterfly he thinks I might be cracking. Close Mr. Ink. Very close.

I did get that sleeve done the next evening though, and started on the second sleeve. Here’s where I am now.


I also sewed down one of the pockets, which is seriously not my favorite thing. So I didn’t do them both. I’ll do the second one when I get inspired again.

During the actual event next week, I’ll probably have knitting time available to me. I am having trouble deciding if I’ll just take a sock already on the needles, or if I will try to take a newer easy project. I am leaning toward sock at the moment just because it isn’t bulky and would be nice and simple. But I could still change my mind. But between now and then? Looks like it’s all sweater knitting all the time. It’s still pretty cool outside, I could get use out of this one this season still!

A little bit blizzardy

It may have been a lovely weekend weather wise, and the upcoming weekend may be predicted to be lovely weather wise, but in between we deal with yuck. A storm rolled through last evening and into today, we’ve had super high winds for days, but now we’ve added snow to the mix. There’s actually not that much snow on the ground. That’s because it’s all sticking to my sliding glass door due to high winds. I must have arrived at work at the perfect time, since I left early and was on time, but everyone else who arrives later left early and was desperately late, and complaining of terrible traffic, closed interstate, and accidents all around them. I love my “new” car every day, but this winter has proven just how much it deserves my love. The snow has been almost weekly, and just enough to cause problems on a drive.

Prior to the overnight snow I did get a photo of my jaina cardigan in progress.


So, it’s moving along quite nicely. I was able to get the full cardigan out of the first dye lot handspun with a bit left over that I saved for the inner collar. I started the second dye lot on the arm, and I am glad I did. To be frank, the second dye lot is also spun with a bit more twist as well, which is a bit annoying to me as I am knitting but hopefully won’t be too noticeable when wearing, or looking at it from far away. I do see quite a lot more green in the new dye lot, which is exactly what I worried about when spinning it. It’s all quite interesting!

I am still quite inspired on this knit, even though I am working on the arms. I do think that 9 inch circs work very well for me for sleeves, I do stay more inspired to finish the sleeves when I am working in the round that quickly. Add to that the fun of the sleeve cap, which is different than working in the round, so breaks up the monotony, and the sleeve doesn’t seem like such an epic slog at all! In a few more inches I’ll get to do another little cabled detail, so even that will add a bit of interest to the process.

In any case, I’ve loved this project quite a lot and I am glad I decided to make it. I’ve sized it up a bit to make something truly snuggly, and I really can’t wait to wear it even though it will probably be too warm by the time it’s done.

That’s it from me! We’ve got district vocal festival tonight which will be Miss Butterfly’s final show choir performance. It’ll be a long concert, but I’ll have my sock knitting with me. Have a great week!

Too Busy Knitting

This weekend was the first weekend in a month where I wasn’t either sick, or bundled under blankets due to furnace issues. It was a WONDERFUL weekend. On top of just the fact that I felt good, the weather was amazing! Very windy, but so so mild. I’ve got hyacinths popping up in the yard near that house, and I can see the start of crocuses too. Spring is coming to the midwest, though I think we probably still have some less than favorable weather to deal with.

Did anyone else catch that it was a free all you can watch craftsy weekend? I tried to get in a few knitting videos I hadn’t seen. I watched one on seaming, one on color, and one on intarsia. I think I’ve pretty much decided that my next sweater project will be something I’ve never tackled before. Intarsia. I’ve got the Kaffe Knits Again book and I’ve always been intimidated by it, despite the fact that I am not generally intimidated by anything in knitting. With as eager as I’ve been to knit sweaters this year, this may be a perfect year to try something completely new.

Speaking of sweaters, while I failed to get a photo of it, I have finished the fronts and back of the handspun jaina cardigan I’ve been working on and am partway down the first sleeve now. I’ll get a photo this afternoon if it quits raining.

I also grabbed a photo of my magrathea.


It’s looking pretty good as well! So, this is one of those knits where you weigh your original ball of yarn, knit until you’ve got 25% remaining, and then do the final border. Now, the other day I saw the ball band from the yarn and thought “I don’t need this anymore!” And I threw it in the recycling bin. I was sure that I’d written down the starting weight of the yarn somewhere. I looked on the paper pattern copy I was using, no weight. Looked my electronic pattern copy, no weight. Looked at my ravelry project page, no weight. That’s when I remembered this is why I saved the ball band. For the weight. Except, now it was long gone. So I looked up the yarn on ravelry. Except, the put up of the yarn I have is about double the amount that’s listed in the database. SO…..I just have to guess. It’s back at work since I don’t need a scale for guessing. I guess I could take the entire thing off the needles and onto scrap yarn and then measure the total weight, but that seems like a bunch of trouble. (Not as much trouble as losing yarn chicken, but I guess I am gonna try that method.)

I did a lot of outdoors stuff too, Lizzie and I went on really long walks both weekend days. She was thrilled. And she’s so funny, if the wind is particularly gusty, she runs faster. Yesterday we walked around a lake and she was practically dragging me once we got up on the dam part of the place, completely exposed to all the wind. It feels good to be seeing bits of green, and it feels good to be out and about again, without having to bundle up. And this weekend even dried out enough that it wasn’t completely muddy. So pleasant! If all predictions remain the same, the next weekend should be similar temps and pleasantness, despite the fact we may get snow tomorrow.

Happy Monday folks, have a great week.

On My Way

I am well on my way to another new sweater, all things considered. I am working on the Jaina pattern, and honestly I chose a size that’s easily going to be a bit large, because really is there anything so wonderful as a large drapey warm sweater? I don’t think so. And, I have enough handspun yarn, I believe, for the larger size. I can tell you already I really want to wrap myself up into this now, even though it’s still a long way from being complete.

As of now, I have finished the waist shaping decreases and am almost done with the waste shaping increases, but this photo was taken over the weekend. You can see that I set in the pockets and began the waste shaping in this photo.


The colors are pretty wonderful, and I love the little cabled detail at the pocket cuff. I have begun knitting in my second out of 4 skeins of yarn. To be honest, 2 skeins are quite purple without much green, and two skeins lean significantly more toward blue with a lot of extra green. So, I am hoping that the first two skeins will bring me through both fronts of the cardigan, then if I need to join a skein that’s a little less matching, it’ll be at the back. Then the sleeves and collar shouldn’t be too much of a matching issue, I don’t think.

Malabrigo nube, despite being a bit hard to work with during the spinning process, sure makes a lovely soft bouncy yarn. I am always super pleased with my end result when I use it.

That’s all from here. Mr. Ink says he might take Miss Butterfly to a movie tonight, and I am really looking forward to the potential down time in a WARM HOUSE.

A Surprise Finished Object

Miss Marja made herself a very amazing yarn recently. She’d started with a Classy Squid batt and created a gorgeous 3 ply yarn. Turns out it was her all time favorite yarn so she gave it to me to knit into a honey cowl.

I admit, I didn’t get to the knitting of it right away because the skein was so gorgeous that I ended up setting it on the dining room table and admiring it every time I walked by. However, on Friday we were discussing that yarn and I ended up yearning to head home and cast on a new project. So I did. Once I was home and had weekend chores started I cast that bad boy on and got started.


And I finished on Sunday. I used up all the yarn, and it really is an amazingly beautiful skein. It’s mostly shades of grey with these wonderful silky bits of greens, blue, pink, etc. Really truly gorgeous. Now all I have to do is get this to her place so she can enjoy it yet this year.

I am sitting at home listening to the sounds of our furnace hopefully being fixed. We got all the way up to 64F in the house yesterday when we collectively used our heads to decide all the things we could do to warm up the house beyond the space heater. I did laundry and ran the dishwasher. Cookies were made, and crepes were made on the grill. Tacos for lunch with the shells heated in the oven, and then chili on the stove and then thrown in the crock pot to warm all day until dinner. Steamy hot showers were taken and hair was blown dry despite the fact we never do that in real life. All shades were opened on the side of the house getting the most sun in order to heat up as much as possible. I’d say 56 to 64 wasn’t too bad, our efforts were not in vain.

But it’s 56 again this morning and we aren’t able to go to great lengths to heat the house today so we are hoping to get this resolved soon.

Here’s a bonus moment that happened Friday evening prior to the furnace situation. A lady and the tramp moment with a ramen noodle. These two goofballs are always up to something ridiculous and cute!

That’s it from here! Hope you all have a good week. Guess what? I’ve got a photo for tomorrow too, so I may be back in the habit of blogging again. Add to that the fact that it’s almost light enough for a morning photo and I should be over the worst of the winter slump.