Shopping the Stash

First of all, a quick update. My knee is better! I mean, I haven’t felt a twinge at all this morning. Yesterday morning it was still pretty painful. I did some weeding, and identified some areas of the garden that need serious work in the near future. Mr. Ink and I went to two places to pick up plants. This seemed like a much different trip than the last times, as in the past it seems like we’ve really gone overboard during these trips together. However, I think our gardens are filling in beautifully already. And, our trip is later in the year than normal, so we can actually really see them filling in beautifully. That’s kept our desire to buy ALL THE PLANTS to a minimum. Our first place is a locally owned farmers market where we find lots of unusual variety. Then we decided to stop at a chain hardware store for the “filler” plants this year. Most of what we purchased were veggies and annuals. We were unable to plant them yesterday due to the rain off and on all day long. Tonight we plan to do the major planting. Anyhow, that rain kept me off my feet pretty regularly, and I was able to do a bunch of spindle spinning to keep myself occupied.

So, while I was doing that spindle spinning with my knee up, I was watching youtube videos. I was in that youtube rabbit hole, where you just keep clicking on something new from the sidebar, and I came across a video that one of my favorite makeup reviewers had done. (livluvsmakeup)  She was posting a shop her stash video where she was pulling what she wanted to concentrate on wearing that week from her collection. And I thought “Now there’s a video that could translate into a weekly blog post!” So, that’s what I did. Now, I don’t have a huge stash, and I am already working toward keeping it pretty low, so if I try this weekly there’ll be a lot of things that are seen repeatedly. However, there’s also the box subscriptions so those items will be new.

Here’s what I pulled:


I have to find a better way of organizing a photo like this. But, here are some goals for this week:

That Urban Decay All Nighter foundation was the first higher end foundation I purchased just at the point where I was realizing I was madly interested in makeup. It looked so bad on my skin that after a few weeks, I walked into Sephora, asked a salesperson to get me something that fit my dry skin and to color match me. That’s how I ended up with the hourglass Illusion skin tint. I believe that a couple things were happening here. First of all, at the time my skin WAS dry. It was winter. My skin was also not at all well taken care of and probably dehydrated. My skin isn’t nearly so dry anymore, probably because I’ve been taking care of it and because it’s heading into summer. So, my goal this week is to pair this foundation with a few various primers and so on to see if I can get it to look good on my skin. I’ve got a cover FX smoothing primer, a becca backlight priming filter, and tarte maracuja oil to try, in addition to the benefit porefessional I am trying to use up on my forehead.

Here’s a secret. I don’t like the tarte shape tape concealer. It’s too heavy and it looks dry under my eyes. I only wear it when I wear my glasses, so that it tends not to show too much. I’ve put it in the mix this week because my eyes are allergy itchy this week and I think I’ll skip the contacts most of the week. I may try adding the oil to this as well to see if I can get it to look a little softer. Why not experiment? I stuck the wet n wild contour palette in there too, since I want to use the lighter color as an under eye setting powder to even it out a bit.

You’ll see the wet n wild eyeshadow I am trying to pan in that photo, but I am getting very bored of this daily eye look, so I’ve added some liners, the silkissime teal liner I’ve had, then there’s a new brown/green sparkly liner from a box this month to try, and the pretty vulgar ink gel liner to try. (That goes on so smooth and easy, who KNEW a gel liner would be so easy to use? I have always been intimidated by them.) I also added in the tarte palette because I may pull some colors out of there to pair with the brown wet n wild for added interest. Plus the laura mercier caviar stick eye color as one more thing for some added interest.

The rest. I am going to use that elf setting spray no matter what. I am just using it AS a setting spray now. I am working on the elf eyebrow pencil, the lash paradise mascara and bad gal bang mascara, that Coty airspun powder is like my favorite thing ever. Yes, I know it smells like my grandmother on her way to mass, but I think I love it in part because it smells like my grandmother on her way to mass. That makeup revolution matte blush is my current go to blush as it’s a nice summery color. I only own one other blush, and that one is more of a dusty rose which is a great cool toned winter color. So, I am sticking with this one for the foreseeable future. And finally, there’s that Flower Beauty Petal Pout lipstick in an absolutely lovely coral shade. This has been at home, so it isn’t getting used. Mr. Ink HATES lipstick transfer so I don’t even bother to put anything on until I get to work. As such, this is headed to work to see some use. It’ll be a good lipstick for those moments when the eyeshadow is so boring.

And that’s it! I hope any of you makeup lovers have enjoyed shopping my stash with me for the upcoming week. Only a week and a half left of that wet n wild neutral palette, can’t wait to put it away for awhile!


An Active Day

Yesterday I set out on a 53 mile bike ride. I knew I was pushing it, trying for 50 miles this early in the year, especially since I haven’t kept up with the biking properly over the winter months. But, while I know that I am known for biting off more than I should be able to chew, 98% of the time that pays off for me. So I wasn’t too worried. My friend and I set off to a town about 45 minutes away from our home. Mr. Ink couldn’t join because he had to work. My biking friend is a far stronger rider than I am, and we are both introverts so we knew that we’d be mostly spending the day riding “alone.” He would ride ahead at his pace, then wait for me to catch up from time to time. It worked for us. Now, this was an organized ride so there were other people on the ride. But I personally did not know anyone. Furthermore, the anticipated weather was rain all day long, with scattered storms. And it was cool. So many people registered to ride didn’t show up.

The ride ended up being pretty nutty. For at least 30 miles we were pushing into extremely strong headwinds. The kind where you get SO excited to find yourself at the bottom of a hill, because that hill gives you a break from the wind. Only to crest the hill and realize you now have to push just as hard into the wind as you did to climb the hill. We stopped at a couple of places, a fruit farm for homemade pie, and then a little cafe for lunch. We were able to sit with 3 guys that my friend knew, and we all had a lovely break and lunch. Company was very good. But, during the time we ate, the rain began.

At that point, we were already so far into the ride that turning around to go back was pointless, we might as well push on through the ride. There was about 15 miles of gentle rain, and then 15 miles of absolutely drenching pouring rain. My bike bag took on water and became a pool. We’d had the wind at our back for awhile, which was such a relief that I didn’t even mind the pouring rain that much, but then we had to turn into the wind again and that’s when things began to take a real downhill for me. Between the unrelenting rain and the unrelenting wind, I began to notice my right knee twinging. This isn’t something that happens for me, and there was nothing I could do really, so I geared down a bit and pushed on. And then I geared down again, and again, moving slower and slower. Meanwhile my friend would find a tree to stop under in hopes to stay out of the rain while waiting for me to catch up, while I just continued to ride slower and slower.

Then I realized I really couldn’t put pressure on the right knee at all. Ok, now it’s time to change the tactic again, new tactic, allow the right knee to just be along for the ride and let my left leg do all the work. I eased off that right knee, and since I am connected to my pedals, I concentrated on both pushing down and pulling up with the left leg. This kept me moving slow, but consistently. My friend waited again at the end of a road, I stopped and asked how far we were from the end. He said “12 miles.” I said “We’ll be turning again now, right? With the wind at our backs?” He said “Yes, just right around this corner.” “Ok, I think I can make it.” I remarked, and we set off again. But, even though I was able to move much faster with the wind at my back, I began to feel the left knee twinge. It wasn’t appreciating all the extra stress I was putting on it. I tested out the right knee, was it maybe magically better? No, no it was not. I kept on, but I was in such a bad way. All I could THINK about was walking. I just desperately wanted to walk. My friend stopped again, I flagged him down before he could take off in front of me, and asked again “How many miles?”  “5.5” he said. I said “I can’t make it. Why don’t you just ride on back, pick up the car, and come get me?”  “Really?” he said. “You are feeling THAT bad?” he said. Now, don’t get upset with him, this was not a comment questioning how I felt, it’s just that in the 7 years I’ve known him, he’s never seen me give up and he’s watched me push through heat exhaustion even. So he was incredulous.

But, he quickly agreed this would be for the best. He rode off quickly, and I got off my bike. I rearranged my gear, I dumped the water out of my bag, I removed the rain jacked since at that lovely moment it decided to quit raining, what a relief! My toes were numb, I was completely drenched. I looked forward to a bit of a roadside hike, at least I wasn’t biking! I took a step. And experienced extreme pain in my right knee. As it turns out, the one thing I desperately wanted to do, I couldn’t even do. I leaned over my bike, tried a few more painful steps, and rested for a bit. I tried again. Thankfully, I found myself able to limp along a bit. It was slow going, but at least I was moving forward. The sun came out. I stopped for a few minutes, took off my soaked tshirt as I had on a “wishful thinking” tanktop under it. It was actually warming up. I tried to walk again, and it was worse than when I first got off the bike. Ok, new plan, don’t STOP walking. Just keep walking to keep it from stiffening up.

Not long after, my friend came to get me. I got in the car, he loaded my bike, and said “There’s Ibuprofen in the glove compartment, TAKE SOME. By the time we get home it may start taking effect.” I listened. After a pleasant ride home, it had taken effect. He unloaded my bike, Mr. Ink was in the yard planting things, and I told him I’d done something terrible to my knee. I dropped my bike right there, said goodbye to my friend, and headed inside.

I am thrilled to say that this morning it is significantly better. I’ve been keeping up on the painkillers, icing when I can, and getting up and moving regularly until it gets bad enough I need to take a seat. I have high hopes this will be an injury I can get ahead of quickly.

Final total, 48 miles.  2 miles shy of my goal.  I will call that a win, but keep that ice bag coming!

Meanwhile…Miss Butterfly and Lizzie were running a race. I’ve got photos of that! They, too, got rained on. I was told that Miss Butterfly’s dad had to hold the leash for a good portion of the run, since Lizzie was SO excited that she’d just run circles around Miss Butterfly. With dad holding the leash, Lizzie would run after Miss Butterfly, making the experience quite a bit more pleasant.

I’d have thought after actually running a 5K, Lizzie would be worn out. But she wasn’t. I don’t know what I was thinking, she walks a 5K regularly with me, and it NEVER wears her out. All in all, I suspect a new tradition was begun, as they really enjoyed this race together.

Today I am hoping that in between my sitting times, I will be planting and weeding. It rained overnight and the weeding should be at a point it goes fairly easily. Mr. Ink has been too busy planting things to get around to the weeding of things. We also plan to see if we can get to our favorite farmers market for more plants. And he tells me he’s going to build me some tomato cages today, since I don’t like wimpy cages, and he doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on hefty ones. We’ll see how it all goes! I am feeling the desire to get out there though, so here’s where I’ll leave you. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Some Spinning

I am not gonna lie, last evening I mostly didn’t do anything. After traveling last weekend and into the week, then the extended family upset and readjusting to work, I was just absolutely DONE. So exhausted. I got a tiny bit of spinning in and a photo of my bobbin because it was scheduled to rain all day today. And then I put the spinning away and sat around watching youtube videos instead. This is highly unusual, usually I can AT LEAST knit while watching videos. So this was a sign I needed the quiet evening.


I am very close to being done with this bobbin now. I imagine I’ll be working my way through the second bobbin by the end of this weekend. But today I’ve got a 50 mile bike ride planned. For pie. A ride where we ride to eat pie. Great concept, and I am hoping we don’t get poured on. Mr. Ink has to work so I am going with a good friend. It’s a ways out of the city so being able to carpool will be nice. Lizzie and Miss Butterfly are also off being active, Lizzie is running her first 5K. She can walk a 5K in a heartbeat but I never run them. But she does love to run! So I think they’ll have a good time. It’ll be a trail run with other dogs too, so I am hoping there will be fun photos of that.

In the garden, it’s resembling my spinning:


The first of my tiny irises has bloomed with lots more to go. I’ve done no planting myself, but am hoping to find a yellow iris or two this year to plant in both iris areas.

That’s it from here! I’ve got some knitting for a post tomorrow, and then maybe a makeup new impressions post after that. I’ll have to see where the weekend leads me. Have a fantastic weekend!

Stuff and Pan

Look at these pretty flowers in my garden!


This is the first year the columbine have flowered, after nursing them along for the past 3 years. They’ve had a lot of upset in that flower bed but they keep trucking along. I need to get my gardening inspiration back, at the moment we’ve been too busy for it.

Last evening turned out to be a cluster of epic proportions. I can’t go into it all, as much of it is Mr. Ink family drama. The arrival of family back in this city went precisely as expected by me, which is to say a whirlwind of boundary breaking, boundary pushing, and expecting my family to drop everything to tend to needs of someone who is an adult and could help himself but has chosen instead to not communicate or plan anything in advance. My answer to all this was a very firm “No, that’s not going to work for me.” (Thanks Captain Awkward!) The moment you set boundaries with someone who doesn’t have them set regularly, all hell breaks loose, right? But I feel strongly that setting them now, upon arrival in the city, is the ONLY way to begin as I mean to go on.

I genuinely wish that my 41 year old self could teach my 21 year old self all about boundaries. There’s a point that you finally need to set them despite knowing that you will NOT be liked, and yet that’s still more peace of mind than not setting them at all. I went to bed with a clear conscience last evening, despite high irritation. I have limited the affect this extended family can have on me in my own home.

So, let’s talk about the stuff that happened that can be talked about. Miss Butterfly had a choir concert last evening. The last one of the year. There’s always a fairly quick turn around between getting home, getting the dog walked, getting a snack, and then setting out for choir, since the kids need to be there early. When Miss Butterfly went to change into her choir dress, she realized that she had grown out of it and donated it earlier this spring. She never mentioned it to me, and I assumed she still had it and we were all set. So we both panicked. After about 15 minutes of flailing and trying to come up with acceptable options (leggings, white tshirt, and grey flannel) that all didn’t work that well, I thought “I wonder if we could get away with the blue and white striped dress she wore to the wedding?” I took a look at the dress, and indeed that blue does shade toward grey. So we decided that would be the best option. She got all ready to go and we headed out the door. Thankfully I do believe we got away with it. That dress did look grey and white striped from stage, and so many people complimented her on it.

Due to the family drama, Mr. Ink had to miss the choir concert, which he was quite disappointed about. Again, a child should not suffer lack of parental support due to the drama and poor planning of extended family. We are NOT doing this again.

Stay tuned for actual knitting and spinning photos in the near future. Maybe even biking photos! But, today is for my mid month project pan check in. Plus, with all the drama I didn’t have time for knitting/spinning photos, nor did I have time for knitting and spinning.


Here’s the first original photo. The Clinique cc cream is gone, as in thrown out. The Clinique cleanser is at that point where I will need to cut the container to dredge out the last bits. I’ve made almost no progress on the highlighter or the elf setting spray. I’ve been wearing the dior perfume daily except while on vacation, but naturally it looks like no progress was made. I’ve been wearing the elf eyebrow pencil daily as well. And, on the eyeshadow? Well, I got smart and weighed it before I began, I have used 2 grams. Which I think is great! I’ve been trying to jazz up the eye look with adding in different eye palettes or colored eye liners when this gets boring, but I am going to need a break at the end of the month I think. Plus, I’ve looked at spoilers for my June boxes and I am anticipating at least one new eyeshadow palette.

Now on to the second original photo:


I did think to weigh some of these. No weight difference in the eye cream, but 3 grams of the night cream and 2 grams of the gel cream are gone. I failed to get a weight on the hair balm originally, but I have been using that regularly as well. I didn’t check the lip scrub, I’ve hardly used it and I feel confident there’s not much gone.

So, mid-month check in, I’d say things are moving along pretty well. During the past week or so I’ve identified some other products that need finishing, so these are getting added:


Left to right:

Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel exfoliant-I LOVE this product. It came in one of my boxes, and this is one of my absolute favorite products I’ve received. I didn’t expect to love it, but it’s fantastic. Will I repurchase? I dunno, it’s pricey and since I haven’t tried many face exfoliants in my lifetime,  I think I’ll wait and see if I get any more in boxes. I use this product about once a week, and I’ll be surprised if I can get another month of use out of it. But a girl can try.

Clinique gel moisturizer-I think this sample came to Miss Butterfly via Miss Marja. We actually have a full size of this one, so I guess you could call it a staple at our place. But, Miss Butterfly decided she prefers the Clinique cream moisturizer over the gel. So this became mine. There’s very little left in there at the moment, and it’ll need to be cut for the dredges soon.

Benefit Porefessional primer-I use this on my forehead as I’ve got a strange hole in my forehead. It’s not a pore. I don’t know what it is, perhaps a long forgotten injury. But it becomes very pronounced the minute I put on foundation without primer on my forehead. As soon as I kick this one, I’ve got another sample size, as I got another in a box this month. It’s a good primer, so I am not mad about it. But I do also have other primers I like better. Of course, if I use it as I did this morning, bending the tube to try to get the remainder out and then accidentally having it erupt all over my desk, it’ll be gone post haste.

Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion-this works very well for me, and it’s almost gone. This is another sample I picked up. I need to cut the tube to finish at this point. I will not be repurchasing at this time, as I have a wet n wild eyeshadow primer that is nice and cheap and works just as well. Plus, I am testing out a heavier duty mac painterly paint pot to see how I like it. Totally different kind of primer but it too works very well for me. I also have heard recently that there’s a great cover girl eyeshadow primer out there that I can try. I think-when I can go drugstore brand with similar results, I should.

And that’s the mid-month update. I’ve got some items worked on, some items not at all, and now I am even adding some in. I’ll update again at the beginning of June. Meanwhile, Miss Butterfly is busy working on some of these as well, so I get an extra face to work with. She’s also emptying some products, so I’ll have to see if she wants to add anything to my empties box for next month, and give opinions on it. In the meantime, I am trying to think of what I can next post about in my makeup world, and I am thinking I may choose a thing or two from boxes and give a quick review on those. I just wanted to get a little wear time under my belt for those things.

The Look


I grabbed a selfie with Miss Butterfly in the chapel right before the wedding began. I have to say, it’s tough when you are new to makeup and you think something looks good but you aren’t sure because you don’t see yourself all the time. My makeup looks good, I am PLEASED with how far I’ve come in a short amount of time. Now, this look is certainly my most “precious” foundation look, as I am using hourglass vanish stick foundation (just a little) with hourglass illusion hyaluranic skin tint, both in color Sand. I’ve been suspecting that if I want my skin to look really amazing, this is the way to go. It’s nice to have this confirmed by photo. Plus, this seems to be the combo that sticks to my nose super well. The other products in this look are a little less precious overall, a nice mix of higher end and low end:

  • -Benefit Pore-fessional primer
  • -Becca undereye primer
  • -Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
  • -Elf instant lift eyebrow pencil in taupe
  • -Tarte be a mermaid and make waves eyeshadow palette. Colors used were sandbar, shipwreck, shore thing, nude beach, beach please, and mermosa
  • -Maybelline instant age rewind eraser dark circle treatment concealer in light
  • -Laura Mercier translucent setting powder
  • -Sleek cream contour in light
  • -Wet n wild megaglo contouring palette in dulche de leche
  • -Physicians formula murumuru butter bronzer
  • -Makeup Revolution matte blush in Beloved
  • -Wet n wild megaglo powder highlighter in golden flower crown
  • -Hourglass ambient lighting powder in dim light
  • -L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
  • -Ulta automatic lip liner in bloom
  • -L’Oreal infallible lip paints in fearless fuschia

My hair is curled courtesy of Miss Butterfly. I am really glad she did it for me, as I’d begun it and then quickly tired of it. It stayed pretty well all evening. I’d asked for “beachy waves” and her response was “No, that’s not the look I am going for. You’ll get what you get.” Yes Ma’am.

She is wearing pretty light makeup overall, she decided she didn’t actually need any foundation. I think because it was so hot she just couldn’t be bothered. Wise kid! She wore the same eyeshadow palette on her eyes, not sure what colors but she smoked out the lower lash line with one of the blue colors. She did some highlighting in a rather blue shade of highlighter, not sure what brand, but it looked cool and trendy and young. I believe she may have used my blush, and then she used flower beauty petal pout matte lipstick in a nude to brown color. She topped this off with either wet n wild megalash mascara OR, L’oreal voluminous waterproof mascara from my mom who had just discovered it bothered her eyes. It was pretty fun to be in the hotel together and working on our makeup at the same time with plenty of space.

This was the last time I wore makeup on the trip, after that I decided that there was too much pool and bike time and I just couldn’t be bothered. Now I am back at work and back to my project panning at home. So basically, my look is more subdued out of necessity. That being said, I’ve already got more items to add in for next month, providing I don’t work through them this month.



Alabama Wedding Trip

As someone who has an event planning background, I know just how difficult weddings are in the planning department. As such, during our time away I had really hoped that we’d be able to be of help during the wedding. But I also knew full well that sometimes these things are so carefully orchestrated that stepping in at the last minute to help can be more a hindrance and annoyance than a help.

Miss Butterfly and I arrived in Alabama at 10:30 am on Friday morning. We’d gotten up at 3:30 am to do that. We picked up our car, a nice red Nissan, and headed out to find our first coffee of the day. I remarked to Miss Butterfly that it was nice to be given a bright red car as a rental, because it would be easy to locate in a parking lot. We went in for coffee. We came out to our car, and tried to get into 2 other bright red cars before we managed to find our own. I blame lack of sleep and coffee.

I had not been anticipating seeing the Alabama family that evening as I knew they’d be busy. However, they are also gracious hosts and pretty good at realizing that good company is the most important thing. So, I was surprised to get a text that they had sandwich fixings at the house and we were welcome to come over. I headed to the Inn, picked up my parents, and then to the Alabama family.

And that’s when I realized we were going to be able to be helpful after all. After a long swim in the pool (it was in the 90s the entire time we were there, so pool was a must!) we headed back to the Inn to check in, drop off our bags, and get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Then we picked up some supplies from the store and some flowers on order, then went to the restaurant to create vases of flowers for the tables. Nana (My mom) and Miss Butterfly created some beautiful vases while Pop pop (My dad) and I cleaned up behind them. We were so glad to be able to help!


And the vases looked truly lovely once they were done, though there were a few moments where we had worried we didn’t have enough flowers for the large vases. The restaurant was in an old train depot, so my nephews had a great time watching the trains go by.


We all had a lovely social evening, making a great start to a wonderful weekend.

Day of wedding I am struggling to remember what we did! This does happen sometimes when there’s so much going on. But I do remember that we needed to be ready by 4 for potential photos. I was surprised to see not only my nephews matching, but that unexpectedly, Miss Butterfly matched them.


So very cute!

I did get a selfie with Miss Butterfly in the chapel right before the wedding, so I’ll post that tomorrow with the detailed makeup look included.

Sunday was a day spent at the farmhouse with family. Many treats were consumed, it was an all day feast of homemade delights. And so much good company as well. Miss Butterfly swam all day, getting good and tanned. Many naps were had by various family members. It was a day of mostly relaxing and hanging out.

My cousin was struggling with a sore back and a blown out knee, so biking was not in the cards for him. My brother and I rode his route without him. We had some serious hills and great directions. At the top of the mountain I decided we needed a selfie. It was ridiculously bright out and I managed to get my brother in the frame as well as some of the top of the mountain but not much of me at all!

Anyhow, it’s a beautiful ride, too bad I wasn’t in a position to actually get a shot of the valley. Or me. It was so hot and humid! We talked about how we were going to eat homemade perogies and jump right into the pool with our bike clothes on. So, we did just that. We rolled in, quickly removed our helmets, gloves and shoes, and cannonballed into the water. My cousin handed me a beer. A pool beer!


This really is the most refreshing way to ride on a hot day. The promise of a full body temp cool down really did make us feel like we could get through the ride. And while the temp change was absolutely shocking, it was very welcome.


Here’s a quick look at what my view from my hotel door was, isn’t that spectacularly relaxing looking? Turns out at night the frogs get to talking and are so loud they are deafening. It was a great venue and fantastic experience.

Miss Butterfly and I stuck around until Tuesday at the farmhouse. On Monday we took the kids into a town so they could hang at a coffee shop and feel like proper adults while my cousin’s wife and I visited some antique shops. We had planned to grab a late lunch and then see a movie to beat the heat, but once the kids ate they all decided they wanted to go back home for naps. I guess the weekend really wore them out. On Monday evening my cousin and his wife were talking about how they still had to go over and pick up stuff from the reception hall. I told them that since we weren’t flying out until afternoon, if we planned it early enough I could go help. They thought this might be good as they weren’t sure how much stuff the bride had brought that needed to be picked up.

Turns out my offer was a good idea. We took two trucks over, backed them right up to the reception hall, and then set about doing a major clean up and pack up. We completely filled one truck and partly filled another. Once home, we worked on washing the many table clothes, sorting through boxes, getting the perishables indoors, and then unloading the rest of the equipment into the barn. Since we hadn’t anticipated the large job, we were both underfed and underhydrated, so we grabbed a bit more breakfast, more of a brunch really, then I hopped in the pool once more before we left for home. After an extremely smooth trip home, we are glad to be settling in at home and also sad to know that there won’t be monthly Alabama trips anymore. But I do think our goal of finding ways to help during what is always a stressful time was successful.



This post will be another departure from regularly scheduled programming, and it’ll post while I am flying to Alabama. Here’s the thing, as you are well aware with the help of Miss Butterfly I’ve really gotten into makeup. However, besides Miss Butterfly, I don’t really have anyone to discuss it with. Plus, I would like to be able to keep track of what I have tried and what I liked and didn’t like. Since I began considering blogging about these new experiences, I’ve been saving product empties I’ve finished off. I can get a grouped photograph, and list out experiences, and reference those on my blog. I keep worrying that this will be ridiculously boring, but in the same respect I am trying to remember that the blog is for me and if this works for me, it works for me. No one else actually has to read it. 🙂

So, here’s what I’ve emptied recently:


Working predominately left to right again:

Tarte’s Tarteist lip paint, I am considering this tiny free sample done. Now, I do plan to experiment with this sample, removing the stopper to see if I can get any more product out of it. However, as the packaging currently stands, it’s done. It was an easy one to empty to be honest. I really liked the formula, it was easy to apply, it wore nicely at work, and the color is great for a pulled together look without being bold. I have been wearing this fairly consistently since I got it, I love wearing it on a day I am rocking a bolder eye shadow experiment. I was highly tempted to run right out and get a full size of this in the same color. Except….it’s expensive and since I am still really exploring products I’d feel really sad if I purchased the full size, and then got another sample of a different brand that I liked better. This is the only lip paint I’ve tried. How do I KNOW this is The One? I don’t. So, I am going to scratch out the last little bit from it by removing it’s stopper, and then it goes in the trash. But luckily I’ve got this post to remind me that I like it in case I forget! (I won’t forget. I really like it.)

The Nars velvet matte lip pencil sample I am considering done. You may see that there’s still product there, but there’s no real way to get it onto my lips without making a royal mess. I tried a lip brush, but it’s not working. Here’s what this product taught me. First of all, surprisingly, a super bright magenta or hot pink looks good on me. It was a bold color I never would have tried had I not received it in a subscription box. But, I did receive it, so I felt like I should use it, and in doing so discovered the color is fantastic on me. I actually really enjoyed the formula of this product, I don’t mind a matte lipstick at all. It didn’t transfer easily and I could wear it all day without reapplying, which makes it a very appealing product. Except that I’ve also discovered that matte lipsticks in “crayon” form are very difficult to use without making a mess. That’s my experience anyhow. I’ve got a crayon style tinted lip balm that works great, but I don’t have to be very precise with it. But with this bold a color, a mistake really shows, and I was making a ton of mistakes with the crayon style application. I won’t repurchase.

Clinique’s take the day off makeup remover. I truly want to know, is there any difference in these types of shake them up and apply with a cotton pad makeup removers? In the past, I’ve tried this one, almay ones, estee lauder once, and none of them, truly, seem any different from the other. So that’s a no, I am not going to purchase this product. If I get a sample, I’ll happily use it up but I don’t see the point of purchasing it outright.

Clinique cc cream, which is featured in this month’s project pan (or use it up in this case.) Ok, I’ve given this the ol’ college try. This is expired. And, this does not look good on my skin. It’s not just that it is the wrong shade. It does NOT LOOK GOOD on my skin, I can apply with a sponge, a brush, or my fingers and it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. It’s gotta go. I can do better. WAY better. In fact, I wore something else yesterday and after numerous days of the cc cream I hated, I kept looking at myself in the mirror and thinking “So much better!” The astute among you may observe that if it’s outdated, perhaps it’s spoiled and that’s why I am having such trouble with it. This may be true. I DID use it when I purchased it for the 2016 conference, I did use it to have some photographs taken for my job as well, and I don’t remember having an awful time with it. Either it is genuinely spoiled, or I am just way more critical than I used to be. Or some combo of both. In any case, it hits the trash NOW!

Urban Decay’s all nighter setting spray, this was a free sample. And…I don’t think I’ll repurchase this either. I hear about this product a ton, but I guess this is another “How is this actually better?” situation for me. I mean, I used it all up, but I think there could easily be less expensive options out there, so I won’t repurchase. I’ll explore some less expensive options for awhile, and may even decide that setting spray isn’t for me.

Loreal’s voluminous lash paradise. Would I repurchase? I ALREADY HAVE! For real, this is my jam. I love the applicator, I love the formula, I love how it stays on my lashes, I love how it makes them look, I love the price, and I love this product. You might wonder how I’ve managed to go through an entire mascara in the short time I’ve been hard core exploring makeup. But, shelf life of opened mascara is only 3 months and with this product, it pretty much gets too thick to apply and look great around that 3 month mark. I repurchased this product, but didn’t open it, as I wanted to save it for the wedding. In the meantime, I am trying to use up other mascara samples to tide me over until then. After this next tube is done, I may try exploring a few other cheap drugstore brands I’ve read good things about, but I am eager for another 3 months of this product.

Belif moisturizing eye bomb, this was another sample sent in a subscription box, and I actually am working through yet another free sample now. I really do like this product. When I first began applying makeup, the wrinkles in my undereye area pulled all the way out onto my cheeks, and they don’t anymore. Is it due to this product in particular or to a better skin care routine in general? I don’t know. Might even have something to do with slightly more skilled makeup application routines. I do know that I like this better than my clinique all about eyes sample that I tried right after Christmas.  Will I purchase this? Not at this time. It’s expensive! And I’ve got two more eye creams from samples or boxes that I can try before I make that decision. I am ready to keep exploring on this category. Not ready to commit.

So, that’s my try on/empties for this month. We’ll see what I can manage to work through next month. I can tell you this, that perfume I am trying to work my way through? Guys, perfumes go SLOWLY. Which is great, for the price one pays for them. But less great if you have this idea you need to see discernible progress on going through something.