2011 Projects

Madli Stole:

Lanesplitter skirt:

Handspun Lillia Hyrna Shawl:




Handspun Palette:

Seraphim Shawl:

Advent Scarf:

Child’s Ruched Tee:

Handspun Handpainted Melusine:

Traveling Woman shawl:

Baby Mine cardigan:


Attitude sweater:

Amiga Cardigan:

Juno Regina Scarf:

5 hour baby sweater:

All Ears hats:


Rick socks:

Summer Flies Shawl:

Felted Wheel Bag:

Rock and Weave socks:

Dwarven Battle Bonnet:


Sunburst Cardigan:

Noro striped messenger bag:

Thrummed mittens:

Gentleman’s socks in lozenge pattern:

Very Berry Baby:

Peace Baby set:

Falling Snow Stocking:


Orange Hat and Scarf:

Wanida socks:

Clapotis Scarf:

Wedge socks:

Felted Coasters:

Lacy Baktus scarf:

Baktus scarf:

Gentleman’s plain winter socks:


Hermoine’s Everyday Socks:

Crocheted Pansy Blanket:

Jayne Cobb Hat:

Various small crocheted food items:

Knit Heart:

Bacon and Eggs scarf:

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