And now I am done

All Christmas knitting and gift wrapping truly is done now, as I secretly finished Bug’s doll dress last evening. It was a bit of a race to the finish. I’d been knitting on the dress at work, but ran out of time. Once I brought it home, I knew I’d have to knit on it secretly. So, I woke up at 5:15 a.m. on Saturday morning and finished the knitting of the dress by 7 when Bug came downstairs. I soaked it in a bucket under my bed.

I then spent all morning trying to get that kid to take a shower, JUST so that I could block the dress in secret. By the time I finally won the shower argument, I’d forgotten about the dress. Toward the end of her shower, I was furiously pinning out the dress on a blocking board and shoving the entire board back under the bed. It was tense, but I got it done.

Last evening I sent Bug to bed, and began to seam the dress. I’d secretly taken Julie from her room before she went to sleep so I could try the dress on her and snap a photo. Unfortunately, as I was dressing the doll, I hear Bug coming downstairs. I am afraid I had to drop Julie rather unceremoniously behind the couch and throw a blanket over her in order to keep her hidden.

Thankfully, nothing actually went wrong with the knitting or the sizing of the dress, and it is now complete, wrapped, and placed in the stocking appropriately. It is good to at least have one hand knit for Miss Bug this Christmas.


Julie’s Wardrobe Part “Christmas”

All knitting for Miss Julie has been done. I made a lovely little skirt using scraps I had around the house. Inevitably it takes more yarn than I expect when I knit for her, so I ran out of yarn, twice, and had to add colors. I think the end result is pleasing anyhow. For the top, this was a bit more of a challenge. I originally knit the top in the same beige I cast off the skirt with. However, I did not have enough and under the cabled band I had to switch colors to the purple. I didn’t like the way it looked, so I ended up starting over with the purple. At that point I also modified the pattern heavily, as I had no interest in sewing velcro on, and wanted to use buttons I already had in stash instead. In the end, the purple doesn’t look too bad with the green, one of my favorite color combinations in any case. And I’ll try to ignore the ridiculousness of using malabrigo silky merino for a doll top when I don’t even have a garment of such luxuriousness, but it was what I had in stash that matched the yarn weight I needed.


Wardrobe Infusion

With the upcoming holidays, it is time to start knitting more for Julie’s wardrobe. I’ve been knitting in secret, putting it away when Bug is around so the going is a bit slow. However, I knit this lovely little cape from scraps in my stash. This picture is unblocked, but the cape is now blocking under my bed nicely hidden.



Wardrobe Infusion

For a doll of course. Julie has a new outfit. I knit the fairy tale skirt, blouse, and apron for Julie. I started quite some time ago, as the skirt is a very long knit. All sock weight yarn, and enough stitches around for an adult sweater. But, just as soon as I blocked the skirt I realized what a fantastic end product it made, so I quickly cast on the apron and the blouse. I am super proud of this set. Yarn is knitpicks palette which was just hanging around in my stash.

I am not really sure how I’ll top this one for Julie!


Julie’s blanket

Seeing as our new member of the family, Julie, is a 1970’s gal, and seeing as she has been cold at night without her very own blanket, what’s a gal to do but design a Missoni inspired blanket for her?

Here she shows it off. Yarn is Lion Brand Cotton-ease. I knit it on size 9 needles. There were an insane amount of ends to weave in, but I think it was worth it! I absolutely adore the end product. Bug is pleased too, Julie now sleeps with her blanket every night.

Speaking of Julie, and her ever increasing wardrobe, my boss and her daughter dropped by this week with a package for Bug. It was another outfit for Julie. This is one of the American Girl Doll outfits. It is so very sweet, and if I could find it in my size, I’d have the outfit too.

Yes, the Julie obsession is still going strong.


Julie’s Wardrobe Infusion

Bug and I aren’t the only ones with a mild obsession for her new doll, Julie. My mom has also been enjoying her, and sent Bug a few garments that she made for Bug. They are just absolutely lovely, little treasures for Bug to enjoy with her doll.

The vest is reversible, notice the applique flower on the jeans, and Bug is impressed with the back pocket which holds Julie’s bicentennial quarter perfectly.

On this one, both the shrug and the handbag are reversible. So pretty!

This is Bug’s current favorite, Julie is seen in this most of the time right now.

These pieces are such treasures, thank you Mom!

Julie’s Wardrobe

I suspect Julie’s Wardrobe will become a regular post in the upcoming year. Bug immediately informed me that Julie was going to need a nightgown. We sifted through the stash of leftover yarn until we found some DK weight yarn, and I started on a crocheted project. It went quickly, I started it that evening, finished at lunchtime at work, and wove in the ends as soon as I got home that night. Bug kept checking in on me to see how far I had managed to get, so I knew that I could not work on other projects until Julie had sleepwear. There is a corresponding robe for this pattern and I will make it, but I don’t have the yarn for it right yet.

Bug doesn’t know this yet, but she still has a bed for Julie coming, and so I will be designing a missoni inspired blanket for the bed next. But I’ll keep that one secret. She really gets a giggle over secret knitting.


Knitting for Julie

I believe there will be a whole lot more knitting for Julie in my future. I rattled off this outfit before Christmas, with no real indication how it would fit. It looks great anyhow! Bug was very surprised I was able to “hide” my knitting from her. I found hiding the blocking far more difficult than hiding the knitting.