Some Spinning

I am not gonna lie, last evening I mostly didn’t do anything. After traveling last weekend and into the week, then the extended family upset and readjusting to work, I was just absolutely DONE. So exhausted. I got a tiny bit of spinning in and a photo of my bobbin because it was scheduled to rain all day today. And then I put the spinning away and sat around watching youtube videos instead. This is highly unusual, usually I can AT LEAST knit while watching videos. So this was a sign I needed the quiet evening.


I am very close to being done with this bobbin now. I imagine I’ll be working my way through the second bobbin by the end of this weekend. But today I’ve got a 50 mile bike ride planned. For pie. A ride where we ride to eat pie. Great concept, and I am hoping we don’t get poured on. Mr. Ink has to work so I am going with a good friend. It’s a ways out of the city so being able to carpool will be nice. Lizzie and Miss Butterfly are also off being active, Lizzie is running her first 5K. She can walk a 5K in a heartbeat but I never run them. But she does love to run! So I think they’ll have a good time. It’ll be a trail run with other dogs too, so I am hoping there will be fun photos of that.

In the garden, it’s resembling my spinning:


The first of my tiny irises has bloomed with lots more to go. I’ve done no planting myself, but am hoping to find a yellow iris or two this year to plant in both iris areas.

That’s it from here! I’ve got some knitting for a post tomorrow, and then maybe a makeup new impressions post after that. I’ll have to see where the weekend leads me. Have a fantastic weekend!


Last evening was full of packing and getting ready for our trip tomorrow. My brother and his family are already in the air now. We are getting ridiculously excited. I have to say, it’s NICE to get excited about traveling and doing things again. After 2.5 years of extreme exhaustion with an awful coworker, and basically being uninspired about anything that wasn’t coming home and relaxing, it’s so fun to be ready to do ALL THE THINGS!

I thought I’d get this picture of the Scottish Stripes up today though. I haven’t worked on this at all lately, but I got another section complete right before I started doing all the spinning.


It’s not that I am bored with this, it’s just that I wanted to spin, and then when I finished spinning I wanted to knit with my corespun, and also knew that this scarf wasn’t going to be a great travel scarf, but that the corespun one would. So, I’ll resume this upon our return.

That’s about it for me, it’s another full packing evening, and I doubt I’ll have any more crafting photos until after our return. Have a great weekend everyone!

Quite an Evening

First up, spinning stuff. After that huge load of two ply yarn I had to figure out what next to do with my life. I stash dove, and came up with another combo spin. But, this combo spin isn’t really a huge departure.


The top braid is Fat Cat Knits, of which I have 6 ounces. The bottom braid is Edgewood Gardens, 4 ounces. These two are very similar, but the Fat Cat braid has more color and more depth of color. Rather than just spinning them separately, I figured the best thing to do would just be to combine them into one spin. I divided everything in half, pulled them into strips, and began to spin.


I think this will be a real win. My plan is for a two ply. It’ll look totally “handspunny” when it’s done.

Last evening Miss Butterfly had invited Mr. Ink’s daughter and wife over for a visit, as she had figured out they’d be in town. I know full well that while they’d said 6 pm as their arrival time, they are never on time. so, I decided to go on a bike ride with friends. It had been predicted to rain which had kept many people away, but those of us who were willing to get caught in the rain were eager for a ride. Spoiler alert, it didn’t rain. Even if it did, at temps of 85, no one cares about the rain. We got a 20 mile ride in, stopped for a gorgeous sunset, and had dinner at our original meeting place. A great night with friends! Despite my concern I might get left behind without Mr. Ink there to make sure I was around, I didn’t get left behind. Here’s what I could capture of the sunset:


We did a two lake ride, we rode around this one, out to another, and then back to this one when the sun was setting. I wish my photo was straighter, but you get the picture.

When I arrived home around 9:45, the gals were still over. They stayed until about 11:30 which is pretty late for me on a work night. But we were glad to have their company. They hadn’t arrived until around 8 so I am glad I went on that bike ride! They brought Daisy the service dog with them, as they do:


But she was off duty. This is the first time Daisy has been in our home, and it was the first time the gals had met Lizzie too. Naturally, it was Lizzie and Daisy’s first intro. And….it didn’t go great. They were fine together in the back yard, but in the house, Lizzie spent all her time herding Daisy. Complete with snapping at her to get her to do what she wanted. What Lizzie wanted was Daisy in another room from where the humans were. Daisy, to her credit, took all this in stride.  She’d get pretty nervous about the snapping but would otherwise be herded and wait until the humans came to her rescue. (Though things got really out of hand when Daisy tried to steal Lizzie’s pineapple toy, but we fixed that quick by getting Daisy her own favorite toy.) Needless to say, cute side by side dog photos were NOT in the cards. Anyhow, KK agreed that Lizzie was the perfect post Coco dog. “Awww! She’s like Coco’s little rambunctious sister!” And many dog photos were taken. We’ve agreed in the future we’ll have to take the dogs to neutral territory, it would be easier on everyone.

Anyhow, that was one very busy evening, but also extremely pleasant. I’ve got an actual knitting photo to post tomorrow! More progress on that Scottish Stripes scarf that has mainly been neglected for spinning this past week.


On the Brain


Last evening was the first evening of the monthly walk our dog at the botanical gardens. It’s SO FUN! We just love the event. We have memberships to the botanical gardens anyhow, since we are very plants positive in our home. Being able to take our dog just makes everything better. Plus we get to see all the other cool dogs. For the first time ever, Lizzie didn’t do her stress drooling on this walk. She must be feeling ever more confident in our care. They key, clearly, is exposure to new things. We’ll just keep at it.

Anyhow, the above photo was from our walk. The trees are all budding beautifully, and I must have the upcoming wedding on my brain because this just looked like a bridal veil to me. Such a gorgeous evening!

There is also an artist display going on right now for the next few days, gorgeous pieces all made out of trash. I am really happy I got to see this before it left. This was too large to even get a photograph of.


Now on to the spinning. I finished my huge Loop! bump project, 725 yards of 2 ply yarn in a gradient.


So, that huge gradient skein turned out great. Then I took the leftover black singles and plied those together. And I do NOT know what was going on with those. But they are significantly thicker than my gradient. I don’t know how that happened. But, this is often the case when I leave something for long periods of time and then come back to it. I can only imagine that those black singles were the first of the very first bump and way back at the beginning of December I planned for a thicker single.

These fiber bumps had been in my stash for a very long time, they were some of the original loop! bumps I purchased. I just went back and checked, these were from the end of 2012. They held up well! I have often felt that keeping Loop! bumps around sometimes gives you slightly felted fiber on the outside. This isn’t how I’ve felt about my own stash, but I don’t typically keep loop! bumps long. But it is how I’ve felt about loop! bumps I’ve received from people who are destashing them. I can honestly say that if you store your loop! bumps carefully, with very little movement and squishing, they really can stay a long time as they are with no felting on the outside. And, to that end, I think I am done picking them up on a destash.

I’ve got one more spinning related post for tomorrow! My spinning mojo has been very high lately. Then I’ll probably be mostly off the radar for a bit during our travel. Hope you are all having a fantastic week!


So Many Pictures

I took so many photos of crafts and plants this weekend that I had to read yesterday’s post to remember what I’d already shown.

In spinning:


I completed this corespun yarn I began in February. I washed it and hung it to dry, then completely failed to count yardage before I wound it and began knitting. Oops! So, I’ll just try to get an idea of how many yards once it’s all knit up, I think I can because I am knitting it into another polar opposites scarf like this one:


In plant news:


One of the load of plants is in. This is the weepingest weeping japanese maple that Mr. Ink could find. It went into the garden bed I asked him to create last year to cover the gas and electric line to the garage. That little hill was eroding and I figured a flower bed would suit it so much better. It does! That’s the only plant that went in this weekend, the rest are all for next weekend when Miss Butterfly and I are gone. Mr. Ink is planning a marathon of planting that weekend. It’ll be fun to return to see what he accomplished!

In puzzle news, Mr. Ink and I continued working on Miss Butterfly’s puzzle despite the fact that she was with her dad this weekend. We did this puzzle the exact opposite of how Salpal1 suggested. We did all the fun bits first and are stuck with a massive slog of sky and roof now. It’s SLOW going. But, everyone still puts a piece or two in as we pass by the dining room table. Mr. Ink and I have begun working on the puzzle after breakfast for awhile, a nice pleasant new weekend tradition. Miss Butterfly and I sat with it quite a bit when she returned home last evening as well. I do believe that puzzles may be in our home to stay for awhile. (Miss Marja loaned us two more big puzzles for once we have completed this one.)

And, in project pan news, I ended up deciding to weigh almost everything I am trying to work toward using up this month in hopes that’ll give me a better idea of progress when I check in mid month. I am not having high hopes at all for the foundation choice though, after just a bit of extra sun this weekend I realized that I am looking rather ghostly today. I’ve got maybe the rest of this week to use it before I have to tuck it away for the summer, as I expect that much of our time in Alabama will be spent outdoors.

That’s it from here! More spinning photos tomorrow and the next day. For real! It was a lovely productive weekend, wonderfully low key. Much crafting was done!

A Start

Surprisingly enough, I began knitting another sock. I haven’t even finished the blue ones! I am partway through the toe on the second sock, and I already knit the heel, so I am close. But, I needed something mindless for this week and a sock seemed to really work for that idea.


So, 2 days of sock knitting brings me to the above photo. Guys, this is a DEEP stash dive.  This is A Swell Yarn Shop duet skinny sock. I probably put this in my stash in 2008. So, a 10 year deep dive. I have always LOVED this yarn so it’s not surprising it stuck around so long. Sometimes if I love something, I have a hard time working with it. (I am trying to get over that.) Or, if I think something is of “high value” I won’t work with it. In the end, yarn is a material for a creation and there’s no reason I can’t use it.

ANYHOW, this is one of those yarns that has a separate heels/toes color that matches the main sock color. The picture isn’t the most clear, but it’s a pinky purply pastel color with brown being the dark color and the color of the heels/toes yarn.

I wanted to get this sock started because we were headed out to play trivia last evening with some friends. But, as it turned out, I spent most of trivia holding a 3 month old baby instead, and the sock never made it out of my purse. On that note, she was a good luck charm, as we took second place, only two points behind the winner!

It’s been so busy that knitting really hasn’t been a priority. I can’t believe I am not done with the other pair of socks yet. It’s really strange. But, we’ve been having a great time this week, so despite it being unusual, we’ll take it. I’ve got one quiet but busy weekend left and then next weekend we are off to Alabama again for the wedding. We are so excited! I guess I’ll have to consider what I plan to knit for that trip too.

That’s it from here, but you WILL see socks tomorrow, I am certain!


We are having what can only be described as wild weather. This is….fairly typical for our area this time of year, but being an east coast gal, even after living here for years, I still tend to forget what it is like. The past two days have been windy. And pretty hot. We had to turn on our AC last evening. When I say “windy” it might be hard for you to really grasp the extent of that unless you are out here experiencing it. So, as an example, let’s take a look at what has happened just west of here. Two days in a row the interstate was closed due to multi vehicle pile ups caused by wind and reduced visibility. We are also struggling with fires, it’s too dry and combined with the wind, things get out of control extremely quickly. Now, around here when you see these types of conditions and then notice it’s predicted that the next day you’ll have a significant drop in temperatures, it doesn’t matter what the forecast is at the time, you can guarantee that 95% of the time this will lead to severe weather. The temps are dropping, and severe weather is predicted. But….at least we’ll get some rain?

Since the weather has been weird, and I can tell you this, no one wants to be out in that wind no matter how warm it is, I didn’t get much in the way of photos lately. But this morning I was up quite early (Thanks Lizzie.) and decided to spend a half hour before work outside on the patio with my coffee and knitting. I am also attempting to change Lizzie’s schedule, but she’s a persistent little doggo, so I had a dog in my face the entire time wanting to be fed. I did grab a photo of the sock I just finished.


It fits me perfectly so I guess it’s mine. The second sock is about 3/4 done, and I may even be able to finish tonight depending on what is going on.

It’s been an interesting couple of days in general too. Miss Butterfly was at camp this weekend. We picked her up intending to take her to a movie, but she didn’t want to go. So, she stayed home and made cupcakes while we went to the movie. While making cupcakes she managed to break my ipad screen. Majorly. I had been throwing around the idea of getting a new ipad, as mine is very old. But…I realized that even if I did get a new ipad, I’d intended to keep the current one as a way to read patterns while knitting. So, I made an appointment to have the screen fixed. The next morning I woke up with a dead phone. Now, I just invested in a new screen and battery for that in hopes to continue to use it for a little while longer. So, it was a bit upsetting to have that happen. Thankfully, at some point in the morning I realized that the phone was quite hot, as if it were still trying to work, so I was able to get it fixed with a hard restart. Thankfully. I am well aware that phone is on it’s last leg, but I just….don’t feel like replacing it right now.

In gardening news, a little tulip I rescued from the overgrown garden that turned into a veggie garden last year managed to survive. I replanted it at the wrong time, then dug it up twice last year while attempting to eradicate the garden of plumbago. So, I was very surprised to see that lone tulip pop up, and thrilled when it bloomed.


It looks a bit small and weak, but it looked that way last year too. Hopefully if I leave it alone for a few years it’ll begin to strengthen and propagate. I definitely want a few more of these in the garden.

My propagated lilies look like they are going crazy this year. I am hoping we see blooms on the propagated ones from 2 years ago. I am also hoping to add both some red tulips and various lilies to my gardens this year. It’s great to see what is coming up and how fast at this point. My geraniums have overwintered at work, and today I plan to begin bringing them home. They probably need to be repotted, they tend to go nuts in the winter.

That’s about it from here. I do hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!