Candle Flame

I pulled out some yarn I made out of rolags I had created on my blending board. Originally I wanted to pair the overall green yarn with a grey, but once I got it wound up, I didn’t have a grey that worked particularly well with the weight of that pretty green. So I chose differently.


I ended up making a candle flame patterned scarf, and it really did turn out beautifully! I believe it took me half of the scarf to finally memorize the pattern, so now I am half tempted to make another one just so I can keep the pattern memorized.

Next up, spinning! Because I haven’t figured out what to knit next. But that’s for another day…


I promised more knitting photos, and I can deliver! I knew I was pretty close to finishing a little project I never even had the opportunity to mention. It’s a handspun Royal cowl.


This was a nice easy pattern, I loved the braided cables. It was an easy pattern to memorize and an easy pattern to work on in my spare moments. Easily picked up and put down again. Since it was such a terrifyingly busy work week, this was exactly the project I needed.

I would certainly make this pattern again, but I would not do the icord cast on and bind off. Well, the bind off wasn’t too bad but I really disliked the icord cast on. I could do better just making an icord and then picking up the appropriate number of stitches around to achieve the same look. It would be more seamless than doing this on the needles.

I would actually like to do another of these with a long infinity type cowl, the pattern is pleasing and I really prefer a long cowl that is easily doubled.

I took the dogs out for a long walk around a lake yesterday. It was Rose’s first time at the lake. She did pretty well with passing people, much better than when we first got her and she’d refuse to move if someone tried to walk by. But, yesterday the challenge was bikes. These were new for her and terrifying. I am happy to report that after an hour and a half walk with multiple bikes passing by, she was able to come to the conclusion that bikes aren’t that terrifying after all and will probably leave her alone if she’s walking nicely by my side. This brings me to the conclusion that our method of exposure therapy for her is working. We just keep doing what we do with our dogs and assume that she’ll realize it isn’t that scary after all. We definitely need a few more trips around the lake to solidify this lesson.

After that, we ended up with some tired doggos!


Here’s Rose all balled up so much that her tail is touching her eye. Such a cutie!

I was able to get a nice nap in and then it was time to work with Miss Butterfly on getting ready for her first homecoming dance! It took her all day long to get ready, she probably spent 3 hours total on her nails. She had a notebook full of a list of her plans on what to use and what she needed to remember. She’s definitely my kid! In the end she looked great.


She did not have a date, she just went with her best friend. So, her father, stepmother, Mr. Ink, and I all took her out to dinner beforehand. Her father and stepmom drove her to the dance, and Mr. Ink picked her and her friend up after I was fast asleep. This morning she tells me she had a great time, it was super fun, and she even danced which is completely surprising.

Oh, and I did her hair! She had two tiny braids connected in the back to keep her hair out of her face, and then I curled the rest. For the makeup loving folks, I used morrocan oil texture spray, as I had a sample size, and it really held her curls in beautifully! They still look fantastic this morning.


Here’s a close up of her telling me off because I wasn’t taking photos at the correct angle. Gives a closer look at her makeup game which was amazing. She really wanted to wear RED lipstick, and it looks really nice! She’s wearing bare minerals liquid foundation, and on her eyes, she’s got the too faced chocolate bar palette on. Not that you can see it, but it was a nice neutral look with a tiny bit of shimmer and it looked wonderful.

So, that was our Saturday excitement. Now it’s Sunday and we’ve got a lot planned for today as well. But, I was able to sleep in! Mr. Ink took the dogs out early before they started making enough noise to really wake me up. Then they settled back in very well and I was able to stay in bed. What a lovely moment that was! Today we start some formal training classes with Rose, and we’ve got a trip to the dog park planned before that. And of course there’s all those pesky weekend chores to complete! But, I also plan to start another project today, I just have to decide what that will be!

Again, not socks

Before I started all the socks, I had pulled out a skein of Marja’s yarn that I am just obsessed with. It’s grey and green and wonderful, I love all the subtle tones of it. I’d decided to knit it into a cowl, I wound the yarn, and then got distracted by all those socks.

But, as is usual, after more than a week solid of socks, my hands were done in. I did a bit of spinning, but then I wanted to cast on for this cowl for some easy knitting.


I am still working on the socks, but this was a fine little break yesterday.

I also took a pair of socks, some ankle socks I knit awhile back, and frogged them. I wore them maybe once, and the yarn was nice opal yarn, and if I am completely uninterested in wearing them, it’s better to claim back that yarn for a pair of full length socks. After all, I’d saved the rest of the skein.

Mr. Ink’s house project has moved along quite nicely as well. In fact, my part in it is done. It took up loads of time, but it was also quite interesting. He comes from an entire family of artists, and there were so many beautiful things. One drawing really struck me in particular, it was stuffed in with his mom’s art school work. We were both taken with the self portrait, and when we calculated it out, she was only 16 yrs old when she did it. I am going to take the opportunity to ask her about some of those things the next time we spend some time together.

All in all, a pretty decent weekend. Tonight we celebrate on of Mr. Ink’s kids birthday, he’s picked out a dinner menu and we will all get together and make it. We plan to trick the kids into sorting through their stuff in the house while they are there. 😉


Yesterday I managed to finish and block my father’s christmas gift. Today I managed to finish and block my mother’s christmas gift. They are both fantastic, and quite frankly my dad’s gift may get a part two. They are actually going to be quite difficult to give away I love them so much. But, I can’t show you until after christmas.

Instead, I figured I’d ball up some yarn for a project of my own. I got a new winter coat this year, and I realized that I have yet to knit any accompanying accessories for it. I also realized I have yet to knit anything from loop bumps I’ve spun. So, I looked in my stash, found a lovely two ply, and wound it into cakes.

Let’s talk about winding yarn for a second here. Recently most of my winding is done by hand, with a nostepinne I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival. It is from KCL Woods. But even before the nostepinne purchase, I’d been winding by hand for quite some time. I think this has something to do with working predominately in handspun, and loving the handspun so much that even winding it is a pleasure.

However, I have close to 900 yards of this loop handspun. So, I figured it would be a little overwhelming to wind it by hand when I was eager to start immediately. I wound the first smaller ball with a regular royal ball winder, but for the second skein, which was HUGE, I pulled out my strauch ball winder. This one comes in handy when I need something for a particularly large skein. I can winder faster with the cheap royal, but it was worth it to pull out the Strauch. So I figured I’d grab a photograph to show the difference. Added bonus, I grabbed the nostepinne and threw that in the shot as well.



It is nice and early Saturday morning, the weather has finally cooled to temps appropriate for the date, and I am enjoying a bit of coffee and thinking about crafting.

I don’t think I’ve posted the spinning project I am currently working on before, but it looks like I will be done soon, maybe even this weekend, so I figured it could be time to get an in progress picture out.

I picked up a loop cloud over the winter. I find these as appealing or more so than the bullseye bumps. I love gently shaded solids, and this certainly will be that. I’ve been spinning this entirely on my TJ tibetan, trying to keep projects off the wheel. But, I do believe that I will ply on the wheel when it is ready.


I am still trying to decide on 2 or 3 ply. I am loving the fatter yarns I am making this year, but always get a bit sad about lack of yardage.


Dyeabolical Batts

So, my blue dyeabolical batts, which were a combo of merino and angelina (I think, because I’ve misplaced the tag, I really need to make a system for my tags!) are complete. I spun these on my Neal Brand tibetan. I had 2 matching batts. I spun each on one spindle, which turned out to be quite a challenge as the spindle was so full it got really laggy and slow. I spun each in a gradient, so that I could ply them together into a 2 ply gradient, light to dark. Personally, I love this skein. It is 25o yards of 2 ply, it is nice, light, and bouncy. At about a sport weight yarn it is going to make something quite beautiful. And no, I don’t know what that will be.

20130413-135131.jpg 20130413-135137.jpg


I’ve been thinking about this tag issue quite a bit. Everyone knows that I am not the most organized person out there, and I hate clutter even though it seems that clutter builds up. Generally my way of dealing with it is to get frustrated and throw everything out. Which means I misplace tags and then throw them out. I will never be the kind of person who keeps a spinning notebook with tags and samples. No no no, I don’t even want to BE that person. However, I’ve got to figure out some system. What do you do with your tags and how do you keep your fiber arts organized?