The Neat Trick

The Neat Trick about keeping a project at work and knitting through lunch hour is that you may end up with a finished object even when you feel like you really aren’t knitting at all lately.


That is how I ended up with another spiral scarf. The yarn is Miss Marja’s handspun and I really enjoyed knitting the gradient of it!

This brings me to 48% of my goal of knitting 40 projects this year. Very helpful when the other goal is to knit down stash and all I am doing right now is adding yarns to my stash through spinning.

In other news, the dogs and family went out early this morning to participate in a run to support local dog rescues. It was good fun! We sent Rose with Miss Butterfly’s dad so she could run fast with him, and then the rest of us walked with Lizzie. Rose’s nerves did quite well, there were a couple of difficult moments but by and large she seemed to have a great time. Miss Butterfly’s dad says she did pretty well overall, and really got the hang of it in the second half of her run. Despite the fact he’s a fast runner, he struggled to keep up with her, which is no surprise to those of us who take her to the dog park regularly. I do hope he wants to run with her again. We were fortunate to have a break in the rain so that we didn’t get wet, though the trails were very muddy. We were also fortunate that the temperature was extremely pleasant.

Mr. Ink had to work after that, so we had to grab both dogs and head home while Miss Butterfly and her dad and step mom stuck around to visit the vendors and pick up free treats for the dogs. Now I am getting that enjoyable rare opportunity to have the house to myself with two extremely sleepy and quiet dogs. It’s been a pretty lovely saturday so far!

A Newish Project

To be fair, I’ve been working on this project since before the wedding but I just kept it at work and so I never got a photograph.


I am using some of Marja’s handspun to create another ruffle scarf. While I forgot what a boring knit this was, I do think it is well suited to the yarn. It’ll move through the blurple back into the mauve again before it is done, and I enjoy a nice gradient quite a bit.

In other news, Miss Butterfly was hard at work this week. The beginning of the week was pleasant. We’d received a wedding gift over the weekend, but hadn’t had an opportunity to put it together. I said “Boy, sure would be nice to sit on new patio furniture!” And Mr. Ink said “I was just thinking that!” So I hurredly ran down to the basement and brought up a box. The lightest box. Mr. Ink took another box and looked in it. Then he noped right out of there and decided it was too much work.

Miss Butterfly had caught on to what we were up to, and she decided it was not to much work for her to do. So she got started.


I snuck these photos while she put together the table.


And then a chair. And once that chair was done, I was invited to give it a try, while I not so surreptitiously took another photo. She was not impressed. img_1127

But she was doing such a lovely job! She put two chairs together and then decided she’d wait on the rest. What she doesn’t know is that I am going to pay her for this task. To be honest, this wasn’t about to get done any time soon unless I did it. And I wasn’t going to do it. But the whole family will very much enjoy the new furniture.


After 8 Months

I am not absolutely positive, but I am pretty sure I haven’t done any wheel spinning since the end of August. I put my wheels away when Rose arrived as she was definitely going through a destructive teen stage. I am glad I did, all things considered. She is great now, but we did lose a lot of items from her destructive chewing.

After the destructive phase ended, a few months after we got her, I was just too busy in general to pull those wheels back out. I wanted to finish a bunch of knitting and reduce my yarn stash. I had major work projects. And then? I got engaged and had a wedding to plan. The spinning wheels stayed quietly in their closet as all these life events and plans happened.

Then I almost finished my lintilla shawl. I ran out of handspun yarn JUST before the end of the knit and JUST before family got into town for the wedding. That got set aside. Until this weekend.


I already had the wool singles done, I just needed to spin up a couple mawata silk pieces and then ply those with the wool. I could easily have just spun one little mawata, but I did two. Then I finished knitting my lintilla!


I love it. It’s slubby and fun. It is super soft with all that silk. I did all the dyeing for both the wool and the silk. It is absolutely something I made from start to finish.

Now I am off to find some fiber and do a real spin. Or, perhaps I’ll do some plying from spindles. I don’t know! But, I am definitely going to take some time to do some spinning. It might take me a minute to get squared away with it again!


It’s one week after our big event. My nails are beginning to chip. The flowers are beginning to die, though I did remove all dead flowers and put together new vases with those that were still viable.


We are working our way through our leftover food and doing pretty good with that. Some got frozen, much got eaten, and the salad we couldn’t get through had to get tossed. Our certified copy of our license arrived today so now we can plan a day off to go get name change stuff taken care of. I am still sleeping quite a lot, though I am hoping with a nap today I’ll be fairly caught up again. I’ve gotten back on my diet, despite the consumption of leftovers, and am only 3 pounds over my lowest weight. Not bad! With the massive success I had with it, I do want to keep it up.

Goals for this weekend would be taking up spinning again. I need to get some mawata silk done so I can finish my lintilla scarf. It’s so close to being done! I also want to get more of my craft room cleaned up, it’s pretty nutty in there as I mostly just dumped decor in there after the wedding was over. I am going to let Mr. Ink know that it may be time to start getting my loom put together so I can experiment with it, but since he works this weekend, I won’t push it. And I’d like to get a good start on thank you notes, I am terrible at writing them and the sooner I work on it the better chance we have of it actually getting done.

Meanwhile, what I am actually getting done isn’t on the goals list.


But I am definitely going to town on it! These tiny 10 stitch rows are deeply satisfying to me especially when paired with a yarn that changes colors. I’ve been working on this while chilling with the dogs in a quiet house. It’s much needed. Miss Butterfly is at camp and Mr. Ink is at work and I am truly enjoying the house to myself. But I do truly hope to have a little spinning to show off in the near future!


Knitting in the Quiet Moments

2 more sleeps until wedding day. Yesterday we had a lovely day spent with family. I managed to get the car cleaned before my parents were ready to come visit. We had additional family arrive and had a nice lunch and downtown shopping (browsing) experience. Mr. Ink’s sister in law arrived in the late afternoon. Mr. Ink finally bought a dress shirt for the ceremony and then brought home pizza for a late evening dinner.

I’d been working on my Lintilla shawl out of handspun, and I almost finished, except I lost at yarn chicken. Which is fine because I have what I need to create more yarn to finish. It’s just that spinning isn’t about to happen until after the wedding, so I had to choose something else instead. I decided to wind up an 8 ounce ball of handspun and cast on another lintilla because it’s just so easy to knit. But, the handspun wasn’t performing as I wanted to, it had no drape. So I ripped it out.

Then I decided on a ten stitch twist. I don’t know if this will make it to blanket or throw size, though I do have more yarn I can use on it once the 8 ounce ball is done, or, I am pretty sure I could procure more of the colorway and keep after it in the future. But, I just wanted to knit it because it looked interesting and fun. Whatever it turns into is cool with me.

This morning Mr. Ink’s sister in law is working from our house. We’ll be heading out shopping a bit later but for now I’ve got time on my hands and it’s quiet in the house so I am getting some knitting (and blogging) done. Here’s where I am.


Not the most beautiful or inspired photo but when working on crafts in the quiet moments, we take what we can get. I don’t think I am doing the joins quite correctly but they look interesting so I am going to go with it and call it a feature not a bug.

Tonight we head out to the venue to do some last minute planning. Mr. Ink’s sister in law will be in charge of set up, so we had a meeting about everything last evening. But of course, things always become much clearer when she can see the actual space we are using. And then, we get to have the middle age equivalent of a bachelorette party. Meaning, we are going out for dinner at my favorite little wine bar/restaurant while the guys have their middle age equivalent of a bachelor party, they are going out for steak.

It feels like tonight is when things really start picking up for the duration of the weekend. I can’t believe the time is already here. I also can’t believe how relaxed I am feeling about everything. It’ll all be exactly as it should be.



We are one week away from the wedding. At this time in one week we’ll be gearing up to load up the truck with necessary items and I’ll be trying not to ruin my manicure while doing so. The forecast has improved, we are now forecasted to have a 71F day and sunny. Around here, this means we are likely to hit more than 71. But, the heater I rented for the tent during the rehearsal dinner won’t go to waste, as Friday is only supposed to be 61.

But all this is a week from now. For this morning, I am starting with taking it easy. Miss Rose Bud and I had a nice long cuddle this morning while I was knitting after I did a great job in getting a good amount of sleep with no memorable dreams. Very pleasant. We’ve got a weekend which is packed full, but for now, we are taking it slightly easy. I am definitely going to work in a nap.

Here’s where I am with my Lintilla shawl.


It has grown so much! I am getting pretty close to knitting on the edge ruffles now. Every time I knit this I remember the reason I love it so much is that it has a shape that drapes so nicely over the shoulders. I love the pattern but I knit it repeatedly more for the way it wears than for how it knits.

That’s it from here, I need to get the house straightened up so that I can begin working on the deep cleaning portion of the day. I hope your weekend is quite lovely!


8 More Sleeps

We are at 8 more sleeps until wedding day, and boy do I need that sleep! All of it. Every extra second. You see, anxiety dreaming is a thing I do very well, always have. But unfortunately, an extremely stressful work situation kicked all that into overdrive this week. Last night I had 3 wedding related nightmares. One was that my wallet had been stolen and I was unable to pay any of the vendors, therefore they did not show up for my big day. In another one, the venue had double booked themselves and I was asked to leave and find another place to have the wedding, while I ended up screaming at her about how I paid for it and she couldn’t just send me elsewhere at the last minute. This one is rooted in reality, based on a review of the venue where this once happened early in their business and reading that has haunted me ever since, despite the fact that they’ve clearly got their act together now. And then I dreamed that we had brought so much stuff to the venue and I couldn’t manage to find anything I needed for the decor despite having all this stuff, and no matter how much I dug through all that stuff, I never found my decor, causing the ceremony to run later and later and later because I couldn’t decorate. Oh-wait-I just remembered another. I dreamed that it was the day of the wedding but I never got back to the officiant and so the ceremony itself wasn’t prepared and it was all my fault.

It’s all very silly and all very on brand for me. Upon waking I wondered exactly what was up since I am not actually feeling particularly stressed about the wedding itself. That’s when I realized it was the work situation instead. I assure you, there’s someone at work I’d LOVE to be hollering at but that would be unprofessional. And while I generally have work-related anxiety dreams, because the wedding is the big deal in my life right now, that’s just getting superimposed on the work-related situation. Thankfully I did take the majority of the week off next week, that should help some.

But I think there’s an interesting common theme in these dreams. The common theme is that I am all by myself in these decisions and circumstances, I have to handle everything alone and everything rests on me to make perfect. That’s not my reality at all. This is something I’ve been thinking about a ton lately. The reality is that even though this is a very small wedding, there are loads of helpers. There’s my sister in law doing photography, our wedding is in such capable and beautiful hands. There’s my soon to be sister in law, the planner, the director, the one with extremely capable hands that I am leaving the bulk of the set up to. There’s my mother who will likely shoulder a good amount of my own anxieties as the week progresses, and then lend her hands and ideas in set up. There are my cousin and his family, all of whom have been assigned tasks or will take tasks on. There are my aunt and her family, messaging me eagerly asking how they can chip in and help. There are Mr. Ink’s brother and sons who I know I can ask to do any little thing and they’ll hop to it because that’s how they are. There’s Miss Butterfly who has been ridiculously unteen-like during this entire planning process, helping out the whole way through. There’s Miss Marja, lending her hand and ideas and taking on any work I’ll allow her, and making amazing suggestions that get easily implemented into the plans. There are the groomsmen, both as much my friends as Mr. Ink’s, both being helpful and lending levity to all situations. While my dreams cast me in a role of make or break, shouldering every concern all by myself, my reality is much richer and fuller than those terrifying dreams.

But most of all, there’s Mr. Ink. The person who, somehow intuiting that I am feeling reflective, asks me in the evenings “How are you feeling about the upcoming wedding?” and listens carefully as I pour out those reflections. Who, despite really hating to be put on a schedule, quickly agrees that he’ll handle the things I have assigned him in the time frame I’ve assigned it. Who suggests that we hire an expert officiant to create a truly lovely ceremony instead of me trying to come up with something on my own. Who creates a reception playlist and then apologizes that they are all loves songs and he just can’t help himself because that’s just how he’s feeling right now even though he knows sappy songs aren’t really my thing. (In this situation, they are totally my thing.) Who continues to keep the household running, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, doing dishes, without any complaints while I invest my energies in wedding planning and host preparations in a very short time frame.

Quite frankly, while something may go wrong on the big day and it’ll be out of my control, there’s no way for things to go completely off the rails. With all the helpers, it’s just not possible at all! And I know that this knowledge is what is leading to my low stress levels right now, my time for reflection, and my very high anticipation of the upcoming week.

Shall we talk knitting then? Let’s. I never did cast on that cowl that I twisted the other day, instead, I decided a partly finished sock would be more my style.


This is the same yarn I have made socks for Mr. Ink from in the past, so you may somewhat recognize it. I plan to knit to the toe and then start the next one. This way I can knit different colored heels and toes if I need to, depending on how much yarn I have left over. I really cast this on so I could knit on it during a movie I didn’t really want to see, but since then it has definitely come in handy as mindless knitting in additional situations. This is my current work project, though it’ll go home with me today since this is the last day I’ll have an actual lunch break to work through before vacation.

Know what else got done? The deep cleaning of the bathrooms which had been on my list for last weekend. I finally did them both last night. I had been sort of waiting for Miss Butterfly to assist me as she’s been assisting me with all the various deep clean projects thus far. But, yesterday at work I realized part of my hang-up was that I didn’t feel like trying to maneuver around someone in a small bathroom while also giving directions. I was doing that enough at work and my brain was too fried to do it at home. So last evening, figuring all this out, I decided to instruct Miss Butterfly to do a few other tasks she could easily do without any additional prompting from me, took my podcasts and cleaning supplies into the bathroom and got down to business. Felt good to do some proper scrubbing and I definitely felt more accomplished once it was done.

On the list for this weekend is the kitchen, absolutely my least favorite deep cleaning job and yet the one that always makes me the happiest when it is complete. We’ve got a number of other things to get done as well, and all of them wedding prep related. So, I leave you with a few Rose photos I took this week. She loves Mr. Ink easily as much as she loves me, and I decided to record some of that this week.

She’s such a sweet little love bug.