Quick Knitting Update

Just a quick knitting update as I work my way through the work week.


Here’s a terrible photo of the cowl I made out of Miss Marja’s handspun using mitered squares. The handspun is fantastic! Chunky and full of interesting bits and colors. The cowl is very long and appropriately wide. The photo is terrible because I am never home during daylight hours during the week.

And that is all from me today. 🙂

Fury and Next Projects

Our little Fury dog continues to settle in beautifully into our home. She came to us completely untrained (though she is potty trained, thank goodness) and I’d had a ton of trouble attempting to lure her into a sit. Seemed like when I would try to do so, she’d do a submission roll onto her back instead. I tried and tried and then gave up. I took her to our rescue meet and greet to meet Rose’s foster family. And, no secret, to also ask for help getting her to do a sit. Rose’s foster mom managed to lure her into a sit first try. So I made her do it a number of times so I could observe her specific technique. I am proud to say that after working with Fury on Sunday, I can now get her to do a sit! This is great progress.

She and Rose are getting along very well. Rose is sometimes perplexed by Fury’s growls, as Lizzie’s growls meant something, so she’s used to paying attention. Fury growls in play, so Rose hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with that yet, but progress is being made. Rose is testing the boundaries of what she can get away with when Fury growls, so soon she’ll realize that the growls are playful.

Fury has decided she’s a lap dog now, so she’s often found on my lap when I am sitting on the couch. Since Rose generally sleeps at my feet or near my feet, that works out perfectly. Fury even allows me to knit when she’s sleeping on my lap now, so that has worked out beautifully for everyone! We look forward to seeing her personality emerge and shape, and I am glad she’s in our home.

As for knitting projects, I finished one up which is currently blocking. I never even posted an in progress photo of it, so quickly did I knit it. It’s for Miss Marja, it’s a cowl using mitered squares, and it’s out of her handspun. You can see a bit of it here:


Though that was really more of a photo of Rose squishing me on the couch.

Because I finished the cowl, I figured I’d start a new project. I pulled out some yarn that Miss Marja gave me recently and wound it into a ball. I had a bit of a struggle trying to figure out what scarf to knit with it, but eventually settled on an entrelac project since it has been a long time since I’ve worked on one.


This is a nice puffy 3 ply yarn and I wanted to showcase the colors with the entrelac design. I think this project is going to capture and keep my interest, and I might even feel an entrelac phase coming on!

Another Paint Box Cowl

I began another paint box cowl with Marja’s yarn for Marja. I have been working pretty hard on it because, quite frankly, I find the pattern extremely addicting to work on.

I had been taking some time off last week so a fair amount got done on it last week. I returned back to work this week and forgot to bring knitting to work for my lunch breaks! I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. So, today I brought the cowl to work and that’s where it’ll live until it is done. I’ll get something else started at home.


Here is what it is looking like so far. I had hoped that there would be enough contrast between the color-changing yarn and the plain blue, but it’s not nearly as contrasty as I’d hoped. Nonetheless, the pattern does show and it is pretty! It is equally addicting this time around and I almost feel as if I could start a third right after this one!

Paintbox Cowl

And this was the most surprising finish of 2019. Who knew I was going to  knock one final project out between christmas eve and new year’s day?


Not me, that’s for sure! This was something I chose to knit on a whim and then got completely and utterly sucked into the pattern. The colorful yarn is one of Miss Marja’s handspun, the black is a rowan yarn I had in my stash. The project was so delightful that I went over to Miss Marja’s house the other day and said “Let’s choose some of your yarn so I can knit this again!” To which she was happy to oblige and we chose something from her stash I could knit up for her collection.

I also came home that day with 3 other skeins of yarn all for projects I can knit for her collection and I am really excited about doing each one of them! And then, I came home with two big bags full of handspun for my own collection, so that whole get the stash under 100 yarns is now a complete and utter pipe dream, but I do have a ton of gorgeous and fun yarn to mess around with! I can’t wait to show you all I do with it!

And with this one last project, I am able to say for certain that 2019 has been an epic knitting year, I finished a total of 43 projects. I really should get out more!


And now we get back to the regularly scheduled knitting content. It may be the new year but I have two projects that I finished in 2019 and never got an opportunity to post about.

First up are a pair of mittens I made on a whim. Miss Marja had given me a skein of fabulously rustic yarn for my birthday. She spun it, of course. I had decided I’d make gloves, but then didn’t feel like working all the fingers so I ended up with mittens instead. I wear these often especially at the dog park!


This ended up being my 42nd project of 2019 and that was quite amazing to me!


After Lizzie passed, the next day my cousin arrived in town. She’s taken a job at the same place I work, though different department, and so she was in town to look for housing. The timing wasn’t ideal. We’d had surprise guests from Mr. Ink’s family on our last weekend with Lizzie, which was even less ideal. But, honestly, my cousin’s visit was rather delightful. It was a good distraction from our sadness. It was fun and exciting to watch her navigate the things she needed to navigate to begin her first out of grad school professional position. As someone more at the midpoint of my career, it’s fun to see someone enjoying the excitement of starting out. She’s a quiet introvert just like us, so having her in the household was really comfortable for us. And, there’s something to be said for having no choice but to hold it together in those first moments after an experience that causes grief.

I began a new knitting project. I’d finished my 40 items in 2019, so I figured I could pull off another one. This one was a special one. I decided to knit Miss Marja’s christmas gift out of her own handspun yarn. I know she likes a LONG infinity scarf so I went on the hunt for a pattern that would be just that. It also had to be easy, but had to have enough interest in it to make me concentrate from time to time.

I ended up settling on the Carol Cowl. A little garter stitch, a little brioche stitch, a little lace and nupps. Really this was exactly the kind of pattern I needed.

I never did get an in-progress photo, but I knit away on it in the evenings when Mr. Ink wanted to watch TV. After a time, it was done.


I finished it with plenty of time to give it as the gift it was meant to be.

So, technically, this brought me to 102% of my goal, a goal I couldn’t complete last year even with the same numbers, and a goal I didn’t entirely expect to complete this year.

And Done!

I finished my 40th project on the first day in December rather than the last. Pretty darn pleased with myself at the moment!

This is the Nuvem by Martina Behm. This was such a fantastic and easy, comfortable knit! I would knit it again in a heartbeat if I had the appropriate yarn for it.

The ruffles are a different handspun from the main body of the shawl but I think I did a great job on the color match. The fiber match isn’t at all the same, but that won’t be an issue.

Since then, I’ve been working on spinning up the rest of the fiber I used for the edging. However, my wrist is beginning to hurt so I need to find something else to cast on soon. I need a spinning break!

Other things from the weekend/vacation. First of all, I REALLY needed the vacation. It’s amazing to me how exhausted I am during the week but if I’ve got a few days off with downtime, including extra sleep, I feel so fantastic and with it in the evenings!

Both the dogs have vet appointments this week. I’ve barely been blogging so I haven’t really been talking about it much, but Miss Lizzie’s got very little appetite over the past few months. We need to identify if it’s her meds causing the issue or something else, and then we need to come up with a plan to mitigate it. She’s lost too much weight now. And since when it rains, it pours, Rose came home from the dog park unable to put weight on a back leg. I’ve noticed a little bit of limping from time to time in the past, but for a dog who has run blisters into her paw pads before, I just figured she was overexerting herself. Now I suspect we’ve got an ACL tear and while I am desperately trying not to catastrophize, I suspect she’s going to need a pretty big surgery. That’ll be a bit of a blow for us, and tough recovery, and I am definitely stressing over it all. But we should know slightly more on Tuesday if I can get her in to see the vet at the same time as Lizzie. The other issue is very selfish on my part. I’ve never been good with hospitals or surgery or anything. I get nauseated when visiting people in the hospital. Sometimes I almost faint. I get an overwhelming feeling as if I am feeling the pain the person I am visiting is in. This seems now to have expanded to encompass my dog, as when looking up info on TPLO surgery, I get nauseated and lightheaded just thinking about it. So catastrophizing, that’s what I am over here doing. We love our sporty Rose, and we want her to stay healthy and sporty and not be in pain, so we’ll do what we have to, as she enriches our lives so much. But I am not looking forward to this on multiple levels.

I guess that’s it from here, a bit of a downer I suppose. Nevertheless, while the dogs have been a bit of a blow recently, we really did have a nice time off and holiday, and that I am so grateful for!