28th Stocking


Here’s a stocking I’ve been working on. Or rather, haven’t been working on. This is taking me ages and ages. Why? because I’d rather be doing almost anything else during my lunch break than creating another stocking. So, it seems like I am just doing about a round and a half per day right now and then playing video games on my phone. I kind of need to get my butt in gear, as this is necessary to count toward my overall goal of 40 projects this year. It’s technically an easy finish. But not if I refuse to actually knit on it.

Last Night

This week has been busy. We’ve had quite a bit going on in the evenings in addition to a regular work week. Midweek we took Miss Butterfly to see Flogging Molly as well as a few other bands. It was a good time. But, it was an outdoor show and we were out in the wind for many hours. The next evening, since we’d had to leave the dogs at home while we were gone, we decided to go to the dog park. The dogs were so happy to be out, the weather was cooler and Rose did ALL the running. We were out there for a couple of hours in the wind.

Despite having taken allergy meds every single day this week, my allergies just got worse and worse. I blamed being out every evening, and that made sense. But man, they just wouldn’t quit. By Friday during the workday, I was truly miserable and nothing was touching the allergies.

By Friday night, even my voice was off, nose increasingly runny, and I got super cold. I bundled up under a comforter that I had Miss Butterfly bring me from the basement and I knit.


I knit on this sock I started last weekend and just kept knitting on in spare moments. At this point, I realized that it was possible that I wasn’t just suffering from allergies but I might have an actual cold.

This morning I am still pretty miserable, but I went to bed early and that seems to have helped. This morning I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a cold, I am no longer certain. But I can tell you this, my plan for the weekend is to stay inside and rest. Hopefully, that’ll help kick the cold, or if it’s not a cold, it’ll help me stay out of the great outdoors so the allergies will improve. We’ll see!

In weaving news, since we had such a busy week, and since I didn’t feel well and my brain felt fried, I never did work out my tie up situation. I still need to do that, but it’s not a priority right now.

I did get the order I had placed. I purchased a new drive band for my bobbin winder, so I am extremely excited about that. And I got in some cotton linen yarn which I planned to use in weaving. But, weaving yarn weights are truly confusing, and the yarn turned out to be a pretty light laceweight which I am not positive I’ll be able to use on the loom, at least not at this time. I need a bunch more practice before I try that!

So, I placed another order for some weaving cotton, this time I purchased 4 different weights. Once they come in, I should have a much better ability to read a weaving yarn weight and translate that into something I understand.

That’s it from here, have a fantastic weekend my friends!

My Finished Object

Way back when, I spun a very pretty batt called Dreaming of Tomatoes into a gradient laceweight single. It was so appropriately named and pretty that I didn’t have a project for it.

But, after spinning a different laceweight single into a holey square shawl, I figured I wanted to do a holey square scarf. And so I did, because it was the perfect knit for a person who does not have the brain energy to commit to a fancy pattern.


I love it! I love the gradient, I love the handspun, I love the deconstructed look of it, and I think it’ll serve me very well this winter.

I am still not done working with laceweight singles, so I wound up another laceweight singles yarn and will find an appropriate pattern for it shortly.

In my challenge of finishing 40 projects this year, I am 68% there with this finish.

New Project

I finished two projects and then promptly got bored with the third project that was on my needles. I just couldn’t keep working on it. So instead, I decided to start a new one. Isn’t that always the way?

This is a handspun singles yarn I finished in early 2017. It was from a fat cat knits batt called dreaming of tomatoes. I love the name, I love the colors, and I love the yarn! I decided to knit another Holey Square shawl, but it’s not a square this time, it’s a scarf. Instead of 201 stitches cast on, I cast on 91. I am having a grand time knitting on this!


I love finding the project that will hold my attention until my attention can be held by the project that lost it in the first place!

27th Stocking

I can’t even begin to tell you how bored I am with these stockings. But here we are.


Another one done, and the 28th has been started. I do love this stocking in Navy. It’s really pretty. I wonder though, at what point will I have truly had enough and decide I won’t knit any more of these? I think we may be getting pretty close to that point.

I had anticipated getting this post up much earlier this week. But, my computer has been dying a slow and painful death. No huge surprise, I’ve had it since 2011. I’ve been keeping it limping along, as well as having the power cord limping along. But the power cord really gave up the ghost this week. I was sure it was dead but Mr. Ink managed to solder it back together and I am up and running again. By up and running, I mean posting this and then looking into how I can get everything on this computer backed up so that I can get a new one. Mr. Ink needs a new one too, and it may just be that this is what we get ourselves for Christmas this year, even though we don’t typically get each other any gifts.

I don’t mind keeping this one limping along a little while longer, but I do think that a new computer will be a major treat! I would rather put a little thought into that purchase though, rather than being forced to make that purchase without truly considering what I want next.

At the moment, with my desires to knit and spin seriously waning, I am considering something that might have me playing Sims 4 again. I am kind of ridiculously excited at the prospect! We shall see.

2 Finished Objects This Week

While on vacation, I actually did not do much knitting. Not even on the airplane! I mostly did some reading. But, since I’ve been back and attempting to stay off my sore feet, I have gotten some done. I actually finished up two projects this week. Today I’ll showcase the first.


This is the Prisma Loop cowl. I used Miss Marja’s colorful handspun and paired it with my own natural handspun. I Looooove how this turned out! I had just enough of the natural yarn to finish up completely and I am so glad. I’d happily have used colorful yarn for the edging and I knew I’d have enough to do so, but I really wanted the natural color for the picot edging. This one is definitely staying in my stash for personal wear for now, I am eager to give it a go once the weather cools.

Next up is another stocking, but since it’s done but I haven’t woven in the ends, that’ll have to wait for another day.

A Finished Object

I finished that mitered square scarf that I ended up making into a cowl. This is out of Marja’s handspun yarn. The yarn was chain plied and was created with multiple different colored batts. So, the colors change but do so rather abruptly. But, each color looks nice with the colors near it. I took two photos of the cowl, one for each side, so you could see all the colors. I also offset the cowl in one photo so you can see all the colors playing together.

I have already decided that this cowl will be going to Rose’s foster mom. They are caring for her while we are on vacation again, and it’s so perfect and lovely to have a place for her to go while we are out of town. A place she trusts and loves, which is kind of a hard thing to find for an anxious dog. There’s another scarf as well that she’s “liked” on my FB page, so I’ll bring that too. Hopefully, these will be acceptable forms of “payment” since they won’t take cash. (We are Sooooooo grateful to know them for so many reasons, and this is one of those reasons!)

That’s it from here for now! Oh-and as a side note, this puts me at 60% of my yearly goal of 40 projects. Not too shabby!