Lizard Ridge Strip #3

I am truly amazed to report that I now have the third strip of Lizard Ridge blanket complete. For a gal who really hasn’t been knitting much, this feels like quite an accomplishment. I have one block of the fourth strip done as well. I’ll have a new blanket just in time….for wam weather. Of course. I do believe I have all the yarn needed for the blocks, but then I need to figure out what to do about the edging. I am toying with the idea of doing an applied icord edging as the suggested crochet edging looks far too delicate for a blanket of this sort to me. If I do that, I can just use more noro kureyon, and it really doesn’t matter what color.



The applied icord edging doesn’t give me much cause for pause really, I know I’ll get into a groove and it will just happen. The blocking of the 4 strips and the seaming them all together however….well that makes me catch my breath at the thought of it. Would it be the seaming or the icord that sounded like the worst project if you were the creator of this blanket?

Again with Awesome Friends

So, only a week after my awesome friends gave me a new scarf, it happened again! My friend Mary had been working on this amazing noro shawl. It was just gorgeous and soft and wonderful, I fell in love with it as she was knitting it. And again considered purchasing yarn for something similar. Once it was done, she complained that she couldn’t see herself wearing it. And I am pretty sure I complained louder about how I couldn’t understand that because it was SO VERY BEAUTIFUL. And apparently my loud complaint worked, even though I hadn’t intended for it to, as I ended up with a new shawl. Thanks Mary!


Totally Unexpected

This is an unexpected blog post about an unexpected gift. My friend sparkeespud had this noro silk garden clapotis. She became frustrated with the yarn and she didn’t finish the project. It languished in her hibernation pile for a good long while. One day, while telling us about it, our friend Sarah said to hand it over and she’d finish it for sparkeespud. Well, by the time sparkeespud handed it over, she wanted to wash her hands of it completely. She told Sarah that once it was done, Sarah could keep it. Well, I must admit to feeling slightly green with envy once I saw the project. I mean, it is NORO! And also, the colors were fantastic, truly fantastic. Totally my kind of colors. As I watched Sarah knit on it I just couldn’t help but think I’d fall into the trap of knitting another clapotis in noro very shortly.

Well, last night I saw the finished object. Finished except for having the ends woven in. It was just gorgeous! So pretty, so colorful, so rich looking. Sarah tossed it at me and said “It is for you, it was always for you. I saw those colors and I knew who it belonged to.” All I had to do was weave in the ends! As I have said before, the only thing better than handknits I created myself are handknits someone has lovingly created for me. And this one has the work of not one, but two friends. So cool!



But slow! I’ve made a bit of progress on my Road Not Taken scarf. The slowness has a lot to do with being out of town and not taking this project with me. Actually, I didn’t really do much knitting at all, so even if it had made the cut progress wouldn’t have been made. Mostly I’ve been knitting this in the morning while Bug gets ready for school.

You can see I have worked through brown, natural, and am now working my way into some yellow/orange.

You know what real progress would be? Blogging. About warrior dash. About my plumbing issues. About stuff other than knitting!

Goofing off


This is what has been occupying spare moments of my time here and there. I purchased this Noro Sekku while on a Kansas City yarn crawl with my girlfriends last year. It has been sitting in my stash waiting for the right pattern. but the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to knit with it. After a false start in which I knit about a repeat and half, then yanked on the cast on edge and broke the yarn, I decided to rip it out, hold the yarn double for the cast on in order to reinforce it, and then see what would happen.

In order to choose the pattern, I grabbed all my lace books and handspun books just to see if I could find a scarf pattern that would work well with the handspun look of Noro yarns. I really wanted something with simplicity but it had to be interesting enough to knit. In the end, I chose The Road Not Taken out of my A Fine Fleece book.

I am exceedingly excited about the colors in this one. That shock of purple is completely unexpected. I look forward to working this one in my spare time!

Skew Socks

I decided that the commission piece has to come to work with me. I am just not inspired enough to work on it at home. I don’t have time, life is busy, and when I do sit down with a little time, it isn’t really what I want to work on. I had these great hopes that I would finish it this weekend, but cycling took priority and I couldn’t be bothered. At least with it at work, it will get a consistent 4 hours of work per week, especially since I am unlikely to try to work on anything else during that time.

What I did work on this weekend was my skew socks. I found that they were the portable and easy project I needed while I was hanging out with friends, and the moved along so quickly that before I knew what hit me, I realized it was time to bind off! I love the fit on these, they feel fantastic. These are certainly going to go on my easy portable sock list, since they are actually something I’d wear with consistency. And yes, I did wear them to work today despite the warm weather. I still think wool socks, even in the summer, are the best. You may already have noticed, but they don’t match. Yarn is noro kureyon sock, and while I probably could have tried to make them match better, I wasn’t inclined to worry over it very much.