Things I Don’t Need More Of Part 5

Today we are going to talk nail polish, and do a reboot of a project polish. The last time we talked project polish I was sharing the task with Miss Butterfly. Since then, she has decided to get a ton more nail polish, in teeny tiny bottles, which I hate, and I decided I was going to separate my own polish from her massive collection. That doesn’t mean she can’t use it, it just means we are storing separately now and I don’t want to use her collection. Mostly because I can’t stand digging through it.

So, I, personally, am restarting my own project polish. I didn’t bother wearing nail polish for a good portion of the fall up until recently. However, much progress has been made since Miss Butterfly has been wearing my polishes. I can say for certain that I have all I need in the polish department at this time and I will not be purchasing more until I work my way through some of these. I did mark each of them again so that I know where I am starting this time around.


Some of these I wouldn’t even have in my collection if it weren’t for Miss Butterfly choosing them.


That last OPI on the left is a nude color, it didn’t show up at all well here!

I’ve decided that the ones I like the best are the OPI colors. As such, I am going to move through my collection and then stick with a few carefully curated OPI polishes from here on out. I hope my collection stays at this place, but if I get something in a subscription box from now until the time they are over, that’ll be added to this.

To be honest, I am not that big into doing my nails. While I should probably do them twice a week, I am currently doing them on Sunday afternoons. I am going to attempt to step up my game now. So,┬áthat’s it, I’ve nothing more to say about this at this time! Let’s just see how I progress in about 2 months.


Project Polish Update 1

2 months ago Miss Butterfly and I began a project polish. I only just realized that it’s been two months since an update, but I also think that’s ok as I wanted to be able to show actual progress when I did manage an update.

Here’s where we started:


Some things have changed. First of all, we got rid of the PS red and the PS white, their formula was terrible and Miss Butterfly agreed that these must go. We also tossed the coral LA Colors. Miss Butterfly hated the color, Mr. Ink hated the color on me, and the formula was old and rather thick. We rolled in two colors that Miss Butterfly acquired over the summer and then immediately destashed those as well.

Now, the other problem I had in photographing progress was that initially I completely forgot to mark a start. Honestly, most of them had barely been touched anyhow, so the start is at the top. But, now you’ll begin to see a mark where we were last month and a further mark for this month.


The two colors on the left, barely visible, are the ones we destashed.

The topcoat in a tiny bottle got a ton of use over the past few months. It’s at a point where it’s difficult to get product out of, and we are only using it on our toenails now. We’ll let it go shortly.

Next is a sally hansen color called game of chromes. I love this color mostly because it sticks to my nails all week. It’s pretty too! We’ve made some progress and the way we use it we’ll continue to make progress.

There’s a sally hansen top coat and as you can see, I’ve gotten pretty far on that as well. We are nearing a point where it’ll be complicated to get the product out of the bottle.

Next is OPI base coat, as you can see we’ve been working on that too.

Next to that is an almost red opi mini bottle. This is a really cute color, looks great on the nails, and we both love it. We wore it a bit, there’s a white line marking where we are now.

The blue sally hansen is one Miss Butterfly uses regularly. You’ll see a white line where we started and then a black line where we are now.

The white shimmer is gap I think, and I did wear it once, but not much progress.

Next to that is another opi mini bottle, this got a TON of use. Probably because hot pinks are genuinely one of my favorite nail colors. The white line indicates where we are now, we began with a full bottle.

And behind that is a sally hansen pinky nude color that Miss Butterfly uses regularly. I like it too! It’s a very wearable, very professional looking polish. A little progress was made.

Right now I haven’t even had time to do my nails or toenails, so for the first time in 2 months, I am going bare nailed! I can’t believe how well I’ve done keeping my nails painted and looking nice. It’s really cut back on how rough I am on my nails and surrounding skin as well.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to it soon, but there hasn’t been a lot of time to do nails lately. I would like to continue making progress though!