August Socks

It’s about time I posted these. I finally got Miss Bug to put them on. She decided that she should get to put her feet up for the photo like I used to at the old house, so she facilitated a space for that.


She’s in that tween space where her feet are very long, actually adult sized feet now, but not wide enough to wear adult sized shoes. I left a little bit of room for growth in the toes as she’s not done growing yet!

For these, I did a short row heel. I then tried a short row toe and kitchenered over the top of the foot, but she HATED the way that felt on her foot. So, I did the second sock with a round toe. Once that received her approval, I cut the toe of the other sock off, and added a round toe to it.

The yarn was artyarns ultramerino 4. I got it in a trade MANY moons ago. It was very thin, and not overly exciting to work with. But, since her little legs are thin, I could do an adult sized sock on tiny needles and have a sock that fits her properly.

Home Ownership

And, the latest in the new homeowner saga, our AC is on the fritz. I kept saying to Mr. Ink “It’s so hot in this house! This house just does not cool down like my last house! There’s something wrong with this house.” Finally, late Saturday evening, I looked at the thermostat. Indeed, it was not cooling down. The house was hot, the AC not running. Mr. Ink fixed a fuse that made the system cycle air, but that didn’t cool down the home. Thankfully, the sellers purchased a home warranty for us, so we are now just waiting on the call that tells us when we can get something schedule. Unfortunately, we’ve also had some suddenly warm weather, so I suspect the company is inundated with calls at the moment, and it might be awhile.

In the end, we didn’t spend a ton of time at the house anyhow. Mr. Ink decided to hold a garage sale on Sunday and we were certainly consumed with that. But we did really well! And we still have a ton of stuff to sell in that old house so we are going to hold another the last weekend in June. Then we will be free to do the final clean out of the house.

For the next garage sale? I plan to bring more knitting. I did the bulk of the sitting in front of the cash register, so during slow times I could have been knitting. Except that I’d only brought my June socks, and those were less than an afterthought heel away from being done.


You may remember that I finished the first sock way back in January or February, but then quit knitting on them due to other socks taking precedence. I’ve been about a month ahead of schedule on my one pair of socks per month all year. But….that ended this month. I just haven’t been knitting that much.

These socks are knit out of Socks that Rock Mediumweight. They have an afterthought heel, and the pattern is RPM from One of my favorite patterns for mediumweight, and a favorite pattern for wintertime bike riding in particular.

I think that July Socks are going to be two Christmas stockings. I’ve got two that I know I need to make this year, and it sure would be nice to have them done next month.

Have a great week everyone, and stay cool!

April Sock

Yesterday we had a day long meeting for work. While I didn’t get quite as much knitting time as I’d hoped, I did get some knitting time.


This is right before I added a place holder for the afterthought heel. Thankfully I made it a little further down the foot of the sock after this photo.

The conference went well, and I get to leave work early today to make up for all the time I was working yesterday. I’ve got errands to run and things to do, and it’s an absolutely beautiful day so I might spend some of it sitting on my porch and spinning if I can find the time.

What you get

It’s been so busy that I can’t really even get to taking pictures to post here. I started a sock over the weekend, but haven’t had much of an opportunity to post about it. So, today, while I had a little extra waiting time, instead of  just knitting, I took a quick picture.

It’s just a car shot. But, at least I get to post!


This is another Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock for my mom. I figured I’d start them as my April socks, and then they’ll be ready to send to my mom before summer.

I had a major disaster with Lizard Ridge last night, but I was so disgusted with it that I couldn’t be bothered to even post about it. I just ripped it back out and figured I’d tell you about it later. So, once the first two strips are seamed, I’ll post the mistake as well as the fixed one.

That’s all I’ve got for today, which is a lot more than yesterday!

On Not Knitting

I do believe my hands are still recovering from marathon sock knitting. They’ve been waking me up at night by falling asleep. It gets quite painful, and really, that’s one of the reasons I quit knitting socks in the first place. While I’ve been working on other projects, I know what I really need is a day or two off.

So yesterday I spun exclusively. I kept working on my CVM/Romeldale fleece for yarn to use as the border of the Lizard Ridge blanket. After filling a spindle, I decided to make a 3 ply and see how it turned out. It’s quite bouncy, and these 130 yards of 3 ply totally filled my majacraft bobbin.


I do  love a semi solid, and this is just a most lovely fleece. I am truly enjoying the process.

I also went to a fiber themed art exhibit, and on a bike ride with Mr. Ink. It was lovely. The day was far colder than expected, but it was pleasant to spend time chatting and catching up away from the house project and all by ourselves. Once we got home, I insisted that he allow me to grab a shot of his new socks on his feet.


I think they look wonderful!I am eager to find out how he feels about them once he really has an opportunity to wear them.

March Socks Done

I’ve worked very hard to finish Mr. Ink’s socks this week. I’ve worked on them exclusively. I’ve worked on them until I created a blister on my index finger. And still I worked on them, just moving around that blister. Last night while taking a break from the house stuff, we watched a movie together and I knit on his sock.

By the time the movie was over, I had finished the leg of the sock, and picked out the stitches for the afterthought heel. This morning before work I had already started the heel, adding in one of the short row gussets. Lunchtime at work brought me even closer to the finish line, and once I got home, all that was left is a few rows, a kitchener, and some weaving in ends.

Sadly, I won’t see Mr. Ink’s feet to get a picture of the socks on feet until tomorrow. So, all I can give you today is a picture of completed March socks.


I admit though, I am ridiculously excited to get started on Something Else. Anything else. I’ve got a secret project to knit. I’ve got a couple baby hats to knit. And, I intend to get right back into working on Lizard Ridge.

March Sock

Yep, it’s my March sock, even though it’s still February. When I consider this sock, I realize in all honesty, this is the sock that will take the most time this year, and I am quite happy I’ll be getting it done in the beginning of the year.

This one is Mr. Ink’s socks for his birthday. I am doing a toe up sock, with alternating heel and toe yarn. I weighed my ball of yarn in order to get as much length out of them as possible. I used Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off for the first time on these, and then made my place for my afterthought heel.


I’ve been working on this bit by bit, just a little each day. But, it’s my intention to get that heel done fast in order to do a fitting with Mr. Ink, and then if they fit nicely, I can just whip out the second sock as fast as I can and be done.

I have decided that this time around I am going to attempt an afterthought heel that adds a small short row gusset to the socks. We’ll have to see how that works out.