August Socks

It’s about time I posted these. I finally got Miss Bug to put them on. She decided that she should get to put her feet up for the photo like I used to at the old house, so she facilitated a space for that.


She’s in that tween space where her feet are very long, actually adult sized feet now, but not wide enough to wear adult sized shoes. I left a little bit of room for growth in the toes as she’s not done growing yet!

For these, I did a short row heel. I then tried a short row toe and kitchenered over the top of the foot, but she HATED the way that felt on her foot. So, I did the second sock with a round toe. Once that received her approval, I cut the toe of the other sock off, and added a round toe to it.

The yarn was artyarns ultramerino 4. I got it in a trade MANY moons ago. It was very thin, and not overly exciting to work with. But, since her little legs are thin, I could do an adult sized sock on tiny needles and have a sock that fits her properly.

Home Ownership

And, the latest in the new homeowner saga, our AC is on the fritz. I kept saying to Mr. Ink “It’s so hot in this house! This house just does not cool down like my last house! There’s something wrong with this house.” Finally, late Saturday evening, I looked at the thermostat. Indeed, it was not cooling down. The house was hot, the AC not running. Mr. Ink fixed a fuse that made the system cycle air, but that didn’t cool down the home. Thankfully, the sellers purchased a home warranty for us, so we are now just waiting on the call that tells us when we can get something schedule. Unfortunately, we’ve also had some suddenly warm weather, so I suspect the company is inundated with calls at the moment, and it might be awhile.

In the end, we didn’t spend a ton of time at the house anyhow. Mr. Ink decided to hold a garage sale on Sunday and we were certainly consumed with that. But we did really well! And we still have a ton of stuff to sell in that old house so we are going to hold another the last weekend in June. Then we will be free to do the final clean out of the house.

For the next garage sale? I plan to bring more knitting. I did the bulk of the sitting in front of the cash register, so during slow times I could have been knitting. Except that I’d only brought my June socks, and those were less than an afterthought heel away from being done.


You may remember that I finished the first sock way back in January or February, but then quit knitting on them due to other socks taking precedence. I’ve been about a month ahead of schedule on my one pair of socks per month all year. But….that ended this month. I just haven’t been knitting that much.

These socks are knit out of Socks that Rock Mediumweight. They have an afterthought heel, and the pattern is RPM from One of my favorite patterns for mediumweight, and a favorite pattern for wintertime bike riding in particular.

I think that July Socks are going to be two Christmas stockings. I’ve got two that I know I need to make this year, and it sure would be nice to have them done next month.

Have a great week everyone, and stay cool!

April Sock

Yesterday we had a day long meeting for work. While I didn’t get quite as much knitting time as I’d hoped, I did get some knitting time.


This is right before I added a place holder for the afterthought heel. Thankfully I made it a little further down the foot of the sock after this photo.

The conference went well, and I get to leave work early today to make up for all the time I was working yesterday. I’ve got errands to run and things to do, and it’s an absolutely beautiful day so I might spend some of it sitting on my porch and spinning if I can find the time.

What you get

It’s been so busy that I can’t really even get to taking pictures to post here. I started a sock over the weekend, but haven’t had much of an opportunity to post about it. So, today, while I had a little extra waiting time, instead of  just knitting, I took a quick picture.

It’s just a car shot. But, at least I get to post!


This is another Gentleman’s Plain Winter Sock for my mom. I figured I’d start them as my April socks, and then they’ll be ready to send to my mom before summer.

I had a major disaster with Lizard Ridge last night, but I was so disgusted with it that I couldn’t be bothered to even post about it. I just ripped it back out and figured I’d tell you about it later. So, once the first two strips are seamed, I’ll post the mistake as well as the fixed one.

That’s all I’ve got for today, which is a lot more than yesterday!

On Not Knitting

I do believe my hands are still recovering from marathon sock knitting. They’ve been waking me up at night by falling asleep. It gets quite painful, and really, that’s one of the reasons I quit knitting socks in the first place. While I’ve been working on other projects, I know what I really need is a day or two off.

So yesterday I spun exclusively. I kept working on my CVM/Romeldale fleece for yarn to use as the border of the Lizard Ridge blanket. After filling a spindle, I decided to make a 3 ply and see how it turned out. It’s quite bouncy, and these 130 yards of 3 ply totally filled my majacraft bobbin.


I do  love a semi solid, and this is just a most lovely fleece. I am truly enjoying the process.

I also went to a fiber themed art exhibit, and on a bike ride with Mr. Ink. It was lovely. The day was far colder than expected, but it was pleasant to spend time chatting and catching up away from the house project and all by ourselves. Once we got home, I insisted that he allow me to grab a shot of his new socks on his feet.


I think they look wonderful!I am eager to find out how he feels about them once he really has an opportunity to wear them.

March Socks Done

I’ve worked very hard to finish Mr. Ink’s socks this week. I’ve worked on them exclusively. I’ve worked on them until I created a blister on my index finger. And still I worked on them, just moving around that blister. Last night while taking a break from the house stuff, we watched a movie together and I knit on his sock.

By the time the movie was over, I had finished the leg of the sock, and picked out the stitches for the afterthought heel. This morning before work I had already started the heel, adding in one of the short row gussets. Lunchtime at work brought me even closer to the finish line, and once I got home, all that was left is a few rows, a kitchener, and some weaving in ends.

Sadly, I won’t see Mr. Ink’s feet to get a picture of the socks on feet until tomorrow. So, all I can give you today is a picture of completed March socks.


I admit though, I am ridiculously excited to get started on Something Else. Anything else. I’ve got a secret project to knit. I’ve got a couple baby hats to knit. And, I intend to get right back into working on Lizard Ridge.

March Sock

Yep, it’s my March sock, even though it’s still February. When I consider this sock, I realize in all honesty, this is the sock that will take the most time this year, and I am quite happy I’ll be getting it done in the beginning of the year.

This one is Mr. Ink’s socks for his birthday. I am doing a toe up sock, with alternating heel and toe yarn. I weighed my ball of yarn in order to get as much length out of them as possible. I used Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off for the first time on these, and then made my place for my afterthought heel.


I’ve been working on this bit by bit, just a little each day. But, it’s my intention to get that heel done fast in order to do a fitting with Mr. Ink, and then if they fit nicely, I can just whip out the second sock as fast as I can and be done.

I have decided that this time around I am going to attempt an afterthought heel that adds a small short row gusset to the socks. We’ll have to see how that works out.


I’ve talked about how Mr. Ink has requested some handknit socks, or at least decided it might be ok if I knit him some, but I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of said socks.

We came to an agreement, I’d knit a pair of very plain colored socks as long as I could knit some fun and crazy heels and toes. This serves two purposes, the first being a bit of extra interest for me, and the second is to stretch the yarn I have available for those socks. After all, his size 13.5 wide feet technically need more than one skein.


I’ve decided to go toe up with these, and include an afterthought heel. I will then be able to weigh my skein once I am at the leg in order to be sure I can use up as much as possible without running out of yarn.

They’ve come fairly far in a short time, but I tried them on him a couple days ago and they didn’t even cover where his little toe starts. This is a project that will be a long one. But, they are March socks, so that’s ok. On the other hand, it would be nice to have them done for his birthday mid February. We’ll see how that goes.

I am certainly finding that I need regular breaks though, and need to work on other projects during those breaks, just to stay interested in knitting.

There’s hope

There’s hope for seeing a complete pair of socks some time next week!


My mom’s first sock is done. I am going to cast on for the second one immediately.

It seems like I am having my own personal month o’socks despite saying I would not. I suppose that’s ok, there are no rules about those 12 skeins, I can knit them as fast or slow as I like.

Third Sock

Still no pairs! My mostly sock knitting most of the time has been highly productive thus far. I am past the heel on the first sock for my mom. This is the first pair you’ll actually get to see completed, as I’d like to get them in the mail very shortly.


The yarn is Opal, not sure of the colorway. I like it, it sort of looks like water color, or painted brush strokes. Very cool stuff.

I love Opal yarn for socks, mostly because it’s just a really lovely hard wearing sock yarn. With Mom being far away, I am not around to attempt to repair socks, even if I wanted to. And I rarely want to. So, making sure her socks are out of hard wearing sock yarns is a way to be sure she gets to enjoy them for as long as possible.

In other exciting news, I got Mr. Ink to agree to fun heels and toes on his socks. This is great for two reasons. First, his feet are quite large, and I’ll need every extra inch of sock yarn I can get I suspect. Different color heels and toes are great yarn stretchers. Also, his color is as muted and sedate as can possibly be, so the different heel and toe colors will be a way to break up the monotony of a really boring knit.

Second Sock

In yesterday’s post I talked about how I wanted to work on socks for my mom and socks for Mr. Ink before continuing my RPMs. Unfortunately, the needles I wanted for socks for my mom happened to be in my partially finished sock I worked on bit by bit all last year. So, in order to release the needles, I finished that sock too.


This one is out of Socks that Rock Lightweight, and it’s just lovely. I am really looking forward to having the second sock of this set as well. All I needed for completion was a heel and a foot and a toe, and since I worked on it while I was still on vacation, it went quite quickly.

The sock pattern is Gentleman’s plain winter sock from Vintage Socks. It has a dutch heel which I love, and has become a go to pattern for a plain vanilla sock for both the ones I knit for me and my mom. It just fits beautifully. I love the way the heel wraps around the foot and cups my heel, and I’ve yet to have a pair wear out on me.

You are going to see a few of these, since I’ve started my mom’s socks too, and they are the same pattern. I’ve yet to figure out what I will do about Mr. Ink’s socks. I’ll save that for later.

After a long absence….

A sock!

(For the record, I swear I already wrote a post about this sock and scheduled it to post this morning, but it is Just Not There. So, if you see this sock twice, it’s not my fault!

I finished the first RPM sock.


It has an afterthought heel because I find I wear out my heels first, and I do actually repair them if the heel is an afterthought heel. I tried a new to me heel, the Thumbjoint Hat Heel. It was good fun, but I am not sure if I’ll like it on my foot. We shall see once sock #2 is complete and I get an opportunity to wear them. The best part? If I don’t like that heel, it’s an afterthought, I can always rip it out and go back to a traditional afterthought heel.

You know, it’s kind of funny, back when I started knitting socks, I tried an afterthought heel immediately. And, I really could not understand why they hadn’t caught on, I loved the technique so much. It took a couple years and the fad of really good striping yarn, but they did catch on after all.

I don’t think I am going to start the second sock of this pair right away. I really would like to get a handle on the socks for Mr. Ink and the socks for my mom. Then I can go back to the ones for me.

Monster Socks

At the beginning of January I took on a project to make socks. Socks in men’s size 13.5. I decided that I should use my favorite sock knitting book, Vintage Socks, and I chose the Gentleman’s half hose in ringwood pattern. I used Cascade Heritage Handpaints for this, and ran into a snag of running out of yarn completely halfway down the foot of the first pair. Apparently, for monster socks, you really do need that second skein.

The fact that they are large isn’t even the only reason I am calling them monster socks. After all, they ate two of my sock needles. I knit socks on two circs, and two of the circs, at different times, the needle pulled completely out from the cable. Quite annoying. Now, if I am logical about this, I will say that most of my sock needles were purchased around the same time, quite a few years ago now, and perhaps the glue that held them in place has just gone old. But it is more fun to blame the monster socks.

I’d had an abundance of sock needles from my crazy sock knitting days, so I haven’t bothered to replace the broken needles. Since I doubt I’ll ever knit socks in such a manic fashion again, it just doesn’t seem necessary.


I must say, they turned out quite lovely and manly and they were worth all the hard work I put into them. Most of all? I am thrilled they are finished. I’ve got a large desire to knit garments FOR MYSELF, and so any projects I can get off the needles now is fantastic.


Long Socks

I am not sure if I am referring to these socks as long in length or in amount of time it is taking me to knit them. To be honest, there is no deadline, so it doesn’t much matter. However, these are some LONG socks.



There’s nothing in particular that makes these on any time schedule. They’ll be done, someday. I have been working on them exclusively at work, with the exception of the time a needle broke and I brought them home to find a new needle. Which, also promptly broke, but I digress. Now they are back at work, they are seeing some of my time devoted to them, and it occurs to me that even with all that, it will be a LONG time before they are complete.


A Finally Finished Object

I am struggling with the fact it often seems that I do not have any finished objects to show off these days. I know this is because my interests have veered off into other areas, but I am still a knitter after all! So it made me quite happy to realize that I finally had a finished pair of socks, more than a week before my mom’s arrival.



These are in her favorite basic sock pattern, Gentleman’s plain winter socks, from Vintage Socks. I made these nice and long, it was easy to do as the online sock yarn I was using is nice and thick. I love the fun bright colors on these, even though I expected them to stripe. I hope they hold up nicely for mom, since I am not knitting many socks these days.

Another reason to make an afterthought heel

Many years ago, after making a few practice pairs of socks, I knit with my first nice sock yarn. One pair of easy ribbed socks out of koigu. I knit them toe up with an afterthought heel and contrasting toe color. Despite knitting another 80 some pairs of socks, they remained my favorite until I wore through the heels. I set them aside, and waited until MOS to knit a new heel.


Since today is yet another snow day, I decided to tackle one of the socks. Only one has a hole, so I may only fix the one initially. First, I cut off the end of the heel, and ripped back to the saved stitches I made originally when I knit the sock.


They were a bit difficult to pick up since the yarn is old and worn and thin now, but I did it anyhow since these socks deserve just as much wear time as possible. I miss them!

I chose STR for the new heel as I had just a bit in my stash. I actually didn’t have enough to make the heel as long as I’d have preferred, but it is long enough to wear the sock again.


And that is one of the quickest sock repairs ever. The afterthought heel made it easy and so I chose to do it. Otherwise? I’d have just thrown out the sock.

MOS updates on my projects tomorrow. With MOS ending Thursday, I’ll again have the freedom to choose whatever knitting I like, but I must admit I am driven to finish my MOS projects even so.

Weekend Update

MOS updates coming your way. Even my own! Despite being quite sore, I am still managing a bit of knitting daily. I still have hopes to finish a pair of socks for my mom before the end of the month. Thankfully the sock yarn I am using is fairly thick, so progress is made even with less knitting overall.



Look at that! I’ve started a toe. Maybe I’ll even finish the first sock today. That would be awesome.

Kathy sent me a picture of a new pair she started. She didn’t mention if she finished her first pair, but I am guessing she did. She’s using Koigu, and as koigu is on the light side of yardage, she’s doing solid colored heels and toes. Toe up to maximize koigu yardage. Despite koigu being koigu, I bet she gets a good long sock out of these.



Despite having a crazed work schedule lately, and being rather quiet about MOS, even Sparkeespud is participating. These green socks seem rather appropriate for the month of March!

Tomorrow I will show you where I am with my Vintage socks. Despite having hit them hard at the beginning of MOS, they’ve been languishing. However, recently there’s been a bit of progress. I am willing to bet Sarah will have another finished pair to show off too.

MOS Updates

No knitting for me, but the other MOS participants still are managing to get quite a bit done! Ummeyusuf finished her second pair of socks. She is worried about the sock colorway, but I must say I love it! What do you think?

Last evening we headed to Sarah’s house for dinner, where I see Sarah is still knitting up a storm as well. She finished a pair of socks she started last year during MOS. The orange colorway on these is scrumptious, I love them! Perfect yarn and pattern pairing.



After finishing the above socks, she got right back to work on her basic ribbed socks from our favorite sock book, Vintage Socks.  After I took this photo, she managed to rattle off another 4 or more stripes. She’s just flying through these as well.



As for me, it is all weaving all the time right now. This is less because I have an obsession with the loom and more because my hands won’t take the knitting still. So sad. That being said, I’ve got a second weaving project to show off tomorrow!

Knitting Fodder

So, my friend Kathy read yesterday’s post about this not being a knitting blog and promptly sent me a picture of her MOS project. THANK GOODNESS! Because I really didn’t think a post was even going to go up today. I did no knitting except during my lunch hour at work, I wove and read a book in the evening, and despite this my hands are just aching fiercely today. But, Kathy’s been devoting quite a bit of time to her MOS socks, yarn is again BMFA and she’s awfully close to being done. I wonder if she’ll cast on another set of socks after this?


MOS Updates

I am currently 10 ribbing rows away from adding all the crazy leaves to my Vintage Socks. I feel very accomplished to be this far. However, I am learning the real reason to my sock knitting aversion lately. My hands ache and I have a nasty case of tennis elbow from sock  knitting. These are things which have gotten worse in the last year or so, but taking time off from socks, and knitting in general, has really helped. Now that I am trying socks again, I am remembering the associated pain and realizing that it just isn’t worth it to me. I’ve knit a total of 81 pairs of socks in my knitting career and I do not think it overly important to continue unless I am doing so very slowly and in a pain free way. I may no longer be a “sock knitter.” Which feels like a very strange declarative statement as I’ve been a confirmed sock knitter since 2008. So, with great sadness, I am going to have to let the sock knitting go.  I will, of course, finish up these Vintage socks, and maybe have socks on the needles for my mom, knitting them in such a slow manner as to not hurt myself. The rest of my extensive sock stash will have to go toward shawls, scarves, weaving, and other wonderful things. And I may have to destash a few things.


I do, however, have the opportunity to show off a few socks from local gals that do not blog.

Sarah, who has already completed a pair of socks and a hitchhiker scarf completed her second pair of socks. These are the Wedge socks done in BMFA. Then she immediately cast on another sock and has already turned the heel.  I suspect that her MOS output this year will far exceed any other year she’s participated.

20130225-095037.jpg 20130225-095031.jpg

Kathy, after a moment of clarity in her sock knitting and then a massive frogging due to it, has now finished her first sock. Also BMFA, so it is not surprising she was blessed with all the flashing of colors on the leg. She’s still not sure how she feels about the fit on these, so she may end up adding to the toe. My experience is that socks stretch considerably, and I always regret not making mine slightly tight.


And now we get to see Mary’s sock toe. It is in her absolute favorite yarn, Noro Kureyon Sock. Since it is a discontinued yarn, just about the only place to find it is in Mary’s stash. Because she has purchased all of it. 🙂 She knit this sock toe in Las Vegas, so she totally gets the “Most well traveled sock” award for this MOS.


That’s it for MOS at the moment. Tomorrow? I get to show you my woven cowl. First ever weaving project that I am ridiculously proud of even though it isn’t particularly well done.

Vintage Grapes

Well, after a few days hiatus, last night I picked up my vintage sock and worked on it until my hand and elbow ached. I am completely done with the embossed grape section on the front, and am now working the beginning of the embossed grapes on the back. I must say, so far these are some of the best fitting socks I’ve ever made. Which is sad, since I am guessing wearing them won’t be a huge priority. As ever, the pattern goes by so amazingly quickly it is difficult to comprehend. While I will probably attempt to finish up my weaving today and do a bit of wheel spinning, I do hope to have the knitting of this sock done this week.



I think one of the huge draws of weaving at the moment is where I have it set up. If I sit there during the day and the day is sunny, the sun streams into that window and it makes me warm and happy. Since we are in the middle of winter, this is quite a balm for my soul.

This morning I got up, made a cup of coffee, and sat down at the loom again. Bug decided she wanted to listen to Anne of Avonlea, so this made for a morning of relative quiet, which was soothing.

I talked yesterday about my edges. I didn’t like them and was constantly trying to fix them. I think I have, at least as well as can be expected in this project. I also think I’ve learned enough to make significant changes in the next project. I am glad that I made this scarf rather long. While I tried to just use stash stuff that I had no major attachment to, the resulting color combination is so beautiful that I can’t stand not having this scarf work out. So, I do believe once it is done, I’ll end up sewing it into a cowl, just removing the end where the edges are truly awful. I am going to assume it will be long enough for that.

All I have for you today is a few edge pictures. This may not be overly interesting to anyone else, but I feel the need to document it.

20130223-100726.jpg 20130223-100721.jpg


As for  Month O’Socks, I’ve not been doing much sock knitting. I did get a few rounds done yesterday on the Vintage socks, and a few rows done on the socks for my mom, but there really isn’t enough of interest to post about. That being said, Ummeyusuf finished her first pair and they are awesome! I love the combination of colorwork with strips.

Snow Day!

You know, I had no idea that I’d be just as excited about snow days as an adult as I was when I was a child. Now, I remember a time in 2009 when I was just over it, another snow day meant another day of back breaking shoveling onto piles of snow that were well over my head at that point. However, that has not been the experience since.

Today is a snow day. And it hasn’t even started snowing yet. Part of me wonders if the storm will be a bust and they were overly cautious, but I suppose since it is supposed to start at noon and make the drive home really ugly, perhaps they were wise. That being said, with 2 more storms right after this predicted, I would probably have preferred to get a day of work in.

That being said, I am not one to sleep in, but half the fun of this morning was lounging around in bed thinking of all the things I could get done today. The one thing I probably will not get done is knitting. I need a day off, my hands are sore. While in the past I may have pushed through that soreness, I have too many other little hobbies I could be messing with to do so. And really, I have so little to show you of the Vintage sock since yesterday. I did knit on it, but it felt like I had very little knitting time and I took some time out to do some reading, and consequently there just isn’t much to show for knitting wise.

However, I did snap a photo yesterday of a different sock. You see, with the upcoming snow storm I decided I would not be caught without my studded snow tires on my bike again. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to use them, but I at least want to be prepared to do so. So Bug and I headed over to our favorite bike shop and had them put on. (And no, I can’t do it myself, studded tires are the one tire change I can’t do as the rims are far too stiff and I don’t have the strength for it.) While we were waiting, Bug worked on her homework, studied her math, and drank hot chocolate. I knit on the sock I have on the needles for mom and had a pellegrino. It was actually quite an enjoyable time.




So yesterday I deliberately knit a hole in the toe of my Vintage sock. Once I was reading the directions properly it was uncomplicated for the most part. Once I got home in the evening, I decided before I got much further on the foot of the sock I would inlay the leaf. This was also uncomplicated, even though I expected it to be very complicated. I expected that trying to get the leaf to lay flat and fit the associated toe hole was going to drive me nuts. It did not. The ease at which it all went together was quite anticlimactic, as I’d been stressing over this part of the sock more than anything else. Knit 34 little leaves? No problem. Knit a hole in the toe for one leaf? Complicated to my brain. I then knit and attached the stem of the leaf, and all that is missing now is the embroidery. Which I don’t think I will bother with until I am done with the socks.

This means that I now actually get to knit a sock. Month O’Socks started last week but I don’t feel like I’ve been sock knitting, just leaf knitting. Now I get to sock knit and I am quite excited about that. In fact, I’ve just started the embossed grape pattern that goes over the top of the foot.


Also, as of right now, 18 out of 34 leaves have been knit and blocked. Which means that I am now more than halfway done with them. I’d show you, but they are all sitting on the blocking board and don’t look much different than last time I showed them off.

The leaf knitting will now mainly take place at work. This means that I’ll be cranking out more like 2 leaves per work day. The next 4 leaves I make will be the final color, so that when I finish the first sock I’ll be ready to add the leaves and then start the second sock. I can make up the rest of the leaves while knitting the second sock. I have to admit, I wasn’t actually eager to start this project, nor was I eager to do Month O’Socks this year. But, it is this kind of crazy project that I needed, as now that I am doing it, I am just loving the process. What I really needed was something to get excited about.


Month O’Socks 2013

Since 2009, in late winter, I’ve been running Month O’Socks. This is one month of sock knitting. Or, knitting with sock yarn. Since most of us have rather large sock yarn stashes, this is an effective way to work through it. It has been a lot of fun for me each year, something I really look forward to.

This year I am going to change things up a bit, and do the vintage sock kit. I feel reasonably sure I could complete it in a month, and have completely committed to it. So it will be happening. If I have time for some other socks, I’ll do some for mom too. But, the vintage kit is MINE ALL MINE!

We are running this from February 15-March 14 this year. And though I’ve never done it before, I’d love to feature other knitter blogs. So, I am inviting you to participate, and asking you to send me links to your posts if you are interested in doing so.

OK, now that the business part of this post has been taken care of, on to the fun crafty stuff. I finished my scream batt cowl, and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I want to go right out and purchase more amazing crazy art batts and make another. It is long, and looks great just hung around my neck. Doubled over it makes for a fantastic scarf. It is super soft, and I am pretty sure it is my favorite knitted piece in a very long time. I know it is super crazy compared to what I’d normally choose, but I am completely overlooking that right now.


Socks for Mom

Rather than sending socks for Christmas, this year mom got felted slippers. I feel certain they were appreciated, but I have also set aside two yarns for socks for mom. Now, I’ve been on a half a year sock knitting hiatus, but yesterday I cast on a new one. I’d been carrying around the yarn and needles for awhile in my purse, but hadn’t had a chance to cast on. I had been hoping for a much redder color from this yarn, but it seems to be quite….pink. Sorry Mom! Once again, mom gets some crazy colored socks. The pattern is the typical one that seems to fit mom’s feet well, Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks from Vintage Socks. The next pair I am determined to make an actual pattern in.



I do love stripes! So when I first saw Regia’s small stripe sock yarn, I just feel head over heels in love. Luckily I was able to get my hands on some in a trade with my friend Sarah. I believe I may have put fringe on a battle helm beard for my striped yarn. While I have not been very focused on socks, or knitting in general, these have been a fantastic pair to have on hand for knitting where I cannot pay attention to anything else. I started them in April!

I put them on this morning to get photographs, then realized that they matched my outfit and I could just leave them on. So I did.


I am just thrilled to have a finished object!

Short Stripes

You all know I love the striping sock yarn! And I got some short striping Regia in a trade. I decided the most basic patterns show off the best stripes, so I decided on my favorite Gentleman’s Plain Winter Socks with a short row heel for myself. I have finished the first sock, and am halfway down the leg of the second. They do not match, but I do not think this will be overly noticeable.

Skew Socks

I decided that the commission piece has to come to work with me. I am just not inspired enough to work on it at home. I don’t have time, life is busy, and when I do sit down with a little time, it isn’t really what I want to work on. I had these great hopes that I would finish it this weekend, but cycling took priority and I couldn’t be bothered. At least with it at work, it will get a consistent 4 hours of work per week, especially since I am unlikely to try to work on anything else during that time.

What I did work on this weekend was my skew socks. I found that they were the portable and easy project I needed while I was hanging out with friends, and the moved along so quickly that before I knew what hit me, I realized it was time to bind off! I love the fit on these, they feel fantastic. These are certainly going to go on my easy portable sock list, since they are actually something I’d wear with consistency. And yes, I did wear them to work today despite the warm weather. I still think wool socks, even in the summer, are the best. You may already have noticed, but they don’t match. Yarn is noro kureyon sock, and while I probably could have tried to make them match better, I wasn’t inclined to worry over it very much.