Mint Chip

In September I decided it was time to learn how to knit two socks at the same time, using the magic loop technique. I am not a fan of the magic loop, but I can manage to maneuver it when necessary, so I didn’t figure it could be too hard to learn.  It wasn’t, it was useful to know, but I am not sold on the idea. What I AM sold on is plain vanilla socks. Meaning socks knit in stockinette stitch. Using the self striping yarn really makes them pretty without adding a bunch of patterning. Plus I really like the way they fit so snug.

The color has always reminded me of mint chip ice cream or something, knit up that doesn’t change.  I may not keep these for myself, I have something else in mind.

As a group, some of my friends and I are trying to work on our “bane” projects. We do this from time to time, ideally once a week though this rarely happens. It was our bane challenge which had me complete my mystic waters shawl, so we know it is effective. This weekend my bane challenge to myself was to sew buttons on my Sylvi coat. After all, knitting such a beautiful project and then not wearing it just because I didn’t feel like putting buttons on seemed almost a sin. So I completed that this morning. And took a rather horrible picture, but it will work as proof that I did do it!

I plan to wear it tomorrow. After all, it has been more than cold enough!

Coatmundi Week 4?

This weekend I finished the back of my Sylvi coat and finished a sleeve.  Though  had not thought that I would bring the coat with me on my vacation, I am starting to think that bringing the sleeves would be a good idea.  This is due to the fact that  have all the pieces of the coat blocked except the sleeves, and to assemble it and begin the hood, I will need the sleeves done too.  If I could get them done on vacation, I’d be able to start the hood when I get back.

I was able to block out my 2 fronts and the back to the measurements required and I think they look fantastic!


This is a tough project to put down now, as it has been going so smoothly thus far!  I am almost tempted to knit one in worsted weight yarn for miss Bug!