TeamProjectPan November Update

I have just completed my 11th month of a year-long project and I am thrilled with the results. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

I only finished one mini fragrance this month but I got a fair way through the other, so that’s something. I will have the tiniest finished in December and hopefully a start on another, though they are all on the larger side comparatively, and will take more time to finish.

I worked on the darkest cream contour shade in my sleek palette, and I think you can see some progress there! I admit that the tarte palette doesn’t look particularly used. Mostly I’ve been concentrating on the bronzer shades. The blush and highlight rarely get touched because I am panning the tarte blush single in this project as well as working on a frankenhighlight on the downlow.

Up next, a few marked items. The mary kay exfoliator got only the tiniest bit of use. I am going to make a point in December to use this at least once a week so I can get it finished up. I made major progress on my It cosmetics illuminating cc cream. I’ve come to realize that I super enjoy the formula this time of year. It looks good, it sticks well to my face for a work day, it feels hydrating enough in the cold weather. I’ve become rather a big fan of it! I am going to enjoy another month of steady progress on it.

As for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, the color is too off now this time of year for me to wear. There’s the tiniest bit of progress on it but I have to roll it out and put it away. I made more progress on the skin & co finishing spray, not much to say about that. It is easy progress when I am remembering to use it.

Primers-I finished the sample size of benefit porefessional. I only used a tiny bit of the becca first light, as it’s not necessary under the illuminating cc cream. The Touch in sol no poreblem primer got the most use, it was completely full when I rolled it in and I’ve been using it almost daily now that the porefessional is finished.

Now on to what I think is pretty exciting progress. From the top left-my tarte blush in paaarty got used so much that it crumbled and I had to repress it. There’s the tiniest bit left. I’ve been using it consistently, but I think it’ll last me through the next month. Not sure if it’ll get finished by the end of the year or not.

I finished my bum bum cream! I really ended up loving this as a body cream. It’s really luxurious. The smell isn’t so overwhelming once under clothing. I am glad to have used it. My concealer, I finally was able to remove the stopper. This means that I am busy trying to finish it up but feeling nowhere near done.

I am using that thrive eye brightener daily on my brow bone. Does it show any progress at all? No, no it does not. But, the it cosmetics universal brow pencil I was certain would last until the end of the year? It’s gone! I can’t believe I got almost a full year out of that one product. I am not rolling in a new brow product at this time.

Lip products-I’ve been using my bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick fairly consistently but not daily. The trouble is, it’s a really dark, vampy shade. While I do enjoy wearing that shade, it’s also hard to justify wearing it daily. Plus, I feel like I have to tone down the eye look, and I don’t always want to tone down my eye look. The MUFE lipstick got tossed as it had gone off, but the ofra mini liquid lip saw a bit more use this month. I love the ofra liquid lipstick formula so it’s an easy liquid lip to use.

I am still working on my mac paint pot and still no pan is seen. On the other hand, I seem to be wearing away on the sides instead. A little more progress has been made on the shadow I use to set my eye primer.

That brings us to the end of this month’s update. 3 items were finished this month. I feel I have a chance at 2-4 more finishes by the end of the project. Definitely 2 if I work hard. But, I did get a lipstick advent calendar which means I’ll struggle to complete the bite beauty lipstick in the upcoming month. We shall see! No matter what, the project has been very successful. Almost like a shop my stash in 3-month increments. I will not do this particular project next year, I’ll try something else. I am ready to mix it up again. However, I am glad I stuck this project out this year, it was a very good one!

Team Project Pan October update

Only two more months left on this project, hard to imagine I’ve stuck with it for an entire year!

First up, fragrances. I only managed to finish one this month. This is in part because I’ve been sick for a week and a half. When I am sick, I run the danger of associating a fragrance with being sick. So, I tend to just not use them at all until I feel much better.

I finished the Atelier sample. This one is the Vanille insensee. I liked it well enough, and thought I liked it quite a lot until I got sick while wearing it. So, that’s a no for me now. I believe that the Alien sample has just a spray or two left, so I am close on that one. And I did use Black Opium from time to time this month as well.

Let’s do palettes next.

There is the tiniest bit of progress on the darkest contour shade of the sleek palette. I have used the contour and bronzer on the tarte palette very consistently. I’ve used the blush and highlighter far less consistently.

The Mary Kay exfoliator has been used, a bit of progress made. I finished the Mac foundation completely, and you’ll see I’ve substituted in my IT cosmetics illuminating CC cream. I like it paired with the Born This Way foundation, so they’ll both see use this way. I did not make discernable progress on the born this way foundation, I’ve used it perhaps 3 times. The Sin & Co finishing spray did get used, though I think I’ve failed to use it for the past week. I need to get back in the habit. Then we have 3 primers. The No Poreblem has not been used, I’ve concentrated on the Becca and the Porefessional.

I feel like good progress has been made in these photos. Starting with the tarte blush, I have worn away the product around the one side. That’s great progress. I have used half the body butter. I have used the Bare Minerals concealer very consistently, and it’s pretty tough to get product out of at this point. I cannot seem to remove the stopper, so once I really can’t scrape it anymore, it’ll be done. The Thrive Causemetics brightener has been used but there’s no progress that is visible. I finished the Benefit Dandelion Twinkle highlighter completely. The AOA Studios powder is looking cruddy on my face. The weather has changed and I don’t have nearly as oily skin. As such, I am rolling out and not adding another powder. I still don’t see pan in my mac paintpot. The IT cosmetics brow pencil is still going strong, but I think I could use it up by the end of the year. I hit pan in my wet n wild eyeshadow. And finally, lip products. I finished the nudestix. I made progress on the bite lipstick, just a bit. And I made good progress on the MUFE one. But sadly, that one has completely turned, so I have to toss it. I’ve only worn the ofra liquid lip once.

And that’s that, another quick run down of my project pan progress. I am quite pleased with it overall this month.

TeamProjectPan 3rd quarter finale

That’s it, we are at the end of the summer quarter! I can’t believe I’ve been consistently panning all year now. But, the quarterly refreshes really do keep me interested, and so I really am able to keep after it. I am already looking forward to mining my team project pan posts to see how much I was able to use up at the end of this year.

Since this is a refresh month, I will just post my progress for the end of September. The next post will be my beauty balance finale for September. And then I’ll do my quarterly refresh post. This means I’ll have 3 days of posts in a row that are not at all crafting related, sorry crafty folks! After that, I do have some spinning and a new knitting project to show off. And who knows what else!

First up, last month and this month in perfume samples. Last month I was slightly frustrated because I’d received a number of samples in the month and my project numbers went up instead of down. No new perfume samples entered this month which is a great relief.

I went from 9 to 7 this month. That’s been about average. I’ve been able to use up about 2 of the really tiny samples each month when working on them consistently. The larger ones will definitely take a bit more time. So, I will absolutely not finish with my perfume samples this year.

This is the palette I’ve been working on, it’s Too Faced Natural Face. I really enjoy this palette, but can’t wear it unless I’ve gotten a good amount of sun. I have used it very consistently this month, but it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made. I would say that I actually have the largest dips in the highlighters, which is quite a surprise! I think they must be a little powdery compared to the other products.

I finished up the PTR exfoliant, it was an easy finish. I am 5 or 6 uses away from being done with the verb texture cream. I will not repurchase, and I won’t add it to my project next month either. You’ll just see it in next month’s empties. I didn’t use the IT cosmetics matte cc cream at all, I’ve solely concentrated on the Mac pro longwear foundation. Since it’s a perfect color for my more tanned skin, I just keep using it. The Becca ever matte primer got a tiny bit of use, but not much. I found that as the weather was cooling, it was starting to look bad. I can’t explain it. But, it made my foundation extra powdery and made it look strange on my pores. I actually thought it was the newer AOA studios powder, but I was wrong. It was the primer. So, I ended up using some samples instead. And finally, really good progress was made on my AOA studios powder. My reality is that I do need to use quite a lot of powder, especially this time of year, so it’s not very difficult for me to use up powders in stash. I am always amazed at how people say it takes forever to use! On the other hand, I tend to be using travel sizes lately, so that could have something to do with the speed at which I go through it.

OK, up next, my benefit dandelion twinkle highlighter. I used it maybe twice, so not much progress. Spoiler-it’s going to make it through the refresh. It’s so close to being done! The matte cream shadow I use to set my eye primer has been used consistently. The mac paint pot also has been used consistently, these last forever! Same with the IT cosmetics universal brow pencil. I thought about removing it in the refresh because I’ve used it ALL YEAR and it’s not gone yet. But, I want to be done so I am going to power through. The Coola setting spray was very very easy to use up with consistent use. And, while I didn’t get a photo of it last month, my nudestix matte lip and cheek crayon got a lot of use but I wasn’t able to finish.

So, ultimately, good progress. Not a lot of finishes from the project this month, but progress. And tomorrow, you will see there were a lot of other finishes in general during the month.


Team Project Pan August Update

So here we are at the beginning of September with another team project pan update. There’s been some nice progress this month but I am at that point where I am glad there’s a refresh next month.

Let’s start with the sample fragrances. I can tell you that this category didn’t do well at all this month because more samples came in than left.

Instead of 8 or fewer samples, I now have 9. And honestly, the samples seem to have gotten larger. But I am still working at them and will continue to do so.

I think we’ll get my face palette out of the way. I am working on my Too Faced natural face palette. It’s perfect for this time of the year when I really have darker skin due to having been on vacation. For example, I am generally a mac nw13 but since vacation, I’ve been nw18. The Natural Face palette is one that works so nicely at an nw18. It’s finicky at nw13. I have to be very careful not to overdo it and the highlighters are right out.

I didn’t take a photo last month, so the photo on the left is from 2 months ago. (For the record, I haven’t used the sleek cream contour palette at all, which is why I didn’t take a photo. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve touched it.) I’ve worn away a good bit of the pattern on Sunny Honey. It may not be apparent, but I’ve also got a good dip going on Starlight and nice progress in the other highlighter as well. I’ve used both blushes quite a bit but naturally, those take a long time to see progress on. I’ve also used tropic like it’s hot every single day. This is one of those really wonderful face palettes with a ton of value for money. I think I may have gotten this one at quite a discount, and a little goes a really long way. I love this palette and I am so happy it is in my collection. I will use it one more month and then it’ll go away until next summer.

The rest of the items. Last month I posted progress on lip liners. I didn’t do so this month because I didn’t use either of them at all. Probably not even once. So, no point in taking a photo.

So, I added in a face exfoliator, and I made progress but not much. Putting this in my project pan actually made me want to use up a different one first, which is what I did. The becca primer had a lot of progress, though I think there really may have been an air bubble. I got a little of the IT cosmetics cc cream worked through, but the largest progress by far is on my mac prolongwear foundation. I am going to keep after that one as it’s too dark for me most of the year. Still looks great and it is by far my favorite foundation. Sticks to my face so nicely! The Verb texture cream I am using daily but only a little. So, progress is being made, but it’s not fast. And, since I finished my laura mercier setting powder, I am rolling in another, it’s AOA studios setting powder. I like it fine. The container is pretty small, but it’s a nice full container.

Let’s first talk about what I used up. The eyeshadow that I was using to set my primer is gone, the bite beauty lip mask is gone, and the hourglass lip crayon is gone. I am not rolling in a new lippie, I’ll concentrate on the two that remain this month. I am rolling in another setting eyeshadow. My paintpot is still being used almost daily, still haven’t hit pan but I am working on the sides now. The it cosmetics eyebrow pencil is the bane of my existence. Who would have known that one sample size product would last me an entire year of almost daily use? For real, it’ll be a surprise if it is gone at the end of the year. But I continue plugging away at it. The benefit highlighter I made extremely minimal progress on. I’ve been concentrating instead on my face palette. This highlighter will remain in the project until it is gone though, it’s so close. And, finally, I am adding something in. I am adding in my coola setting spray with sunscreen. I think this is a gimmicky product so I just want to use it right up and move it out of my collection. Thankfully it tends to disappear quickly so I don’t really think it’ll take too long.

I am already very much looking forward to next month when I get to roll out products I am bored with and roll in new things. We are also close enough to the end of the year where I am looking into what I’ll do for project pans next year. I really love this year-long one, but I think I will try something new next year to change it up. I am also looking forward to autumn and autumn colors and vampy lipsticks and so on. I love the change in seasons every season, and changing makeup colors to go right with that is so much fun. Cool-toned eyeshadow palettes and dark lips and shawls, I am so eager to enjoy all of that!

Team Project Pan quarterly refresh

I have to admit that the quarterly refresh on this year-long project pan is absolutely what holds the project together. I definitely begin to get antsy about 2 months into a set of products, and what carries me through is knowing that in a month I’ll be able to change out everything I am bored with.

So, first off, no change on fragrance samples, there’s nothing to roll in.



My Cover FX setting powder remains in this quarter. At this point, I am adding in a primer and a hair care item, and also switching out my foundation. The primer I am going to work on this quarter is the becca ever matte primer. I’ve had this in my stash for about a year but never tried it. If I don’t like it at the end of the month, I’ll declutter. I think this is a fair rule for something I’ve never tried before.

The hair item I am adding is Verb Sea texture cream. I like this a little bit, but not much. I can use it about once a hair wash cycle, typically on second-day hair. After that, I need other products to keep my hair looking nice.

The foundation is the IT cosmetics matte cc cream. I plan to combine this with another foundation in my stash, so it may be slow going but I am happy to be able to work on it.

I’ve decided not to bother with adding a concealer. I have only 3 anyhow, and I don’t really need to pan them.

I am, however, adding a facemask this time. I have this glamglow supermud facemask sample and I’d like to get it used up. I only use this in my Tzone and only in the hotter months. So, now is the time! There’s not terribly much left but I haven’t been using it at all so I feel like throwing it in this quarter will help me remember to get it used up and out of my collection. After all, I have plenty of face masks, and plenty of mud masks I enjoy more than this one.


I am adding in my Too Faced Natural Face palette for this quarter. I love these tones on my face in the summer in particular. The Sleek Contour Palette remains. I doubt I’ll hit pan on anything in the Too Faced palette, but I am eager to get some steady use on it. Since it has two blushes, I won’t roll in a separate blush this quarter.


I am keeping my bite beauty agave lip treatment, I am keeping my mac paint pot, and I am keeping my IT cosmetics eyebrow pencil.

For lip products, I am going to add in my orange NYX liquid suede lipstick. It’s a great summer shade and I like the formula well enough. For a bullet lipstick, I am choosing my hourglass sample. It’s a fantastic nude color and will go beautifully with anything I wear. And, since it gives me a slightly sore throat feeling that happens with many lipsticks, I want to use it up and get it out of my collection. I am also adding in a nudestix matte lip pencil. I don’t like the formula on this all that much, but it’s a pretty warm toned color and I would like to get it used up and out of my stash.

I’ve added a highlighter I’ve been working on panning on the down-low. As you can see, I am almost done with it. It is benefit dandelion twinkle and it was one of my first highlighters. I really like this one but since I depotted it, it doesn’t have a proper place in my collection and it’s so close to being done! I also added an eyeshadow I’ve been panning on the down-low. That’s a Morphie shade, a cream matte, and I’ve been using it to set my base. I think I could get both of these used up this quarter.

And finally I am adding in a sample size eyeshadow primer sachet. Since I am finding it relatively irritating to keep sachets around, I figure I can get this used up this quarter and then continue on with my mac paint pot.


I am keeping my MUFE lip liner in the project, but I am adding a more appropriately colored liner for my NYX  lip cream and nudestix lip items. And, that’s a NYX item as well, NYX Suede liner in stockholm. It’s an orangier toned lip liner than the MUFE so I think it’ll be appropriate to add in this quarter.

And, that’s it. My quarterly refresh is now squared away and I can get started on all of these items. You may notice I didn’t choose a colored shadow to work on this quarter. This is entirely because I am so enjoying my 3 color challenge each week and I don’t think I’d make much progress on one.

Team Project Pan June update

I’ve just finished another month of work on my year-long team project pan. This is the point at which I get to roll in new products as a seasonal refresh. I am eager to do that! But, because I’ll be doing a refresh, I’ll split this into two posts. Today we’ll just look at where I am after this past month. This was a really good finishing month! I am tempted to imagine that many products need 6 months consistent use to finish up, when in my collection. There are many things I was so eager to remove from my collection that I didn’t save them, rather added them directly to my beauty balance posts and then let them go.



As you can see, I used up two perfume samples this month.

I finished up the sample of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, which I have always really enjoyed. I used to wear it regularly in my 20s, and while it’s not one I really want to own again, I certainly loved the scent during the time I was working through the sample. I also used up the Versace Bright Crystal. This one was easy to use because the scent did not stay with me all day. I ended up putting it in my handbag and refreshing it midday since I couldn’t get it to stick around.

Thankfully there’s nothing rolling in for the fragrance this month, I did not get any fragrance samples because I didn’t really order anything online to receive any samples. This is a great relief to me.



I finished up the cover fx blurring primer. There was soooo much left in the container once I cut it that it took me more than half the month to finish. I really enjoyed this primer so I didn’t struggle at all to keep using it almost daily over almost 6 months of use.

Deva Curl styling cream-I was so eager to get this all used up, but when I was finished, I struggled to find another product that really tamed down the frizz like this did. So, despite the fact I never would have imagined it, this might be a someday repurchase. Not now though, I still have quite a few hair products to get through.

I finished up my Charlotte Tilbury setting powder sample. I ended up scraping it and crushing it and adding it to my cover FX setting powder container as it was not useable once that pan in the sample became too large.

I have been quite enjoying the cover FX setting powder and progress has continued on that as well.

I made steady progress on the IT cosmetics illuminating CC cream, but it didn’t end up showing when I tried to mark it. I have used this almost daily except for while on vacation. I made no progress on the bare minerals powder foundation or serum concealer.

I am rolling out the IT cosmetics cc cream and I am rolling out both bare minerals products. I’ll need to also choose a new hair product and primer. The only thing that stays is the cover FX setting powder.



I made a bit of progress on my sleek contour palette, even hitting side pan, and a nice amount of progress on my cover FX palette. I have decided that finishing powders are absolutely for me, I love how they make the rest of the powder face products look seamless and blended together. But, I am rolling out the cover FX palette. I’ll leave the sleek palette and continue to use it.



I made so little progress on the liquid lipstick. Steady progress on the tarte amazonian clay blush, steady progress on the IT cosmetics brow pencil, and steady progress on the mac paint pot. I barely used the bite beauty lip mask, I just don’t need it right now. I also barely touched the flower beauty lipstick in coral crush or the peach colored eyeshadow. The only things that will stay next month from this batch is the mac paint pot, the lip mask, and the it cosmetics eyebrow pencil.


And finally, we have my MUFE artist color pencil that I’ve been making some progress on.


The progress was minimal. To be honest, I haven’t been using any lip pencils lately. It’s been one step too much. But, I guess you can see a spoiler that I plan to roll in another one in the project refresh.

It’s been a steady progress type of month, and one where many larger items got finished up after almost 6 months of use. I am very very eager to do my project refresh though, I want to be using some other items! 3 months on color products is definitely pushing my boredom limit.

Are you working on a team project pan? Do let me know, I definitely want to come check it out!

Team Project Pan update 4

First of all, I want to state for the record that it is my intention this month to get more organized about how I take my project pan photos for this year-long project. The way things are going now I take photos a different way each month and that is making it very difficult to compare last month’s progress to the current progress. As such, I am going to give you ALL of last month’s photos in bulk and then start fresh with this month’s photos after that.



Products now:


Bite Beauty Agave lip mask – My progress with this has slowed quite a bit over this past month. While the weather warms, my need for an intense lip treatment wanes. There’s so little left in the package now. I don’t want to use it carelessly, I do love the product. I think I can finish by next month.

Cover FX blurring primer – I really enjoy this primer, I’ve had no problem using it very consistently over these past 5 months. It is quite close to being finished now, so close that I’ve had to cut the tube. This will be finished next month for certain. While there’s quite a lot remaining in the tube once cut, now that it’s been exposed to air, it’s drying out rather quickly.

It Cosmetics illuminating CC cream – this entered my project last month as a roll in. I’ve used it almost every day I’ve worn makeup. It doesn’t actually stick to my face overly well so I’ve been using one pump of this combined with another pump of a foundation that sticks around a bit better. I do feel like progress on this has been nice and steady. I’ll probably roll it out in the quarterly change up next month but will continue on with it this month.

Cover FX setting powder – Nice progress here, I use it daily and I like it quite a bit.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation – No discernable progress though I have used it a few times.

Mac Soft Ochre paint pot – still using daily, still not hitting pan.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush – I put this blush I already hit pan on in this quarter since the Cover FX palette color was so bright. I think it’s clear I’ve used it, but I haven’t used it a ton.

Eyeshadow – I’ve been using this about once a week, no pan yet. I finished the clinique setting powder pan and already tossed it.

It Cosmetics universal brow pencil – I’ve been using this pretty consistently except for about a week where I put it where it didn’t belong and lost it. While I am sure progress has been made, I can’t show you anymore because the product has broken off the base, and showing you means I’ll lose the product.

Deva Curl styling cream – I had really hoped to finish this up and get something else rolled in, but it was not to be! Definitely will finish next month though.

Bite Beauty amuse bouche lipstick – it’s got one use left! And I am going to wear it today so it’s gone. Shade name was sake and I did enjoy the color. It’s easy to use these little sample sizes, it’s just a 2-month commitment for me. I don’t even have to use them every day to get them used up that way. I have one more sample size in my collection but I will wait for fall to finish that one up. Since I am also working on the flower beauty coral color I will not roll a new lipstick into my project at this time. Speaking of that, no discernable progress was made on the flower beauty lipstick, while I did use it about once a week, that’s just not enough to see much of a result on. I’ve used my liquid lipstick even less.

Charlotte Tilbury setting powder sample – I hit major pan and it’s tough to get the product out of this now. I plan to finish it in this upcoming month.

Style Sepia liner – I am done with this. I can’t get the product out of the cap and it has been crumbling badly every time I use it for a month or more anyhow. I am so glad to be done with this one! I am also glad that I took the opportunity to use it up. Mostly because it took a ton of time despite always having been a small sized pencil liner. Pencil liners are no joke when you wear so little liner as I do.


Sleek Contour palette – to be honest, this hasn’t seen all that much action this past month. I’ve been trying to work toward side pan on the middle shade but haven’t gotten there yet. I’ve actually begun using this palette with a brush instead of my fingers, and that tends to cause me to use less product overall. I am enjoying this one still, but often I’ll powder before I get to the cream contour stage and that means I don’t even pick it up. That being said, I have been experimenting more with the lighter shades, so those are seeing more use than previously. Mostly I just use these to highlight my browbone,

Cover FX face palette – This is a newer palette to my collection and I’ve enjoyed using it. The highlight powders are a bit on the dark side for me, so I’ve avoided using them. I use the contour color frequently and the blush color a few times a week. I have used the brightener as a highlight and an inner corner eye highlight. But, the major progress is with the finishing powder which I really am enjoying quite a bit. Many like to complain that this has sparkle in it. It does. But, that sparkle does not translate to the face at all, and it turns into a very nice blended finish when buffed out over my cheeks and forehead. Look at that huge pan on that finishing powder!


Mini fragrances – I finished the Bvlgari and Replica fragrance sample, and am now working on the Chanel Mademoiselle sample. (Boy does that one take me back, that was my signature fragrance in my 20s!) Of course, I’ve gotten more sample fragrances since this photo so my collection has grown rather than shrank as hoped. But also, I really enjoy sampling fragrances so I can’t complain either.


MUFE artist color pencil – a bit of progress. I really enjoy this as a lip liner and would not be completely opposed to having another one at some point in my life.

I am not rolling in anything new this time around. I am not going to try to pan another eyeliner, I just want to enjoy all the colors I currently have. They are fun, I want to use them! There are a few products that seem desperately close to being finished but if I finish them quickly I just want to try out some other products for a bit so I can make a decision about what to roll in next month. I want to make more progress on my flower beauty lipstick. But, I did take a photo of some lip items I am considering up for panning in the near future. I figured I’d take this month and get a bit of a handle on them to see if I want to pan, remove from my collection, or wait to pan later.


The Nyx items, in particular, are likely to get used up next quarter, I just need to figure out which one.

Next month is a quarterly check-in, so I get to roll in new products for summer, and I am really looking forward to that! I’ve been making my plans for that all month and I still have a month of waiting to go!

I am enjoying the project pan updates I am seeing in my blog feed, if I am not paying attention to yours, please leave me a comment so I can come check it out!