2012 Projects

Handspun Featherweight


Handspun Wingspan

Yarn Bomb


Felted Slippers


Headband with crocheted flower


Girl Friday sweater




Vanalinn Gloves


Itty Bitty Stockings


Aeneas Sweater


Cloud Chaser Vest


Baby Surprise Jacket

Fairy Tale doll outfit

Julie’s blanket


Doll Cape


A Road Not Taken


Little Coffee Bean Cardigan


Iris Goddess of Rainbow Shawl


Vittorio Shawlette

Maine Morning Mitts from handspun

Fronkenshteek socks

Skew Socks


Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings


Gentleman’s plain winter socks

Plain socks with afterthought heel

The Guy Next Door Cowl

Christmas Stockings


T-shirt scrappy rug

Steek This Coffee Cozy



Drop Yo Cowl

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