This Week, July 31-August 6

I’ve neglected my lists lately. Things got busy and I forgot, then when I remembered, it was about time for vacation and I wasn’t about to work on lists then! So, at the end of this post will be a list for the week.

But, first let me show off my last vacation finished object.


412 yards of worsted weight yarn from batts I made myself. I think it’s an interesting color. It seems rather neutral in person. Not my favorite color, but I think it has its place.

A few more vacation photos, on Wednesday we went to Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. That place is HUGE! We walked and walked, I ended up with 20K steps that day, and we didn’t even remotely see all of it. Mr. Ink checked out the trees he specifically wanted to see, and we beelined for those. At some point we wandered into the area with all the rhododendrons. There was a small rocky stream, and Miss Butterfly and I had a great time doing some creek stomping. It was humid there, and the cold water felt amazing!

I am back at work for the first time in a week and a half. It’s tough! But I’ll keep busy and the day should fly by.

In the meantime, here’s a list:

  • 1 repeat on Tibetan Clouds stole
  • One bike ride with friends
  • Back to school shopping with Miss Butterfly
  • Work on new spinning project (will explain more tomorrow.)
  • Do ALL THE THINGS in my planner that are work related and not work related. There are quite a few. I am hoping to do them and NOT postpone any of them since that will really help next week look a bit slower.

Last Day

It’s my last day of vacation and a busy one too, but should be pleasant. We’ll be heading to a birthday party to play pub trivia. I’ve never played before, but I think it’ll be a good time!

Yesterday not a ton was done in the crafting department, but I did manage to finish spinning the orange singles.


I did some on my wheel, and some on the support spindles while on vacation. There’s quite a lot, I think I had about 7 ounces to begin with? So, it’ll be a longish plying project as well. However, when I woke up this morning, the weather on the patio was beautiful. That’s unusual for a summer out here, it’s almost always too humid and hot already to hang out on the patio in the morning, which also gets morning sun.


I got a fair amount done while enjoying my cup of coffee.

Let’s see if I can pull out a few more vacation pictures. On Monday, when we headed back up to Boston to visit with Mr. Ink’s family, it was cold and raining. It rained all day long, and so our plans for mountain biking and beach time were a complete bust. Instead, we wandered off to Harvard Museum of Natural History. We wanted to check out a lovely display of glass flowers. These models were made in the 19th century and were used for teaching botany. They were incredibly beautiful and it was so difficult to tell that they were glass.

Pictures were hard to get since these were in glass cases under lower light.

Of course, once in the museum we continued to look around, and I enjoyed looking at bugs as well.


Easily as beautiful and colorful as flowers, if you ask me!

That evening we had dinner on the porch. It got so cold that we all had to bundle up with blankets, and at some point in the evening, we realized we could see our breath. Quite an odd feeling in the summer for someone who lives in the midwest!


Actually, we returned Thursday evening, but I do not go back to work until Monday so I am solidly in vacation mode still. On my last night in Boston I accidentally stayed up until 2:15 a.m. talking with my sister in law while relaxing in the hot tub. It was cool enough out there during the second part of our trip that we actually had to turn the heat on in the hot tub!

On Thursday we had our trip to the airport in Boston all appropriately planned out, or so we thought. My sister in law insisted we were leaving in perfectly appropriate time to catch our plane. What she wasn’t counting on was an accident in a tunnel, bringing our car ride to a complete halt, in a tunnel, with absolutely nowhere to go. As I tried to tamp down my anxiety, while sitting not moving in the car, I refused to let ANYONE talk about it since there’s absolutely nothing we could do. I warned Miss Butterfly that once we arrived she was going to have to LISTEN, and PAY ATTENTION, so that we could possibly make our flight. After a very harrowing half hour, we did begin to move again, and we made it to our gate just as the plane was boarding. What a relief! With the exhaustion I was feeling from being up so late, I was very quickly asleep. Our return was fairly uneventful after the first flight.

So, on Friday I decided to just do stuff around the house. I did laundry, unpacked, mowed lawn, did some cooking, and took two naps. It was a pretty nice day. I also knit and spun. And I finished something!

So, despite the fact that I really believed I’d be bringing two spectra scarves with me to work on, when push came to shove, I ended up bringing my partially completed lillia hyrna shawl. I am so glad I did. Turns out, the plane was the perfect place to complete super long rows of shawl pattern knitting, and I returned home with only 5 rows and a bind off left.

So that was my goal yesterday. Complete the final 5 rows, bind off, block, and show off today.

And there you have it! This is the one I made for my boss to keep at work. In all honesty, I had a lot of this yarn, 3 skeins of the blue, one of the pink, and I’ve been trying to get rid of it for ages. It’s gone now! In fact, I had to fudge the crochet bind off a bit to finish, I had absolutely no blue yarn left, just enough to weave in the final end. Since this one has been on the needles since the end of April, I am very happy to have completed it.

I did also manage to finish up TdF.


This is my second spindle of the orange fiber I brought with me. A photo taken on my aunt’s deck while drinking coffee and waiting to go for an early morning swim in the ocean. Both days of the reunion we got up early and were in the water by 8 a.m. ¬†On this particular day, we got back from the ocean, rinsed off, and headed to my other aunt’s home for outdoor family yoga. It was an exceedingly good morning.

After yoga? We went for a sail.

It was a rather windy and choppy day, my favorite kind of sail. Miss Butterfly, however, was not so used to being in a boat that tipped quite that much and we scared her quite well for awhile. If she hadn’t been there, we’d really have moved much faster and tipped more dramatically, but we didn’t want to turn her off to it either. As you can see, she eventually became more comfortable, sitting up on the bow of the boat. It was quite an odd day really, because we’d been moving along so fast, and then my cousin asked how much longer we wanted to be out. I said “I think we can do another half hour or so.” and exactly at that moment, the wind completely died. We ended up having to motor our way back to the marina. Kind of a disappointing end, but the wild beginning was great.

I’ll have many more vacation moments upcoming, I’ll just start with this one. Hope everyone has had a decent week, I look forward to finding the time to do a big blog reader catch up next week!

Phone Post

Well, I never use my phone to write a blog post, but I didn’t bring my computer on vacation, so here goes. Please excuse typos and autocorrect though I will attempt to proof read. I took a few quick photos. First and foremost, I haven’t stopped spinning. Granted, on Thursday, my spinning was 10 minutes at the wheel at 520 am. This morning though, I got a little spindle spinning done. 

Thursday evening was spent at my sister in laws home. It was lovely as usual. She’s trained her son to be her sous chef, so I snapped a photo of a master at work. I was very impressed with his chopping skills. As a food processor owner, I never build these skills. 

Friday I grabbed the T to get me closer to my family, and my dad and brother picked me up. Very convenient. Got to the reunion, got to see Miss Butterfly and my nephew who followed her around quite a lot. My brother and his family had traveled all night since the roads are less crowded and their kids will sleep. However, my nephew was so tired but fighting sleep hard. We finally got him to sleep in the hammock. I snapped a photo because he totally looks like vacation. 

Thursday Finished Object

By this time Mr. Ink will have dropped me off at the airport and I will be headed out to vacation on the east coast. I’ll begin this with a visit with Mr. Ink’s sister in law whom I adore. We have plans for the “cold” tub and wine and a good long chat. I can’t wait!

But, prior to that I’ve got a nice long day of traveling ahead of me. Hopefully I can catch a nap on the plane. I’ve got a longer than usual layover as well, so I am hoping to take a bit of a walk in order to better induce the nap. Of course there will also be knitting.

Since I am flying then socializing today I don’t anticipate the time for a blog post, despite the fact I’ve got a photo to share. So I’ve written this post ahead of time and scheduled it. Should work fine!


That’s the pioneer braid scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun yarn. It’s one of those most perfect yarn and pattern pairings, and I love it. I wish it were slightly longer, but I used up what I had. The pattern was simple and easy to memorize once started, and I suspect I’ll knit this one again in the future.

More Handspun

I finished up that fat cat knits batt last evening, and it was dry this morning!


It’s rather interesting! I do love all the bits and bobs. I have 265 yards of 2 ply on this one.

I began spinning some of the orange batts I made awhile back on my wheel. I am not thrilled to pieces with the color, but I have to admit that the batts are scrumptious to spin. It’s these:


I also tucked a few away in my carry on bag along with a support spindle in case I decide I want to actually finish up TdF. I mean, even 10 minutes a day in the upcoming days would do it!

I also grabbed a quick photo of where I am in the knitting of the green spectra scarf. Because it’s too pretty not to grab a photo of!


I packed the red one to work on during the plane ride itself, but I don’t know, I might have to switch! This one is too charming to put down! This is my last day of work before vacation and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. I got some shopping done last night, picked up 3 pairs of capris. However, I tried to do that trick where I try on one pair, like them, and pick the same cut in different colors. Got them home and realized that 2 out of 3 don’t fit all that well, so I may head back tonight to return them. Blech. I hate shopping, and sometimes my shortcuts become longcuts. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

But mostly tonight I need to be working on laundry so I can get packed! So much laundry. ALL the laundry.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Where to Start?

So, I am in that slightly strange situation in which I actually have too many crafting photos. Too many things in progress. Too much too show off. I want to break them up into separate posts, but I’ve been sitting on a finished object post for half a week now! I still think I might save that post for the day I travel.

Once the very big green spin project was complete, I went to my stash to see what I had that I could use to create something fairly quickly. I chose a batt from fat cat knits. These are NOT my normal colors, but it’s actually good for me to get out of my color zone.


I began it on Sunday. I thought “How can I do something new with the color combinations in this batt?” Because it’s another gradient batt, and I am tired of making gradients.

I split the batt horizontally. Then, I took half that batt, and stripped it vertically, putting all those little strips into a bag and mixing them up really well. That’s what you see in the above photo. Randomly placed strips.

I then took the next batt half, and split it horizontally again. So that it would be a gradient, but it would go from yellow into blue and back to yellow again. I spun that.

One problem:


When I finished the singles, I realized that I had significantly MORE yardage on the gradient bobbin than I did on the random bobbin. Guess I should have weighed those halves to make sure they were even!

So, now I am plying and I am well aware that my plan won’t QUITE turn out like I had hoped. But, I do think it’ll be very pretty even so. The colors are all not quite. Like, there’s a brown that is not quite purple, and a yellow that’s not quite olive green, and a blue that is not quite white. It’s an interesting color combination and I think it’ll make for a very interesting yarn.

Our gardens are beginning to suffer. The lawn has gone into a summer heat dormancy, and we just don’t have enough rain. We try not to water our lawn, as we believe it to be a waste of water. But we DO have to water the gardens at this point, and it’s becoming an all evening job. So we’ve finally broken out the sprinklers, which do water the lawn as well as the gardens. But, it saves Mr. Ink valuable TIME, and that’s something as well.

Because of this, we had rather a nice evening together. Mr. Ink went out to begin the watering, then at some point he came inside and wandered around a bit lost. Then told me he was uninspired to do ANYTHING. Since he’s king of the yardwork, I told him he didn’t have to. Then he revealed the true problem. He’d been outside, in the heat, wandering around trying to find SOMETHING to do. He couldn’t think of anything but laying more pavers. He decided against that because he didn’t want to screw up his back before vacation. And he said “Why am I wandering around in the HEAT looking for something to do, GO INDOORS!” So he did. But he’s so accustomed to being outdoors that he really could not figure out what to do with himself. In the end, he sat himself down in the living room and talked. Wonder of wonders! It was quite a pleasant evening. And I stayed up too late because I was just so happy to be sitting around chatting with the guy even after dinner.

So all in all a very pleasant evening. Tonight I had better get my butt in gear and do some last minute shopping. The shopping list has been in my car, but I keep putting it off and making excuses. I am working on rather limited time now!