Thursday Finished Object

By this time Mr. Ink will have dropped me off at the airport and I will be headed out to vacation on the east coast. I’ll begin this with a visit with Mr. Ink’s sister in law whom I adore. We have plans for the “cold” tub and wine and a good long chat. I can’t wait!

But, prior to that I’ve got a nice long day of traveling ahead of me. Hopefully I can catch a nap on the plane. I’ve got a longer than usual layover as well, so I am hoping to take a bit of a walk in order to better induce the nap. Of course there will also be knitting.

Since I am flying then socializing today I don’t anticipate the time for a blog post, despite the fact I’ve got a photo to share. So I’ve written this post ahead of time and scheduled it. Should work fine!


That’s the pioneer braid scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun yarn. It’s one of those most perfect yarn and pattern pairings, and I love it. I wish it were slightly longer, but I used up what I had. The pattern was simple and easy to memorize once started, and I suspect I’ll knit this one again in the future.

More Handspun

I finished up that fat cat knits batt last evening, and it was dry this morning!


It’s rather interesting! I do love all the bits and bobs. I have 265 yards of 2 ply on this one.

I began spinning some of the orange batts I made awhile back on my wheel. I am not thrilled to pieces with the color, but I have to admit that the batts are scrumptious to spin. It’s these:


I also tucked a few away in my carry on bag along with a support spindle in case I decide I want to actually finish up TdF. I mean, even 10 minutes a day in the upcoming days would do it!

I also grabbed a quick photo of where I am in the knitting of the green spectra scarf. Because it’s too pretty not to grab a photo of!


I packed the red one to work on during the plane ride itself, but I don’t know, I might have to switch! This one is too charming to put down! This is my last day of work before vacation and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that. I got some shopping done last night, picked up 3 pairs of capris. However, I tried to do that trick where I try on one pair, like them, and pick the same cut in different colors. Got them home and realized that 2 out of 3 don’t fit all that well, so I may head back tonight to return them. Blech. I hate shopping, and sometimes my shortcuts become longcuts. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

But mostly tonight I need to be working on laundry so I can get packed! So much laundry. ALL the laundry.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Where to Start?

So, I am in that slightly strange situation in which I actually have too many crafting photos. Too many things in progress. Too much too show off. I want to break them up into separate posts, but I’ve been sitting on a finished object post for half a week now! I still think I might save that post for the day I travel.

Once the very big green spin project was complete, I went to my stash to see what I had that I could use to create something fairly quickly. I chose a batt from fat cat knits. These are NOT my normal colors, but it’s actually good for me to get out of my color zone.


I began it on Sunday. I thought “How can I do something new with the color combinations in this batt?” Because it’s another gradient batt, and I am tired of making gradients.

I split the batt horizontally. Then, I took half that batt, and stripped it vertically, putting all those little strips into a bag and mixing them up really well. That’s what you see in the above photo. Randomly placed strips.

I then took the next batt half, and split it horizontally again. So that it would be a gradient, but it would go from yellow into blue and back to yellow again. I spun that.

One problem:


When I finished the singles, I realized that I had significantly MORE yardage on the gradient bobbin than I did on the random bobbin. Guess I should have weighed those halves to make sure they were even!

So, now I am plying and I am well aware that my plan won’t QUITE turn out like I had hoped. But, I do think it’ll be very pretty even so. The colors are all not quite. Like, there’s a brown that is not quite purple, and a yellow that’s not quite olive green, and a blue that is not quite white. It’s an interesting color combination and I think it’ll make for a very interesting yarn.

Our gardens are beginning to suffer. The lawn has gone into a summer heat dormancy, and we just don’t have enough rain. We try not to water our lawn, as we believe it to be a waste of water. But we DO have to water the gardens at this point, and it’s becoming an all evening job. So we’ve finally broken out the sprinklers, which do water the lawn as well as the gardens. But, it saves Mr. Ink valuable TIME, and that’s something as well.

Because of this, we had rather a nice evening together. Mr. Ink went out to begin the watering, then at some point he came inside and wandered around a bit lost. Then told me he was uninspired to do ANYTHING. Since he’s king of the yardwork, I told him he didn’t have to. Then he revealed the true problem. He’d been outside, in the heat, wandering around trying to find SOMETHING to do. He couldn’t think of anything but laying more pavers. He decided against that because he didn’t want to screw up his back before vacation. And he said “Why am I wandering around in the HEAT looking for something to do, GO INDOORS!” So he did. But he’s so accustomed to being outdoors that he really could not figure out what to do with himself. In the end, he sat himself down in the living room and talked. Wonder of wonders! It was quite a pleasant evening. And I stayed up too late because I was just so happy to be sitting around chatting with the guy even after dinner.

So all in all a very pleasant evening. Tonight I had better get my butt in gear and do some last minute shopping. The shopping list has been in my car, but I keep putting it off and making excuses. I am working on rather limited time now!


I did begin some more spinning for TdF yesterday even though I thought I might not after the epic 1225 yard 2 ply yarn was complete. I took out a 4 oz. batt and got it started. I’ll take photos tonight I think. But, I don’t want to talk spinning today, I want to take a break.

I decided to pull out a skein of handspun and see what could be done with it. It’s this skein:


It’s from a fat cat knits batt, and I do think it’s quite lovely. I settled on the spectra scarf, as I’ve wanted to knit that for a long while and I thought it might be the perfect pattern to knit on vacation. Relatively easy to memorize, the colors make it not boring, I thought it might be Just Enough.

I decided to pair it with a skein of sock yarn I’ve had in my stash for absolutely ever. 10 years.


And it looked ok. But, I thought maybe the sock yarn was a little bit subtle for my taste. I wasn’t sure it framed the handspun well enough to show it off. I went to my stash, pulled out a few more skeins of contrasting yarn, and pulled Mr. Ink in for his opinions. He’s got a great artistic eye, and so sometimes I use him to confirm what I think might be the best option. I let him make the choice, subtle or bold, and if bold, which bold. He picked what I had already chosen in my head, confirming the next step.


It’s a win! It’s bold, and it’s far more interesting than the subtle option.

I can tell I am going to get a ton of use out of this pattern. After all, I couldn’t resist finding yet another bold color contrast to pair with handspun. I started another!


This one is rather watermelon like. The handspun part is Miss Marja’s yarn, the green is an almost full skein of dyeabolical’s strong arm skinny leftover from a sweater I made ages ago.

I tucked the red one in the bag I’ll be taking on vacation, along with the very beginning of a sock for the most mindless knitting moments and kept the green one out to work on in spare moments. I’ll probably throw it in my suitcase as a back up knitting, JUST IN CASE the strangest thing happens and I have so much knitting time I barrel through the red option.

I still cannot decide if I am going to take a little fiber and a support spindle or not. My thoughts are that I am unlikely to use it much. But, doing so would mean I could continue on in TdF, even if it’s at a limited capacity. Maybe I will throw it in there, can’t hurt.

That’s about it from here for me. Had a great weekend, made all the more fantastic by being longer than normal, and I feel pretty refreshed and ready for the busy start to the week. Hope everyone else has been as fortunate!

Status Update

Status Update: Done. And so worth it!


I am not even trying to hide the ties or put it in a pretty yarn mound. It’s just way too much yarn for that. 1225 yards of 2 ply yarn. It’s a fingeringweight yarn, though leaning toward the heavy side I’d say. I love it. It was worth it. I am glad I bought a pound of the stuff.

We had a little gathering of friends for a game night yesterday. A game night combined with Mr. Ink spending time giving a tour of the garden to a friend who will be making sure our plants stay watered over our upcoming vacation. I had to really work on cleaning up the house, I’ve certainly let it slide since Miss Butterfly left for the east coast. The place looks great, and I breathe a sigh of relief every time I go into the bathroom and everything is clean and tidy!

Of course, after game night (in which we lost at Pandemic, even though we were SO CLOSE to a win!) I looked around the kitchen destroyed with dirty dishes from dinner and snacks and empty cans and bottles and I was happy. I said to Mr. Ink “I am not sure why, but while I hate cleaning up the kitchen day to day, I LOVE cleaning up the kitchen after a social gathering.” So, I thought on that for awhile, and I think it’s because the rest of the house is nice and tidy. I mean, we aren’t young adults, there aren’t red solo cups throughout every room, and it’s never a rip roaring party. Things are tidy, and all I really have to concentrate on is the kitchen. It’s lovely.

In any case, Saturday was a pretty good day. Full of spinning and cleaning and preparing for a social gathering. And today promises to be pretty good as well, full of quiet if I have any say in it!

I’ll leave you with this:


My missouri evening primrose, blooming beautifully this morning. This is one of those flowers I got from a coworker who needed to split hers. It’s also one which I tried to pull out as a weed, and then when I realized what I had done I became So Sad. I just love these so much! And they love our hard clay soil as well, since they are native to this area, even me trying to weed it didn’t get rid of it.

Progress Update

Progress update: Slightly less sick of green.


Because I am closing in on halfway done with the plying already!

The plying really has helped refresh my enthusiasm for this project, mostly because it’s going so well, and while the greens are fairly subtle, the plying gives the yarn more depth of color and tone. I feel like I could have this done tomorrow even!

With today off, I sorta forgot about blogging. I got up early and had breakfast with Mr. Ink. He struggled with the same thing I struggle with when he’s off and I am headed to work. He wanted to play hooky. But he went into work like the responsible adult he is. I think we really have to plan a little vacation time where we are off and at home at the same time, we really enjoy that.

Once he left for work I did some plying on the patio because despite the fact it was humid, it wasn’t grossly hot yet. As it warmed, I thought I’d better get a walk in before it got hot enough to lose inspiration, so I did that. Then I actually got ready for my day and headed out to do chores, like the DMV for my motorbike registration.

Miss Marja is off today too, so I’ll scoop her up in a bit for a little shopping that I’d planned to do by myself but would be more fun with company. I’ve got quite a bit of shopping to do prior to vacation so I might even do more shopping after that. Those who know me would be surprised. It’ll be less surprising if I can’t do it all in one day, as I really do not LIKE shopping at all. I’d rather be at home. But, needs must so we’ll see how inspired I am to get it all done prior to the official start of the weekend.

I leave you with this picture:


As you know, Miss Butterfly is out east with my parents. Pictures have been few and far between, likely because they are busy doing stuff. But my father snapped this photo of her spending time with her little cousin who hasn’t seen her in a year. He’s only 3, so likely doesn’t remember her from last year. My ┬ámom said that he stared at her like she was an angelic being, and spent all his time by her side or on her lap. Miss Butterfly thinks he’s the cutest too. I am glad they are getting the opportunity to spend time together. And I can’t wait to see him on vacation!

That’s it for me today, have a great one and enjoy your weekend!


Status Update: Still sick of green, but making progress even so.


That’s one pound of green singles done photographed on a rainy morning.

I have been going to bed late and not able to catch up on sleep the past few days. This has made me highly grumpy for 2 evenings, much to the chagrin of everyone around me. Namely, Mr. Ink. I went to bed quite early last night, but only after making sure that these singles were done. Pretty sure another evening creating a pound of singles was going to do my mood right in.

My exhaustion is currently exacerbated by back problems. I mean, at some point during the night it becomes quite painful to sleep, so I end up losing sleep that way too. I do hope everything resolves itself soon.

And then there’s work. While my particular job is going through a quick time of quiet, which is unusual, our group as a whole is still quite busy, which means I keep getting dragged into tasks that aren’t mine in any way. Now, I don’t mind helping out, I really don’t. What I do mind is working on a project with half the information, given to me at the very last minute, disrupting my entire day. And…I’ve had at least 2 weeks of that now.

So, I used my personal job’s slow time as an excuse to take tomorrow off. I mean, I can’t be forced to do something that’s not my job if I am not at work, right? (That wasn’t supposed to sound like a challenge.) So, maybe a day off and some time to nap will set me a bit further to rights.

I am back to being uninspired about TdF, and I can’t tell if that’s just busy and exhaustion combining, or if it’s the green. All the green. But, I did begin plying the project this morning, and at least it’s a change. Pretty sure this will be my final TdF project in the end, as I’ve only got one more week to spin, then my tour is over. Maybe I’ll get an opportunity to begin another project, but I doubt I’ll get something completed.