A Finished Thing

Yep, that Soda Water scarf is complete. It was a great knit, I really enjoyed it. Do I wish I had enough yarn to have made a longer more dramatic scarf? Absolutely. But, it’s a serviceable length and the knitting of it was fun. I completely used up that yarn and it’s out of my stash. All good things.

Mr. Ink and I are on vacation. Miss Butterfly is in school. It’s awfully quiet around here. The 10-day forecast is basically a 50% chance of rain 100% of the time. It’s currently raining. I took those photos in the rain. It always rains when Mr. Ink takes time off work to dig.

My main goal for this week is to get rid of the stress twitch in my eyelid muscle from work-related stress. Once I go back, that twitch is likely to stick around until November so I really want to get some relief this week. I woke up early this morning because I was having work-related stress dreams so we aren’t there yet!

My other goal for this week off is to get a few project pan related posts up on the blog. And the final goal is to finish Scottish Stripes which I am really doing well working toward.

I should also add goals like cleaning and so on, but I am not going to add them. When I feel inspired, I’ll do some of that. This vacation isn’t for that. And that’s all from me, have a fantastic weekend my friends!

Pan That Palette

It’s time to play Pan That Palette.

clinique palette

I purchased this palette on deep discount after the 2017 holiday season. It was my first palette purchase ever, and I had not even remotely gotten into makeup yet. I thought it was pretty, and it was on sale, and my daughter liked makeup. So I bought it.

8 months later I have multiple beautiful eyeshadow palettes which perform so much better than this one. This one doesn’t even perform as well as the nice little Clinique eyeshadow duos I used to get as gifts for purchasing skincare in my younger years.

We have gotten some gentle use out of it though, and then some far more serious use in one shade that Miss Butterfly has decided is her perfect eyebrow color. She has hit pan using it to fill in her eyebrows. Here’s how it looks now:


It is our plan now to pan a number of these shades and once that is done, we’ll feel as if we’ve gotten our use out of it. This is a long-term plan, but we do want to make significant progress as we go along. Working left to right, top to bottom, I’ll give you a brief overview of the shades and how we plan to use them.

Column 1: a pink and a white sparkly eyeshadow. Both of these are too intensely sparkly to use as an inner corner and brow bone highlight. My plan is to use both of these as an actual highlighter on the cheekbones as they don’t perform well on the eyelids either.

Column 2: The top color is a decent shimmer in a brown tone. Below that is a darker brown, and I can try to use that in my eyebrows, even if it is a bit on the intense side color wise.

Column 3: The top color is a color I use in my eyebrows with pretty good results so far. Looks a bit intense when I first apply it but by the time I get to work it fades out into an appropriate eyebrow color for me. Below that is another tan shimmer, not nearly as intense as the shimmer in the column before it.

Column 4: Top shade is one I will not touch as Miss Butterfly has already hit pan on it using it as an eyebrow shade. She says it leans toward purple but she can work with that. Below that is a nice burgundy shade, one of the shades I appreciate best. It’s got some shimmer but that is barely noticeable and it looks pretty good in the crease.

Column 5: These two shadows pair well together. There’s a matte grey on top that works as a transition shade, and then a slate blue toned shimmer that I can get away with in the crease. I suspect this is the combo that I’ll be concentrating on most for eyeshadow itself initially. I can pair these two with more intense shimmers elsewhere in my collection making these two shades very wearable.

Column 6: At the top, another color that I may be able to use in my eyebrows. Below it is a color I haven’t experimented with much yet, so I’ll see how that can be used.

Column 7: At the top is another color I suspect Miss Butterfly may be able to use in her eyebrows, we’ll have to wait for her opinion on that one. I won’t touch it until she tells me if it works for her or not. Then below it is what I would have hoped could be an all over lid color for setting the base but it’s way too shimmery for that. I am hoping to be able to use it as an inner corner and browbone highlight, but it is VERY subtle for such a use. It may be one shade that’s a complete throwaway shade.

So, I need to start this Pan That Palette by using it for a week for eyeshadow and then just plain using it regularly for a highlighter and eyebrow color. I’ll try to keep it in a pretty regular rotation, using it during the week and commit to wearing it at least once a week when it’s not in my shop my stash for the week. In the upcoming month, I am hoping to see Miss Butterfly expand her pan on her eyebrow color and I want to see a significant dip in the pink highlighter shade.

My Teen Picks my Makeup

Miss Butterfly sat at my desk Monday morning and said “Mom, I really want to pick your makeup for a day!” I told her I thought she could do that no problem. But that she had to remember that she was pulling it for a work day so she couldn’t go too crazy.

Now, in reality, I think one of the reasons she wanted to choose for me is that I am always so focused on using up certain products that she thinks I should sometimes spend time with other products. As she tells me, I should spend time with products I LIKE. I retort that I like most of my products. I just also choose to concentrate on one at a time for the most part.

Anyhow, she chose my products and we got a photo. Then she ended up changing out the eyeshadow choice, but it was already dark and another photo could not be taken. BTW, she really wanted to be IN the photo, so she staged it and then got in the picture.


As you can see, she wanted to go BRIGHT with the eyeshadow. Her insistence was that I use blue. I MUST use blue. And I had to use some of the Laura Lee party animal palette, the super brights. Then, after watching me struggle last evening, trying to plan my look, she decided she didn’t like anything I was coming up with. I’d been swatching on the back of my hand, putting colors together between the Alamar and the LL palette. She saw that I was leaning away from using a blue matte from LL palette. And then she decided to change it up. She told me that I could substitute chocolate gold for the alamar palette, but I HAD to use a blue matte from the LL palette.

Here’s a quick photo of chocolate gold for reference.


What I ended up doing was using the matte browns from Chocolate Gold, then I used the light blue matte from the LL palette in my crease and outer corner. Then I took the yellow gold shade from chocolate gold and popped that on my lid. I finished up with a more muted metallic from chocolate gold in my inner corner to draw everything together, and ended up with a look I could live with, even at work. Though I really did think “I should be going to a disco maybe?” I also chose to wear glasses today, so that I was a little hidden. It’s highly unusual for me to truly feel like I can’t rock a particular bright eye look, but man, this was a serious stretch. On the other hand, with hooded eyes, that blue matte isn’t all that noticeable.

Here’s what else she chose:

-Tarte poreless primer-I love it but rarely use it, so she thought I should.
-Nars eyeshadow primer-I got it in a subscription box and hadn’t tried it yet, so she thought I should.
-Too Faced natural eyes blush and bronzer-she doesn’t see me wearing it much yet, even though I regularly do. Also, she thought the subtle blush would work well with bright colored eyes.
-Laura Mercier translucent powder-I am so busy panning the clinique powder that I never touch this one anymore. She wanted a change.
-Wet n Wild photofocus foundation-she knows every time I use it I LOVE how my skin looks, and she’s tired of seeing me in the UD all nighter.
-Wet n Wild highlighter-this is a highlighter she purchased but doesn’t like on her skin. She thinks I should pan it, but I don’t want to. She’s forcing me to use it here, in hopes I’ll change my mind.
-Hoola Bronzer-I use this more as a contour and she decided I should take a break from the wet n wild one I am trying to pan.
-Wet n wild avenging amethyst mascara-She wanted me to wear purple mascara but relented the next morning when she decided it didn’t actually work with my eye look. Instead, I wore regular mascara from wander beauty.
-Maybelline age rewind concealer-I tend to switch up my concealers regularly at this point, but this one is my favorite so she chose it for me.
-L’Oreal Silkissime black liner-I am so busy panning a brown liner I rarely remember to use a black, and she thought this look called for it. She was right, smudged out over the blue on the lower lash line it was a perfect choice.
-Chella eyebrow pomade-I’ve been really trying to use some eyeshadow in my brows (more on that Thursday) and she decided instead I should be using a proper brow product.
-And for lip products she chose my new makeup forever lipstick from a subscription box paired with maybelline liner of some sort, and buxom gloss over top.

All in all, the look works well enough for me. It has the added advantage of incorporating the yellow gold color of the too faced chocolate gold palette I planned on trying this week anyhow. I would not have chosen to pair it with blue, but that’s ok. She chose to pull me way out of my comfort zone, and I think that’s funny because she is not one to go for a bright look herself. But she wants to put that bright look on me.



I am making tons of progress on my cabled scarf, in fact I am now knitting in the final ball of yarn. It’s not going to be quite as long as I had hoped, but I think with a good blocking it’ll be long enough to be scarf like.


It’s been an entirely enjoyable knit. The yarn is reasonably nice, and definitely nicely colored. I had one set back when I realized one of the balls of yarn was certainly a different dye lot than the others, so I ripped back and alternated rows. That seems to have cleared up the issue entirely. Now it’s just knit until I finish.

I am hoping to have another knitted finished object as well, my scottish stripes scarf from ages ago is nearing a finish. Since I am on vacation starting Thursday I intend to complete that project too.

Our visit with sister in law was lovely, too quick but quite lovely. The morning of the day she arrived, Mr. Ink and I headed out to purchase a mattress for the daybed, as I’d given the daybed mattress to Miss Butterfly when she got her loft bed. On our way home we drove by the new neighbor’s house, and they were out. So, Mr. Ink slowed down and I introduced myself. Turns out, new neighbor guy has been in landscaping for the past 20 years. I said “Mr. Ink is thrilled to hear this! You’ll have to take a look over the fence to see why.” New neighbor quickly retorts “How could I? You can’t see ANYTHING back there through the volunteer trees!” This bodes well for Mr. Ink. Who is, technically, still his skeptical self. “What if he’s one of those BAD landscapers?” he asked me. I said “Who cares? It’ll still be an improvement over what is currently going on!”

Indeed, as I sat out on the patio with sister in law during her visit, we heard the chicken coop coming down in the neighbors back yard, and then the chainsaw and some of the most egregious volunteer trees right in the middle of the yard coming down. The fence line hasn’t been tackled yet, but this is not surprising since they are also redoing the inside of the house right now. One thing I can say, this is a couple that is highly motivated, which, again, is a vast improvement over the half finished projects and started hobbies that were then left to die in the backyard from previous neighbors.

Speaking of highly motivated, Mr. Ink is still at it in the yard. After losing like 10 trees this year due to insane and awful spring weather, Mr. Ink is preparing to put new trees in this fall. Sometimes Lizzie helps.


Check out this cute helper!

That’s it for today! I’ll have another post up tomorrow, one in which Miss Butterfly chooses my makeup for the day. It was…..interesting.

Shopping the Stash for the Week

It’s a short week for me, and it’s the last week of my summer project pan. So I fear that this stash shopping is becoming quite repetitive. With vacation the last half of the week, I suspect I won’t even wear a ton of makeup. But, Miss Butterfly has been begging me to use her chocolate gold palette for a week. I keep not doing so because I don’t want to use up something that is exclusively hers. I mean, you don’t really have the resources, at 14, to just go out and purchase whatever you want. Her argument is that she regularly uses my makeup, so why wouldn’t hers be up for grabs as well?

I am choosing her chocolate gold palette this week because it’s a short week and because I think I can pair the shimmers in it with the quad I am desperately trying to finish panning this month. I can use other crease and transition shades, leaving the ones that come with chocolate gold to Miss Butterfly. Then I can just use shimmer shades in the palette which tend to last longer anyhow to create looks for the week. I think it’ll work.


For primers-I’ve got the becca undereye primer, the mac primer I am trying to use up for the face, and wet n wild’s photofocus eye primer for my lids. Since I added and then took out this product from my summer project pan I wanted to at least know how far I got with it this summer. I’ve been using it very rarely but Miss Butterfly uses it regularly.

Below the palette is two eyeliners, one leaning green/brown that I am trying to pan and the other a charcoal color for looks that require a cooler tone. Below that is a nyx brow pencil I’ve been using. It’s a bit warm toned for me, so I am using it to outline my brows and then filling in my brows with eyeshadow. More on that later in the week. Below that is wander beauty mascara I got in a subscription box. I like this mascara but it does take some time to build up. No instant results like marc jacobs or lash paradise. But no flaking like those two either.

Urban Decay all nighter is still in my rotation. But on days I don’t really want something that heavy (remember, vacation time!) I pulled out bare minerals. Then we’ve got the wet n wild contour palette I am working on finishing up along with my makeup revolution blush I am trying to hit pan on.

That’s it for this week. If I were to predict the shimmers I want to try this week, I’ll choose only 3 for the 3 days I work this week. I really want to try that bright pink shade, the green shade calls to me, and then I want to get some use out of the gold shade. Trying anything else will be a bonus. I guess I should have pulled out some glitter glue for this week, I’ll do that as soon as I am done here.

Mid August Empties

We’ve been using up products like crazy around here, and the stash of empties was getting so large that I feared I’d have to split the empties post into two parts. This is mostly because we get subscription bags, which means quite a lot of sample sizes. Since those are easy to go through, they’ve really accumulated this month. And because we¬† have company staying in the room where I keep my empties, I decided to just get an empties post up and get rid of these items.


Let’s work left to right, top to bottom as usual.

Ulta sent, with Miss Butterfly’s birthday palette, a sample size of Herbal Essences coconut conditioner, which she just finished up. I think she liked it quite well, though she hasn’t asked me to purchase a full size for her.

Miss Butterfly received a bunch of the studio 35 beauty nail polish remover wipes. Since we are project polishing, we ended up using these. They are non acetone, and work fantastically well, until they don’t. It’s such an odd experience. One wipe will remove all the nail polish on one hand. But the amount of time the wipe is exposed to air seems to be what makes it less effective. At first that nail polish disappears immediately, but by the last two fingers it’s taking real effort. And then another wipe needed to be used for the next hand. So, not our favorites really.

Below that I’ve got two hand creams. The first is Cake and it smelled like vanilla cake. I got this in a subscription box. The bottle it came in is terrible to use up, the product does not come out easily and it feels like such a waste. The product itself is nice enough, but I would not repurchase. The second hand cream is Mary Kay and it’s been hanging around for about 2 years now. I figured I’d focus on it and get it used up as there are plenty of hand creams I like better.

I have a lot of deva curl products from the time frame I was trying to get my longer hair to curl up again. I am over that now, I will work with what I’ve got. But, I still need to use up those products. Thing is, these type of products are meant for keeping curls moisturized and locked in place, so it works pretty well to keep frizz at bay in straight hair with a fair amount of texture too. So, I was able to use this in my hair with good results. That’s good, because I’ve got a couple more of this type of thing floating around.

Never in my life have I used up an entire lip pencil until now! But now I have, and I feel confident I will use more. More Ulta brand? Maybe, maybe not. I liked it well enough but there are lots of other brands to try.

Then there are three products from a subscription box. The Josie Maron whipped argon oil face butter was wonderful! I really loved this product. It’s high on the list of moisturizers I would happily repurchase and use in the future. I just have enough in my stash now to keep me going.

Below that is the Caudalie essence. I used it up, but I am not sure it really did anything spectacular for me.

Then there’s answer from black volume gold radiance cream. This product was such a hard pass from me. A moisturizer that was gel-like in texture and advertised as not sticky but was so sticky it was unpleasant to use. Just not a thing I ever really want to have to use again. I see it as a repeat item in one of my subscription boxes and I really hope once was enough for me.

And that’s it, half my beauty empties for this month, and in about a week you’ll get to see the rest if you like.

And a Finished Object

Look at this! It’s the featherweight cardi all done!


In true to me fashion, I wanted 3/4 length sleeves so I knit them that way. And then when I blocked the thing, it turns out they were full-length sleeves. So, I’ve got that going for me! I am pretty pleased to have yet another sweater finish under my belt this year.

In other news, our neighbors out back sold their home. Mr. Ink has been wishing to do something about all their junk trees around the edges of their yard, it drives him crazy. They did not keep a tidy yard though their home was lovely. Mr. In being precisely the opposite was always annoyed. Anyhow, old neighbors moved out Thursday, so he thought he’d stealthily take to cutting branches out of the junk trees, specifically the ones which were hanging over into our yard.


He was stealthy, but his activity was cut short when he noticed that the new owners had shown up. Now I guess he just gets to hope that the new owners feel strongly about trees like he does. I won’t hold my breath! He did get a couple of the offending branches out, so there’s that.

Today we head to the local furniture store to get a mattress for the guest room. I gave the guest room mattress to Miss Butterfly when she got her loft bed. We didn’t do anything about it because we so rarely have overnight company. But we’ve got overnight company tonight! Other than that though, it’ll be hanging out with Lizzie and cleaning the house and crafting today, and I am up early and quite excited about it.