Chasing Clouds

I’ve begun to knit the collar on my cloud chaser vest. I am enjoying this section of knitting immensely simply because it has many cables again. I like my cables. The collar is attached as one would attach a lace edging to a shawl, but the rows are short again and it lends itself to putting it down and picking it up again later very easily. Once I am done with the collar, all I have to do is knit the armhole edging and I am done done done!

Another Pair

I just finished up the Rick socks, and immediately I started another pair. They are still an awfully fun knit, even though I did question why I would choose to do this to myself.  First sock complete!


Cloud Chaser Vest

I’ve been working hard on this one, I admit! I am at the point on the back where I start the armholes. I lengthened the back considerably due to my height, I just didn’t think it would look very good hitting where it would if I followed directions. I am eager to get this one done and wear it, as I think that it will be a very comfotable yet classy piece for this fall.

I am hoping to do some spinning tomorrow, and get some cycling in during the next few days, so I do believe that this one will slow down after tonight.


A plain white sweater earns the title. Pattern is Attitude, but knit with very little attitude. Except on my part. Yarn is Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock.

When I soaked this sweater, it grew 3 sizes. I became very nervous that I’d have to reknit it completely. I didn’t want to! So I decided I’d have nothing to lose by throwing it in the dryer, and lo and behold it worked! It looks better now than it did when it came off the needles. I am very impressed with this superwash.

While the color of the sweater did not thrill me one bit, I must say the sweater itself is very nice. I might someday be interested in knitting it in a color for me.

Clapotis Part Three

Way back during our last dye day, OrangeKathy dyed up some yarn that I just fell in love with. I’d been wishing to knit another clapotis, and I figured the heavily variegated yarn would work well with that. As I knit, I realized that the colors were probably more Bug appropriate than they were appropriate for me. So, this has become her winter scarf. I must say, I still love the bright colors, and have asked Bug if I could borrow it from time to time, but it is this little girl’s dream scarf.


Guess what? The white sweater is also complete except for buttons. Pictures forthcoming!

5 Hour Baby Sweater

Next week I will be attending a baby shower of a friend of mine. Now, I don’t typically knit for babies, but since I don’t knit much in general any more, and because I am on a forced cycling break due to injuring my back, I thought it might be fun to knit the 5 hour baby sweater….and time myself.

I am not sure if this baby will be a boy or a girl, so I used the “boy” pattern (sans holes) and used knitpicks swish worsted in green. I had this in stash already, and using stash yarn thrills me to pieces these days.

I did time myself, and took lots of breaks. Even so, there was a point almost 3 hours in where I wondered why I was knitting a baby sweater in one day. It just seemed…boring. But I muddled through even so, and am fairly pleased with the results. I loved how the seaming takes place as you are knitting the sweater. It does indeed feel like the entire project goes faster that way. My final time? 4 hours and 29 minutes. Which actually was faster than I expected.


In other news, the commission sweater continues along. And “long” being the key word. I do try to work on it daily but it is a bit of a slog right now. I am working my way up the yoke though, and I feel confident I’ll be done pretty soon. The goal is in the next 2 weeks.


Can we call it completion if the entire fleece isn’t spun? Or, do I have to even wait until it has been knit into something?  The completion I am talking of is a few skeins of the CVM Romeldale fleece I’ve been processing this year. 3 ply, worsted to aran weight. I spun this long draw so it is super light and lofty. I figured a lighter sweater would be better, I cannot imagine an aran sweater out of a worsted spun wool. Talk about hot! In any case, I feel like getting a few skeins plyed brings the project to some sort of notable completion. I had said I’d give myself a break in between skeins, allowing for some spinning on something more colorful, but I find myself more interested in continuing to work on the fleece, so that is what I shall do for now.