September Beauty Balance

When we last left off in August, I had two items leaving my collection over what entered it. It was a pretty tough month to balance overall.

This month has been an entirely different experience so far. It is solidly mid-September and I’ve had no reason to post a beauty balance post until today.


Just 4 things. I picked up two things during the 21 days of beauty sale. A vamp stamp-I will get this winged liner thing down someday. I am counting this as one item since the other two things in the kit are tools. I also picked up another take the day off balm during the sale.

The other two items are a glycolic acid toner and a lip scrub. The lip scrub is from AOA studios, Miss Butterfly wanted to place an order and I figured I could use another lip scrub in my life.

So, that’s 2 items entering over what left to begin this month’s balance.

But, this month has been truly fantastic for empties. Quite frankly, this is going to be an extremely full empties month.


The reason I picked up the take the day off balm and the toner was because I finished those up in my collection and needed to replace them.

The other stuff-The Amore Pacific exfoliating powder was fantastic, but it’s too pricey to purchase. The alpine water cream was nice. The small sample size that is unlabeled is Tatch silk canvas primer. I am glad I got a sample, it’s not the be all end all of primers for me. I finished up the PTR exfoliator and I finished an hourglass lipstick from my project pan. And finally, two items that are being decluttered to Miss Butterfly. One is a hand cream. I just do not like smelly hand creams. I always think I might, but I don’t like them. She can have it. And the lip gloss as well, I am happy with only one lipgloss in my collection, I’ve got a mac lipglass and that truly is all that I need.

So, at the end of this post, I am 7 items leaving above what entered. I know that there are a fair number of other items that are pretty close to being finished as well, so this won’t be the end of a really decent beauty balance month.

And that’s that! Stay tuned for the next one. I am really hoping I’ll have just one for the end of the month, I really haven’t got plans to bring in more items.

28th Stocking


Here’s a stocking I’ve been working on. Or rather, haven’t been working on. This is taking me ages and ages. Why? because I’d rather be doing almost anything else during my lunch break than creating another stocking. So, it seems like I am just doing about a round and a half per day right now and then playing video games on my phone. I kind of need to get my butt in gear, as this is necessary to count toward my overall goal of 40 projects this year. It’s technically an easy finish. But not if I refuse to actually knit on it.

A List

A short list of things that make me feel dumb. In no particular order.

  1. Gauge. I finished the sock I had been working on all weekend. I put it on, it was WAY too large. Decided that was fine, it would fit Mr. Ink. I asked him to try it on. I started the second sock. It is way smaller, a much more appropriate size for the needles I am using. It’ll fit me. Gauge makes me feel dumb. Or maybe, it’s tension that makes me feel dumb.
  2. Allergies. Spoiler alert-it was just allergies. I started to feel better by Saturday evening after spending all day indoors. Hung out with friends outside Saturday evening, sneezed all morning. I refuse to let allergies stop my life right now, so I am going to have to just accept that sneezy, snotty, itchy, and fog brained are part of my life right now.
  3. Work. There’s just so much going on and I am just desperately trying to remember eveything that needs to be done that I don’t have much space for anything else. I spent all week avoiding the issues with my loom because I didn’t have the brain power to figure it out because work was too busy.
  4. Learning something new. This morning I went downstairs to my loom trying to work out what the heck was wrong with it. Prior to doing so, I looked up types of looms trying to figure out what I have so I could figure out the issue at hand. Then I went downstairs, got under my loom, and pressed on the working treadles to teach myself how the darn thing worked in the first place. I still couldn’t figure out the bum treadle, so I pressed and lifted it while looking at the side of the loom. Turns out, the rope that needs to connect to the treadle to make the shafts move had come unhooked. Easy fix. I felt pretty dumb not having been able to work that out right from the start!

On the bright side, this means I finally got the opportunity to tie up the loom the way I wanted to. It’s still just a simple weave, but I’ve got each harness hooked up to the outside treadles, in hopes I’ll get used to using both feet. I had just been using my right foot for the last project.


Details: The warp is cotton, it’s Rowan Cotton Glace I had in stash. Sadly, I couldn’t remove this yarn from stash since I still have one more ball left. But, I am glad that I was able to get some stash moved out of my cabinet even so. The weft is a chain ply handspun I spun quite a few years ago. I am loving how it is weaving up so far.

Things I am learning with this project. First of all, I need to be more careful about the selvage warp threads, I’ve got two always together on the edges now. This isn’t how things are supposed to be! But it’s how they are going to be as I am not going back. So, when figuring out where to begin, I need to take those warp threads into account.

Another thing, I need to not be afraid to add more waste weft to the start of the project, and I need to be ok with pulling those edges a little tighter when adding the waste weft. At the moment, I am getting some pretty ugly inches at the beginning before I get into a decent groove. Allowing myself more waste space would definitely help this.

Warp tension is another thing I need improvement on. Just because I feel like all the warp threads are tight doesn’t mean I don’t have to go back and check one more time. I can see where I didn’t, and it is a little too obvious for my own comfort level.

I am very happy to have had a little bit of time to weave today. We have dog park and a bike ride planned for later today so I’ll lose a lot of crafting time, but gain time with other hobbies. Stay tuned, I’ll go into more detail about the sock that has gauge issues in a different post.

Last Night

This week has been busy. We’ve had quite a bit going on in the evenings in addition to a regular work week. Midweek we took Miss Butterfly to see Flogging Molly as well as a few other bands. It was a good time. But, it was an outdoor show and we were out in the wind for many hours. The next evening, since we’d had to leave the dogs at home while we were gone, we decided to go to the dog park. The dogs were so happy to be out, the weather was cooler and Rose did ALL the running. We were out there for a couple of hours in the wind.

Despite having taken allergy meds every single day this week, my allergies just got worse and worse. I blamed being out every evening, and that made sense. But man, they just wouldn’t quit. By Friday during the workday, I was truly miserable and nothing was touching the allergies.

By Friday night, even my voice was off, nose increasingly runny, and I got super cold. I bundled up under a comforter that I had Miss Butterfly bring me from the basement and I knit.


I knit on this sock I started last weekend and just kept knitting on in spare moments. At this point, I realized that it was possible that I wasn’t just suffering from allergies but I might have an actual cold.

This morning I am still pretty miserable, but I went to bed early and that seems to have helped. This morning I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a cold, I am no longer certain. But I can tell you this, my plan for the weekend is to stay inside and rest. Hopefully, that’ll help kick the cold, or if it’s not a cold, it’ll help me stay out of the great outdoors so the allergies will improve. We’ll see!

In weaving news, since we had such a busy week, and since I didn’t feel well and my brain felt fried, I never did work out my tie up situation. I still need to do that, but it’s not a priority right now.

I did get the order I had placed. I purchased a new drive band for my bobbin winder, so I am extremely excited about that. And I got in some cotton linen yarn which I planned to use in weaving. But, weaving yarn weights are truly confusing, and the yarn turned out to be a pretty light laceweight which I am not positive I’ll be able to use on the loom, at least not at this time. I need a bunch more practice before I try that!

So, I placed another order for some weaving cotton, this time I purchased 4 different weights. Once they come in, I should have a much better ability to read a weaving yarn weight and translate that into something I understand.

That’s it from here, have a fantastic weekend my friends!

I did it!

I actually finished the first scarf on the floor loom over the weekend. However, I was determined to refresh my memory of the weaver’s knot by knotting the new warp to the old and pulling it through. As such, I could not just yank the finished scarf off the loom, tie the fringe, and then wash and dry it.

114 tiny little weaver’s knots later, I had indeed refreshed my memory and also was able to remove my scarf.

The warp is a cotton yarn I had in stash. It was something which I bought from Rachel at Dyeabolical yarns way back when she was dyeing some cotton. The weft is handspun. It’s a 2 py yarn which I created little bumps out of one of the plies while plying the yarn. The fiber was also from Dyeabolical Yarns, colorway Thunderboom.

The little bumps I created in the handspun yarn show up charmingly in the scarf. But, the thing I didn’t account for when planning the project was that naturally, some of those bumps would show up right at an edge. So, this created edges that were even wonkier than they would have been simply because I am a newbie weaver. On the other hand, one might think that’s ok, as the edges were bound to be wonky and now I have an excuse.

It turned out really nice! I think keeping the warp tension on the floor loom is easier than the table loom I had used in the past. It’s also faster to weave, and much quieter.

My hope continues to be that I learn one or two new things each work in progress. I tied on the new warp last evening, working on it way into the evening. Then, I decided one of the things I needed to learn was how to do a different tie up of the harnesses. Unfortunately, I managed to completely confuse myself and the loom is not entirely functional at the moment.

I am sure this’ll be a Mr. Ink to the rescue moment. I told him I was going to need some help. And, I told him that I could explain to him how it should work so that his mechanical mind can figure out why what I did made it stop working. THEN, he can teach me HOW it works in the first place so I can figure out how to do new tie ups properly. Because I know he won’t want to help me figure out a tie up every time I want to do a new project.

That being said, the above project is just a simple weave. The next project is also going to be a simple weave, so I just wanted to change the tie ups because I wanted to get used using a different foot pattern. No matter, I’ll get it figured out, hopefully before the weekend, so that I can get back to it.

In the end, I learned a lot and I am quite pleased with my little scarf! I am quite eager to work on that new project very soon!

Repeat of Yesterday

Yesterday I posted a finished handspun yarn, and today I will do the same.

The thing is, this one is laveweight 2 ply as compared to yesterday’s heavy worsted 3 ply. Even so, I didn’t feel like this one took any more time than the last one.


This yarn was spun from batts I made myself.


It was last year in the late spring where I decided I really needed to work through a lot of my fiber stash and get it organized. I made a ton of batts, spun up a bunch of wool that needed spinning, and basically really consolidated my stash. Since then, I really haven’t looked at my stash much. Meaning, it really could do with another serious airing and seeing what I am willing to spin up or make into batts or whatever. But, this year was mostly devoted to knitting down the yarn stash, and I didn’t want to add a bunch of yarn to a stash I was trying to knit down.

Here’s the thing though-eventually I get bored. Really, I think it was the two christmas stockings that did me in. (I have another started but boy is it a struggle to work on it.) So, working on a little spinning and a little weaving is providing a necessary break. Because of this, my stash is going up a bit again.

The current stash count is 105 stashed yarns. I know this number will go up again by one because I purchased a cotton weaving yarn since I have very little to weave with. But, ideally, I will weave enough and knit enough to get this stash under 100, the original goal this year. To be perfectly fair, I am not completely positive how accurate my stash count is. I feel like there may be more hanging out in the stash that isn’t on record on Ravelry. But, it’s close and close is good enough until I get a serious desire to look at it a little more closely.

In any case, the stats on this new handspun are that I have 730 yards of laceweight 2 ply and I do like it quite a bit! Now I am going to go put it, and the yarn finished yesterday, into the yarn stash cabinet.

Spinning and Stuff

Not sure what the stuff is, but I did finish some spinning.

This ended up being a heavy worsted 3 ply yarn. It’s Falkland wool. I am thinking this may make a really lovely hat, the color combo is really fall-like.


I am definitely in that mode of “fall is coming” and I am looking forward to cooler weather. So imagining knitting hats and then being able to wear them feels perfect right now. Not that I’ve been knitting lately.

As for the stuff. Let’s see. Took Miss Butterfly out to her camp so she could start volunteering again. Got to sleep in about an hour which is pretty good for me. Woke up to see that Lizzie’s ear seemed to be bothering her, so we had a surprise vet trip. Did some spinning, did some weaving, did some chores, basically it’s been a pretty normal weekend day so far. And I am definitely cool with that.