Team Project Pan June update

I’ve just finished another month of work on my year-long team project pan. This is the point at which I get to roll in new products as a seasonal refresh. I am eager to do that! But, because I’ll be doing a refresh, I’ll split this into two posts. Today we’ll just look at where I am after this past month. This was a really good finishing month! I am tempted to imagine that many products need 6 months consistent use to finish up, when in my collection. There are many things I was so eager to remove from my collection that I didn’t save them, rather added them directly to my beauty balance posts and then let them go.



As you can see, I used up two perfume samples this month.

I finished up the sample of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, which I have always really enjoyed. I used to wear it regularly in my 20s, and while it’s not one I really want to own again, I certainly loved the scent during the time I was working through the sample. I also used up the Versace Bright Crystal. This one was easy to use because the scent did not stay with me all day. I ended up putting it in my handbag and refreshing it midday since I couldn’t get it to stick around.

Thankfully there’s nothing rolling in for the fragrance this month, I did not get any fragrance samples because I didn’t really order anything online to receive any samples. This is a great relief to me.



I finished up the cover fx blurring primer. There was soooo much left in the container once I cut it that it took me more than half the month to finish. I really enjoyed this primer so I didn’t struggle at all to keep using it almost daily over almost 6 months of use.

Deva Curl styling cream-I was so eager to get this all used up, but when I was finished, I struggled to find another product that really tamed down the frizz like this did. So, despite the fact I never would have imagined it, this might be a someday repurchase. Not now though, I still have quite a few hair products to get through.

I finished up my Charlotte Tilbury setting powder sample. I ended up scraping it and crushing it and adding it to my cover FX setting powder container as it was not useable once that pan in the sample became too large.

I have been quite enjoying the cover FX setting powder and progress has continued on that as well.

I made steady progress on the IT cosmetics illuminating CC cream, but it didn’t end up showing when I tried to mark it. I have used this almost daily except for while on vacation. I made no progress on the bare minerals powder foundation or serum concealer.

I am rolling out the IT cosmetics cc cream and I am rolling out both bare minerals products. I’ll need to also choose a new hair product and primer. The only thing that stays is the cover FX setting powder.



I made a bit of progress on my sleek contour palette, even hitting side pan, and a nice amount of progress on my cover FX palette. I have decided that finishing powders are absolutely for me, I love how they make the rest of the powder face products look seamless and blended together. But, I am rolling out the cover FX palette. I’ll leave the sleek palette and continue to use it.



I made so little progress on the liquid lipstick. Steady progress on the tarte amazonian clay blush, steady progress on the IT cosmetics brow pencil, and steady progress on the mac paint pot. I barely used the bite beauty lip mask, I just don’t need it right now. I also barely touched the flower beauty lipstick in coral crush or the peach colored eyeshadow. The only things that will stay next month from this batch is the mac paint pot, the lip mask, and the it cosmetics eyebrow pencil.


And finally, we have my MUFE artist color pencil that I’ve been making some progress on.


The progress was minimal. To be honest, I haven’t been using any lip pencils lately. It’s been one step too much. But, I guess you can see a spoiler that I plan to roll in another one in the project refresh.

It’s been a steady progress type of month, and one where many larger items got finished up after almost 6 months of use. I am very very eager to do my project refresh though, I want to be using some other items! 3 months on color products is definitely pushing my boredom limit.

Are you working on a team project pan? Do let me know, I definitely want to come check it out!

Vacation Adventures and Such

So, we headed to Louisiana. The plan was, fly into New Orleans, rent a car, head to Baton Rouge for the weekend. We got in later than was expected, all our flights had been delayed. We found where we needed to go to rent a car. It was hot. I wondered “How do people work around here without sweating all day?” Turns out, they just accept that sweating when working outside is part of the deal. Both rental car people we worked with outdoors were just soaked, looked like they’d stepped out of the shower.

We’d ordered a perfectly normal and small car, assuming that wandering around with limited parking would be easier that way. But, what actually happened? They upgraded us to a Dodge Challenger.


Look at Mr. Ink’s face! He did have some hesitation because of the size of the car, but in the end decided to do it. I am not sure it was the best decision. Here’s what happened. When we agreed to the upgrade, the car was in the dark garage, it’s black, and was covered in water as it had just been washed. Mr. Ink checked it over for cosmetic issues and noted a few. We then headed out to Baton Rouge. When we got to our hotel, the car was dry and in the sun. I noticed sizeable dents on it. And immediately I worried we’d been scammed and there was nothing we could do about it. I took photos right then and there. And then I tried not to worry too much about it. We parked the car in Baton Rouge and didn’t use it again until we left. Everything was in walking distance.

Baton Rouge was the first indication that food in Louisiana is out of this world. Everywhere we ate, despite doing no research on restaurants whatsoever, was so delicious! Mr. Ink said he’d never eaten in an area where there was so much spice, but that’s right up my alley. I love spicy and flavorful food.

On the last day, I was so enchanted with the food that I ended up just taking photos of Mr. Ink and Food.

That’s Mr. Ink with a “gutter punk” burrito at a place called Juan’s Flying Burritos. The food there-out of this world! Like usual. Then we stopped into Brocato’s, a long established and much loved italian pastry and gelato shop. Had to try their cannolis of course, as they are said to be “the best.” They were, indeed, extremely delicious. Mr. Ink had some gelato too, and that was wonderful.

We didn’t plan a ton of our trip. We planned some key things and then just decided to wander. In Baton Rouge, I saw this huge mural, I originally thought it was painted on the side of a building. But, when I looked closely, it seemed to be swaying in the breeze. So, I told Mr. Ink we’d need to get a closer look. It was crocheted! The entire thing. A very large Finished Object!

I’ve got more photos and stories I’ll save for another day. But, as a follow up to the car issue, which we had spent a great deal of time worrying over, when we turned in the car we told the guy checking us in immediately what had happened. I told him I’d taken photos as soon as we got parked. He asked to see them. He checked the date on our paperwork and he checked the date and time on my photo. He called it good and moved us on. So….if you ever run into a situation such as this, do that. Take the photo immediately as soon as you notice and offer it up when you turn your car in. And, in the future, we’ll be looking over the car much more carefully. It turned out it wasn’t a scam, but we worried the entire time.


3 Color Challenge week 6

It’s another week, so it’s another color rotated in and out of my 3 color challenge. Since these are chosen randomly, I have no actual control over what I end up with. And this week it’s a bit disappointing because I rolled out a dark purple and desperately hoped for something light and interesting. It was not to be. I rolled in another dark color, giving me three dark colors at once.


3 dark sparkly colors at that! We’ve got the two that are in there from last week, Too Faced Sweet Peach color Tempting and BH cosmetics zodiac Love Signs palette, the sparkly Sagittarius color. And what rolled in? Urban Decay born to run palette color Drift, the color at the top.

I think I’ve decided this week that I am going to just use each color separately combined with the palette colors it is contained in. I’ve been itching to use my born to run palette more, and even brought it on vacation. But, the heat and humidity of Louisiana and our outdoorsy nature made me feel like makeup was pointless and I didn’t wear any after the day we arrived.

born to run

Here’s my previous photo of the palette. I’ll get a better photo at some other point, but this’ll have to do for now. We’ll have to ignore the circles for the most part. Here’s what I did this morning. I used Riff (light blue circle) as a transition shade and Good as Gone as a crease shade. Then, I put drift in the outer corner of the mobile lid. On the inner 3/4 of the mobile lid I put Ignite (yellow circle). Under the eye I used Riff all over and Drift out the outer corner. I ended up lining my waterline and inner corner using my UD metallic gold eyeliner and called it good.

Turned out fine, perhaps not my most inspired or interesting look but that’s ok!

You know, I received this palette for my birthday back at the beginning of December. And in all honesty, I just haven’t spent the amount of time with it that I want to. I love the color story and I love how there’s a nice spread of warms/cools/colors/neutrals. I think they did a bang up job with this palette. And yet, I still don’t feel like I KNOW this palette at all. That’s pretty sad. But, I will say that every time I’ve used it, I’ve loved it. So, hopefully having one color in this challenge for 3 weeks in a row will help me get a bit more accustomed to the palette in general.



So, Mr. Ink and I took a surprise trip. A surprise honeymoon you might even call it. Even we didn’t know we were taking it. You see, due to a family emergency last year, we had to cancel plane tickets to visit Boston. I thought I had a full year to use them up, I wasn’t paying attention. Turns out, when I called them to rebook for our July vacation, I needed to use them up by July 4. So, we quickly came up with a plan to take a little time off this month and see where it was we could go at the drop of a hat for under the amount of ticket we had to spend. The answer was New Orleans.

Now, I went to New Orleans once in my early 20s. Mr. Ink went there once, for his previous honeymoon. We decided we would indeed like to explore the city more. Then, we decided to see if any of our favorite bands were nearby during that time frame. Mr. Ink saw that The Bottle Rockets were playing there. Then, we looked more closely at their schedule and realized that they were playing at an outdoor free food and music festival in Baton Rouge the day before. With other bands we’d enjoy. So, instead of staying in New Orleans for the weekend, we rented a car and headed to Baton Rouge for the Bandito Festival. It was particularly interesting that The Bottle Rockets were the band we saw on our first date 6 years ago at the beginning of July.

While we are not typically t-shirt purchasers, we did think that this festival needed to be commemorated via t-shirt. We both got one.

The trip was delightful though very hot, which we expected. It was really nice to be together, by ourselves, doing all the things we wanted to be doing in the time frame we were comfortable with. We planned a few things, but mostly did the trip off the cuff. And it worked extremely well for us.

I’ll have more photos from the trip in upcoming blog posts. But, we did return home quite late Tuesday evening, and picked up our dogs on Wednesday. Lizzie went to her regular sitter’s home, and Rose went to her foster family home. They were both very well cared for, and I didn’t worry about them a bit. But I did miss them and I was very happy to have them home again!

And, one more dog photo, here’s one of Rose playing with one of her foster brothers.


She was so so tired when she got home after a few days of hanging with her foster pack. It was very sweet how sleepy she was. I am wondering how long that’ll last! We shall see.

The night before we left for our vacation, I finished up and soaked my 10-stitch throw. The day we left, I was able to use our bed to block it. So, I finally get to feature it here!


It turned out rather pretty! I am glad that it is done and now lives on the yellow recliner I made it to accent.

And, with this project, I am at 53% of my goal of 40 projects this year. That’s over half in the first half of the year, and with more started as well! I am feeling fairly confident that I’ll be able to meet this goal this year, even if I slack off and spin regularly. (As if that’s really slacking off!)

My goal of under 100 stashed yarns is looking a bit less achievable at the moment, and that is in part due to the slacking off and spinning. I currently have 110 yarns listed but that’s been a relatively static situation lately due to incoming yarns being created. And I have a suspicion a few may be hiding in my stash that aren’t listed on Ravelry, ones which I picked up from Miss Marja’s handspun stash. But, I am still working at it!

The remainder of the week and next week I’ll try to highlight a few photos and activities from our trip interspersed with my regular posting as well. It’s the end of the month this weekend which has a tendency to clog up quite a few days worth of posting, but I am sure that spacing out our trip posts won’t be a huge problem.

3 Color Challenge week 5

First of all, I need to mention that I got the third color, this week’s new color, incorrect in my last post. But I did USE the color in my last post. The color is the BH Cosmetics zodiac love signs palette Sagittarius shimmer. It’s the very top dark blue in the photo below, and I used it on the outer 1/3 of my mobile lid in the first look this week.


So, the second look today is something I’ve been meaning to do. And that is to pack the black all over my lid and use that base to intensify a shimmer color.

Here’s what I did. I began with my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette:


I put a combination of Georgia and Charmed, I’m Sure as my transition shade. Then, I used the purple color from the Laura Lee palette as my crease color, incorporating the first of the 3 challenge colors. Then, I packed Tempting all over the lid. Over top of that, I put the Sagittarius shimmer.

That did not work out like I had hoped. The reality is that the Sagittarius shimmer is so dark and not all that shimmery, and so it just looked like a more intense version of a navy toned black than it would on its own. That wasn’t the look I was going for. But, I am well versed in trying to fix issues like that at this point, so I popped the Capricorn shimmer (minty green, to the left of Sagittarius) over the lid like a spotlight eye effect.

On the lower lashline I used Charmed, I’m sure and then the purple from Laura Lee on the outer corner. I used my UD gold shimmer liner for my waterline and my inner corner. The liner at the inner corner picked up and distributed some of the blue color with it, which ended up being a surprising and interesting effect. The resulting look is dark, it’s NOT my favorite, but it came together fine.

You’ll have to excuse the glasses mark, I couldn’t be bothered to wear contacts today, and hiding what I knew would be a dark look behind glasses helps me feel like I can get away with wearing that look as well.

And now for the final look for this week’s challenge:

Just stating right off the bat that I did not use the purple from the Laura Lee palette this time. I used the BH zodiac love Sagittarius sparkle, and mostly I used that palette in general.


Just for reference, we are talking about the top palette in the above photo. I decided I wanted to veer toward green/teal rather than navy blue/purple. I used the matte mint green color as a transition shade. Then, I went in with the matte Aquarius shade as a crease color. These two shades seem to resemble each other in color tones though their depth is very different. On the eyelid I used the Aquarius shimmer on the inner half and the Sagittarius shimmer on the outer half. Then, I popped the mint green shimmer on top of that in the middle like a spotlight again. I needed to at least attempt to lighten the entire thing up. Under the eye I used both matte greens and then lined with the second color in my challenge, the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette color Tempting. I used my gold shimmery urban decay liner in my water line and inner corner. I loved the effect that this had in the previous look, where the liner combined with the shadow and created its own new and perfectly matching color.

I took three photos today. One of the eye look with a closed eye, one open, and one with glasses since that’s how I am actually wearing the look at work today.

So, that’s a wrap for this week! I already used the random number generator to pick my next shadow. It’s Drift from the Urban Decay born to run palette, so we aren’t moving out of the dark smokey looks next week either!

Finishing and Garden

I have a finished object! And another one really close to being done, though I don’t anticipate actually finishing that one until next week.

The scarf out of Miss Marja’s handspun is complete.


The colors here are a little more saturated in the photo than they are in real life. In reality, there’s a muted nature to the colors. This is because I took the photo early this morning and the world was still quite rainy, since it rained all yesterday afternoon.

Speaking of rain, I had taken the dogs out and noticed that the first lily of the season was blooming! So, I took the dogs back in and then headed back out with my phone to grab a photo.


Isn’t she a stunner?!?! I don’t even remember planting this one. That happens to me often, I forget what lilies I actually planted and every year they are a beautiful surprise. I do want to add to my collection though, I need to find something unusual this year for the lily garden.

That’s it from me! Hope everyone is having a great week!


3 Color Challenge week 5

It was time to roll out Dusty Trails from Sydney Grace and choose my next color. My random number generator picked something from the BH palettes finally!


But, that’s an awfully dark color scheme to work with! The sparkly blue color that the generator chose for me is the baked color Cancer from the Zodiac palette. I was so uninspired about this that I didn’t even bother to try to create a look with it yesterday and instead gave myself two weeks to complete this 3 color challenge.


It’s the blue at the bottom of the above photo.

I was feeling a bit more inspired this morning. To begin with, I reminded myself that I don’t actually have to use all the colors in the challenge to create my look. And in fact, I spent a little time doing some swatching last evening before bed just to see what I might come up with and actually like.

Here’s what I ended up doing. I predominately used the zodiac palette for my look. I began with the matte Virgo color as a transition and then placed the matte Leo color in my crease. I also used that on my outer corner. I then went in with the baked Cancer shadow on the inner 2/3 of my mobile lid. I wanted a little more depth so I took the Sagittarius baked color from Zodiac Love Signs (the blue at the very top of the photo above) and used that on my outer 1/3 of my lid. Under the eye, I used the Virgo matte all over and the Leo matte on the outer corner. I highlighted my inner corner with the large baked highlighter in the middle. I lined my waterline with my urban decay gold eyeliner. Then, I brought in a second color from the 3 color challenge. I used the black, Tempting, from Sweet Peach palette, as a liner for the outer 1/3 of my upper and lower lash line.

I could not be happier with this look. It’s sparkly and fun and colorful and interesting and deep. I genuinely thought, even while I was applying the shadow, that I would end up hating this look but that I’d do my post and get through the day and that would be that. This is not at all what happened. I ended up with a look I would absolutely create again just for the fun of it. The blues are so dark that they are almost grey and that translates really nicely on the lid. I paired it with colorful earrings (sari silk yarn) and a nude lip to pair it all together. I am thrilled with this look!

And now I can’t wait to see what I come up with tomorrow!