A New Project

Which involves new colors. New colors are just the thing for me right now.

My latest spin is Dyeabolical’s superwash merino in flowershop inferno. I love the color combinations, and as usual, wool from dyeabolical is so beautifully prepared that it wants to spin very fine. So, I think I am going to do a 3 ply, mixing up all the colors.



I also have this colorway in some BFL/firestar so I think I’ll spin that, chain ply it, and compare the two. Should be a fun little project.

I am taking some vacation time soon, and am hoping that vacation time leads to some fun crafty time which may even allow me to get some blogging time in. Work and life haven’t allowed for that at all lately.

Loop! Cloud

I’ve been spinning on this loop cloud for a long time it seems, stopping to work on other stuff every once in awhile. Well, I decided I was done with it and it needed to get finished. So, yesterday when I wanted to work with my wheel, rather than getting something new out, I began to ply. Then when I was done with the porch spinning, I finished the singles. This gave me the opportunity to do whatever I liked, when I liked, and yet still complete the project.

I’ve got 230 yards of 2 ply sport weight yarn. This stuff bloomed and evened out very nicely, as I wasn’t overly impressed with it when I finished plying. I am so surprised, still, how much a good thwack can help an uneven yarn!



It is nice and early Saturday morning, the weather has finally cooled to temps appropriate for the date, and I am enjoying a bit of coffee and thinking about crafting.

I don’t think I’ve posted the spinning project I am currently working on before, but it looks like I will be done soon, maybe even this weekend, so I figured it could be time to get an in progress picture out.

I picked up a loop cloud over the winter. I find these as appealing or more so than the bullseye bumps. I love gently shaded solids, and this certainly will be that. I’ve been spinning this entirely on my TJ tibetan, trying to keep projects off the wheel. But, I do believe that I will ply on the wheel when it is ready.


I am still trying to decide on 2 or 3 ply. I am loving the fatter yarns I am making this year, but always get a bit sad about lack of yardage.



Well, I actually have a new yarn to show off! 105 yards, chain ply, worsted weight yarn. The yarn is fat and happy. I love it.
However, I do believe a good portion of my crafting has been sidelined due to the usual bike riding, and, my garden. One week of tomatoes looks like this, even after giving many away.
This is just a busy and wonderful time of year, don’t you think?


Only 41 points on my hitchhiker scarf. And even then I had to use quite a bit of the silk chain ply. Which I am ok with, but even then I couldn’t manage all 42 points. That being said, the yarn is scrumptious, it is thicker than most hitchhikers would be, and it is very soft and squishy. I am well pleased!



I am also still working on Magrathea, which is going well but slow as it is staying at work. And, I’ve got more knitting up my sleeve, I am pretty close to being done with a baby vest. Though the weather has not yet changed, I seem to be feeling the change of season, adjusting accordingly, and desiring to be in with my various crafts. Cooking and cleaning and garden harvest have been awfully high on the list of desired activities as well. All of which I am finding very satisfying right now.


I began the gradient from fibernymph dyeworks on a whim last week. I got a bit done in one evening, and then didn’t get a chance to touch it again until Saturday. Saturday I met up with some gals for a little craft time, I’d spun a bit before I left, making it just into the blue section.



After an afternoon with other crafters, I’d finished the braid.



So, now I am attempting to be patient and let it rest a bit. It is tough! I might have to give in and chain ply it early.