Pride and Prejudice socks

I am calling them thus because I spent the majority of the time knitting them while listening to Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” at work.  It amazes me that when I am clearly looking out the window, knitting, and listening to a story, with my back turned to the room, I still get people wandering in and interrupting me. Seems to be the nature of the place though.

These are wonderful socks, they are long, large, intricate but not complicated.  The first shot is of the lace detail, the second is the textured detail that goes right down over the heel.  I am thrilled with these, they are warm and comfy on a super cold day.

Mellow Yellow

I am attempting to stay mellow about this winter, but it has been tough. Today we saw the sun!  For a bit. At least I could bask in it this morning, and it did sort of make up for the quite cold temps.

So I’ve noticed that the majority of my yarn choices lately have been rather bright and..well…Caribbean.  Lots of turquoise, as well as sunny bright interesting colors.

The sock I’ve been working on is rather a good example of that.  The yarn is dream in color, colorway butter peeps.  The pattern is childs french sock from Vintage Socks.  It is the largest sock I’ve ever made but I really like it.  I’ll get better details of the shell pattern once they are done.

Knitting content

Yes, for real!

I’ve been working on another test knit. Who knew I’d have so much fun with these?  This is the “Tutu Pullover” and it will be for Bug.  I am doing it in very untutulike colors and yarn.  I am sure that for the sake of variety, that is ok.

I’ve really struggled with this one thus far. I had this evening of complete insanity looking for size 7 needle tips.  I couldn’t find them, but what is worse is that there were size 6’s in my size 7 space, leading me to believe I was using the correct needle size.  It was quite frustrating.  It seems rather hard to believe that I, of all people, do not have size 7 tips, and there is no telling how often I’ve been knitting with size 6’s thinking I was using size 7’s.

So, the needle size wasn’t working, my yarn choice wasn’t working, I couldn’t manage to read the instructions properly…well the whole thing just got messed up. So I scrapped that and started all over.  AFTER borrowing a size 7 circ. This second endeavor is going much more smoothly, and I’ve finally divided for the armholes. Let’s see how fast I can get this puppy knit!

Daft. The only word to describe her.

I met a very interesting person at work on Thursday. I’ve not encountered her before except perhaps by phone.  It was an experience I can assure you.  She was obviously looking for Dr. S, or his support staff T.  T was out of the office ill, so that was of no help and this woman had obviously never been on our floor before.  She came into the office and asked where Dr. S’s office was.  When I told her, she said that he was not there. (Then why would you ask me where his office was if you already knew?)  She asked where T’s office was. I indicated the door behind her and told her that T was out of the office.  She then asked me if I knew where Dr. S was. I told her I did not.  She asked where Dr. S’s lab was, and I indicated that it was down the hall, last door on the left.

At this point I think I am rid of her.  But, not so lucky after all.  She came back and told me she could not find Dr. S’s lab.  She said, “Where is T’s office, is it next to Dr. S’s office?”  Having just told her where T’s office was, I rather irritatingly reiterated my comment.  She then wanted Dr. S’s number. I gave it to her even though she had already established that Dr. S was not in his office.  He, unsurprisingly, did not answer his phone, being out of the office and all.  She then wanted T’s number.  Having just indicated where T’s office was….twice…and telling her T was out of the office, I refused to give it to her. I rather thought that when she called T, and T did not answer, and the phone rolled to me and I picked it up and answered it, it might just blow her mind.  So I again told her that T was out of the office.  She then decided to go stand by Dr. S’s office.

Fortunately, Dr. S walked in at that point and took her off my hands. I was never so pleased to see someone walk out of my office.

Friday, right around the time I had to leave, someone pops her head around my office area. It is the same daft woman from yesterday!  She says “Hi Munchkin! I wanted to know if Dr. K has a mailbox on this floor.”

Munchkin?!?!? ME? I am the least munchkin like person I know. I am at least twice her height.  Where would she get the idea that she could call me munchkin?  Bizarre!

Weather Biddies

The weather biddies at work are all a flutter, clucking about the upcoming weather.  They must be loving this winter!  Everything is cause for alarm to a weather biddie.

We spent a month and a half living like we were in the upper peninsula of Michigan, with the extreme cold and the copious amounts of snow.  For the past week or so we have been magically transported to London. The fog is quite amazing. In the morning while it is still dark I can barely see a thing.  Since people are currently walking in the road as the sidewalks are all still snow covered, I often feel like I am a bowling ball and the pedestrians are the pins.  The trees get this odd kind of frost all over them that would sparkle, providing there was sun. There is not.

Now the weather biddies are all a flutter about ice. Quarter inch tonight and quarter inch tomorrow they say with all the alarm they can muster. Alarm better reserved for an anthrax outbreak if you ask me.  All I can think is this probably means another snow day for the Bug, which knocks off our routine especially when we are most needing to establish one.  Oh yeah, and I haven’t any more vacation time to take. Not that this is problematic with my job, it just means even more to make up once the winter is over, and less to take in the summer.

In knitting news, or lack thereof, I am still working on my kelmscott, still working on Bug’s blanket, and the rest is not worth mentioning.  Or rather, I don’t feel like mentioning the test knit I had to rip out and restart, the fact that I have lost all my size 7 needle tips, if I had any at all, and that I am having a knitting slump anyhow that I blame on the weather.  What has been done is some knitting on an old shawl that I never finished.  I’ll actually take pictures of that one soon and blog about it, but due to weather (yep, we just blame it all on the weather) I can’t get a decent picture to save my life.  Not that I’ve tried.

I’ll try to blog more later. If we end up with a day off tomorrow, I promise to blog. With a picture.  That is all from here.

We’re having a heat wave!

Yesterday, while Bug was running all over the house and being loud, I realized that it felt terribly quiet in the house. I couldn’t quite figure out why. Then I realized it. For the first time in weeks the heater was not running.  Was my heater broken? No, for the first time in over a month, the temps raised all the way up to 26F.  The heater just didn’t need to be on.  So I looked out at my driveway which I had salted earlier in the week. It had been too cold for the salt to work, but now it was actually dry!

This morning I woke up at 5am. It was 23F at 5am.  This feels like a downright miracle!  The temps are predicted to get above freezing this week, which I suspect will cause even more mess on the road from slush, and a ton of melting snow.  On the other hand, we need to somehow get rid of some of the drifts, and I will welcome the ensuing slush for the time being.

I’ve worked pretty hard on Bug’s blanket this weekend.  I am on square #5 at the moment and all seems to be going well besides my bold statements about not wanting to block it once it is done, and then seeing that blocking will be most necessary.

I am really appreciating the colors I picked for this.  They are most gorgeous.

Dyeing for the weekend

Since we were home so much this past week, I decided a bit of dyeing might be fun.  I did two merino/tencel rovings in a newer to me technique. I am quite pleased with them and I think I will continue in this technique rather than my former one.  I am also getting great results with no dye run off after I am done.

I know they are blue heavy. As soon as I get more gloves I’ll try some additional colors.