That Rest Day

I used it to not spin. I think this is the first year I’ve ever actually used the rest day to take a break from spinning.


I got back after this project. You see, once I’d put the collar on, I decided to block it. And there it sat, blocked, ever since I knew I’d be working on TdF. Yesterday morning I finally tried it on to see what the sizing situation would be. And unfortunately, I decided I couldn’t live with it as is. I don’t need a cropped sweater. I just don’t. I don’t think it’ll look good that way, and that’s not something I want to wear.

So, I frogged the entire collar and the ribbing of the body of the sweater, got everything settled back on needles, and have begun the slog of continuing the body of the sweater. I didn’t get very far, we had activities planned yesterday evening that kept us out of the house, and knitting just wasn’t something I had much time for. By the time we got home, Lizzie was a complete and utter nut, needing attention and a bunch of extra play time to run off the extra energy she’d gathered while we’d been out.

This morning I wrapped up my tiny progress on this sweater, and started plying some more red yarn. I’m back on the TdF road!

Rest Day

Technically, today is a TdF rest day I believe. And I am intending to use it as such.

But for me, yesterday was a rest day. A life rest day, rather than a spinning rest day. And boy did I need it! I got regular chores around the house done, and spent a bunch of the rest of my free time spinning. I made sure I had two bobbins of red ready to go so I could get to plying on Tuesday.


The third smaller bobbin is leftover singles from the previous skein. So, once rest day Monday is over, I am all set up for a plying session. Oh, behind that? Is the remainder of red I have to spin, more than 8 ounces. Oooof. But, I am pleased with how this yarn is spinning up, and how the resulting skeins look. I am glad that decluttering and TdF have forced me to challenge myself into getting these spun.

That’s it from here, I guess it’s also a blogging rest day, as not much interesting has happened to chatter on about. Have a great week my friends!

Combo Post

First of all, let me state for the record that life is an adventure. Sometimes it’s the adventure you get, rather than the adventure you want.

This is going to be a combo post. I’ll start it with the story of yesterday’s lake day, then move onto a pic of the one week with one palette, shop my stash for the week, boxycharm unboxing combo. This may be a long one. However, I am not posting pictures from yesterday’s adventure, for the squeamish.

Yesterday I headed out to the lake cabin to meet my friend. Our idea was to hang at the lake, go for a short gravel ride, then hop in the lake like we did on the fourth. We started out by sitting and overlooking the lake for a bit, then chatting with her father for awhile, then we geared up for our little bike ride. We took her youngest son who is not the fastest rider, but we were glad to have him with us. We knew we weren’t going on a long ride, so we decided to ride one huge hill up to a catholic shrine nearby. We did so, we rested, we hydrated. Then she gave her son instructions on heading down the steep gravel hill. “Be careful to stay in that white trail where there’s less gravel, make sure you are going slow, you don’t want to be going fast because you have to turn at the bottom of the hill.” And he headed off, at the same time the elderly caretakers came down from the shrine to put the heavy gates up for the night. She wanted to help the caretakers, so I decided to follow her son in case anything happened. Her son was going at a perfect pace, nice and easy. Then I heard her coming up behind us at a fast rate of speed, she passed me, she slowed rather suddenly, and then she bit it hard on the gravel.

It was so alarming, I’ll be honest. There was blood everywhere very quickly, her face covered in blood. We scrambled to get out of the middle of the road, me moving the bikes while her son tended to her. Once upright, she assessed that nothing was broken but I noticed her knee immediately beginning to swell up. We made a plan, she’d ride at the pace she was most comfortable ahead of us, and I’d hang at her son’s pace to get us back home. After a while, I noticed her waiting, and I realized that I may have to ride back fast for a car. But instead, she said she wanted me to ride back fast and tell her father that everything was ok, as her arriving looking the way she did, with a face full of blood, was going to be very alarming for him. She decided to ride back with her son.

So I did ride fast and arrived at the cabin. After hunting through the cabin, not seeing dad or the dog, I realized he had already left, which was a bit of a relief. I hopped in my car to go get them, but they were pulling in as I pulled out.

We did some assessments of the damage once in the cabin and realized we were going to have to get her in to be seen. We finally decided to leave one vehicle at the lake and lock one bike in the garage. I took two bikes on my car, we quickly put our food away, packed up, got everything in my car, and I took her to the emergency department. After that, I took her nice bike to her house along with her son, got the bike in the garage, and son in the house, and then headed home to wait for news.

In the end, she had to get 9 stitches in her face, and they immobilized her knee while it heals, but thankfully nothing major happened. She’s going to have some horrific looking bruising in the upcoming days, but we are just SO thankful she realized while she was on the bike that she was going down and was able to slow as much as she did. Quick decision making on the bike really does often change the outcome of a situation.

So, today she’s home healing, and her family is arranging the transport of her vehicle, and I am hoping she’ll be feeling better in short order. I am thankful she wasn’t riding alone, and I am thankful we were able to make the best decisions we could after the fact.

Now on to the other stuff. First the photo.


My boxycharm came this week, and so I’ve added that to this week’s shop the stash because I want to use the new palette this week, as well as quite a lot of other items. The boxycharm items are on the left.

There’s a palette from crown which I am excited to use. It’s a warm-toned palette, as so many are, and it doesn’t have any pops of unusual color, but the oranges and the browns are pretty so I think they’ll be fun to try. Above that in boxycharm we got the dr. brandt no more baggage eye cream, which I will totally try this week. Above that there’s Chella eyebrow cream which I am totally excited to try. Above that is a mascara which is the one item I have pictured here that I have no intention of adding to my routine right now. I’ve got more than enough mascara open now, this one gets saved for down the road a bit. To the right of that you’ll see a blush open, and that is the final boxy charm item this month. It’s a nice warm toned blush, from Note, and since I sent my warm toned blush with Miss Butterfly on her trip in order to let my mom test it out, I was very happy to receive this one as it will pair well with the warm toned palette I am using this week. So, that’s boxycharm, and I am pleased with my box. I am not gonna lie, there was another box combo that did not contain the palette, and I was afraid that was the one I’d receive. I am still in the mode of wanting to play with all the palettes, and I care little about face sprays which is what the alternate item was. Most thrillingly, none of the items was an eyeliner, and for that I am grateful!

I do think that there are certain things you need never to purchase if you are getting subscription boxes. Eyeliners and mascaras seem to be top on that list. I do like trying out new mascaras though, so that’s fun. Eyeliners, not so much. Unless it’s an interesting color I suppose.

Ok, the remaining items left to right, top to bottom.

Above the blush is becca backlight priming filter. I used this during the week, and while it looks alarming when I put it on my entire face, it does work I suppose. I probably won’t repurchase, but there isn’t much left in this sample size so I figure it’s time to use it up.

Next to that is the makeup forever HD foundation that I tried for the first time last week. I like it! Not sure if it’s one I’ll purchase on my own, but I do like it better than others I’ve tried. It holds up pretty well, and this past week was very hot, I had multiple activities that had me walking around in the heat, and I was surprised at how well it performed under those circumstances.

There’s the butter bronzer which is a staple in my collection, not much needs to be said about that. Then under that is my bare minerals matte foundation which out of anything works the best in the heat. So, it’ll be another staple in these shop the stash posts through the remainder of the summer.

Next row-the hair custard I am trying to pan will be used this week. I’ve decided what this product does best is give freshly washed hair the texture and grip that it needs to actually put up and get it to stay that way. Meaning, if I use this after I wash my hair and just leave it, my hair gets a bit too big for me. But if I use it, and then put my hair in a french braid or two, the hair stays in that braid nicely. When it’s hot, I love a braid, so it’s getting use.

The clinique powder and the wet n wild contour palette are also staples and items I am working on panning this summer, you’ve seen them many times before. Same goes for the dandelion twinkle highlighter. Below that I’ve got a style sepia eyeliner, it’s brown/green with some sparkle and it’ll pair well with the palette. Added bonus, I am trying to pan it so I am glad to choose something I can pair with it this week.

Below the eyeliner is a sample size of the marc jacobs velvet noir mascara. Guys, I may never purchase lash paradise again. This mascara, which I broke into out of curiousity, makes my eyelashes so so very long! I decided that the travel size is only 2 bucks more than the full size of lash paradise, and so if this holds me for 3 months I am totally purchasing another. (After sampling the ones I have waiting of course.) I really love this so much.

And finally, the bare minerals bareskin concealer is a good one for use this week. I can use it on my eyelids as well as my undereye, so that’s what I chose for this week.

Let’s review last week. Here’s the photo:


I already gave some thoughts on the palette. I’ll just give some thoughts on the most noteable things. The tiny container of highlighter that says thank you on it I tried using this week, not on my cheeks. At home, I thought that the inner corner and browbone highlight I’d done was subtle enough, but once I got to work and looked in the mirror, I wiped it off a bit, as it was blinding! I still haven’t had the courage to use it on my cheeks, but perhaps I will if I play with makeup today. I am not going anywhere, so today would be a good day to try it.

The pretty vulgar gel eyeliner got lots of action this week, as it paired well with the eyeshadow palette. I would line my eyes and then smudge that out a bit to look less harsh. I really like how easy it is to apply the gel liner and get such an intense black line. I still don’t have the courage to try a wing though, and especially not in the mornings while getting ready for work.

The cover fx primer needs more use to figure out how I feel about it. The nyx eyebrow pencil was entirely not my favorite and I am unsure how I will use it at this point as the color is all wrong in addition to me not liking the product itself. And finally, I must confess that my use of the urban decay all nighter foundation has pretty much dropped off entirely right now. I can’t get it to stick to my face for long on a good day, and so it’s just too awful on a hot day where I have to be outside walking during the work day. That’s why I didn’t even bother to put it in this week’s stash shop.

Ok ok, that was THE LONGEST POST ever, and I probably should’ve split it into two. But here we are. If you made it to the end, I am completely amazed. Have a great week!


Out of It

Oh man, the exhaustion has caught up and I am really feeling out of it this morning. Is this how non-morning people feel? It’s uncomfortable. My brain isn’t working, and I’ve had coffee and everything. And I am just not overly inspired to do anything right now. I’ll get there though, I am sure.

Some of the heat seems to have broken, it’s slightly less miserable outside. We woke up to tons of fog, as the earth is still very hot but the air was cooler. It has already burned off, but it looks like the upcoming week might be a bit of a relief.

I figure it’s time to show off my second TdF spinning project. This is one I pulled out of stash to work on, after putting it in stash during the first big declutter weekend. You may remember that I cram-pot dyed some merino locks:


For those wondering, I use a crockpot for cram-pot dyeing. I put a layer of water in, then a layer of locks, then a layer of dye. Then I add enough water to cover the next layer, more locks, and more dye. I keep repeating the process until I fill the crock pot or run out of locks. This makes locks that are all different colors, and if I am careful it doesn’t really matter much what colors get next to each other, as the amount of wool separates the dyes, and then the dyes take up on the wool without making things too muddy. Each individual lock may be a number of different colors once done, and so when I spin from the lock, it kind of naturally barberpoles those colors. So, I enjoy this process quite a bit as it’s completely a surprise what I end up with.

Originally I thought I’d start spinning these locks by just picking them apart and spinning from a handful of wool, but it wasn’t working out so well. There are a fair amount of second cuts to this wool, and it looked terrible. So, now I am back to the process of flick carding before spinning each lock and it’s a bit slow going. That being said, I am enjoying the results.


When I went to put the wool in the stash, I realized it matched some mawata silk I had dyed a few years back using leftover Easter egg dyes. Let’s see if I can find that photo:


So, my plan is to spin these up as well and ply them together for a colorful yarn. I think it’ll be fun, and it’s a lot more creative than I’ve been spinning lately. Not to mention colorful!

That’s about it from here, I am going to be taking it easy today. Resting, napping, maybe some time with a girlfriend at a lake. We’ll see how it goes. Probably more of the same tomorrow as well.

A Post of All the Things

I’ve got a few updates I suppose, and I am going to put them all in one post.

First of all, I am going to do a VERY quick review of my feelings about my one week with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette. Here’s the photo from the shop my stash post:


I think it’ll be pretty easy to sum up my feelings about this palette, which is basically “meh.” I really thought I’d feel more positively about this palette, as I do think it’s rather pretty. On the other hand, I knew that the cooler tones were more suited to Miss Butterfly, and I was kind of looking to pick up something on sale that she’d look great in for when she wanted to experiment. First of all, I do believe I like a bolder eye look. If I am going to play with makeup and color, I want to play with makeup an color. Bold color. This is not that. I also think that the season is entirely wrong, this is more suited to winter months in my opinion.

In addition to these basic though processes on this palette, I can’t say it performed all that well either. Blending was a real problem, I struggled to get the lighter colors to show at all, though it could just be that I am too tanned right now. The darker colors which did show were patchy and hard to blend. I really struggled, and it took me a lot more time in the morning to get an eye look done than any of the other shadows I’ve spent time with. So it really was frustrating for me. That being said, Miss Butterfly took my one traditional eye primer with her on her trip, so I can only hope that’s the key. I tried different combinations of concealer and a mac paint pot, alternating between setting the base and not setting the base, hoping to get better results but really the results remained the same either way. So, I can’t say I am overly upset to be done with my palette week this week. Ultimately I did have pretty eye looks, they just weren’t the looks for me and they were more trouble than they were worth. It’s a good palette to have on hand for simple looks, but I am not sure it’s one I’ll be grabbing regularly.

Now on to spinning and TdF. I finished a skein of red mohair!


I have 495 yards of this, and it really is the loudest red. It turned out pretty nicely! I was waiting to continue this project until I had a fully plied, washed, and dried skein because I wanted to know what I was working with. And, I think I’ve made a decision. I am going to keep on making red 2 ply yarn out of this fiber. I am pleased with the outcome, and while the process may be somewhat boring, it’ll yield quite a large amount of yardage for my stash, maybe it can even be made into some sort of large lace lap blanket or something. I won’t be able to wear it on my skin, unfortunately.

Right now, my work week has been absolutely brutal with little end in sight. A situation has come up that has doubled my workload for the foreseeable future, I’ve got two team members out on vacation this week, and one of the two remaining team members gave me her two weeks notice this week. While I am happy for her and the steps she’s taking to go where her heart leads, the timing is utter crap for me. Thankfully she’s attempting to make the transition as easy as possible, I spent this week working on a coverage plan and she spent that time filling me in on where she is with her projects. And we’ve also got a game plan to get that job posted just as soon as possible. That being said, even my paragraph on my week seems like I am allowing you to view this week through rose colored glasses for me, when in reality, it’s been extremely taxing.

And, you know how when you are really stressed, and those are the times you desperately need sleep, but you are less likely to GET sleep because your mind is racing? That’s me right now. I am utterly exhausted, and not sleeping. I am really hoping I’ll be able to unwind properly this weekend. And also hoping to be making a lot of yarn.

Have a great weekend!

What an evening

It was trivia night last night, a new one at a different venue. It was the first trivia at that venue, and generally that makes for a light crowd until the word gets out. Maybe just 5 or 6 teams, and the game goes smoothly and quickly. That was NOT the case with this venue. The place was hopping right off the bat! In fact, there were 21 teams. 21! That’s crazy. As such, the game went far later into the evening than any of my team expected. BUT…despite this, my team won! We won, against 20 other teams! We found this completely unbelievable! That being said, we were feeling like we had a pretty strong night. While we are always a bit light on sportsball knowledge, we felt that we had a great handle on every other category collectively. What a fun evening!

As such, I did not get a ton of crafting done. However, I did manage to get a second bobbin of red spun! Much to my surprise really. All I needed to do was let go of the goal oriented idea that I HAD to spin through as much of my declutter stash as possible, and suddenly I was able to finish a second bobbin without feeling like I was even trying.


So now I ply.  Because I’ve decided I want to start with a 2 ply, wash it, and see how it turns out before continuing on with my original plan of a 2 ply and a 3 ply yarn out of this fiber.

Because I might change my mind! Who knows!

It’s Not a Punishment

As I finished up the rustic merino, I planned my next project. I’ve got a whole mess of red mohair fiber that could be spun. I figured I could get started on it immediately, and so I did. The plan I had in mind was to do a 3 ply and then do a 2 ply, giving myself two differing skeins of yarn to work with. I suspect even if I do both skeins, I’ll still have a whole mess of leftover red mohair to keep spinning. It’s probably sweater quantity, but I can’t wear mohair anyhow so it’s pointless for me to try to make sweater quantities.

I finished up the first bobbin in short order:


It really is a lovely red. And it’s been a pleasant spin as well, to be honest. However, I just got done with 8 ounces of dark brown, and so the prospect of one color again was a bit daunting.

I started the second bobbin. And began to question my life choices.

I got bored, I got annoyed, and I walked away from the wheel.

And then I remembered what I read about project pan, how it’s not supposed to be a punishment. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

So, I thought about that for a bit and went into my fiber cupboard to pull out something colorful. Then I remembered that the goal at the beginning of TdF, ONLY a few days ago, that I’d already forgotten, was simply to work on the declutter projects a bit each day. Not to fly through every declutter project and work on them exclusively, just to work on them a bit each day. Because it’s not a punishment.

So, I’ve got another half bobbin of the red mohair and a tiny bit of a colorful spin I’ll talk about later. And that’s where I am in TdF. And it’s no longer feeling like a punishment.