Decluttering the Secret Stash

It’s no longer TdF, but progress is still being made.

By the end of Sunday, last day of TdF, I was indeed able to finish a third bobbin of singles.


They really are exceedingly good looking singles! There’s such a varying degree of color in those locks, it’s quite surprising.

Naturally, I got straight to the plying of these, since that’s a lot of singles and I am out of bobbins.

This is, so far, 880 yards of 3 ply yarn!

I then had to spin a little more as I had one empty bobbin and two quite full still bobbins. I plied that as well yesterday but didn’t have an opportunity to wash or count yardage on that skein. This left me with just over 5 ounces of locks to spin, which I will start tonight. I’ve divided them out between 3 bags in order to attempt to spin approximately equal lengths of singles. This project is so close to being done now, it’ll certainly be done by next weekend.

The best part, really, of TdF was concentrating so hard on specific projects that I didn’t really think about work too awfully much during my days off. I mean, I was busy anyhow, with Miss Butterfly home and those associated activities I took time off for, but in my spare time, I spun. And that was lovely and relaxing. I was also able to catch up on all my podcasts and audiobooks which had been languishing and taking up space in my poor old phone for far too long.

It’s the strangest thing really, having focused on spinning so much this month. I have a hard time even mustering the desire to knit. However, I do think I’ll take a break after this project and get back to some knitting. My goal of spinning only half of the amount I knit has been so blown out of the water by this secret fiber stash declutter! But with a sweater on the needles and a partially finished large scarf, I should be able to finish up those two projects and be pretty well on my way to balancing that back out.

I’ve uploaded a few other photos but never got around to posting them.


Here’s Lizzie. I took this photo while we were waiting on Miss Butterfly’s plane to land, and joked with her that this was Lizzie waiting for Miss Butterfly to get home. But, that disappointed look is actually Lizzie complaining to me that she’d just broken the squeaker in her favorite toy, and shouldn’t I DO something about it?!

And then there’s this lovely velvety thing:


I’ve refrained from posting about this because we’ve had such a difficult spring/summer. Back in May, we were in Alabama on mother’s day weekend for the wedding. I’d been telling Mr. Ink for AGES that I wanted a red rose planted in front of our white shop. I thought the bright red and green would look lovely against the backdrop of the shop, and every time he would explain to me what he wanted to plant in that spot I’d stop him and say “No, I want a red rose in front of the white shop.” So-upon my return from Alabama, Mr. Ink said: “I got you a mother’s day gift, come out and see.” And there was the red rose in front of the white shop. It struggled along in the heat wave, looking extremely stunned from it’s replanting, while almost all our other trees he’d planted this year around us died. Its blooms would open already dried out and crinkly. I worried about that rose, as we’ve lost others in years past. I didn’t want to take photos or get attached. But, it recovered, and it is looking amazing now! The foliage is green and healthy, no longer any sign of its earlier struggle, and the blooms are all large and smooth and velvety red! I think I can get attached now, I think this one is here to stay!

That’s all from me for today! I am back to work today and struggling through all of the associated catching up. Have a great one!

Shopping the Stash for the Week

I am headed way off course this week, as we added a bit to our collection and want to play with those new things immediately.

Not shown, for Miss Butterfly’s birthday, I got her something she really wanted. I wasn’t planning on it, but when I saw the Too Faced chocolate gold palette deeply on sale on Ulta’s site, rendering it the exact amount I’d intended to spend on her birthday gift, I couldn’t help myself. I purchased it.

And then, I also picked up the natural face palette, which I have had my eye on for a long time, reading up on all the fantastic reviews and wishing I could purchase it. Deeply on sale is totally my price point. And just to get a little nutty, I also picked up the Sweet Peach palette. Now, I know Miss Butterfly will let me play with her chocolate gold at some point, in fact she’s not even keeping it in her collection, it’s displayed with my collection. But, I also don’t want to dip into that before she’s had a fair opportunity. When she tells me I can, that’s when I’ll do so.

Which means this week for me is Sweet Peach week.


I’ll get back to my project pan next week, hitting it hard then. But for now, I get to play. Here’s what I’ll be concentrating on this week:
Clinique setting powder (part of project pan.)
Urban Decay all nighter foundation (Part of project pan)
Mac paint pot in soft ochre for an eyeshadow primer
The sweet peach palette (Can I just say the scent of this one is awful?!)

From left to right on the palette mirror:
YSL Mon Paris Sample which is so close to being gone that I also added
HermesĀ Eau des Merveilles Bleue sample
Flower Beauty Petal Pout in a lovely coral shade, matching the palette nicely
Maybelline nude (part of project pan)
Bare Minerals Bareskin concealer
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara (My current favorite favorite.)
Nyx eyebrow powder pencil (So easy to use and Taupe is a great shade for me!)
Style Sepia eyeliner (part of project pan)
JonteBlu eyeliner in charcoal
Buxum lipgloss (part of project pan)
I just noticed that the primer I put in here isn’t what I meant to put in, I meant to pick up my mac primer, sorry about that.
Too Faced Natural face palette (I want to try using this as eyeshadow too, might be mighty convenient for travel simplicity to be able to just take that palette for everything. And I’ve got a trip coming up soonish.)

All that was super fun to plan out, between trying new products and having had a number of no makeup days while on vacation at home!


3rd Time’s a Charm?

Last evening after a marathon flick carding session, I decided to get a shower. It was warm out, so I decided on a pretty cool shower, and somewhat noticed that my shower wasn’t getting any warmer, but that was fine with me. Then, Mr. Ink tried to take a shower. His water was cold. So, he got dressed and headed to the basement to see what was going on with the hot water heater. The pilot light was out, and he could not get it to stay lit, so he ended up with a cold shower as well. Now I get to spend the last day of my vacation not only doing all the errands that need to be done with Miss Butterfly’s High School registration/orientation, but also waiting on a plumber. This will be the third time we’ve had to call a plumber this year, all for very different issues. But, third time’s a charm, right? It’s really been a rough year with home issues, as the furnace had a problem too, and we had to call our HVAC company as well. I keep telling myself that’s right on target for the third year of owning an older home.

On to the fun stuff. I wanted to do a TdF wrap up post today, as it’s the last day. Yesterday I really pushed to get as much flick carding done as possible. The weather in the morning was uncooperative, even though the temps were pleasant. It rained. Quite a bit. In fact, every time it quit raining I’d run out, wipe off a patio chair, and start flick carding. Only to have it begin raining a few minutes later. But I’d made the goal to be done with flick carding by the end of the Tour, and that only gave me yesterday and today.

The afternoon was far more perfect for being outdoors, and so after I walked the dog and the sun had set the appropriate amount for our patio to be in shade, I headed outside. Toward the end of some long hours of flick carding, I noticed my finger was feeling not great. But, this has happened before, and I pushed through it knowing it wouldn’t feel any better today. Then I took a look at it, and noticed I’d developed a sizable blister on that finger. Well, that’s when I knew there was only one thing to be done. Push through to finish all the flick carding that night, as it would be too painful to attempt today. I was already gross and dirty and dusty and I didn’t have much left. So, at around 8:30 at night, after sitting outdoors since 3:30, I wrapped up the flick carding of that fleece.

I have sad news too, my friends, that sun is going down much faster than it was, it’s not even August yet and it was noticeable. The days are getting shorter.

Anyhow, as far as spinning this project, I’d hoped to be able to show off 3 full bobbins, but since I chose to finish the flick carding instead, I only have 2 full bobbins. And an injured hand. Because not only did I end up with a nasty blister, I also woke up at 5 am unable to get back to sleep due to carpal tunnel flare up from the task. I should really learn when to slow my roll. (Who am I kidding? I never learn.)

But, still, here are the bobbins:


I think they are rich and gorgeous and it’s going to be a real pleasure figuring out how this yarn turns out! I can’t wait to start plying.

But, I am also slowing things down a bit today in order to get my hand to settle down. I have been icing it off and on all morning and that has helped. I’ll spend part of today out of the house, which means it’s easy to ignore my wheel at that point.

That’s it from here! I’ll still be trying to finish that third bobbin today. Soon we’ll have a finished skein!

July 2018 empties

Spinning photos are slim what with the fleece processing and all, so I am going to post my empties a bit early.


Let’s get right into it, shall we? Left to right, top to bottom.

R&B Hair Moisturizer-This was in my project pan to use up, it’s just a sample. And I’d already gotten through quite a bit before I quit using it a while back. However, I used it one more time and realized that the scent on this is just too strong and off-putting for me. It’s a sample for a reason, and it’s best I just let this one go.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair-This seems to be such a holy grail product for so many people, I was excited to give it a try. Now, while my skin does look better than ever, I maintain this is more because I am taking care of it in general than this product doing something fantastic. Now that it’s gone, if I notice my skin reverting back to its old self, then I’ll have to admit it was working. But for now, I won’t purchase.

Belif Eye moisturizer-This is my second sample of this product, and I liked it just as much as the first. In fact, this is one that I purchased a full size of. I didn’t have any other eye moisturizers to sample, so I got this one which is likely to last me forever. In the future, there may be one I like more, but this is my favorite so far.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Conditioning Mask-I got this foil packet as a bonus in a subscription box. It lasted me a surprisingly long time. The mask is quite rich, and a little went a long way. I really liked this product, and there’s a chance I may purchase at some point in the future. I have had great luck overall with Briogeo hair products, I haven’t met one I didn’t like yet.

Pureology spray- I really don’t quite know what this one is, it’s been in my bathroom forever, and I figured it’s time to use it up. I like the scent of pureology products for the most part, but sometimes they have an undertone of a scent that bothers me and sticks around all day bothering me. This is one of those products. Nevertheless, I used the spray after a shower when I wanted to leave my hair down. It did a nice job smoothing it and making it dry tamely, and I appreciated that. I doubt I’ll repurchase, but I liked its use.

Clinique toner-I used this because I wanted to use it up, but I am not sure that it’s a necessary skin care step after a double cleanse, which is what I do. I won’t repurchase. However, I did add a different toner to my nighttime routine, I am giving the Pixie Glow Tonic a try.

DevaCurl conditioner-Oh, how I’ve struggled with my hair lately. You see, prior to many years with a pixie cut, my hair had a bunch of natural curl, and products like DevaCurl would really bring out that wave and curl. Now that I’ve grown out my hair again, I expected to be doing the same thing with it. Except, in the years I had the pixie cut, my hair has grown significantly grey. And, I have the kind of grey that is straight and soft and smooth. It’s not wiry and sprouting out the top of my head, and for this I am thankful. However, what the grey is NOT doing is curling. At all. So, I’ve had to come to the conclusion that my hair is no longer curly overall, and I need to change my routine. All that long story is to say that I used up this conditioner and won’t repurchase because my hair doesn’t care about it anymore. I have a few other DevaCurl products that have to get used up now as well, and they’ve been slower going.

Batiste Dry Shampoo-This is actually not my empty, it’s Miss Butterfly’s empty. I can’t seem to get the point of, or get the hang of, dry shampoo. Quite frankly I think it’s because I enjoy riding bikes too much. I am always going out and getting sweaty and then I need a really proper shower and hair wash, otherwise my scalp protests. I never seem to get to the point of needing a dry shampoo before I’ve hopped in the shower and taken care of my hair the more traditional way. However, I was at Ulta with Miss Marja awhile back and she suggested this dry shampoo for Miss Butterfly. I picked it up and gave it to her, and she has really enjoyed it. She is the PERFECT candidate for dry shampoo. Her teenage body produces way more oil than she’s used to, and her super long and thick hair is kind of a pain to wash. She uses this so effectively, she’s very skilled now. So this is a repurchase for her product, though she’s got one from a subscription box she’s trying to use up first. And, there’s a cheap drugstore one under the sink I may have her try to use again as well. After that, I’ll get her more of this one.

That’s it for empties this month. It seems a little light this month. I always figure I’ll have a million little samples, but I guess I didn’t get through that many this month yet. In any case, happy Saturday!

2018 Summer Project Pan update 2

It’s been a full month or more now since I’ve done a summer project pan update, so it’s time to review where I am at. This is my last update before the finale at the end of August. Since the number of products I have are greatly reduced now, I only have 3 photos to post.

Original photos:

And here are the new photos:

Hair Custard-I’ve used 7 grams since the last update.
Mary Kay lip mask-I’ve used 2 grams, but no progress on the lip balm.
Trader Joe’s cleanser-You can see my progress indicated, it’s pretty good, but at this rate it’ll last another 4 months probably. I use it almost exclusively twice a day.
Benefit dandelion highlighter-one gram used, and you can see that the tiny pan I had last month has grown significantly.
Kiehls line reducing cream-1 gram used.
First Aid Beauty serum-2 grams used
Makeup Revolution matte blush-1 gram used, no pan to be seen yet.
Wet n Wild Contour palette-The tiny pan I hit last time has been expanded quite a bit on both sides.
Makeup Forever blurring skin tint-1 gram used. I use this as a sunscreen exclusively since it’s too dark. It’ll get used up before the end of the summer I think.
Origins eye cream-1 gram used, there’s not much of this left but it just may keep going this month as so little is needed.
Urban Decay all nighter foundation-Progress is indicated by black lines, moving up the container since it’s an airless pump. I have hated this product through and through, until lately. The better shape my skin is in, the better this looks on me. I no longer hate it. I wouldn’t repurchase it, but I don’t hate it.
Clinique powder-2 grams used.
Buxom lip gloss-progress is indicated, I can probably finish this in the next month.
Wet n wild palette-a bit more pan can be seen now in the transition shade, but to be honest this is mostly because it broke on Miss Butterfly’s trip east. Which is fine with me.
Wet n wild primer-1 gram used
Maybelline nude matte lipstick-progress indicated on the page. I didn’t use it in the first month, so only one month’s progress is shown.
Style Sepia eyeliner-Progress indicated on the page. I forgot to mark it during month 1, so only one month’s progress is shown.

And here’s a list of that which I used up:

Clinique toner

PureHeals mask

Estee Lauder advanced night repair

Benefit Porefessional

Urban Decay primer potion

Origins ginzing gel moisturizer

Elf eyebrow pencil

Prada perfume sample

Pureology color care spray


Lush R&B hair moisturizer-I couldn’t tolerate the scent, I used it one more time and decided to toss it.

And just for record keeping purposes, Update 1 finishes below.

Used Up:

Lush Serum bar

Lush shampoo bar

Origins Night-a-mins cream

Elf Matte Magic setting spray

Clinique Chubby Stick in strawberry


Elbow Grease

Miss Dior Cherie perfume

That’s it! I’ll continue as is for this project pan, but for the fall project pan I do think I am going to just plain choose fewer products overall. That being said, I had removed some things from my project, and then ended up finishing them anyhow. I always want to add all the tiny things from subscription bags, but when I do concentrate on them they get used up quickly, so I am going to stop adding those. They’ll be well covered in an empties post. But, I am just starting out with this project pan thing, so I guess there are many lessons to be learned.

Speaking of which, Miss Butterfly and I discussed a nail polish use up series. We don’t really paint our nails often, and most of the nail polish we have is hers, but we might give it a try! We discussed committing to painting nails on Sunday evenings to start with, and even just using nail polish once a week should be helpful to using up some of those products in our stash. We’ll see!






TdF final project

And, it’ll take me far longer than TdF which ends Sunday.

I’ve gotten in a bit of a routine around this project. Thankfully, it hasn’t been so oppressively hot lately, nor is it crazy windy. Those two conditions are what define summer here, so it’s a bit of a surprise, and quite convenient for this final project. So, my routine has been to come home from work, grab my 10-minute reboot the brain nap and a quick snack, then head out to the patio to flick card.

Flick carding on the patio is way better of an idea than indoors since there is quite a lot of vegetable matter in the locks. It’s not gross VM, just hay, but it does get everywhere. But, when I flick card it out of the locks, I end up with locks to spin that don’t spray VM everywhere, so it’s totally worth this step. I’ll flick card until 7 pm, feed the dog, take her for a walk, then head indoors to get a little spinning done.


So, here’s what the patio looks like. One large bag of fleece, a smaller bag of flick carded locks ready to be spun, and a pile of waste wool on the ground. I’ve got so far to go still, but progress is being made!

The spinning of this wool is wonderful though, the corriedale locks spin so nicely. The fleece is a combo of brown and grey and a silvery white. This makes for interesting spinning, it’s not just a solid color. I have about half a bobbin full so far.


See what I mean by worth the process? It’s gorgeous and richly colored. I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a 3 ply yarn! It’s tempting to quit this bobbin now and start another just so I can enjoy the resulting skein.

Miss Butterfly arrives home today, so I am off work. My plan is to get some chores done this morning before I pick her up from the airport. Then, a trip to the grocery store, and a basil harvest and pesto making session. There’ll be some to eat tonight and some to freeze for later. After all that, I should be able to get back to some carding and spinning.

Have a great Thursday friends!

Next Finish

It did not take me long at all to finish up the cram-pot/mawata silk project. The entire time I was plying, knowing full well I would have more merino singles than silk, I was saying to myself “Whatever shall I do if I don’t have enough mawata silk singles? Purchase and dye more?!?!”

Then, after a time, I decided I’d be ok with having 400 yards of this yarn. So, if I was able to just get 400 yards out of the spin, I’d be satisfied and not purchase more silk. I mean, easter egg dyes are a little tough to come by this time of year.

But, once done, I counted yardage and realized I’d blown past that 400 yard goal in spades! I ended up with 545 yards of 2 ply laceweight.


It’s perfectly rustic and absolutely beautiful. I cannot WAIT to work with it, TRULY. It’ll be the next thing to be knit for sure. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up the two items I’ve got on the needles before I commit to this one. But, I am thinking another Lintilla shawlette may be in order. Something that will show off this gorgeous yarn, and something I adore knitting, and something I adore wearing. This is mine, ALL MINE!

But-I’ve got to get through the end of TdF first, right? I may only have a few days left, but I do intend to use them wisely. I’ve pulled out my largest fleece. It’s washed and washed well because I did the job, but it’s not processed.


It’s the one in the top bag of the picture above.

So, for this one, I need to flick card the fleece and then spin those locks. There’s some vegetable matter in these locks, but nothing too out of control. The fleece otherwise looks like it’s in great shape. It’s not the softest wool, but that I don’t mind either. I think it’s corriedale from what I remember.

I plan to spin this on spindles and on the wheel, and I am going to create a 3 ply yarn. I’ll just flick card some, get those locks spun, and get back to flick carding.

It looks like it might even be nice enough to sit outside later this week while working on the flick carding. Always a bonus when all that VM can just land outdoors instead of inside where I have to vacuum it.

I am eager to see how far I can get with the fleece before TdF ends. But, to be perfectly honest I am well aware that fleeces seem to expand on contact. I’ll flick card and flick card, filling a bag with flick carded locks, and another bag with wool that is just waste, and it won’t even look like I touched the original fleece. But, the proof will be in the singles I suppose.

And, that’s it from here for a TdF update! It’ll be pretty boring after awhile while I am working on the fleece, but hopefully, I’ll have plenty of other things to write about and take photos of.



Next Up

Hi all!

My TdF continues apace. I am so excited to report that all the merino cram-pot singles are spun.


I decided that the best thing to do was to ply them with mawata silk singles, so naturally, I needed to get started on that. I don’t love spinning mawata silk, so I wasn’t about to do that on spindles. Instead, I got started at the wheel. I just alternated between colors at random, figuring the color changing effect would look fine in the end.


I may not like spinning mawata silk, but it looks so beautiful on the bobbin. Truly. Now all that’s left is simply the plying project, and I’ve got another “secret stash” project complete. This one wasn’t technically still in the secret stash, I’d gotten it to a point where it was moved to regular stash, but it’s still from that original clean out and dye session.

After this, I may even dive into some fleece needing to be flick carded before it gets spun. It would be another project that isn’t overly interesting but really does need to get finished.

And that’s your quick update from me, happy Tuesday!

Gravel and Sunshine

My Saturday morning gravel ride was glorious! I got up that morning feeling somewhat cruddy, and I thought “If Em cancels, I am not going by myself.” This was in part because I felt cruddy and exhausted, but also because Mr. Ink had to work and I figured it would be best to have him available on the phone for a solo ride.

But, Em didn’t cancel, and so we set off that morning on a ride. I had a route in mind, and it’s one she knows well. She brought her ebike, as she’s recovering from some surgery and this is a way that she can participate in biking during her recovery. This actually made things so perfect, as I was seriously going to worry about her the entire time if she hadn’t brought her ebike. But, because she did, I was able to just do my gravel thing and she was easily able to keep up with no pain and exhaustion. Plus, she could chat at me from time to time, and we were able to catch up, as we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Now, Em likes to stop and take pictures. Adventure pictures. She thinks one of the best ways to show people the joys of biking is to take photos of the things we see on our adventures. I admit I didn’t take a ton of pictures this time, but I did take two. The first was an old abandoned barn and house. I love a good broken down barn photo.


Next was a real gem, we’d stopped at an intersection, crossing a paved road. She pointed out a fabulous fountain, and once pointed out, we had to ride up the pavement to see it!


It’s as charming as can be and so unusual!

The entire ride was fantastic. My little scoped out route took us on a 23.5 mile gravel ride. A perfect route for something I could handle solo. Lots of hills, but also lots of good scenery.

It was also the kind of ride where despite really working hard, once I got home, showered, hydrated, and fed, I was able to continue on my day without feeling completely exhausted and unable to do anything.

And as such, I got a bunch of spinning. I concentrated on the red 2 ply yarn as I really was feeling the need just finish up that project. And I did! Between spinning on Saturday and spinning on Sunday, by Sunday afternoon I’d completed the project!


I can’t even begin to tell you how good that feels. My final total is 2,085 yards. 4 skeins, all of them in the 500 yard range! No, I have no clue what I’ll do with them, they’ll just go in stash for now. Actually, they look pretty good sitting on top of the stash cabinet waiting for some space to free up for all of them! I’ll work on freeing up that space by knitting this fall.

Next up, finish the cram-pot dyed locks project and then see what other “secret stash” project could be started, since that’s the entire goal of TdF for me this year. But, today is a rest day, and I am going to use it as such.

Shop the Stash for the Week

This week I work 3 days and have two off, as Miss Butterfly is coming home and then we’ve got a lot of pre-highschool activities to complete. I am always surprised at how much the school asks us to do during the work week when it’s time for school to start again. I guess I just need to account for that and make sure she’s always home at the end of July.

Anyhow, because it’s a short week, I planned my eyeshadows accordingly.


Instead of picking a full and proper palette, I chose some singles. But, I am getting ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning. Left to right, top to bottom.

No more baggage-I received this in my boxycharm, and I intended to use it last week. I think I got two uses out of it and then promptly forgot to use it at all. I will try again this week.

My Urban Decay all nighter foundation-I am trying to pan this, and I’ve fallen down hard the past few weeks. Last week I never picked it up at all, the prior week I rarely used it. Next weekend I’ve got another project pan update planned, and it would be great if I could just get a tiny bit more progress out of it before that.

Below that is my sample of YSL Mon Paris. I am glad I have this sample, as I loved the perfume in the store and would always put it on when looking at perfume samples. But, when wearing it daily, it falls short for me. So, I am pretty sure I’ll use up the sample this week, and that’ll be that. I won’t be mad if I receive this sample again someday, but it’s not a perfume for me to go out and purchase.

Now let’s talk about what is in that palette. Top left is a highlighter sample from Vanessa’s Vanity. I thought I would not like this sample, but I used it a bunch last week and it was really pretty. So, I am going to keep using it. A little goes a very long way, it’s going to take me forever to use that sample.

Under that is Ella Eden eyeshadow single I received in my ipsy this morning. It’s a lovely peachy toned shadow, looks great packed on the lid and blended out, looks great with other shadows, AND looks fantastic as a blush topper. I am really pleased about receiving this shadow.

Below that is a tart blush I received in my Sephora play. I’ve always wanted to try one, and I am thrilled to be trying it out this week. It’s a pretty tone, I played with it when it arrived Friday. With that eyeshadow as a blush topper, it’s truly stunning, a really fresh and healthy skin look.

To the right of that is a Laura Mercier caviar stick sample I received in my very first Sephora play. I added this in since my choices are a little bit sparse and not well pulled together this week.

Starting at the top of the singles is a large pan of pink, that’s an Ofra blush I received in ipsy last month. It cannot be used as a blush on me, as it’s the same color as the redness I cover on my cheeks. It looks terrible. But, it makes a fun eyeshadow, and if I pair it with yellow, I get a nice wash of yellow into orange, into pink. So I am not mad I have it, but its use is limited to eyes.

I have 3 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades below that. These are a combo of Vanessa’s Vanity, Morphe, and Elizabeth Mott. So, we’ll see where we get with all that.

Below that is more basics from stash. I am adoring the marc jacobs velvet noir mascara I received in a Sephora play. Under that is the concealer I am working on, the Chella eyebrow pomade that works well but the delivery system isn’t my favorite, and then 2 liners. The style sepia I am trying to pan that works well with green/brown and a silkissimme black liner for days where green/brown is totally inappropriate.

To the right of that are more standards, at the top is a tarte pore filling primer I’ll work on using, then my bronzer and contour. In fact, it is my goal to work on expanding the pan on the light shade in the contour palette, so I didn’t even pull out a powder this week.

And that’s what’s up with my makeup this week. 3 work days/opportunities to get made up, and after that all bets are off.

Now, let’s quickly talk about last week’s palette.


It’s the crown palette I got in my boxy charm and I am certainly not upset about having received this. I am going to give a very quick overview of my thoughts on this. Overall, it’s a great little palette. I can do a number of matte looks with it, going full neutral or adding in the warmer oranger shade to change the look entirely. Most of the shimmers work nicely and stay put. But, that lightest shade? It’s total crap. I guess I could still try a wet brush, but I can’t get it to show up for anything as an inner corner highlight. There are two orangey shimmers, and both of them show up almost the same, there’s really no discernable difference to them. So, while they are both nice, it’s not really necessary for both to be in there. But, for a palette received in a subscription box, it’s really nice. I am eager to have Miss Butterfly home to see what she thinks of it.

That’s all from us, at the end of the week there’ll be a major project pan update, and I am excited to look at what I’ve done this month. I haven’t tracked it all particularly carefully, so it’ll be a surprise even to me!

For Days

I’ve got red singles for days.


Two more bobbins full of singles to be plied, as well as two partial bobbins hanging out for the next plying session. It’s not so interesting, but it is productive. And I am really loving the fact that I am getting this done.

But today? Today is not really for spinning. Or not wool spinning. I am sipping on coffee and about to get read for a gravel bike ride. Yep, despite last week’s disaster, I am at it again. (My friend is MUCH better though, and able to go on her week-long bike trip which leaves today, much to my amazement and happiness.) I had planned for today’s ride to just be a solo ride, I figured I’d take my favorite route at my pace, and then when I’d had too much I’d just turn around and come back. But then I saw that another friend of mine is trying to get back on the bike after a long absence. She used to ride gravel as well, so I figured I’d ask, entirely expecting she’d not want to do that yet. She wanted to! So, I have a partner for my solo gravel ride. šŸ™‚ It may not be a long or fast ride, but it will be satisfying.

And this is a good thing, because I’ve got a 40 miler planned next weekend, and can’t quit riding gravel between now and then, or it’ll all just be way harder than expected.

Miss Butterfly comes home this week and I’ve got two days off at the end of the week as well as the next Monday to spend with her and to run errands and get her prepared for high school which starts VERY soon now. It’ll be welcome time off, much needed, and I can’t wait to see Miss Butterfly. I bet I am even able to finish this red wool spin during the week!

That’s all the news from here today, have a wonderful weekend!


I finished those socks!


The toes match the toes, the cuffs match the cuffs, but the heels don’t match and that’s fine with me. These were a ton of fun really, and the perfect project for my lunchtime at work. There wasn’t a lot of thinking involved, just round and round on a 9-inch circ, alternating colors. With the afterthought heel, they really did fly.

They are too large for me, so I’ve set them aside for gifting at some point. But, I am really glad I was able to use that much of two leftover yarns, getting a full pair of socks when the two yarns worked together. While I know I don’t NEED to conserve yarn, my stash is large enough, it feels good to conserve yarn.

In other news, yet another bobbin full of red singles has been created, looks like by the time the weekend is over I should have another skein of red 2 ply. It doesn’t even feel like slow going anymore, but it does feel like boring blog posting!

Happy Friday!

And Then There Were Two

I finished another skein of red two-ply, this one coming in at just about the same yardage as the last.


So, that’s 1000 yards. I’ve already begun the next set of bobbins, working on the singles in my spare moments. Miss Lizzie has taken to using my treadle to get a back massage. Makes it a bit harder to do the work, but she seems happy, so it’s ok. I’ll tolerate it.


Why yes, yes I do use both feet on a single treadle, why do you askā€½

That’s it from here, I sure am happy it’s Thursday. Have a great remainder of your week!


An Interlude

While I did spin for TdF yesterday, I figured a knitting interlude was in order, as I finished a sock during my lunch break yesterday as well.


This is just a plain vanilla sock, but I alternated the green and the multi-color each row, which gave it an interesting extra dimension. The toe is multi-color on this sock, while I used the green for the heel.

The next sock isn’t too far behind this one, I am working on the heel on that one too. But, it’ll have a multi-color heel because I am out of the green.

These are a bit too large for me in the foot, unfortunately. But, I think I can find someone to give them to that will appreciate them. Having socks on hand for gifts always proves rather useful.

The work insanity continues, and at the moment I am just trying to get through each day. At home, I’ll sit down for some spinning, begin to watch a video, and find myself completely spacing out, never hearing a word of the video because I am too busy strategizing for work in my brain. Which I think has been useful. But at the same time, I need a break, and it would be nice if my mind would allow it.

But, we continue on, and I’ve got a few days off in the upcoming weeks in order to get Miss Butterfly home and ready for high school. That’ll be a very pleasant distraction once it happens.

We are halfway through the week though, and for that I am grateful!

That Rest Day

I used it to not spin. I think this is the first year I’ve ever actually used the rest day to take a break from spinning.


I got back after this project. You see, once I’d put the collar on, I decided to block it. And there it sat, blocked, ever since I knew I’d be working on TdF. Yesterday morning I finally tried it on to see what the sizing situation would be. And unfortunately, I decided I couldn’t live with it as is. I don’t need a cropped sweater. I just don’t. I don’t think it’ll look good that way, and that’s not something I want to wear.

So, I frogged the entire collar and the ribbing of the body of the sweater, got everything settled back on needles, and have begun the slog of continuing the body of the sweater. I didn’t get very far, we had activities planned yesterday evening that kept us out of the house, and knitting just wasn’t something I had much time for. By the time we got home, Lizzie was a complete and utter nut, needing attention and a bunch of extra play time to run off the extra energy she’d gathered while we’d been out.

This morning I wrapped up my tiny progress on this sweater, and started plying some more red yarn. I’m back on the TdF road!

Rest Day

Technically, today is a TdF rest day I believe. And I am intending to use it as such.

But for me, yesterday was a rest day. A life rest day, rather than a spinning rest day. And boy did I need it! I got regular chores around the house done, and spent a bunch of the rest of my free time spinning. I made sure I had two bobbins of red ready to go so I could get to plying on Tuesday.


The third smaller bobbin is leftover singles from the previous skein. So, once rest day Monday is over, I am all set up for a plying session. Oh, behind that? Is the remainder of red I have to spin, more than 8 ounces. Oooof. But, I am pleased with how this yarn is spinning up, and how the resulting skeins look. I am glad that decluttering and TdF have forced me to challenge myself into getting these spun.

That’s it from here, I guess it’s also a blogging rest day, as not much interesting has happened to chatter on about. Have a great week my friends!

Combo Post

First of all, let me state for the record that life is an adventure. Sometimes it’s the adventure you get, rather than the adventure you want.

This is going to be a combo post. I’ll start it with the story of yesterday’s lake day, then move onto a pic of the one week with one palette, shop my stash for the week, boxycharm unboxing combo. This may be a long one. However, I am not posting pictures from yesterday’s adventure, for the squeamish.

Yesterday I headed out to the lake cabin to meet my friend. Our idea was to hang at the lake, go for a short gravel ride, then hop in the lake like we did on the fourth. We started out by sitting and overlooking the lake for a bit, then chatting with her father for awhile, then we geared up for our little bike ride. We took her youngest son who is not the fastest rider, but we were glad to have him with us. We knew we weren’t going on a long ride, so we decided to ride one huge hill up to a catholic shrine nearby. We did so, we rested, we hydrated. Then she gave her son instructions on heading down the steep gravel hill. “Be careful to stay in that white trail where there’s less gravel, make sure you are going slow, you don’t want to be going fast because you have to turn at the bottom of the hill.” And he headed off, at the same time the elderly caretakers came down from the shrine to put the heavy gates up for the night. She wanted to help the caretakers, so I decided to follow her son in case anything happened. Her son was going at a perfect pace, nice and easy. Then I heard her coming up behind us at a fast rate of speed, she passed me, she slowed rather suddenly, and then she bit it hard on the gravel.

It was so alarming, I’ll be honest. There was blood everywhere very quickly, her face covered in blood. We scrambled to get out of the middle of the road, me moving the bikes while her son tended to her. Once upright, she assessed that nothing was broken but I noticed her knee immediately beginning to swell up. We made a plan, she’d ride at the pace she was most comfortable ahead of us, and I’d hang at her son’s pace to get us back home. After a while, I noticed her waiting, and I realized that I may have to ride back fast for a car. But instead, she said she wanted me to ride back fast and tell her father that everything was ok, as her arriving looking the way she did, with a face full of blood, was going to be very alarming for him. She decided to ride back with her son.

So I did ride fast and arrived at the cabin. After hunting through the cabin, not seeing dad or the dog, I realized he had already left, which was a bit of a relief. I hopped in my car to go get them, but they were pulling in as I pulled out.

We did some assessments of the damage once in the cabin and realized we were going to have to get her in to be seen. We finally decided to leave one vehicle at the lake and lock one bike in the garage. I took two bikes on my car, we quickly put our food away, packed up, got everything in my car, and I took her to the emergency department. After that, I took her nice bike to her house along with her son, got the bike in the garage, and son in the house, and then headed home to wait for news.

In the end, she had to get 9 stitches in her face, and they immobilized her knee while it heals, but thankfully nothing major happened. She’s going to have some horrific looking bruising in the upcoming days, but we are just SO thankful she realized while she was on the bike that she was going down and was able to slow as much as she did. Quick decision making on the bike really does often change the outcome of a situation.

So, today she’s home healing, and her family is arranging the transport of her vehicle, and I am hoping she’ll be feeling better in short order. I am thankful she wasn’t riding alone, and I am thankful we were able to make the best decisions we could after the fact.

Now on to the other stuff. First the photo.


My boxycharm came this week, and so I’ve added that to this week’s shop the stash because I want to use the new palette this week, as well as quite a lot of other items. The boxycharm items are on the left.

There’s a palette from crown which I am excited to use. It’s a warm-toned palette, as so many are, and it doesn’t have any pops of unusual color, but the oranges and the browns are pretty so I think they’ll be fun to try. Above that in boxycharm we got the dr. brandt no more baggage eye cream, which I will totally try this week. Above that there’s Chella eyebrow cream which I am totally excited to try. Above that is a mascara which is the one item I have pictured here that I have no intention of adding to my routine right now. I’ve got more than enough mascara open now, this one gets saved for down the road a bit. To the right of that you’ll see a blush open, and that is the final boxy charm item this month. It’s a nice warm toned blush, from Note, and since I sent my warm toned blush with Miss Butterfly on her trip in order to let my mom test it out, I was very happy to receive this one as it will pair well with the warm toned palette I am using this week. So, that’s boxycharm, and I am pleased with my box. I am not gonna lie, there was another box combo that did not contain the palette, and I was afraid that was the one I’d receive. I am still in the mode of wanting to play with all the palettes, and I care little about face sprays which is what the alternate item was. Most thrillingly, none of the items was an eyeliner, and for that I am grateful!

I do think that there are certain things you need never to purchase if you are getting subscription boxes. Eyeliners and mascaras seem to be top on that list. I do like trying out new mascaras though, so that’s fun. Eyeliners, not so much. Unless it’s an interesting color I suppose.

Ok, the remaining items left to right, top to bottom.

Above the blush is becca backlight priming filter. I used this during the week, and while it looks alarming when I put it on my entire face, it does work I suppose. I probably won’t repurchase, but there isn’t much left in this sample size so I figure it’s time to use it up.

Next to that is the makeup forever HD foundation that I tried for the first time last week. I like it! Not sure if it’s one I’ll purchase on my own, but I do like it better than others I’ve tried. It holds up pretty well, and this past week was very hot, I had multiple activities that had me walking around in the heat, and I was surprised at how well it performed under those circumstances.

There’s the butter bronzer which is a staple in my collection, not much needs to be said about that. Then under that is my bare minerals matte foundation which out of anything works the best in the heat. So, it’ll be another staple in these shop the stash posts through the remainder of the summer.

Next row-the hair custard I am trying to pan will be used this week. I’ve decided what this product does best is give freshly washed hair the texture and grip that it needs to actually put up and get it to stay that way. Meaning, if I use this after I wash my hair and just leave it, my hair gets a bit too big for me. But if I use it, and then put my hair in a french braid or two, the hair stays in that braid nicely. When it’s hot, I love a braid, so it’s getting use.

The clinique powder and the wet n wild contour palette are also staples and items I am working on panning this summer, you’ve seen them many times before. Same goes for the dandelion twinkle highlighter. Below that I’ve got a style sepia eyeliner, it’s brown/green with some sparkle and it’ll pair well with the palette. Added bonus, I am trying to pan it so I am glad to choose something I can pair with it this week.

Below the eyeliner is a sample size of the marc jacobs velvet noir mascara. Guys, I may never purchase lash paradise again. This mascara, which I broke into out of curiousity, makes my eyelashes so so very long! I decided that the travel size is only 2 bucks more than the full size of lash paradise, and so if this holds me for 3 months I am totally purchasing another. (After sampling the ones I have waiting of course.) I really love this so much.

And finally, the bare minerals bareskin concealer is a good one for use this week. I can use it on my eyelids as well as my undereye, so that’s what I chose for this week.

Let’s review last week. Here’s the photo:


I already gave some thoughts on the palette. I’ll just give some thoughts on the most noteable things. The tiny container of highlighter that says thank you on it I tried using this week, not on my cheeks. At home, I thought that the inner corner and browbone highlight I’d done was subtle enough, but once I got to work and looked in the mirror, I wiped it off a bit, as it was blinding! I still haven’t had the courage to use it on my cheeks, but perhaps I will if I play with makeup today. I am not going anywhere, so today would be a good day to try it.

The pretty vulgar gel eyeliner got lots of action this week, as it paired well with the eyeshadow palette. I would line my eyes and then smudge that out a bit to look less harsh. I really like how easy it is to apply the gel liner and get such an intense black line. I still don’t have the courage to try a wing though, and especially not in the mornings while getting ready for work.

The cover fx primer needs more use to figure out how I feel about it. The nyx eyebrow pencil was entirely not my favorite and I am unsure how I will use it at this point as the color is all wrong in addition to me not liking the product itself. And finally, I must confess that my use of the urban decay all nighter foundation has pretty much dropped off entirely right now. I can’t get it to stick to my face for long on a good day, and so it’s just too awful on a hot day where I have to be outside walking during the work day. That’s why I didn’t even bother to put it in this week’s stash shop.

Ok ok, that was THE LONGEST POST ever, and I probably should’ve split it into two. But here we are. If you made it to the end, I am completely amazed. Have a great week!


Out of It

Oh man, the exhaustion has caught up and I am really feeling out of it this morning. Is this how non-morning people feel? It’s uncomfortable. My brain isn’t working, and I’ve had coffee and everything. And I am just not overly inspired to do anything right now. I’ll get there though, I am sure.

Some of the heat seems to have broken, it’s slightly less miserable outside. We woke up to tons of fog, as the earth is still very hot but the air was cooler. It has already burned off, but it looks like the upcoming week might be a bit of a relief.

I figure it’s time to show off my second TdF spinning project. This is one I pulled out of stash to work on, after putting it in stash during the first big declutter weekend. You may remember that I cram-pot dyed some merino locks:


For those wondering, I use a crockpot for cram-pot dyeing. I put a layer of water in, then a layer of locks, then a layer of dye. Then I add enough water to cover the next layer, more locks, and more dye. I keep repeating the process until I fill the crock pot or run out of locks. This makes locks that are all different colors, and if I am careful it doesn’t really matter much what colors get next to each other, as the amount of wool separates the dyes, and then the dyes take up on the wool without making things too muddy. Each individual lock may be a number of different colors once done, and so when I spin from the lock, it kind of naturally barberpoles those colors. So, I enjoy this process quite a bit as it’s completely a surprise what I end up with.

Originally I thought I’d start spinning these locks by just picking them apart and spinning from a handful of wool, but it wasn’t working out so well. There are a fair amount of second cuts to this wool, and it looked terrible. So, now I am back to the process of flick carding before spinning each lock and it’s a bit slow going. That being said, I am enjoying the results.


When I went to put the wool in the stash, I realized it matched some mawata silk I had dyed a few years back using leftover Easter egg dyes. Let’s see if I can find that photo:


So, my plan is to spin these up as well and ply them together for a colorful yarn. I think it’ll be fun, and it’s a lot more creative than I’ve been spinning lately. Not to mention colorful!

That’s about it from here, I am going to be taking it easy today. Resting, napping, maybe some time with a girlfriend at a lake. We’ll see how it goes. Probably more of the same tomorrow as well.

A Post of All the Things

I’ve got a few updates I suppose, and I am going to put them all in one post.

First of all, I am going to do a VERY quick review of my feelings about my one week with Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette. Here’s the photo from the shop my stash post:


I think it’ll be pretty easy to sum up my feelings about this palette, which is basically “meh.” I really thought I’d feel more positively about this palette, as I do think it’s rather pretty. On the other hand, I knew that the cooler tones were more suited to Miss Butterfly, and I was kind of looking to pick up something on sale that she’d look great in for when she wanted to experiment. First of all, I do believe I like a bolder eye look. If I am going to play with makeup and color, I want to play with makeup an color. Bold color. This is not that. I also think that the season is entirely wrong, this is more suited to winter months in my opinion.

In addition to these basic though processes on this palette, I can’t say it performed all that well either. Blending was a real problem, I struggled to get the lighter colors to show at all, though it could just be that I am too tanned right now. The darker colors which did show were patchy and hard to blend. I really struggled, and it took me a lot more time in the morning to get an eye look done than any of the other shadows I’ve spent time with. So it really was frustrating for me. That being said, Miss Butterfly took my one traditional eye primer with her on her trip, so I can only hope that’s the key. I tried different combinations of concealer and a mac paint pot, alternating between setting the base and not setting the base, hoping to get better results but really the results remained the same either way. So, I can’t say I am overly upset to be done with my palette week this week. Ultimately I did have pretty eye looks, they just weren’t the looks for me and they were more trouble than they were worth. It’s a good palette to have on hand for simple looks, but I am not sure it’s one I’ll be grabbing regularly.

Now on to spinning and TdF. I finished a skein of red mohair!


I have 495 yards of this, and it really is the loudest red. It turned out pretty nicely! I was waiting to continue this project until I had a fully plied, washed, and dried skein because I wanted to know what I was working with. And, I think I’ve made a decision. I am going to keep on making red 2 ply yarn out of this fiber. I am pleased with the outcome, and while the process may be somewhat boring, it’ll yield quite a large amount of yardage for my stash, maybe it can even be made into some sort of large lace lap blanket or something. I won’t be able to wear it on my skin, unfortunately.

Right now, my work week has been absolutely brutal with little end in sight. A situation has come up that has doubled my workload for the foreseeable future, I’ve got two team members out on vacation this week, and one of the two remaining team members gave me her two weeks notice this week. While I am happy for her and the steps she’s taking to go where her heart leads, the timing is utter crap for me. Thankfully she’s attempting to make the transition as easy as possible, I spent this week working on a coverage plan and she spent that time filling me in on where she is with her projects. And we’ve also got a game plan to get that job posted just as soon as possible. That being said, even my paragraph on my week seems like I am allowing you to view this week through rose colored glasses for me, when in reality, it’s been extremely taxing.

And, you know how when you are really stressed, and those are the times you desperately need sleep, but you are less likely to GET sleep because your mind is racing? That’s me right now. I am utterly exhausted, and not sleeping. I am really hoping I’ll be able to unwind properly this weekend. And also hoping to be making a lot of yarn.

Have a great weekend!

What an evening

It was trivia night last night, a new one at a different venue. It was the first trivia at that venue, and generally that makes for a light crowd until the word gets out. Maybe just 5 or 6 teams, and the game goes smoothly and quickly. That was NOT the case with this venue. The place was hopping right off the bat! In fact, there were 21 teams. 21! That’s crazy. As such, the game went far later into the evening than any of my team expected. BUT…despite this, my team won! We won, against 20 other teams! We found this completely unbelievable! That being said, we were feeling like we had a pretty strong night. While we are always a bit light on sportsball knowledge, we felt that we had a great handle on every other category collectively. What a fun evening!

As such, I did not get a ton of crafting done. However, I did manage to get a second bobbin of red spun! Much to my surprise really. All I needed to do was let go of the goal oriented idea that I HAD to spin through as much of my declutter stash as possible, and suddenly I was able to finish a second bobbin without feeling like I was even trying.


So now I ply.Ā  Because I’ve decided I want to start with a 2 ply, wash it, and see how it turns out before continuing on with my original plan of a 2 ply and a 3 ply yarn out of this fiber.

Because I might change my mind! Who knows!

It’s Not a Punishment

As I finished up the rustic merino, I planned my next project. I’ve got a whole mess of red mohair fiber that could be spun. I figured I could get started on it immediately, and so I did. The plan I had in mind was to do a 3 ply and then do a 2 ply, giving myself two differing skeins of yarn to work with. I suspect even if I do both skeins, I’ll still have a whole mess of leftover red mohair to keep spinning. It’s probably sweater quantity, but I can’t wear mohair anyhow so it’s pointless for me to try to make sweater quantities.

I finished up the first bobbin in short order:


It really is a lovely red. And it’s been a pleasant spin as well, to be honest. However, I just got done with 8 ounces of dark brown, and so the prospect of one color again was a bit daunting.

I started the second bobbin. And began to question my life choices.

I got bored, I got annoyed, and I walked away from the wheel.

And then I remembered what I read about project pan, how it’s not supposed to be a punishment. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

So, I thought about that for a bit and went into my fiber cupboard to pull out something colorful. Then I remembered that the goal at the beginning of TdF, ONLY a few days ago, that I’d already forgotten, was simply to work on the declutter projects a bit each day. Not to fly through every declutter project and work on them exclusively, just to work on them a bit each day. Because it’s not a punishment.

So, I’ve got another half bobbin of the red mohair and a tiny bit of a colorful spin I’ll talk about later. And that’s where I am in TdF. And it’s no longer feeling like a punishment.

Tour de Fleece First Finish

I admit I powered through this spin, as it was ultimately pretty miserable.

I got these batts of undyed merino, a full 8 ounces, years ago online. Another one of those purchases one may regret when not knowing the seller. They were rustic, if by rustic we mean absolutely full of everything the sheep could get into. They were clean, but all those bits and bobs of hay and straw and grass and so on were in the batts, in very tiny portions making it extra difficult to remove them.

But they removed themselves, all over my lap and floor. And chair, and ottoman, and bobbins, and wheel, and kate, and so on.


And while I am grateful that the vegetable matter was removing itself, along with that which I was removing during plying, it is never ending.

I now have 600 yards of 3 ply yarn which is still quite rustic. It is quite tightly plied, mostly because I was busy trying to pick out more of the VM that wasn’t dropping out on it’s own, and thus may have held the plies in one place for too long before allowing the yarn to take up on the bobbin.


As you can see, there’s still a lot of VM in there. Want a closer look?


But I was thinking “Ok, what is in there is stuck in there, and at least I won’t have to deal with it until I am knitting with it.” Except, that wasn’t the case. After counting yardage, my lap was covered in VM. Then when shaking it out before putting it away, it was visibly dropping VM. So, that VM is an unending nightmare on an otherwise perfectly nice yarn. I threw out the remaining singles on the final two bobbins. Enough was enough.

BUT! The goal was to destash the craft room, and this fulfilled that goal, so good job me.

Up next? Miles and miles of red mohair. Stay tuned.

Shopping the stash for the week

Last week was a bit of a wash when it came to makeup. My schedule was weird and hectic with late nights and added activities and errands. There were many times I just couldn’t get up at my usual 5:30 time and instead slept in all the way to my 6:10 alarm. This didn’t allow for time for makeup except in the most minimal manner. Plus, much of my time was spent outdoors in the evenings, and I avoid heavier foundation on those days seeing as it isn’t likely to stick the way I want it to. I gave the tarteist pro to go palette a tiny bit of love, but not much, and then it ended up packed for Miss Butterfly’s trip without the week even being over.

Before Miss Butterfly headed out on the plane on Friday morning, she chose a palette for me to concentrate on this week. I’ve decided to indulge her.

Here’s the photo for the week.


You’ll see many of my project pan items-the contour, the clinique powder, the dandelion twinkle, the UD all nighter foundation. But, I’ve added some stuff in to play with.

Let’s start with the palette, this is Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette which we got at half price at one of the sales in May. I’ve worn it only once, and Miss Butterfly may have only worn it once as well. On the other hand, these are, for me, colors that feel wintery. So, I had figured I’d be playing with this palette a lot more in the winter. But, if she wants me to give it some love this week, I will.

Ok, now more left to right though I’ll skip much of my project pan stuff. The Pretty Vulgar eyeliner pot that I got in a boxy charm I’ve decided to use this week as I feel it’s a good pairing with the eyeshadows. Below that there’s a tiny container that says “thank you” which is a sample from Vanessa’s Vanity, as I purchased a few single shadows from that indie shop in May. I figured I’d play with that a bit.

I’ve got my bare minerals matte foundation for outdoor play days this week, and I also snuck in the sample size of makeup forever foundation. It’s a color that matches me pretty well right now as I’ve been out in the sun quite a lot recently. I’ve never tried it and I am eager to give it a spin. I completely failed to use the UD all nighter that I am trying to pan last week, so I am shooting for at least one day of wear on that stuff too.

Under the eyeshadow palette is a flower beauty flower pot blush, color sweet pea. This is a cooler toned blush and will pair nicely with the eyeshadows.

I also stuck in a primer that I haven’t had a chance to mess around with yet, it’s the cover fx blurring primer. I’ve got so many different primers from subscription boxes I fear I’ll never run out. But, I’d like to also narrow down some preferences.

And finally I put the nyx precision brow pencil in there as I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I fear the color is a little bit too warm, but if I at least get a day to try it, that’ll be good. I’ve been using the nyx eyebrow powder pencil and liking it quite a lot. I’ll combine the two if the color is too wrong on this one.

And that’s it for this week in shop the stash. We’ll see what we end up with at the end of the week.

Gravel, Bikes, Fireworks, Stars

Last evening was our annual nighttime gravel ride. We start riding at 9:30 pm and ride well into the night. Naturally, there aren’t a lot of photos to be had for that type of event, but I can give you the synopsis even so. There were a couple different routes planned for this ride, and we chose the 30 miles of gravel. Ambitious really, because I haven’t yet ridden 30 this year. The route takes us on the same route that we were riding when we got stopped by mud, but moves us off the route before that MMR. The 50 mile route did take the MMR, but I am sure it was much drier this weekend.

Mr. Ink came too, even though he doesn’t like gravel. I feel like this is the one ride he is willing to do with me for sure. On previous year’s rides, we’ve struggled with heat and humidity even though it was the middle of the night, it’s often still in the 90s here overnight. Last evening that was not the case. I am sure it was low 80s when we started, and in the middle of the night, I think it was down to 66. That was such a treat! Biking in general just feels better at those temps.

Anyhow, we set off a little ahead of most of the group since I knew full well I was slower than the majority. I had many people pass me, but there were a fair number who also stayed behind me too. I was riding so much faster than the weekend before, and felt really well too!

We stopped for a memorial moment, we lost a cyclist last weekend. Natural causes, but unexpected. We stopped where that happened, his family met us there, we had a moment of remembrance. I did not know him, but I am glad I could add to the crowd for the family. I suspect in the future there will always be a loop on this ride for him.

Then we pushed on again, heading into a town for a bar stop. I thought it was just Mr. Ink following me, he’d left his wallet and phone at home by accident, and thus felt that he should stick by me very carefully. Once in town, I realized that there was actually a huge group of cyclists following me, but no one passed?! Strange.


I took a photo of the bikes outside the bar, it was a pretty nice crowd. The family that had been at the memorial was there as well.

After a beer and some socializing, Mr. Ink, my regular ride partner, and I set off for our vehicle. It was only 10 miles, but somehow that last 10 miles, when it’s so late, is pretty tough. I rode and rode and rode, and at some point, I began thinking “Is this ride never going to end?” and about that time, it was done. We started at 9:30 pm, and I think we got finished just about a quarter to 2 am. We drove home, stopping at a gas station along the way for snacks, and then fell into bed, sleeping in quite a bit this morning.

In other weekend news, I am done with the undyed merino spin, and boy am I thankful! I can’t show you yet as I still need to soak/wash and dry it. However, this was the messiest spin I’ve ever finished. I had 8 ounces, and while I was spinning, the vegetable matter was falling all over my lap and chair and floor. I thought that this was ok, as I’d have less to deal with as I plied, but it was even worse as I was plying! Furthermore, it was dropping out of the singles on my kate, making a royal mess out of my kate and my ottoman.


There was even VM falling out of the finished yarn as I put it on the niddy noddy, and despite all this, there’s still quite a lot of VM in the finished yarn.

So, I am pleased it’s done, and I did a massive clean up. Much vacuuming was needed after that, and I had to dust the wheels and the furniture and floor near my chair. The vacuuming I’d been doing twice a day during this spin anyhow, but it was good to know I could do it and not have to do it again immediately.

I’ve been getting a lot of this too:


Bored dog desires attention. She was so pleased to see Miss Butterfly come home after camp, so to have her leave again so soon has made her downright clingy and needy. My spinning is frequently interrupted, but her face is awfully hard to resist!

That’s about it from our little corner of the world, hoping to have a shop the makeup stash for the week posted tomorrow. After that, more TdF updates including my finished 8 ounces of merino. Have a great remainder of your weekend!

Tour de Fleece day 1

Yesterday morning Miss Butterfly and I got up at 4:15 am to take her to the airport for her annual trip to visit my parents. While generally, they give me a pass to get through security and see her to her gate, they didn’t do that this time and she was on her own. After a moment of anxiety on her part, she realized she had it under control and headed off. I knew I’d been training her for these steps all her life, and I’d considered asking if she wanted to try it herself, but *I* hadn’t been ready and hadn’t suggested it. Instead, the decision was made for me. She was fine though, absolutely fine.

I hung out in the airport until I knew she was at her gate, then once that text was received, I headed to work an hour and a half early. Naturally, my day was spent just trying to muddle through quite exhausted, and also receiving texts from my traveling daughter. She made it just fine. I’d hoped for a nice long nap after I got home from work, but could not sleep more than my normal 20 minute afternoon nap.

As such, I am still exhausted today, as sleeping in has never been a particular talent of mine. Exhausted like even my body hurts. It’s not going to get better this weekend either, as we’ve got our annual nighttime gravel ride tonight, which starts at 9:30 pm and goes into the wee hours of the morning. That being said, it also means we get to ride with friends, and we totally avoid the sun. That has some merit.

So you could say that I’ll be spinning both types of wheels today and tomorrow, the wool spinning kind and the bike riding kind.


My first TdF project is this merino wool. It’s quite rustic, and I am spinning it long draw so the spinning part is going fairly quickly. However, there are 8 ounces of it so it takes a while no matter what. This is over 4 ounces on these two spindles. I had hoped to have a total of 4 full spindles for a 4 ply, but am not positive at the moment that will happen. We’ll see! Hopefully, we’ll see this very weekend.

After that, I am hoping to start on some plain red mohair. We’ll see how much it messes with my allergies as I’ve had trouble spinning mohair in the past. If that goes ok, I may make some rolags out of the mohair and then have another interesting spin that also works for my decluttering goals.

Beyond that, I’ve no other particular TdF plans other than to keep up with the decluttering. And of course, all that could go off the rails depending on what suits my fancy at the time. Nevertheless, I am glad to be participating in this annual event in even the smallest way.

Makeup Traveling Without Me

Miss Butterfly is off to visit her Nana for a bit, as of this morning. Now, my mom, like me up until recently, isn’t much of a makeup wearer. But, with Miss Butterfly getting into it, and me getting into it, she figured she might have to get on board so that she has something to share with Miss Butterfly as well. She wrote asking for some suggestions yesterday, and an idea was born.

When I went home and told Miss Butterfly about it, she got so excited too. We figured we’d share our love of makeup by sending some things with Miss Butterfly to my mom. She can give those things a try, and if she likes them, she can just keep them. As soon as I told Miss Butterfly about it she couldn’t stop talking, so while she was at it, we went through everything and chose some stuff.

Here’s what we chose:


First of all, you’ll notice that there’s absolutely nothing in this photo resembling foundation. That’s because my mom’s foundation game is on point. She uses L’Oreal true match foundation and it makes her skin so pretty.Ā  It’s on my list of foundations to try since it looks so good on her. No need to send any foundation product to her.

Now please know that I am aware that some of these items kind of screw with my project pan, but I think it’s a worthy cause! Left to right:

Wet n wild eyeshadow palette, the colors are purple toned. I haven’t used it much at all, I had been waiting for the cooler weather. However, I think those little quads are a really good product, and at their price I don’t mind at all if this one doesn’t return to me.

Maybelline age rewind concealer, this is an opened but fairly new concealer. The shade matches me well, so it’ll probably match my mom too. As I’ve aged, my skin has gone darker and more like my mother’s. I have other concealers that I need to work my way through, so if this one works for Mom, it’ll get good use and it’ll be ages before I need to purchase another anyhow.

I added the ulta brow gel I got the other day and have barely tried. I figure she could try it. Then next is the elf brow pencil I’ve been trying to pan. There’s such a tiny bit left, just enough to sample really.

Next to that is my jonteblu charcoal colored eye pencil. It’s a grey rather than a black color, and I have a million eyeliners already because I get subscription boxes, and they almost always contain an eyeliner. I seem to recall that my mom generally likes a less harsh color than black traditionally, so the grey is the most logical option in eyeliners.

I sent the coty airspun powder on Miss Butterfly’s suggestion, I think in part Miss Butterfly wants to use it. I think Mom will have fun with the scent though, it’s so…traditional. I have a suspicion that mom won’t like the powder, but if she does, she can have it.

I included the makeup revolution blush that I’ve been wearing all summer. Mostly because I think it’s a very easy blush to use, and it looks great on my skin tone so it might be something she’ll also be happy with.

I included two brushes that I don’t need anymore, one being an eyebrow brush. Miss Butterfly is an expert at filling in brows with shadow, so that’s a tool they can use for that task. And then I included a blush brush since Miss Butterfly didn’t have one to bring but I have doubles of this style brush.

I then added two more little eyeshadows. One wet n wild quad from my project pan. I added this one because the more I use it, the more I appreciate how it looks on me. But, it’s also almost gone. And then there’s a clinique eyeshadow I got a couple years back to try.

I also sent with Miss Butterfly the Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go palette so that they could play with it, though it has to come back to me, and a larger clinique palette that Miss Butterfly likes to use for her eyebrow shade, Miss Butterfly wouldn’t let me get rid of that even if I wanted to!

I totally forgot to bring home any lip products from work, so those are out, but we searched Miss Butterfly’s stash and she took a few things, namely a set of clinique chubby sticks I gave to her that she’s willing to part with. Then I told Miss Butterfly that she could introduce her Nana to flower beauty lip products as a great high-quality drugstore option if they happened to be out shopping together. Miss Butterfly will have her flower beauty petal pout matte lipstick from her own collection with her.

I think this will give everyone some stuff to play with and experiment with. Miss Butterfly will appreciate having stuff to use while out there, and a motivated Nana to do makeup with. If Nana ends up finding something she likes in the process, she gets to start a collection, and I got the joy of sharing some of our hobby.

And I am interested to hear how it all goes!

Gravel, Dirt, Mud, Sunshine

It was a very fantastic mid-week holiday for me. Maybe not so much for Mr. Ink.

On Tuesday evening we had an annual party to go to, put on by friends of ours. This was the first time that Miss Butterfly could attend, so we were really looking forward to it. We prepared after I got home from work. Then Mr. Ink came home. He’d gone in for some dental work and had a tooth unexpectedly extracted. He looked ABSOLUTELY miserable. So, we left him on the couch and just Miss Butterfly and I attended. After a lovely evening, we returned home and it didn’t look like he’d even moved from the spot we left him in. Poor guy.

During the party Tuesday evening, a plan was hatched for a gravel ride the next day. We drove out to a friend’s cabin, planning on just 16 miles of fairly flat gravel. I decided to take my fat bike instead of my gravel bike. I wanted to test that out, and I knew that the ride we were going on was going to be casual. No crazy pace, no worries about keeping up, just a gravel ride among friends.


Just four of us rode, two with fat bikes and the other two with regular gravel bikes.


It was HOT! The feels like temp was 107. It was very sunny as well so it was hard to catch a break. At the halfway mark, we decided to stop and sit a spell by the river. In fact, we were hoping to put our feet in. However, my dear friend shed her shoes to hop in, and upon her VERY first step was up to her knees in mud. Here’s a photo of her trying to get out of that unexpected predicament.


Thankfully we were able to find a boat dock area where we could get her cleaned up somewhat. We also headed through a park, where I snapped a photo of this gorgeous catalpa tree, one of my favorites!

Another river photo-the river is very high since we keep getting large storms this year.


This is looking south toward the bridge I took the photo from Monday’s post from. I could just see that bridge in the distance, but it isn’t visible in the photo I don’t think.

It was such a hot day that 16 miles really was the limit. In the last few miles we were all feeling extremely spent, and definitely worried about overheating. Once back at the cabin we were able to get cooled down, hydrated, and fed enough to start feeling human. Then we went and jumped in the lake to really cool off. I didn’t even bother to bring my suit, I figure bike clothes are close enough. I kept saying that I should go back home to Mr. Ink, but I kept not going. It was just SUCH a pleasant day. I left the house at 11:30 and didn’t get home until 8:30 so I really did make a full day of it.

In Lizzie news, yesterday morning she needed a paw pad fur trim, and Miss Butterfly decided she wanted to do it herself. I also trimmed her nails a bit, I’ve always been scared to do this but one was getting very long, I don’t think it got trimmed properly in her last professional nail trim. Miss Butterfly decided she was going to take over the paw pad trim, I think she has the technique down perfectly. Lizzie also got a nice bath yesterday morning, which means she’s much more pleasant to be around.


While I was away on my bike ride, Mr. Ink decided to take Lizzie and walk in the local parade. He snapped this photo because every time they got stopped, Lizzie would go find a random child to snuggle.


She just loves children so much, and is so sweet to them even if they are awkward with her.

Miss Butterfly’s best friend got home from her month long summer trip yesterday, and Since Miss Butterfly heads out on her long summer trip tomorrow, they wanted to spend some time together. A sleepover was suggested, so on top of our already busy day we had two excited teens in the house. That being said, I love Miss Butterfly’s best friend and was so excited to see her as well.

So, anyhow, all that made for an absolutely lovely midweek holiday, and despite being tired (and sunburned) I am so glad it was as packed full as it was.

Spinning This Week

Or rather, this weekend. I finished a skein on Saturday, washed it on Sunday after the ride, and am only now getting an opportunity to photograph it. This is the 2 ply yarn I created out of the rolags I made during my large craft room declutter. I spun them on spindles, and plied them on my wheel.


And now I have 1200 yards of gorgeous 2 ply laceweight yarn. It’s quite soft, and I adore the shades of green. There’s a lot of silk in there, and some camel as well, along with the merino wool. This one should be a ton of fun to play with.

In my knitting to spinning ratio goals for this year, my total spun is getting awfully close to my total knit. As you may remember, my goal is to keep the total knit double what is spun. I am sure this has something to do with all the laceweight spinning I am doing. My stash shows this too, I sat down to look at it the other day and realized it’s bursting at the seams again.

But, with Tour de Fleece coming up, that’s not likely to change much in the near future. I think that I’ll just move forward with Tour de Fleece working on declutter projects as promised, and then assess where I’ve landed after the fact. That being said, I am going to concentrate on thicker yarns during TdF. I am even interested in making a 4 ply out of the dark brown merino. It’s such a rarity to do so, and that wool would be perfect for a 4 ply.

That’s it from here in crafting news, hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Shopping the Stash for the Week

One day late, I know. But, I wanted to get my nasty bike ride blog post up right away.

Here’s what I pulled:


Lush’s hair custard-this is in my project pan, and it’s working very nicely in my hair at the moment, giving it enough lift and stick to do a french braid, which is how I am mostly wearing my hair at the moment. It’s hot out, and that braid is a wonderful thing.

Becca’s backlight priming filter-I’ve got numerous outdoorsy events this week, and I find when that’s the case, mineral powder foundation works best for me. So, just for curiosity’s sake, I am going to try this primer on parts of my face to see what happens.

L’oreal infallible setting spray-I am really enjoying this setting spray, I like how it works. I am not trying to pan it or anything, I am just testing it out and seeing how I feel about it, but my thoughts are positive at the moment.

The tiny perfume sample is YSL Mon Paris. This is a perfume that I always try on in the stores, as I think I LOVE it. So, I want to use this regularly to find out if I keep loving it, or if it heads toward boring for me.

The revolution blush is part of my project pan, as is the benefit dandelion highlighter, so I am just going to keep working with them this week.

In the middle of those two, there’s the Tarte Tarteist Pro to go palette. I’ve been eyeing the Tarteist pro palette for awhile now, and figured if it performed like my be a mermaid and make waves palette, it would be a nice addition to our collection. So, imagine my surprise when I got it in Fab Fit Fun? I am finding that I get a fair amount of fall out with the mattes in this little palette, though it does perform well. I am not going to do a wrap up post with this one, because there aren’t too many options for looks with this palette. It’s great for ease of use, I don’t really have to think too hard about what I am going to do. It looks great on, it stays in place nicely, and it’s going to work perfectly for my outdoorsy week. Plus, it’s a 4 day work week so a smaller palette is perfect to explore this week.

You’ll also see my tarte timeless smoothing primer which is going to be used now that the Porefessional in my project pan is gone. I do like this one better, so it’ll be nice to get some use out of it again.

Then there’s the Urban Decay all nighter foundation I am trying to pan. Sadly, I’ve probably only got one day of use out of it this week. Thursday’s the day. All other days are going to get the bare minerals matte powder foundation. I need something that holds up better. All nighter is a misnomer on my skin.

I pulled two concealers this week. Bare Minerals bareskin concealer and tarte shapetape. Both of these concealers I am not thrilled to pieces with, though my ability to work with them is getting better. More skilled. However, I am using them as eyeshadow primers as well, since I am out of the urban decay primer potion. I feel like these two are up to the task, and I am thinking maybe eyeshadow primers aren’t a thing that I, personally, need in my makeup arsenal. Despite my hooded eyes, I am not struggling with creasing while using concealer as a base.

I pulled four lipsticks because I have only four work days, and the eyeshadow palette is so muted. I figured I’d give each of these a try. I’ve got the Kat von D liquid lip which is SUPER bright, but I wore it on Saturday to remind myself how much I loved it. I’ve got too faced melted matte which I wore on Monday. Then, I’ve got a loud berry color that is from a boxy charm, it’s a color I am still trying to figure out if I like enough to keep, or if I am going to hand it over to Miss Butterfly. Then, I’ve got my L’Oreal infallible lip paints, the fuchsia color that I wore to the Alabama wedding. Might as well get some more use out of that as well. I didn’t pull lip products last week as I mostly just keep them at work. But, this week I decided to bring them home over the weekend.

That’s it for this week. Again, I look forward to getting to know a newer palette better. Miss Butterfly wants to begin picking these palettes for me in the future. That might be fun, I think we’ll start that in August.


Storms, Bikes, Gravel, Dirt, Mud

On Saturday evening we had another system of storms roll through. Seems to be commonplace this summer. The first storm that rolled through was one of those storms that really dumped a ton of rain in a short amount of time. I’d been working on laundry throughout the day, and partway through that storm I headed to the basement to change out the laundry. You should know that we have an unfinished basement for this story. Anyhow, I headed down to the basement and immediately knew something was very wrong, as there was water running down the basement wall near my washer. I started yelling at Mr. Ink “Something is very wrong!” To which he felt that this was not quite enough information. But *I* hadn’t figured out what was going on yet either! Once I looked more closely, I realized that the downspout had popped off, and the water was running into the window well, and then leaking into the window and down the basement wall. Mr. Ink fixed the downspout in the pouring rain, while Miss Butterfly and I grabbed everything in the basement that might possibly get wet and moved it, while also grabbing newly dried towels from the dryer to sop up the incoming water. The basement window looked like a fishbowl, so full of water it was.

We had another unusual experience in that rain. Looks like the rain was so heavy (we had an actual creek in our yard.) that it drowned a gopher from the front bank on the neighbor’s property, washing him out into the street and then into our driveway. That’s a new experience for us. I bet the neighbors are pleased though, they’ve been trying to rid themselves of gophers for the entire time we’ve lived there.

The next morning I was a little bit concerned about the amount of rain we’d had, 2 inches, considering the 50 mile gravel ride we’d had planned. I took pictures! One of my goals for this ride was to have enough gear, but not too much gear. For those of you who are new here, I purchased this steel bike very cheap in 2013 explicitly to ride gravel, with the intention of upgrading my rig if necessary. But, the bike has worked quite well for me and I haven’t felt an overwhelming urge to upgrade. I decided to take two bags, the one under the seat and the one on my handlebars. Under the seat is everything I’d need in case of a flat tire, wallet, and car key. The handlebar has my inhaler, sunscreen, a protein bar, and a bandana. I kept my phone in a pocket on my bike shorts.Ā  I took two water bottles, one filled with water and the other poweraid. I decided with a potential convenience store stop, I wouldn’t need a camelback. Here’s how I set out. Since I typically ride with a loudly floral patterned market bag, this was a great reduction in gear.


Before we headed out, my riding partner was asking me if I’d ever considered taking my fat bike out on gravel, and I told him that I hadn’t, as hills always kill me on the fat bike, and I didn’t think I could go very far. As soon as we hit the gravel, I realized in this one case, the fat bike might have been my better choice. My skinny tires sunk into the soft gravel and dirt, making it feel like I was riding with flat tires. Everything was squishy and sloggy and it made for a really rough start. But, there was no rain in the forecast, and I know gravel can really dry out quickly, so I decided to ignore what was initially happening in hopes of better gravel later in the day.

One of the things I’ve been trying to make a point of doing is taking photos on these rides. I get so focused on the ride itself that sometimes I forget to look up, enjoy the scenery, stop, and snap a photo when the sights are pretty. I still struggle to do it now. But, I did try yesterday.


The river is really swollen due to all the rain. On the other side of this bridge there were enough trees to make a dam I think.

I stopped to grab this photo on an uphill climb, it was too pretty to miss.


Do you see the gorgeous skies we had?

I snapped this photo while riding, as we rode this tiny portion of a crushed gravel trail. It was one of the few times my ride partner was close enough to grab a photo of.


He was running a pugsly but with 3 inch tires. He’s riding very strong this year and has already ridden across the state of Missouri on a week long bike ride. So, me catching up with him is pretty impossible. However, he stops and waits regularly and makes sure I don’t get lost so it works out. We are both introverts, and it’s one of the reasons I really enjoy riding with him. He doesn’t feel the need to stick by and chat with me, but I also know if something happens I’ve got an extra set of hands. (This may prove to be less true later in the day, but we’ll get to that.)

Anyhow, the route we were using was a route we’d both been on a few times before, but only at night. At mile 23, we didn’t think to reroute even though we both should have been able to think that through. Here’s where we still think we are ok:


Still a good looking road, if perhaps not as well maintained as it could be. We got to the bottom of that road and realized that was the point at which we were to head up a minimum maintenance road. We’d just ridden through a massive mud puddle already, and so we looked at it, kind of shrugged, and I snapped a photo as he rode away.


This was the beginning of my own personal hell. I couldn’t ride. I never did get to ride. I snapped a photo quickly as I realized why.


The mud was so thick it gummed up between my tires and fenders and my tire couldn’t move. It gets SO MUCH worse than this. Because this was the beginning. Soon I could not push my bike. Both fenders were packed with mud and gunk, and it collected all around the brakes as well. I had to carry my bike. You read that right. I had to carry my 32 pound bike plus gear plus mud a mile. And the entire time the road was so slick with mud my shoes were completely covered, while the weeds were knee high, and every time I stopped to rest the mosquitoes would come out for a snack. Ugh.

I rather wondered why I hadn’t seen my ride partner in ages, I did think he would have come back to help. When I was in sight, he said “Not much further now!” And I set my bike down completely exhausted. He came down the hill to grab my bike and said “And this is exactly where I had to start carrying my bike as my back wheel wouldn’t move anymore!” With barely controlled fury, I managed in between my huffing and puffing and trying to breathe “I haven’t been able to ride my bike or roll it since the start. My wheels have not worked since I got on that road. I have just carried my bike the entire way.”


Here’s a shot of my shoes after I plopped down in the grass. I decided I was done, and I am not sure I could get my bike running again anyhow with the mess that was on it. I called Mr. Ink for a pick up, which he agreed to. My ride partner scraped his bike and shoes off enough to get going again, and managed to complete the ride. I want to say that I need top stop biting off more than I can chew this year. However, I do believe I would have gotten much farther if we’d rerouted around the MMR. I’d been doing ok up until that point. Also, this is the last time I fail to bring a camelback. Just….ride with the camelback. It’s just better that way.

Mr. Ink picked me up in a car with very little fuel left. I questioned him on this, as we were really in the middle of nowhere. He said “Well, I didn’t expect it to be this far out, we are a REALLY long way away from anywhere! I didn’t realize how far away you were!” I was like “Try getting there by bike.”

I can say that my mood hadn’t yet lifted. But, we were able to get back without running out of fuel. Once home I decided to make lunch first. Then I hosed myself down, and my shoes down, and then the bike down. That was a challenge. It took me a very long time and a whole lot of water to get the mud off that bike, and even with the water, I had to dig that mud out from between the wheels and the fenders with my fingers. Now I need to assess the bike before Saturday night’s gravel ride, as I am not sure my fenders and brakes are straight. I’ll put that on Wednesday’s list.

I also drank a quart sized mason jar of decaf iced tea, and a liter bottle of sparkling water. Then headed for the shower where I scrubbed properly to reduce the risk of poison ivy. Once cleaned up, I slathered the sunburned areas with aloe, and decided to relax. I avoided the nap I desperately wanted, as I wanted to be able to sleep last night. So, I worked on some spinning and some knitting, and worked HARD on my relaxing. The dog was happy to help out, as she really wanted to be sitting on my lap due to the fireworks. I was perfectly ok with that plan of hers.

All in all, the ride was lovely, discounting the time spent carrying my bike. And it was an amazing work out. The day started off quite a bit cooler than we’ve had lately, and cloudy. The humidity was high, but as long as we were moving, it made for a pleasant breeze. Once the clouds wore off, the sky was the perfect shade of bright blue, though much warmer in the sunshine. I was sad to have to quit before I completed the ride, but I canĀ  honestly say that even if the conditions for next week’s ride are not ideal, I’ll be FINE with the 25 mile route, as I fairly easily did 25 miles yesterday in not very ideal conditions.

And that’s it from here today! Have a great week everyone….