Decluttering the Secret Stash

It’s no longer TdF, but progress is still being made.

By the end of Sunday, last day of TdF, I was indeed able to finish a third bobbin of singles.


They really are exceedingly good looking singles! There’s such a varying degree of color in those locks, it’s quite surprising.

Naturally, I got straight to the plying of these, since that’s a lot of singles and I am out of bobbins.

This is, so far, 880 yards of 3 ply yarn!

I then had to spin a little more as I had one empty bobbin and two quite full still bobbins. I plied that as well yesterday but didn’t have an opportunity to wash or count yardage on that skein. This left me with just over 5 ounces of locks to spin, which I will start tonight. I’ve divided them out between 3 bags in order to attempt to spin approximately equal lengths of singles. This project is so close to being done now, it’ll certainly be done by next weekend.

The best part, really, of TdF was concentrating so hard on specific projects that I didn’t really think about work too awfully much during my days off. I mean, I was busy anyhow, with Miss Butterfly home and those associated activities I took time off for, but in my spare time, I spun. And that was lovely and relaxing. I was also able to catch up on all my podcasts and audiobooks which had been languishing and taking up space in my poor old phone for far too long.

It’s the strangest thing really, having focused on spinning so much this month. I have a hard time even mustering the desire to knit. However, I do think I’ll take a break after this project and get back to some knitting. My goal of spinning only half of the amount I knit has been so blown out of the water by this secret fiber stash declutter! But with a sweater on the needles and a partially finished large scarf, I should be able to finish up those two projects and be pretty well on my way to balancing that back out.

I’ve uploaded a few other photos but never got around to posting them.


Here’s Lizzie. I took this photo while we were waiting on Miss Butterfly’s plane to land, and joked with her that this was Lizzie waiting for Miss Butterfly to get home. But, that disappointed look is actually Lizzie complaining to me that she’d just broken the squeaker in her favorite toy, and shouldn’t I DO something about it?!

And then there’s this lovely velvety thing:


I’ve refrained from posting about this because we’ve had such a difficult spring/summer. Back in May, we were in Alabama on mother’s day weekend for the wedding. I’d been telling Mr. Ink for AGES that I wanted a red rose planted in front of our white shop. I thought the bright red and green would look lovely against the backdrop of the shop, and every time he would explain to me what he wanted to plant in that spot I’d stop him and say “No, I want a red rose in front of the white shop.” So-upon my return from Alabama, Mr. Ink said: “I got you a mother’s day gift, come out and see.” And there was the red rose in front of the white shop. It struggled along in the heat wave, looking extremely stunned from it’s replanting, while almost all our other trees he’d planted this year around us died. Its blooms would open already dried out and crinkly. I worried about that rose, as we’ve lost others in years past. I didn’t want to take photos or get attached. But, it recovered, and it is looking amazing now! The foliage is green and healthy, no longer any sign of its earlier struggle, and the blooms are all large and smooth and velvety red! I think I can get attached now, I think this one is here to stay!

That’s all from me for today! I am back to work today and struggling through all of the associated catching up. Have a great one!

Shopping the Stash for the Week

I am headed way off course this week, as we added a bit to our collection and want to play with those new things immediately.

Not shown, for Miss Butterfly’s birthday, I got her something she really wanted. I wasn’t planning on it, but when I saw the Too Faced chocolate gold palette deeply on sale on Ulta’s site, rendering it the exact amount I’d intended to spend on her birthday gift, I couldn’t help myself. I purchased it.

And then, I also picked up the natural face palette, which I have had my eye on for a long time, reading up on all the fantastic reviews and wishing I could purchase it. Deeply on sale is totally my price point. And just to get a little nutty, I also picked up the Sweet Peach palette. Now, I know Miss Butterfly will let me play with her chocolate gold at some point, in fact she’s not even keeping it in her collection, it’s displayed with my collection. But, I also don’t want to dip into that before she’s had a fair opportunity. When she tells me I can, that’s when I’ll do so.

Which means this week for me is Sweet Peach week.


I’ll get back to my project pan next week, hitting it hard then. But for now, I get to play. Here’s what I’ll be concentrating on this week:
Clinique setting powder (part of project pan.)
Urban Decay all nighter foundation (Part of project pan)
Mac paint pot in soft ochre for an eyeshadow primer
The sweet peach palette (Can I just say the scent of this one is awful?!)

From left to right on the palette mirror:
YSL Mon Paris Sample which is so close to being gone that I also added
HermesĀ Eau des Merveilles Bleue sample
Flower Beauty Petal Pout in a lovely coral shade, matching the palette nicely
Maybelline nude (part of project pan)
Bare Minerals Bareskin concealer
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara (My current favorite favorite.)
Nyx eyebrow powder pencil (So easy to use and Taupe is a great shade for me!)
Style Sepia eyeliner (part of project pan)
JonteBlu eyeliner in charcoal
Buxum lipgloss (part of project pan)
I just noticed that the primer I put in here isn’t what I meant to put in, I meant to pick up my mac primer, sorry about that.
Too Faced Natural face palette (I want to try using this as eyeshadow too, might be mighty convenient for travel simplicity to be able to just take that palette for everything. And I’ve got a trip coming up soonish.)

All that was super fun to plan out, between trying new products and having had a number of no makeup days while on vacation at home!


3rd Time’s a Charm?

Last evening after a marathon flick carding session, I decided to get a shower. It was warm out, so I decided on a pretty cool shower, and somewhat noticed that my shower wasn’t getting any warmer, but that was fine with me. Then, Mr. Ink tried to take a shower. His water was cold. So, he got dressed and headed to the basement to see what was going on with the hot water heater. The pilot light was out, and he could not get it to stay lit, so he ended up with a cold shower as well. Now I get to spend the last day of my vacation not only doing all the errands that need to be done with Miss Butterfly’s High School registration/orientation, but also waiting on a plumber. This will be the third time we’ve had to call a plumber this year, all for very different issues. But, third time’s a charm, right? It’s really been a rough year with home issues, as the furnace had a problem too, and we had to call our HVAC company as well. I keep telling myself that’s right on target for the third year of owning an older home.

On to the fun stuff. I wanted to do a TdF wrap up post today, as it’s the last day. Yesterday I really pushed to get as much flick carding done as possible. The weather in the morning was uncooperative, even though the temps were pleasant. It rained. Quite a bit. In fact, every time it quit raining I’d run out, wipe off a patio chair, and start flick carding. Only to have it begin raining a few minutes later. But I’d made the goal to be done with flick carding by the end of the Tour, and that only gave me yesterday and today.

The afternoon was far more perfect for being outdoors, and so after I walked the dog and the sun had set the appropriate amount for our patio to be in shade, I headed outside. Toward the end of some long hours of flick carding, I noticed my finger was feeling not great. But, this has happened before, and I pushed through it knowing it wouldn’t feel any better today. Then I took a look at it, and noticed I’d developed a sizable blister on that finger. Well, that’s when I knew there was only one thing to be done. Push through to finish all the flick carding that night, as it would be too painful to attempt today. I was already gross and dirty and dusty and I didn’t have much left. So, at around 8:30 at night, after sitting outdoors since 3:30, I wrapped up the flick carding of that fleece.

I have sad news too, my friends, that sun is going down much faster than it was, it’s not even August yet and it was noticeable. The days are getting shorter.

Anyhow, as far as spinning this project, I’d hoped to be able to show off 3 full bobbins, but since I chose to finish the flick carding instead, I only have 2 full bobbins. And an injured hand. Because not only did I end up with a nasty blister, I also woke up at 5 am unable to get back to sleep due to carpal tunnel flare up from the task. I should really learn when to slow my roll. (Who am I kidding? I never learn.)

But, still, here are the bobbins:


I think they are rich and gorgeous and it’s going to be a real pleasure figuring out how this yarn turns out! I can’t wait to start plying.

But, I am also slowing things down a bit today in order to get my hand to settle down. I have been icing it off and on all morning and that has helped. I’ll spend part of today out of the house, which means it’s easy to ignore my wheel at that point.

That’s it from here! I’ll still be trying to finish that third bobbin today. Soon we’ll have a finished skein!

July 2018 empties

Spinning photos are slim what with the fleece processing and all, so I am going to post my empties a bit early.


Let’s get right into it, shall we? Left to right, top to bottom.

R&B Hair Moisturizer-This was in my project pan to use up, it’s just a sample. And I’d already gotten through quite a bit before I quit using it a while back. However, I used it one more time and realized that the scent on this is just too strong and off-putting for me. It’s a sample for a reason, and it’s best I just let this one go.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair-This seems to be such a holy grail product for so many people, I was excited to give it a try. Now, while my skin does look better than ever, I maintain this is more because I am taking care of it in general than this product doing something fantastic. Now that it’s gone, if I notice my skin reverting back to its old self, then I’ll have to admit it was working. But for now, I won’t purchase.

Belif Eye moisturizer-This is my second sample of this product, and I liked it just as much as the first. In fact, this is one that I purchased a full size of. I didn’t have any other eye moisturizers to sample, so I got this one which is likely to last me forever. In the future, there may be one I like more, but this is my favorite so far.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Conditioning Mask-I got this foil packet as a bonus in a subscription box. It lasted me a surprisingly long time. The mask is quite rich, and a little went a long way. I really liked this product, and there’s a chance I may purchase at some point in the future. I have had great luck overall with Briogeo hair products, I haven’t met one I didn’t like yet.

Pureology spray- I really don’t quite know what this one is, it’s been in my bathroom forever, and I figured it’s time to use it up. I like the scent of pureology products for the most part, but sometimes they have an undertone of a scent that bothers me and sticks around all day bothering me. This is one of those products. Nevertheless, I used the spray after a shower when I wanted to leave my hair down. It did a nice job smoothing it and making it dry tamely, and I appreciated that. I doubt I’ll repurchase, but I liked its use.

Clinique toner-I used this because I wanted to use it up, but I am not sure that it’s a necessary skin care step after a double cleanse, which is what I do. I won’t repurchase. However, I did add a different toner to my nighttime routine, I am giving the Pixie Glow Tonic a try.

DevaCurl conditioner-Oh, how I’ve struggled with my hair lately. You see, prior to many years with a pixie cut, my hair had a bunch of natural curl, and products like DevaCurl would really bring out that wave and curl. Now that I’ve grown out my hair again, I expected to be doing the same thing with it. Except, in the years I had the pixie cut, my hair has grown significantly grey. And, I have the kind of grey that is straight and soft and smooth. It’s not wiry and sprouting out the top of my head, and for this I am thankful. However, what the grey is NOT doing is curling. At all. So, I’ve had to come to the conclusion that my hair is no longer curly overall, and I need to change my routine. All that long story is to say that I used up this conditioner and won’t repurchase because my hair doesn’t care about it anymore. I have a few other DevaCurl products that have to get used up now as well, and they’ve been slower going.

Batiste Dry Shampoo-This is actually not my empty, it’s Miss Butterfly’s empty. I can’t seem to get the point of, or get the hang of, dry shampoo. Quite frankly I think it’s because I enjoy riding bikes too much. I am always going out and getting sweaty and then I need a really proper shower and hair wash, otherwise my scalp protests. I never seem to get to the point of needing a dry shampoo before I’ve hopped in the shower and taken care of my hair the more traditional way. However, I was at Ulta with Miss Marja awhile back and she suggested this dry shampoo for Miss Butterfly. I picked it up and gave it to her, and she has really enjoyed it. She is the PERFECT candidate for dry shampoo. Her teenage body produces way more oil than she’s used to, and her super long and thick hair is kind of a pain to wash. She uses this so effectively, she’s very skilled now. So this is a repurchase for her product, though she’s got one from a subscription box she’s trying to use up first. And, there’s a cheap drugstore one under the sink I may have her try to use again as well. After that, I’ll get her more of this one.

That’s it for empties this month. It seems a little light this month. I always figure I’ll have a million little samples, but I guess I didn’t get through that many this month yet. In any case, happy Saturday!

2018 Summer Project Pan update 2

It’s been a full month or more now since I’ve done a summer project pan update, so it’s time to review where I am at. This is my last update before the finale at the end of August. Since the number of products I have are greatly reduced now, I only have 3 photos to post.

Original photos:

And here are the new photos:

Hair Custard-I’ve used 7 grams since the last update.
Mary Kay lip mask-I’ve used 2 grams, but no progress on the lip balm.
Trader Joe’s cleanser-You can see my progress indicated, it’s pretty good, but at this rate it’ll last another 4 months probably. I use it almost exclusively twice a day.
Benefit dandelion highlighter-one gram used, and you can see that the tiny pan I had last month has grown significantly.
Kiehls line reducing cream-1 gram used.
First Aid Beauty serum-2 grams used
Makeup Revolution matte blush-1 gram used, no pan to be seen yet.
Wet n Wild Contour palette-The tiny pan I hit last time has been expanded quite a bit on both sides.
Makeup Forever blurring skin tint-1 gram used. I use this as a sunscreen exclusively since it’s too dark. It’ll get used up before the end of the summer I think.
Origins eye cream-1 gram used, there’s not much of this left but it just may keep going this month as so little is needed.
Urban Decay all nighter foundation-Progress is indicated by black lines, moving up the container since it’s an airless pump. I have hated this product through and through, until lately. The better shape my skin is in, the better this looks on me. I no longer hate it. I wouldn’t repurchase it, but I don’t hate it.
Clinique powder-2 grams used.
Buxom lip gloss-progress is indicated, I can probably finish this in the next month.
Wet n wild palette-a bit more pan can be seen now in the transition shade, but to be honest this is mostly because it broke on Miss Butterfly’s trip east. Which is fine with me.
Wet n wild primer-1 gram used
Maybelline nude matte lipstick-progress indicated on the page. I didn’t use it in the first month, so only one month’s progress is shown.
Style Sepia eyeliner-Progress indicated on the page. I forgot to mark it during month 1, so only one month’s progress is shown.

And here’s a list of that which I used up:

Clinique toner

PureHeals mask

Estee Lauder advanced night repair

Benefit Porefessional

Urban Decay primer potion

Origins ginzing gel moisturizer

Elf eyebrow pencil

Prada perfume sample

Pureology color care spray


Lush R&B hair moisturizer-I couldn’t tolerate the scent, I used it one more time and decided to toss it.

And just for record keeping purposes, Update 1 finishes below.

Used Up:

Lush Serum bar

Lush shampoo bar

Origins Night-a-mins cream

Elf Matte Magic setting spray

Clinique Chubby Stick in strawberry


Elbow Grease

Miss Dior Cherie perfume

That’s it! I’ll continue as is for this project pan, but for the fall project pan I do think I am going to just plain choose fewer products overall. That being said, I had removed some things from my project, and then ended up finishing them anyhow. I always want to add all the tiny things from subscription bags, but when I do concentrate on them they get used up quickly, so I am going to stop adding those. They’ll be well covered in an empties post. But, I am just starting out with this project pan thing, so I guess there are many lessons to be learned.

Speaking of which, Miss Butterfly and I discussed a nail polish use up series. We don’t really paint our nails often, and most of the nail polish we have is hers, but we might give it a try! We discussed committing to painting nails on Sunday evenings to start with, and even just using nail polish once a week should be helpful to using up some of those products in our stash. We’ll see!






TdF final project

And, it’ll take me far longer than TdF which ends Sunday.

I’ve gotten in a bit of a routine around this project. Thankfully, it hasn’t been so oppressively hot lately, nor is it crazy windy. Those two conditions are what define summer here, so it’s a bit of a surprise, and quite convenient for this final project. So, my routine has been to come home from work, grab my 10-minute reboot the brain nap and a quick snack, then head out to the patio to flick card.

Flick carding on the patio is way better of an idea than indoors since there is quite a lot of vegetable matter in the locks. It’s not gross VM, just hay, but it does get everywhere. But, when I flick card it out of the locks, I end up with locks to spin that don’t spray VM everywhere, so it’s totally worth this step. I’ll flick card until 7 pm, feed the dog, take her for a walk, then head indoors to get a little spinning done.


So, here’s what the patio looks like. One large bag of fleece, a smaller bag of flick carded locks ready to be spun, and a pile of waste wool on the ground. I’ve got so far to go still, but progress is being made!

The spinning of this wool is wonderful though, the corriedale locks spin so nicely. The fleece is a combo of brown and grey and a silvery white. This makes for interesting spinning, it’s not just a solid color. I have about half a bobbin full so far.


See what I mean by worth the process? It’s gorgeous and richly colored. I can’t wait to see what this looks like in a 3 ply yarn! It’s tempting to quit this bobbin now and start another just so I can enjoy the resulting skein.

Miss Butterfly arrives home today, so I am off work. My plan is to get some chores done this morning before I pick her up from the airport. Then, a trip to the grocery store, and a basil harvest and pesto making session. There’ll be some to eat tonight and some to freeze for later. After all that, I should be able to get back to some carding and spinning.

Have a great Thursday friends!

Next Finish

It did not take me long at all to finish up the cram-pot/mawata silk project. The entire time I was plying, knowing full well I would have more merino singles than silk, I was saying to myself “Whatever shall I do if I don’t have enough mawata silk singles? Purchase and dye more?!?!”

Then, after a time, I decided I’d be ok with having 400 yards of this yarn. So, if I was able to just get 400 yards out of the spin, I’d be satisfied and not purchase more silk. I mean, easter egg dyes are a little tough to come by this time of year.

But, once done, I counted yardage and realized I’d blown past that 400 yard goal in spades! I ended up with 545 yards of 2 ply laceweight.


It’s perfectly rustic and absolutely beautiful. I cannot WAIT to work with it, TRULY. It’ll be the next thing to be knit for sure. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up the two items I’ve got on the needles before I commit to this one. But, I am thinking another Lintilla shawlette may be in order. Something that will show off this gorgeous yarn, and something I adore knitting, and something I adore wearing. This is mine, ALL MINE!

But-I’ve got to get through the end of TdF first, right? I may only have a few days left, but I do intend to use them wisely. I’ve pulled out my largest fleece. It’s washed and washed well because I did the job, but it’s not processed.


It’s the one in the top bag of the picture above.

So, for this one, I need to flick card the fleece and then spin those locks. There’s some vegetable matter in these locks, but nothing too out of control. The fleece otherwise looks like it’s in great shape. It’s not the softest wool, but that I don’t mind either. I think it’s corriedale from what I remember.

I plan to spin this on spindles and on the wheel, and I am going to create a 3 ply yarn. I’ll just flick card some, get those locks spun, and get back to flick carding.

It looks like it might even be nice enough to sit outside later this week while working on the flick carding. Always a bonus when all that VM can just land outdoors instead of inside where I have to vacuum it.

I am eager to see how far I can get with the fleece before TdF ends. But, to be perfectly honest I am well aware that fleeces seem to expand on contact. I’ll flick card and flick card, filling a bag with flick carded locks, and another bag with wool that is just waste, and it won’t even look like I touched the original fleece. But, the proof will be in the singles I suppose.

And, that’s it from here for a TdF update! It’ll be pretty boring after awhile while I am working on the fleece, but hopefully, I’ll have plenty of other things to write about and take photos of.