Featherweight Corriedale

Since I finished a skein of multicolor yarn, it is time to work on my Corriedale fleece. Rather than spin up another bobbin full, I decided to ply up what I already had. This seemed wise for someone as impatient as I can be with my crafts. The idea is that I can then swatch for the featherweight cardigan and see if my handspan will work. If not, I am on to the back up plan.

Sadly it has been too hot to even spin, especially out of doors. So spinning has been slow as well.
I did manage to pull my Jacob fleece out of storage though and am considering beginning the processing of that fleece. It would be fun to sort and choose colors. Might even be worth blogging about.

Some Spinning


I’ve been working on this beauty for quite some time! This is Crown Mountain Farm’s superwash merino in Rasta Man Vibration. I have 350 yards of navajo plyed sock weight yarn. I don’t typically navajo ply CMF fiber because it just has so many colors, but I couldn’t see mixing up these particular colors. So I switched it up a bit.

The next spinning you see from me will be far less colorful. I am determined to get a handle on that corriedale fleece here shortly!


I’ve been working all week on the brown fleece jacket.  I worked my way halfway up one side with the collar. You see, I’d decided to modify the instructions somewhat so that I didn’t have to sew on the collar. The trouble is, I failed to take into account garment construction as opposed to shawl construction. I tried to deceive myself for a few days, telling myself that it would be ok anyhow, but it just wasn’t. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with the end result. So this morning found me frogging all that hard work and beautiful cabling and a weeks worth of knitting back out in order to pick up stitches again. This time with far fewer stitches.


Which means, my brown fleece jacket still looks like this! Basically, this means there hasn’t been progress in an entire week! In all honesty, I just want to be done with this and on to something new. And in all honesty, there are moments where I wish I knit like I used to. Obsessively, carving out huge amounts of time just for knitting, as if I were training for something. However, I then remember all I’ve gained from putting the knitting down a bit, and realize that it just isn’t ultimately that important. It can’t rule overrule health, strength, and time spent with loved ones.

When I first started knitting, I’d keep so many projects on the needles at one time. I’d kind of allow my whims to take me anywhere they wanted. At some point, I decided this was “wrong” and I should actually complete projects. Paired with getting better at knitting and knitting a lot faster, this made me into quite a production knitter. I am wondering really if I should just go back to the old way. The way that allows me to ball up yarn and cast on projects as I get the urge. To stop worrying over the finished object and just enjoy the journey. I may just have to give that a try…


I do love stripes! So when I first saw Regia’s small stripe sock yarn, I just feel head over heels in love. Luckily I was able to get my hands on some in a trade with my friend Sarah. I believe I may have put fringe on a battle helm beard for my striped yarn. While I have not been very focused on socks, or knitting in general, these have been a fantastic pair to have on hand for knitting where I cannot pay attention to anything else. I started them in April!

I put them on this morning to get photographs, then realized that they matched my outfit and I could just leave them on. So I did.


I am just thrilled to have a finished object!

I didn’t knit this



This is the semele pattern done in wollmeise and knit by my friend Mary. She wondered if I would block it for her, and I finally got around to doing that. It looked great pre blocking, but blocking made that leaf pattern just highlight the shawl. So stunning! Since it required a light blocking, I didn’t do my crazy yanking and pulling and resetting pins procedure, which actually made blocking it a lot of fun. All I really had to worry about was making sure it was as symmetrical as possible. This is so lovely that I am considering knitting it as well. Very beautiful work!


But slow! I’ve made a bit of progress on my Road Not Taken scarf. The slowness has a lot to do with being out of town and not taking this project with me. Actually, I didn’t really do much knitting at all, so even if it had made the cut progress wouldn’t have been made. Mostly I’ve been knitting this in the morning while Bug gets ready for school.

You can see I have worked through brown, natural, and am now working my way into some yellow/orange.

You know what real progress would be? Blogging. About warrior dash. About my plumbing issues. About stuff other than knitting!

The Final Cozy

I do believe my time of knitting cozies is over now. I’ve knit it twice, and then knit it again while I taught it. It is a most satisfying knit, and a perfect knit for teaching steeking, but I do believe I am done now! I have enjoyed watching how different color choices change how the pattern looks. In some patterns I see stars, in others I see circles.



I took the opportunity to take a bunch of photos of the projects from the retreat as well. It was great fun to watch everyone get a little panicked about cutting up their projects and yet still have a sense of accomplishment once it was done.






All in all, the retreat was a great success. All the gals were wonderful, people I’d enjoy spending time with even if I wasn’t there for a specific reason. I do hope I get to spend time with them again someday.