And Then This Happened

On Thursday I took sock yarn to work to start on my November socks. I decided on a pair of Monkey socks, and immediately cast on during lunch. I left them at work for my lunch knitting, a much needed break every day.

Thursday evening Mr. Ink and I settled down to watch a movie. Spinal Tap actually, which I’d never seen but was hilarious. I had decided that what I really wanted to knit while watching a movie was a pair of monkey socks, except that I didn’t have my work pair at home. So I grabbed another set of needles and another skein of yarn and cast on.

Overnight I came down with some sort of short lived stomach bug. Or ate something off, not sure which. In any case, I was awake most of the night and in no shape to go to work the next day. I woke up, did Bug’s hair for school, called in sick, and went back to bed, not waking up until 11. After that, I wandered out to the couch and picked up my at home monkey sock. I worked on that for quite awhile, and after Mr. Ink came home, we watched another movie last evening since I wasn’t in any shape to do anything else.

Today? I kitchenered a toe on a monkey sock. I dunno, do we consider these my November socks or my December socks? Not entirely sure!


For the record, this is Sheepaints silk bamboo, a combo of wool, silk, and bamboo. And after this skein? I’ve still got two more skeins of the same colorway in my stash. I dunno what I was thinking when I purchased it way back in, maybe 2008? But, it is quite pretty, I like the color a lot.

Little Bean

The coffee bean cardigan has been one of my go to knits for small people. It’s always well received, and it’s one of those items that I actually see the parent of the child put their child in on a regular basis.

So, naturally, it’s the first thing that came to mind when I found out I was going to be an aunt.

I knit this little coffee bean cardigan out of Dream in Color Classy I had in stash for my nephew before he was born.


And now I get the pleasure of seeing pictures of him in it quite a bit later.


It looks to me like he could really use a larger sweater, so it’s my intention to get one knit up for Christmas this year. The Moera pattern is looking pretty interesting to me. Simple, cute, and I get the added bonus of trying to figure out how to attach a zipper to a hand knit for the first time ever. And since the Dream in Color classy looks like it’s holding up quite well, I think I’ll just go for knitting with that again as well.

It worries me a bit to stop my progress on the Pas de Valse sweater, as I have not one but two sweaters from last year that I never finished. But, at the same time I realize that a sweater for this little guy will be a very satisfying knit for me.

October Spinning

The purple batts I created to spin this month are done! They were an extremely pleasing spin for me, and I made a very decent 3 ply yarn out of them.

370 yards of 3 ply yarn, I’d say it’s a sport weight. It’s a bit too bouncy to be a fingering weight yarn.


It’s certainly heathered and tonal, which I really truly love. These CVM Romeldale batts were an absolute pleasure to spin. Quite frankly, they were such a pleasure that I pulled out some red batts I created awhile back and started right in on those.

I did that for two reasons. The first was that I recently updated my fiber stash on Ravelry, but the red batts didn’t make it in there. So, if I spin them up right away, I don’t have to go back and correct that problem. Second reason? Those batts are so fluffy that take up a ton of room in my allocated stash space. Spinning will make them fit nicely into my handspun stash area.

I’ll be trying a 4 ply with the red toned batts, but they aren’t NEARLY as pretty as this yarn in my opinion. Just not as rich and beautiful.

October Socks

Just a quick post from me today, to show off my October socks.


Rose City Rollers out of a mystery sock yarn that’s just as pretty as can be.

Next up….I feel some monkey socks coming on. November monkeys! It’s been awhile but that’s still a favorite pattern for me.

Lovely Weekend

I had a lovely weekend! Just, unexpectedly lovely. On Friday I got right down to business, starting our multiple loads of laundry before I left for work. After I got home, all 3 of us went to see The Martian, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Saturday I took Miss Bug shopping with me, as she was running out of pairs of pants which fit. Spent some time weaving, and some time spinning, and we finally laid the old dog’s ashes to rest under the tree we planted for him.


After that it was off to a birthday party for Miss Bug, and a bike ride for Mr. Ink and me. We returned fairly early, leaving me time to start mowing the lawn while Mr. Ink picked up Bug. He returned with another little girl in tow as well, as Bug wanted more time with her friend. THEN, those two left to wander the neighborhood and returned with yet another friend and an idea was born. Can we drive mom crazy by asking for a sleep over at the last minute?

They could. And so we enjoyed the sounds of 3 young girls hanging out in our house while we watched Remains of the Day, and I did some spinning and knitting.

Sunday morning all 5 of us were up early and making breakfast. I made the girls pancakes while Mr. Ink made them sausage and eggs. I’d planned out my Sunday to involve homemade soup and homemade bread. So, once the girls were gone, I worked on that and alternated it with spinning.


In the end, I had 2 loaves of bread, a huge crockpot full of soup, and 3 bobbins of handspun singles waiting to be plied.

It was pretty much perfect.

Rainy Friday

It’s certainly fall around here. The way fall is when it’s wet and dark and miserable, quite frankly. Not cool and crisp and clear.

Yesterday I managed to finish my first October sock. Now, it’s a shorty, in hopes I can catch up on my sock knitting goals.


I admit, I think it looks quite nice! The yarn is a mystery yarn, no telling where it came from, and there certainly wasn’t enough to make a full pair without doing two at a time toe up socks. Which I don’t care for.

So, it seemed the right thing to do for October socks, in order that I can complete two more pairs this year after this!

A Tuesday Evening

After my Pas de Valse sweater knitting overload this weekend, by Monday evening my hands were shot. I kept trying to knit, but my hands would just fall asleep every time I’d attempt it.

I was not terribly inspired by weaving, so instead I decided I should dig through my fiber stash and choose something to spin on my wheel. I had anticipated spinning a Loop cloud, but then I looked to the side, and there sat some batts I’d made awhile back, along with some matching locks I’d dyed and flick carded, but hadn’t yet made into batts.

The fiber was from this fleece I processed 3 years ago. So much has been done with this fiber, the largest project being spinning it from locks for the border of my Lizard Ridge blanket. I’ve sold some of the locks, given away dyed locks made into batts, sampled, created, and I STILL have clean undyed locks to play with! This fleece was a fantastic investment!

Anyhow, point being, I had this batt, heathered, combining dyed locks with undyed locks. I also had a bunch of dyed locks. I decided that rather than keep looking at them, I’d spin them. I’d just combine the batt with the dyed locks and call it a day.

Then I started spinning the batt. And it was spinning up so nice and fine, and easily. I loved it! I decided those locks wanted to be matching batts. So I devoted Tuesday evening to making 3 more heathered batts.


Pretty stuff!

And here’s why I insisted on more batts.


It’s just spinning up so nicely! The colors are amazing, and gentle, and I think this will make a lovely bouncy thin 3 ply yarn. I can’t wait to complete it!

October Socks

I feel confident that the only way I can now catch up on my 12 pairs of socks in a year is to knit a pair of shorty socks.

This is ok with me, because I have been seeing the Rose City Rollers pattern all over the place and really wanted to knit it.

I also had a ball of mystery sock yarn hanging out in my stash for practically ever.  I think it was given to me for free and it never did have a ball band or anything. So, since I didn’t know how much of it I had, this seemed the yarn to use for shorty socks.

Which I started on Friday night at Bug’s girl scouts gathering.


As you can see, I knit the ankle, the heel flap, the heel, and stitches are picked up for the gusset. Just the gusset decreases, foot, and toe now.

This will be my work sock, as my lunchtime knitting seems the best time to work on those 12 pairs in a year socks.


I’ve been quietly working on various projects to bring them to completion so that I could start my next project. With Friday’s two finished objects, I could start that project.

I decided to knit a Pas de Valse sweater next, out of Wollmeise Rittersporn. It’s so nice to be able to get sweater amounts of this yarn from time to time!

I worked on this all weekend and have gotten surprisingly far actually. I have finished the waist shaping decreases, and have to now start the increases. I’d say that’s pretty good for a Saturday morning cast on.


The picture is so bright! As is the yarn. Maybe I’ll get a better photo next time. I also need to switch out needles, as the ones I am using are on too short of a cable for all the lovely shawl collar increases. It’s just getting too squished at this point.

I’ll try to get a better picture as soon as I get this on longer cables. Have a great week everyone!

Friday Finish

And my second Friday night finish. The honey cowl out of what is arguably the best handspun yarn I’ve ever made.


The yarn was a cable plied yarn, and it was just so perfectly even and so perfectly plied. I must have been concentrating really well the entire time I worked that 8 oz. of fiber. I wish that was something easy to reproduce!

September Socks

They are done. One of the two things I finished Friday night after a girl scouts camp fire.


I did not run out of yarn for the toe of the second sock, so I have two lovely matching socks. Great pattern, great technique, very pleasant knit! And that’s quite a bit more yarn moved out of my stash and into a finished object. That’s a thing I really love!


I have a friend who has a very cool bike.


See it? It’s pink, and it has super fat tires, and it’s very cool. She is very cool too, and generally matches her bike.

She’s one of those friends that just gets closer over time, and I wanted to create something for her. She’s trendy and fun, and not overly interested in my knitting/spinning. But I figured I could find something she could like. So I searched and searched in my stash, until I came up with this cable plied skein.


It is also pink. Very pink. And gorgeous. And I thought what could be better than a honey cowl in all that pink to match her bike?


And so that’s what I’ve been working on. A very pink, very handspun honey cowl. Out of what is clearly some of the best yarn I’ve ever made. It’ll be done this weekend. 🙂


Guys, I am ALMOST DONE! So close I can taste it now. Gusset decreases are done and I am just working my way down the foot. Good thing too, since I am a bit behind on my 12 pairs in a year goal.


To be honest, I am a little bit worried about running out of yarn. Thing is, the yarn I am using seems a bit thick, and due to the roositud pattern, there’s not really a great way to shorten the leg of them. It’s not really like a pair where you can just stop whenever. To be honest, I am rather excited about this nice thick pair of socks. But, by this point, my yarn seems to be running out rather quickly.

Thankfully, since we are looking at blue details anyhow, I figure I can just make a blue toe and it’ll all be ok.

Once these are done, I’ll need to get my butt right in gear for a pair of October socks.

Beezee Hat

This hat is actually for me, but I had Miss Bug model it because she’s a convenient model.

IMG_3517 IMG_3518

It’s reversible! I knit this out of my handspun, a loop bump. I just started from both ends of the bump. I didn’t get through as many colors as I had hoped, I’ve probably got enough for another hat, to be honest. Though I might choose fingerless mitts or something instead.

I had a bit of trouble with this hat, and started the decreases way before they were supposed to be started. Which then made it so that I had to rip back, but ripping back brioche stitch isn’t that easy. I got smart, and put the hat down for a couple days, which mitigated my frustration. I really believed I’d need to rip the entire thing out and start over! I was willing to do so because I really did like the hat.

Thankfully that wasn’t necessary in the end, though I had to rip back farther than I wanted to.

This week’s fun thing…I did something I haven’t done in more than 20 years. We went roller skating!


I used to be able to skate very very well as a teenager, but I was quite nervous it wouldn’t all come back to me. The first few moments were sketchy. And then I got faster and faster, and by the end of the evening my crossover turns had come back to me. I still won’t spin myself around, go backwards, or do twirls. BUT, I’d say for one night, that was good progress. Now I want a pair of rollerskates for christmas, so that maybe I can not be nursing two huge blisters from rental skates. Because most of us who went last evening agree that we must do this on the regular.

Stash Buster

Weaving is absolutely the best stash buster ever. I can start warping a loom on Friday evening and have a finished scarf on Sunday. It’s JUST that quick. Which is amazing to me.


The unseasonably warm temps around here didn’t hurt either, I washed the scarf, and set it out in the sun while I went for a motorbike ride. Upon my return, it was dry.

I actually tied on the warp for my next scarf to this warp so that I didn’t have to worry about rewarping the loom.


This is the remainder of my yarn from my Smaug batt and braid. It’ll be a much thinner scarf, or, something else entirely, but I really wanted to see what this looked like with a dark weft.

At this point I am just experimenting madly with the look. Throw a warp on there and go to town. It feels great, very freeing. One of these days I really will start looking up patterns and using them. But for now, I am enjoying the freedom of creativity.

Bad News

Well, that lovely brioche hat I worked on all day yesterday ended up with a mistake discovered a few rows later. I couldn’t live with the mistake, I tried to rip back, but ripping brioche stitch doesn’t really work, so I am pretty sure I’ll have to rip it all out and start again. I am not thrilled, but I do like the hat enough to try it again.

I don’t currently want to knit on it though, so instead I warped my loom and got started on a new project.


I am rather excited about this one, I tried warping from back to front this time and I much prefer that result. Very good stuff. I’ve only just begun on this project but I suspect it’ll go quickly once I get moving on it.

The good news? I did get an opportunity to use my new hedge trimmer yesterday, trimming at my burning bush until it looks far less bushy. The trouble is, I can’t even try to reach the top of it, so I am hoping Mr. Ink will work that part out. On the other hand, the bush is no longer touching my house, which was one of my main priorities.


I also cut out some dead branches on one side, so it just looks better all around.

I’ve got some additional hedges needing my attention, so I may put on some sensible shoes and try to get to them today. The hedge trimmer is rather fun!


So, generally I take pictures of my projects at home after work when there’s decent light, then blog about them the next day during a work break. This means the blog is generally a day behind my projects unless it’s the weekend.

So, yesterday afternoon I took this picture:


This is a Beezee hat I decided to start out of a loop bump I spun ages ago. I enjoy a good brioche stitch project, and it had been awhile. I was worried that the pattern would be complicated with the stitches shifting like they do, but once the set up is complete, it’s a pretty easy and comfortable pattern.

Last night, after I took this picture, I continued to knit on the hat while watching a movie with Mr. Ink. That’s an amazing 2 days in a row we have chosen to watch a movie in the evening, certainly a record for us. Then, this morning I woke Miss Bug up, and she said she didn’t feel well. I was actually waiting for it, as she’d not looked well for 2 days. So, upon taking her temp, we discovered she had a fever, and I am at home with decent lighting.

So I got to take an additional picture of my progress.


My beezee hat has been knit until the point where I need to start the crown shaping. Already.

I am feeling a little annoyed because I worked extra hard last night to get all the laundry done before the weekend. I figured it might be nice to start the weekend off without that project hanging over my head. And as it turns out, I could have worked on that during the day today. So, instead, as soon as Miss Bug heads to her dad’s, I plan to mow, and then use the new power tool Mr. Ink bought me.


A hedge trimmer, because I want to do a major trimming of the burning bush in my veggie garden. It’s begun to take over, and I am not that pleased about it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend out there in real life!


My September socks are late as has become my habit. Once you get behind, it’s tough to catch up! But, I did finish the first sock.


Looks pretty cool! I love it. I love the colors chosen, and I love the interesting patterning. I’ve started sock #2, and I hope it zips along just as nicely as this one did.


We are hosting a stop on a bike ride this evening, so my Monday evening was spent cleaning up the house. It was actually extremely pleasant, as Miss Bug is off to her outdoor education for 2 overnights, so she cannot follow along behind me and mess everything back up. Now, cleaning is basically my Favorite Thing in the new house. I find it endlessly blissful to clean a home that is my own and make it shine and sparkle. So it was an evening well spent. And while it is a favorite past time, it isn’t really blog worthy. Sorry! On the other hand, a clean home makes me more at ease, which in turn makes me feel more creative, so there’s that.

I did get an opportunity to wind the yarn for my next weaving project and get it on the warping board. That was quite pleasant as well. I used to find warping so tedious, but I think what made the difference for me was a good amount of space in the new home, and a comfortable place to put the board where I can sit and enjoy the process.


It was quite late when I got this done, so I must apologize for the not so wonderful photo. However, the tones are hot pink and gold, and I am sure there’s silk in there for the way the yarn shines nicely. It is, again, Marja’s handspun. This time I intend to pair it with commercial silk yarn as the weft. I think it’ll be quite lovely. But, as tonight is bike ride night, I doubt I’ll get to it until at least Wednesday.

A Full Weekend

I love a full but relaxing weekend so much! And that’s exactly what I got this weekend.

I finished a few things! First up, I finished my spinning project. I’d had leftover 3 feet of sheep fiber from my collapse weave scarf. I was sick of blocks of colors, so I decided to blend the colors together as I was spinning. This gave it an interesting overall look, with colors flowing into the next.

I ended up with 305 yards of worsted weight yarn, chain plied.


This was fun to chain ply as I’d already forgotten what colors were under the top colors.

As soon as the spinning project was done and washed, I went into the loom room and decided to stay there until my latest weaving project was done. Got that off the loom, washed, and out to dry.


The handspun warp on this one is Marja’s handspun, and the weft is mine, from a fleece I processed awhile back. I really like how it turned out, the random and long colors of the warp really feature all the color gifts handspun has to offer!

As soon as that was done, Mr. Ink and I took my new to me bike out for a dirt ride. You see, I’ve been borrowing this bike for awhile. It’s a MUCH better mountain bike than the one I was riding. But, since it was a friends bike, I didn’t get it all dialed in for my body. It is now my bike, as she has given up riding dirt. So, Mr. Ink and I worked on the suspension, adjusted the brakes, moved the handlebars, the grips, the shifting, etc. This meant that we did a lot of starting and stopping, as we would stop, I’d tell him what I wanted to do next, and he’d pull out his tools and make it happen.


The one thing in particular left to do is to get some better tires. But, it’s a fun bike to ride! 29 inch wheels, and a lot lighter than what I had before. (What I had before will be set up for winter riding, then go to Miss Bug in the spring, since she’s horrifyingly close to being tall enough to ride it.)

I love these three pictures in one post, because it really sums up who I am. (I suppose knitting and motorbikes need to be pictured as well.) It’s nice to have a weekend where I get to enjoy almost everything I love the most.

Just Keep Spinnin

Spinning heavy weekend on this blog! I kept spinning on my 3 feet of sheep. I just wanted to get done!

I woke up quite early on Saturday morning in order to spend some time with my wheel and to enjoy the quiet of the house alone.


I started about here, you can see blue paired with yellow, then when the yellow ran out, paired with hot pink.


In the end I ran out of blue and the hot pink ended up being the final color as a solid. But, it doesn’t look that solid since it also had some great tones, and the silk looks very different than the wool.

It’s my intention to chain ply this, but I am going to give it a day to rest I think. It’s a very full bobbin, and I just don’t want to be fighting with the singles.

I have a lot of knitting planned for the upcoming weeks. I keep postponing sweaters and so on for smaller projects, but there’s a new sweater in particular I am eager to get going on!

Plugging Away

I keep plugging away at my 3 feet of sheep spinning project. Often I am just working on it a little bit at a time, but on Wednesday I had the opportunity to have a few friends over to do some spinning with me. First opportunity in about 4 months. It’s been busy!


Last time I took a photo it was very red heavy, red and yellow in particular. Now it’s green and blue heavy. At the top of the photo you can see two green tones paired together, and now I am well into blue tones paired together.

When I look at it logically, I realize that I don’t actually have all that much left to do. There’s very little left in the large metal bowl I dumped all the fiber into, so I really am closing in on the end of this project. However, most of the time I keep thinking of Dory from Finding Nemo, and I repeat to myself “Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.”

August Socks

It’s about time I posted these. I finally got Miss Bug to put them on. She decided that she should get to put her feet up for the photo like I used to at the old house, so she facilitated a space for that.


She’s in that tween space where her feet are very long, actually adult sized feet now, but not wide enough to wear adult sized shoes. I left a little bit of room for growth in the toes as she’s not done growing yet!

For these, I did a short row heel. I then tried a short row toe and kitchenered over the top of the foot, but she HATED the way that felt on her foot. So, I did the second sock with a round toe. Once that received her approval, I cut the toe of the other sock off, and added a round toe to it.

The yarn was artyarns ultramerino 4. I got it in a trade MANY moons ago. It was very thin, and not overly exciting to work with. But, since her little legs are thin, I could do an adult sized sock on tiny needles and have a sock that fits her properly.

My Tuesday Evening

I mentioned to Mr. Ink early on that I intended for Tuesday evening to be a relaxing evening full of tidying the house (Yes, that’s relaxing) and crafting for me. He decided that he would like to make a nice dinner and kill weeds in the yard.

So, after quite a bit of tidying, most of it happening before Mr. Ink even came home, I got to work on a warp I am trying for my next weaving project. The warp is handspun from Miss Marja, and it’s quite lovely. Then I pulled out some of my own handspun 2 ply from a fleece I processed to use as a weft.

Well, the warping didn’t go so well. I need to remember to check before I start winding everything on to make sure I’ve got my warp correct. It wasn’t. It wasn’t correct repeatedly. I thought I’d gotten it, but I hadn’t.

Then, I got the thing wound on, only to realize I’d lost a warp thread (it decided it wasn’t strong enough for the weaving journey) and so I had to untie and move everything over yet again. I think at that point I wanted to give up. But, I also wanted to weave. So I took a break for Mr. Ink’s dinner.

One way I know the season is changing is that Mr. Ink starts making my favorite food. Homemade French Onion Soup. It’s really truly wonderful and if we could make it once a week, we probably would.


He’s such a good cook, and he also cooks so willingly. Sometimes I’ll allude to the fact that I should probably cook more often, and his response is “I don’t want you to HAVE to cook. You already do so much around here, you should not have to cook too.”

Though, once he starts adding herbs to the pot of soup, I generally jump in and add some more. 🙂

Thus fortified, I was able to finish warping the loom, and even got a tiny bit of weaving done. Here’s a preview of what this project will look like.


It’s so pretty, and I love the warm and cool colors playing together in the warp. So nice!