And Then This Happened

On Thursday I took sock yarn to work to start on my November socks. I decided on a pair of Monkey socks, and immediately cast on during lunch. I left them at work for my lunch knitting, a much needed break every day.

Thursday evening Mr. Ink and I settled down to watch a movie. Spinal Tap actually, which I’d never seen but was hilarious. I had decided that what I really wanted to knit while watching a movie was a pair of monkey socks, except that I didn’t have my work pair at home. So I grabbed another set of needles and another skein of yarn and cast on.

Overnight I came down with some sort of short lived stomach bug. Or ate something off, not sure which. In any case, I was awake most of the night and in no shape to go to work the next day. I woke up, did Bug’s hair for school, called in sick, and went back to bed, not waking up until 11. After that, I wandered out to the couch and picked up my at home monkey sock. I worked on that for quite awhile, and after Mr. Ink came home, we watched another movie last evening since I wasn’t in any shape to do anything else.

Today? I kitchenered a toe on a monkey sock. I dunno, do we consider these my November socks or my December socks? Not entirely sure!


For the record, this is Sheepaints silk bamboo, a combo of wool, silk, and bamboo. And after this skein? I’ve still got two more skeins of the same colorway in my stash. I dunno what I was thinking when I purchased it way back in, maybe 2008? But, it is quite pretty, I like the color a lot.

Little Bean

The coffee bean cardigan has been one of my go to knits for small people. It’s always well received, and it’s one of those items that I actually see the parent of the child put their child in on a regular basis.

So, naturally, it’s the first thing that came to mind when I found out I was going to be an aunt.

I knit this little coffee bean cardigan out of Dream in Color Classy I had in stash for my nephew before he was born.


And now I get the pleasure of seeing pictures of him in it quite a bit later.


It looks to me like he could really use a larger sweater, so it’s my intention to get one knit up for Christmas this year. The Moera pattern is looking pretty interesting to me. Simple, cute, and I get the added bonus of trying to figure out how to attach a zipper to a hand knit for the first time ever. And since the Dream in Color classy looks like it’s holding up quite well, I think I’ll just go for knitting with that again as well.

It worries me a bit to stop my progress on the Pas de Valse sweater, as I have not one but two sweaters from last year that I never finished. But, at the same time I realize that a sweater for this little guy will be a very satisfying knit for me.

October Spinning

The purple batts I created to spin this month are done! They were an extremely pleasing spin for me, and I made a very decent 3 ply yarn out of them.

370 yards of 3 ply yarn, I’d say it’s a sport weight. It’s a bit too bouncy to be a fingering weight yarn.


It’s certainly heathered and tonal, which I really truly love. These CVM Romeldale batts were an absolute pleasure to spin. Quite frankly, they were such a pleasure that I pulled out some red batts I created awhile back and started right in on those.

I did that for two reasons. The first was that I recently updated my fiber stash on Ravelry, but the red batts didn’t make it in there. So, if I spin them up right away, I don’t have to go back and correct that problem. Second reason? Those batts are so fluffy that take up a ton of room in my allocated stash space. Spinning will make them fit nicely into my handspun stash area.

I’ll be trying a 4 ply with the red toned batts, but they aren’t NEARLY as pretty as this yarn in my opinion. Just not as rich and beautiful.

October Socks

Just a quick post from me today, to show off my October socks.


Rose City Rollers out of a mystery sock yarn that’s just as pretty as can be.

Next up….I feel some monkey socks coming on. November monkeys! It’s been awhile but that’s still a favorite pattern for me.

Lovely Weekend

I had a lovely weekend! Just, unexpectedly lovely. On Friday I got right down to business, starting our multiple loads of laundry before I left for work. After I got home, all 3 of us went to see The Martian, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Saturday I took Miss Bug shopping with me, as she was running out of pairs of pants which fit. Spent some time weaving, and some time spinning, and we finally laid the old dog’s ashes to rest under the tree we planted for him.


After that it was off to a birthday party for Miss Bug, and a bike ride for Mr. Ink and me. We returned fairly early, leaving me time to start mowing the lawn while Mr. Ink picked up Bug. He returned with another little girl in tow as well, as Bug wanted more time with her friend. THEN, those two left to wander the neighborhood and returned with yet another friend and an idea was born. Can we drive mom crazy by asking for a sleep over at the last minute?

They could. And so we enjoyed the sounds of 3 young girls hanging out in our house while we watched Remains of the Day, and I did some spinning and knitting.

Sunday morning all 5 of us were up early and making breakfast. I made the girls pancakes while Mr. Ink made them sausage and eggs. I’d planned out my Sunday to involve homemade soup and homemade bread. So, once the girls were gone, I worked on that and alternated it with spinning.


In the end, I had 2 loaves of bread, a huge crockpot full of soup, and 3 bobbins of handspun singles waiting to be plied.

It was pretty much perfect.

Rainy Friday

It’s certainly fall around here. The way fall is when it’s wet and dark and miserable, quite frankly. Not cool and crisp and clear.

Yesterday I managed to finish my first October sock. Now, it’s a shorty, in hopes I can catch up on my sock knitting goals.


I admit, I think it looks quite nice! The yarn is a mystery yarn, no telling where it came from, and there certainly wasn’t enough to make a full pair without doing two at a time toe up socks. Which I don’t care for.

So, it seemed the right thing to do for October socks, in order that I can complete two more pairs this year after this!

A Tuesday Evening

After my Pas de Valse sweater knitting overload this weekend, by Monday evening my hands were shot. I kept trying to knit, but my hands would just fall asleep every time I’d attempt it.

I was not terribly inspired by weaving, so instead I decided I should dig through my fiber stash and choose something to spin on my wheel. I had anticipated spinning a Loop cloud, but then I looked to the side, and there sat some batts I’d made awhile back, along with some matching locks I’d dyed and flick carded, but hadn’t yet made into batts.

The fiber was from this fleece I processed 3 years ago. So much has been done with this fiber, the largest project being spinning it from locks for the border of my Lizard Ridge blanket. I’ve sold some of the locks, given away dyed locks made into batts, sampled, created, and I STILL have clean undyed locks to play with! This fleece was a fantastic investment!

Anyhow, point being, I had this batt, heathered, combining dyed locks with undyed locks. I also had a bunch of dyed locks. I decided that rather than keep looking at them, I’d spin them. I’d just combine the batt with the dyed locks and call it a day.

Then I started spinning the batt. And it was spinning up so nice and fine, and easily. I loved it! I decided those locks wanted to be matching batts. So I devoted Tuesday evening to making 3 more heathered batts.


Pretty stuff!

And here’s why I insisted on more batts.


It’s just spinning up so nicely! The colors are amazing, and gentle, and I think this will make a lovely bouncy thin 3 ply yarn. I can’t wait to complete it!