Handspun February Lady sweater

Picture 133

Picture 135

Picture 134

Picture 136

This is my handspun february lady sweater.  I worked cap sleeves rather than the full sleeves.  I spun the wool from Lorna’s Laces wool top, 10.5 oz.  I ended up with about a yard of 2 ply left over, and had to block it out quite a bit to get length.  I am quite pleased with the end result though, and the wooden round vintage buttons work well with the overall look.

What is it? What is it for?

I sent some of my stash yarn off to Bunkybobo’s for overdyeing, as I was so done with that color.  We went for red (Big surprise, as both of us are really drawn to red tones).  What I love about this is that the red dye paired with yellow yarn left a salmony undertone rather than the pink that would have happened with  a white yarn.

Picture 132

What is it for?  An Amelia cardigan.  This I will be starting toward the end of October.  I’ve been itching to knit this for about a year now, so it is about time!

Sock Repair (again)

Back in March I knit these little mystery socks for Bug. They had an adorable icord edging that really complimented the pattern. They fit Bug great last year.  This year the foot still fits fine, but the i cord edging makes them too hard to pull over her heel.

So rather than scrapping them, I decided I could fix them.  I pulled off the i cord edging, added the live stitches to some needles, and knit a very small 2×2 rib cuff.  And now we have socks that will last through the winter.

Picture 115

Picture 131

Now if only I could fix her hot pink socks.  Not sure that is possible as they are pretty well felted at this point.

This year’s handspun sweater

I have a private little goal with myself to knit a handspun sweater each year.  So I present to you the second annual Shells handspun sweater.

Picture 112

I don’t actually have a whole lot of this handspun, so I’ve chosen a february lady sweater with cap sleeves.  The fiber was lorna’s laces wool top, 10.5 oz.  This is a 2 ply yarn which I pulled into small strips in order that I’d have less striping and more barber poling and muddying of colors.  I can see that there are stripes, but nothing noro like, so I am pleased thus far.  I think I will do the cap sleeves next so that I can just use the rest of the yarn for the body of the sweater.

The Bug is a Monkey

Well, she has Monkey socks anyhow.  I finished her pair.  This is good since she is growing out of her current hand knit sock stash, and she really does like them.

The final picture is one she took herself, it really was the only way I could get her to let me have a photo.  She was far more interested in going to bed.

Picture 111

Now that these are done, I can work on my yellow mystery socks.  They aren’t much of a mystery anymore since the clues have come out and I now know what they look like.  I guess now they are just a mystery to you!

What is it? What is it for? Episode 1

Picture 102

Since I don’t have a lot of interesting knitting to post, and not much to say quite frankly, I thought I’d start a new line of posts.  When I post one of these, I am either uninspired to take pictures, or at a point where picture taking would be boring for you.

This is Berroco Lustra.  I believe it is a new line from Berroco.  Worsted weight with the addition of tencel to the wool which makes it shimmer and gives it depth.  I picked it up at stitches midwest from the Webs booth.  It comes 197 yards per hank.  I chose this because J often complains of the lack of depth of color in the wools I choose.  I just didn’t think he could complain about this yarn, though I haven’t shown it to him yet.

What is it for?  It is for a Spartan Pullover. I thought J would like this design. He wanted a gray sweater, but as is typical for me, I could not resist the addition of red.

No, I don’t really know when I’ll get started.  It has been a very busy week and I cannot manage much beyond sock knitting.  So it may be awhile.

Learning something new


I decided that it is time for me to learn to make 2 socks at once.  Using magic loop.  Believe it or not, I’ve never tried it before.  So since these would be plain stockinette stitch, I decided to use a bit of self striping yarn I had on hand.

They are going faster than expected.  They do not match.  This does not bother me.  Does it?

Picture 110

Handspun Patent Stitch Scarf

This may have been the perfect project for my handspun, as the plain color really shows off the changing colors in the handspun yarn.  As you can see, it is reversible.  The side with the ultra alpaca held double is a soft side which is great around the neck while showcasing the color side.  When I completed this scarf it was a bit too small, perhaps 4 feet long.  I was rather concerned, but it blocked out to more than 5 feet which is quite a satisfactory scarf length.  Pattern is my own devising, I used US 10.5 needles and I believe I cast on 16 stitches.  Very loosely.  This scarf took just 5 days to knit, and I did not work on it exclusively.


It goes to J this weekend.  This is a cop out since I typically knit him a sweater this time of the year.  I just haven’t had the time, so this will have to do for now.

It has been a long time…

Since I’ve done any entrelac or worked with noro silk garden.  Despite that I love the effect.

I’ve had this noro silk garden in my stash for a long time, waiting to create a Lady Eleanor stole.  But, other knits have seemed to take precedence.  I needed some easy knitting this weekend as shaped knitting didn’t seem to be going so well, so I cast on.

This is what one skein yields,

Picture 100

I can’t wait to see what the next skein brings!

World Wide Spin in Public Day

Arrr, today is world wide spin in public day, which coincidentally falls on Talk Like a Pirate day. Gar.  Aye, my spinnin’ was all done on my porch as it is the first day I”e had in ages t’ just be at home with just the Bug. Gar. Arrr, She played, Me spun, and we had a lo’ely mornin’. Arrr, me am workin’ on a batt which has wool, alpaca, silk, and angora. Gar. Ahoy, the yarn is comin’ out a bit slubby so when I ply it, it should have an intarstin’ effect. Aye, the colors on this batt be just stunnin’, argh! A pence for an old man o’de sea?

Picture 099

Odd Feeling

It is an odd feeling to realize your daughter is now old enough that you wish you could text her during the day to ask her if she wants to do something after school.

Never mind that she does not have a phone, and cannot read or text yet.

Every day she becomes more and more a person to me. One who’s opinion counts and whom I am eager to share my time with.

Estonian Patent Stitch Scarf

So I took this class, on Estonian patent stitches.  It was fantastic, but I wanted the 3 hours to actually be 6 hours so I could learn more!  I needed to cast on something quick in order to keep the stitches fresh in my mind, so I grabbed some of my handspun and some leftover berrocco ultra alpaca, held the alpaca double throughout, and went to town.  This is what I have so far:

Picture 096

It is completely reversible.  And quite squishy, here is the other side:

Picture 097

Now I need to go visit the yarn shop, as I am out of ultra alpaca. 😦

Bug’s Monkeys

I tried to make some monkey socks for my mom.

Let’s demonstrate the problem.  Monkey’s on me:

Picture 094

On Bug:

Picture 095

They fit her perfectly, they are painful on me.  Sorry Mom!  Bug tells me I will need to find you some new yarn because she has claimed them.  On the other hand, they were a little wild, colorwise, anyhow.


I’ve got a sunny theme going lately.  I needed some yellow yarn for our September mystery sock.  It was really hard to find the right color yellow, one which I could actually accept wearing.  But, I found it at craftsmeow on etsy.  This is soft serve sock in butterscotch.  This sock is turning into the next monkey, the lace pattern is really fantastic fun to work!
Picture 075

And of course, it has been tough to wait on posting this, but the Sunburst coat which I’ve been test knitting is done!  Actually, its been done for a long time, but it took 3 days to dry.  It is lovely and the blocking did exactly what I had hoped, which was even out my maniacal stitches.

Picture 067

Picture 068

This coat is fantastic!  I knit it in size 6.  Bug is so pleased that she won’t take it off.  She thinks it is very very special (which it is) and wants to wear it all the time.  She looks absolutely adorable in it!

Bodice update

I figure I need to post an update, but it isn’t that interesting at the moment. I’ve been working on Bug’s coat, and will not be sleeping tonight until the bodice is complete. Though I have the full 15 inches in the lace pattern that is called for, Bug is tall and I think it could use yet another repeat. So I am going to do it even though finishing now is very tempting.

This means I can start the sleeves tomorrow and perhaps, JUST PERHAPS, have it done by Thursday.


A new pattern is born

Ummeyusuf came up with a lovely little coat for her daughter.  As this is a cute and fun pattern, it will be written down properly, and test knit.  Guess who gets to test knit?!  That would be me! I am way too excited about being able to do it, and though I don’t think I am really the right person for the job….it is a lot of fun! (I’ve already assumed a miswritten direction was my own poor counting skills….hence not being right for the job.)

I am now going to begin the bottom of the coat, it is moving right along since I only started on Monday.

Picture 060