Sniffles and Sneezes

On Monday evening, I decided to work a bit on my batt that I’d begun on the wheel. An odd thing happened. My eyes started to itch and my throat got all scratchy and some sneezing was done. It took me awhile, but I finally realized that it was likely that I was NOT getting sick, but could have something to do with my fiber. To be honest, it had a very slightly musty smell when I took it out of the package. Probably not noticeable to the general public, but as Mr. Ink says, I’ve got an oversensitive nose.

Well, my nose, AS USUAL, was not wrong. I sniffled and sneezed through the rest of that batt, and then washed my hands and face, ate dinner, took a benadryl, and went to bed.


There’s the resulting singles. They are quite pretty actually! But not sure they were entirely worth it. The unfortunate fact is…I’ve got 3 more of these batts! And, I just CANNOT toss them or give them away, I mean, fiber is an investment. So, I think I will spin them. I just have to pick a day that I am willing to power through them all at once, and deal with the resulting allergies.

I do think that once the yarn is properly washed, it won’t be a problem. I just have to get it to a point where it can be washed.

I do have a long weekend coming up, made longer by the fact I took an extra day off. So, I am thinking I may just pick one of those days as “the” day to finish the project.

In any case, that’s where I am right now! I admit that because of this, I haven’t been able to get tiny bits of spinning done in the mornings before work, lest I go to work allergic. And last night we had company. So crafting is slightly slow going at the moment. I AM hoping it picks up quite a bit over the long weekend!

An Easy Project

When I was a kid, I had so many stuffed animals! And one of the things I’d seen in a magazine somewhere was one of those hammocks you could hang on the wall and put your stuffed animals in. I craved one of those so hard! But it was not to be, and probably because stuffed animal ownership wasn’t exactly something my mother encouraged, due to a combination of dust allergies on my part, and my own tendency to keep every single thing that wandered into the house.

My kid follows close behind in the stuffed animal ownership department. She’s got a lot of them, and they drive me nuts, but she doesn’t have the allergies to really mess with her health, so the stuffed animals have stuck around. The other day I noticed a pattern for a crocheted plushie hammock, and boy I jumped right on that!

It was super easy to make, and I hung it using the 3m hooks that don’t ruin the walls.


It’s large! And it’s now ridiculously full. Miss Butterfly got nervous actually, about having this over her head at night. “What if it breaks?!” She wondered. I said “Well, then you’ll be buried in an avalanche of stuffed animals. And I doubt that will even hurt.”

The observant among you may notice this is one of those extremely rare occasions when I decided to crochet. I’ll admit, I am always somewhat uninspired to start a crochet project, and I am certainly not particularly skilled at it, but I do love how fast it goes once I do start it!

Weekend Trip

Mr. Ink and I spent this weekend at a biking/camping/music festival. Quite frankly, the two of us have been so entirely focused on the yard that the summer slipped by, and we ended up looking around and wondering where it went, and why we hadn’t been out having fun. (Well, the yard is fun. BUT, that’s not the type of fun we ended up looking for.)

Last weekend, I decided to purchase a new to me, one of a kind, fat bike. Quite frankly, it’s maybe more like I am the bike’s foster parent, as the previous owner didn’t truly want to sell it. So, I have given her the option of purchasing it back in the future if she decides she’d like to. In the meantime, I have a cool new bike to run around on, and that’s great fun for me.

Now, fat bikes are still a bit of a niche item, and you don’t see that many of them on regular rides. Though there are more and more all the time. In part, it’s because they take a lot more energy and muscles to actually ride. Those thick tires really hold you back, and the frames are heavy as well. I decided to take my new bike on the jamboree with me, even with Mr. Ink’s questioning of my plan.


Here she is, isn’t she the cutest? I ended up doing great! A little slower than usual, but Mr. Ink didn’t seem to mind at all, and agreed that it had gone better than he’d expected. The real bonus to these types of bikes is that you can roll over anything and you just don’t feel it. So, instead of avoiding sticks and cracks and bumps and fields, I head directly to them, running anything in my path over with my big fat tires, and it absolutely brings a grin to my face. Furthermore, the custom paint job on this one brings smiles to the faces of everyone around me. This is an awfully joyful bike! If someone commented on it at a stop, I’d let them take it for a spin, and the general consensus was that riding it makes you feel like a kid again, and that’s exactly the experience I had with it.

In the end, I rode 72 miles in 2 days on this bike. On a normal bike, that’s a long ride, but nothing to brag about for me. But on this thing? Yep, I am bragging!

The jamboree has a stop every 7-10 miles where you can rest and listen to live music, and then it culminates with a couple live bands in the destination town where we all camp. The headliner this year, and what truly sealed the deal on the trip, was Big Bad Voodoo Daddies. That just seemed like a fun show to see, and indeed it was!


I don’t love camping, but even that went well. I slept okish, and the trip home the next day was great. It did NOT rain! We arrived home, and I took a look at the radar only to see a huge storm popping up over the trail we’d just been on, encompassing the entire 35 miles we’d ridden. Boy were we fortunate!!! And I am glad we’d decided not to dawdle, but get home and take care of business.

Once home, all sore, sweaty, and exhausted, we decided to mow while we were still gross. I think between 4 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Sunday evening we managed to pack an entire weekend’s worth of work. Maybe not quite, but it felt like it!

In spinning news, on Friday night, in between packing for our trip, I finished the entire 8 oz. of crown mountain farms singles I’d been putting on support spindles. I am not sure if this is the first time I’ve ever done 8 oz. exclusively on support spindles, but if I have, it’s really rare. Generally I start out on support spindles, get bored of having an unfinished project, and throw the remainder on the wheel. This time? That entire 8 oz is on the spindles.


And, they look quite nice! I don’t think I’ll get an opportunity to ply these immediately though. I started a 3 batt project on my wheel before the wheel fell out of favor, and I suspect I’ll finish those singles first, then ply these singles after. I do actually have my heart set on a 3 ply, I think that will be the best use of these colors overall.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, now it’s time for me to catch up on your blogs!


Work Trip Knitting

I didn’t do much knitting on the work trip. While I used to knit at those events quite a lot, I find myself not really wanting to these days. Instead, I actually want to hear the lectures, learn more about the science. If the topics get so heavy my brain won’t understand even a little of them, I might do a little reading on my phone under the table. That might have worked this trip, except I forgot my phone charger. So, reading under the table wasn’t necessarily an option for very long.

Since I am an early riser however, I did get an opportunity to both go for a walk and get some knitting done in my room prior to the start of the morning session.


So I worked on a new project. It’s a 2 color baktus scarf out of berroco lustra. I’ve had this in stash for ages, I tried to make it into a 2 color sweater years ago, but it didn’t work. My knitting knowledge was pretty light back then, and I didn’t realize that the lustra, being a yarn with very little give, would make a 2 color sweater extremely difficult. In the end, I used that lovely grey for a lacy sweater that turned out great, and have had the leftover red and grey in my stash since then. It is absolutely time to use it up! And this baktus scarf looks quite nice. I guess I picked those colors for a reason, almost 10 years later, I still love them together.

2 garden photos today, my next dahlia, which has more of an orange tone than the last one, and a zinnia that a bee is enjoying quite a lot. I have another dahlia blooming, but it seems to be tasty to a certain type of bug in my garden that is trying to eat all my nice flowers, so I didn’t bother to take a picture. Hopefully I can save the next bloom on that plant for a photo.

That’s about it from me, next photos will probably be from a biking music festival we are attending this weekend. Expect those photos to look bedraggled, as it’s supposed to rain all weekend. We’ll attend anyhow, I believe, and attempt to suck it up.

The Trip

My overnight work retreat was a smashing success. Which is great, since I planned it. In the planning stages, quite a few things went wrong, such as the sales person somehow thinking I wanted different dates than I had asked for, then completely failing to get me a contract in a reasonable amount of time. I got the contract about a month before the event, noticed the incorrect dates, and pulled out the email I had sent with the dates I had asked for. Then, naturally, they didn’t have space for us, couldn’t guarantee the rooms we’d asked for, etc. To which I just kept saying “I am sorry, without that, I cannot sign this contract.” Until they finally figured out a way to bring their mix up to a satisfactory conclusion.

It was highly stressful. And I was, I admit, bemused, since they’d been courting me hard for the past 5 years to do this event again. That’s right, it had been 5 years since we’d had the event. I remember being not overly impressed with the overnight rooms at the venue, as well as having other disorganization issues, so I wasn’t easy to court. The rooms were shoddy, and there were beetles in the corner of my 4th floor rooms both times I’d been there. I am not afraid of bugs, but seeing them in a hotel room does make you question a thing or two.

Thankfully, once at the venue, I realized that the rooms had all been updated and were quite tidy, no sign of any beetles. The event went beautifully, no issues at all with staff (Except for the one person who decided to vacuum the door frame on the outside of our meeting room WHILE the meeting was in session, what was that about?!?!)

We like to spend time on the deck of the venue in the evening, so I’d been concerned about a storm I’d been tracking all evening, set to hit at 6:30 p.m., ruining our outdoor social time. But it did not hit at 6:30, though there were multiple storms all around us. We socialized on the deck and watched the lightning everywhere, but the storm didn’t hit us until 11:30 p.m., right around the time where the group should have been headed to bed anyhow.

On Wednesday morning I woke up quite early, figuring I could get breakfast and a walk in before the session began again. I put on my sneakers and headed downstairs for breakfast, thinking that I felt something in the toe of my shoe. A rock, or some such thing, but I really wasn’t sure where I’d picked it up, I hadn’t felt it the day before, and hadn’t walked through any gravel. I ignored it, and didn’t feel it for awhile. I had breakfast, and took a walk. That stone bothered me, but not enough to make me sit down and do something about it. I got back and headed up to my room for a few minutes of knitting, which I did. Then, I thought “Before I forget, I really should get that stone out of my shoe.”  So, I took off my shoe, and dumped it out. Only to find that “stone” was a real live beetle. Still alive! He must have crawled in there during the night, thinking it a good place to live. I sure showed him.

He scurried off, and I realized that 5 years later, things might look fancier, but we were still in the wilderness.


And really, there was only one thing to do. After the event was over, I took a nice long walk through the woods, and the surrounding areas.


Exploring and seeing what there was to see.


That’s not something I’d done before, so it was quite a pleasant endeavor and I am glad I did.

Mr. Ink stayed with Miss Butterfly, and it apparently went perfectly well. I was told that burgers, homemade french fries, and chocolate shakes during a movie were had. It’s nice, REALLY NICE, to be able to go away for work and just not worry.



I am through the second ruched section on my stole, I think there’s only 3 ruched sections. Though, depending on my yarn amounts, I might be convinced to knit another, we’ll see. The yarn really is amazingly soft, and I can only imagine that the ruching will making it sit nicely on the shoulders. This sounds quite lovely at the moment, considering how cool the mornings have been. Not that I expect that to last, it’s a little early for cool mornings around here.

It remained a quiet weekend for me, I didn’t even get the fridge cleaned out. We did go on a nice motorbike ride for lunch, it turned out to be a highly pleasant endeavor, and I could have kept riding most of the day. That’s not a thought process I’ve had this year very often, so it was welcome.

Mr. Ink, however, worked on another big gardening project involving rocks. I’ll try to snap a photo tonight, as it looks amazing so far, and he’s not even done.

Early in the year we had sat down and made quite a few lists. Lists for house projects, yard projects, motorbike projects, and bike projects. Long term stuff that needs attention, as well as shorter term stuff that could easily get done without too much time investment. We promptly put those lists aside and didn’t look at them again.

Yesterday I was doing a bit of sorting and came across the lists. It was absolutely amazing to me just how much we did get done even without consulting the list. Of course, then we also took the opportunity to add to the list. Because that’s kind of how lists go!

I am off for a work retreat tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes! I am hoping it brings me some extra knitting time, but I am not sure if that will be the case or not this time.

Feet up

On the couch, feet up, spinning. That’s how I spent a good portion of my day yesterday.


I made good progress too! Here’s where I started:


I began the project in March, and that’s exactly how far I got. as you can tell, I added to those two spindles, and then pulled out another 3. This is an 8 oz. project and somehow I’ve got it in my head that I should do it all on spindles. That being said, any other time I’ve said that, I eventually get bored with that idea, want a finished object, and spin the rest up on my wheel. We’ll see what happens this time.

As is always the case with Crown Mountain Farms, I tend to want to make a 3 ply since the colors are so crazy and different. But, it would also be fun to someday try a 2 ply. But, that’s hard to do when the fiber is so hard to come by these days in the first place. So, I haven’t decided if this will be my 2 ply or if I’ll wait and hope to get my hands on more CMF in the future. (Um, NOT counting the 3 bumps I have in stash currently.)

We did also do yard work, mowing in particular needed to be done, and I got a nice long walk in too. I am guessing we are looking at more of the same today. I know that cleaning out the fridge is on my list, due to a spill. However, despite the fact that I never WANT to do that job, it doesn’t actually take that long, I just avoid it on principle. But, I’ll also continue to enjoy my spinning today, maybe a little knitting too!

The Promised FO

Friday evening was full of rain. I had gotten home from work just about the time it started pouring, after another completely nutty day at the office. Mr. Ink was home early, as he was supposed to be at a half day outdoor concert, but that had gotten canceled. He used his extra time gardening, and I pulled into the driveway just in time to witness another one of his mad dashes to the workshop to put away his gardening implements.

He asked me what we should do with our evening, since he now had a free evening and it was raining. I told him that *I* would really like to order pizza and watch TV all evening like normal people. And so that’s what we did. Naturally, this meant a lot of knitting time for me, and I finished, soaked, and blocked the cowl I’ve been working on for Miss Marja out of her handspun.

Turned out quite beautifully, those colors really compliment each other nicely.

This morning I woke up pretty early, checked the temp, and realized it was a very cool comfortable 60F outside. I rolled over and told Mr. Ink it was 60 and I didn’t want to miss it, so I wasn’t going back to sleep! I opened all the windows and doors, and enjoyed a quiet morning walking around my garden with my coffee. While I know I’ll have to get some mowing done, I’ve been taking it pretty easy this morning, really just enjoying the quiet and the lack of stuff that truly needs to be done. I did dig out some more day lily sprouts in the veggie garden, but that’s really about it so far. Meanwhile, I’ve enjoyed some spindle spinning today. I don’t feel like wheel spinning at the moment, and am bored of knitting. So, I pulled out my 8 oz crown mountain farms project I started ages ago, and got a little more on that done. I guess kicking back with my feet up is my perfect place at the moment. What’s your favorite way of dealing with an overwhelming work week?

Almost Done…

It’s a little painful when you get SO CLOSE to the end of a project but have to stop and work on real work!


That’s just a few yards left and a kitchener stitch, soak, and block between me and a finished object! On the upside, that means a finished object is likely for this weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

Stole My Heart

I’ve been a bit blogging quiet this week. I haven’t felt like I had much to post. Or, perhaps, the sheer exhaustion of every day right now is making me rather uninspired to go that one extra step of taking photographs. I’ve got huge work projects that will culminate with an event mid October and basically, my life is not my own until then.

And I think that’s why a very simple ruched stole has stolen my heart.

I cast this on last weekend, put it down for our overnighter, and then have been knitting on it exclusively at home. I am using 1,000 yards of my own handspun yarn. Two skeins which are supposed to match but do not, because I spun them at different times and the colorways may not be from the same batch of fiber. (I also received that fiber at different times from different places, so that seems likely.)


As you can see, one of them has far more saturated colors than the other. The more saturated one was spun first. Both skeins were spun on spindles, but the earlier skein was at a time when I was less skilled at keeping my yarn even. So, there seem to be loads of differences between the two skeins. In order to make that less noticeable, I decided to alternate rows with this project.  It seems to be working fairly well. There’s what looks like a stripy bit at the beginning, but then it begins to blend pretty well.

I do believe that the exhaustion of the work week right now lends itself nicely to unwinding with super long rows of just plain knitting and purling.

I did begin a little spinning before we left on our overnighter last weekend. I am spinning up some nunoco batts I had in stash, and they are spinning quite smoothly. I am trying for a thicker yarn, since I often complain about being unable to spin thicker yarns.


Now that I look at it, I am not sure how well I am doing! But it will be a 3 ply, so we’ll see.

In garden news, Mr. Ink brought home 8 boulders, and seems to be using his spare gardening time to prep an area where they will sit. I can’t quite understand his vision right now, so I am looking forward to the end result which I feel confident will be lovely. As for me, my gardening time has been pretty light, but the dahlias I planted rather late are just beginning to bloom, here’s my first one:


Flowers are so exciting and charming! I’ve got a total of 9 dahlias, and they were an assortment, so each one will be a surprise. Though…the other one that looks like it may bloom soon looks like it could match. I need a way to tag my bulbs so I can know which colors I have in the future! We’ll see if I can come up with a system this fall.

One last item of note, I have a new monster in my garden.


I’ve been eyeing this monster for quite awhile now, years! I finally decided the gnomes in the garden could no longer go unchecked, so here we are. He’s currently rampaging among the caladium, but I am not sure it’s his final home yet.

I hope everyone else is having a less busy week than I am, but if not, take heart, the weekend is soon! And I hope to have a finished object to show off at that time.

An Overnighter

We decided, this weekend, to get out of town. Meaning, it’s the end of the summer season really, and we suddenly seem to have decided that gardening ISN’T all there is to life after all! And we have this urge to pack everything into the short time left of summer. Of course, since Miss Butterfly is back in school, we also have to plan those things on the weekends.

We had originally planned for this weekend a 5 hour drive and a camping/tubing trip on a river with some friends. But, Mr. Ink couldn’t get Friday off, and I wasn’t overly eager to take Miss Butterfly out of school after she just started either. The idea of leaving on Friday night, driving 5 hours, setting up 2 tents, sleeping, getting up early to make camping breakfast and then to head out on tubes for an entire day on the river, then making camp food, sleeping, waking up the next morning to pack it all up and drive 5 hours home sounded….well…not that fun. I need a little more time for that trip than we had, so we decided to let go of our deposit for the trip and choose something else instead.

I thought Miss Butterfly would protest this mightily, as she’s the big proponent of camping around here, and really enjoys the tubing trip. However, we also realized the group that we’d be going with had no other children going this year. We kind of count on our group having kids in it, for Miss Butterfly to hang with. Once she realized that no kids were going, she, too, was in for a change of plans.

We left Saturday afternoon, heading to Kansas City. I really enjoy KCMO and have been there many times, so I chose the restaurant that night, we went out for indian food. Basically, it’s much better there than anything we have here. We had a great meal and then went to find our hotel.


It had this great little window seat that Miss Butterfly enjoyed so much. She sat there as late as we allowed, then went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, she was up on that window seat again.

Our outing was a visit to  Schlitterbahn waterpark. We’ve always wanted to go, and it’s certainly something that can all be done in one day, with a drive home after it closes. We spent a lovely day there. The weather was about 87F, so not too hot, the water was plenty warm but not too warm. There were a lot of people there in the middle of the day, but it wasn’t too bad at the beginning and end of the day. We were able to do all the things we wanted to do and then some. Miss Butterfly and I spent a lot of time later in the day just swimming, enjoying the lazy(ish) river without a tube.

We then hit up a local Chili’s, since that seemed fast and easy after a day of swimming.


Unfortunately that poor restaurant was dealing with a major staffing issue that night, only 3 people in the kitchen and 4 on the floor. They were struggling, and as such, we’d gotten quite a lot of free stuff. Here’s Miss Butterfly unwinding and munching while we waited on our food. She looks a little red, but the reality is that this morning, she’s not red at all. She’s such a lucky kid to have her father’s genetics. She just tans right up. Meanwhile, my skin didn’t get so lucky. I am tanned (for me) from gardening, but that wasn’t quite enough, I did fairly well, overall, as not burning is a major challenge for me, but the tops of my feet (Which were whiter than snow and had gotten a lot of sunscreen) burned up pretty well, as well as my knees. Stuff sticking out of the tube really!


She’s playing Sim City here, and I interrupted. It wasn’t so welcome.

We drove home, or should I say I drove home, to the sounds of snoring from Miss Butterfly and Mr. Ink. I’d say it was a pretty pleasant day!

I did get to knit a tiny bit, but not much. Not worth showing off at this time anyhow!

In Knitting


I have been working on this foreign correspondent’s scarf for Miss Marja lately. It’s an easy to memorize pattern so it makes for great work knitting. This weekend it’s on a road trip with me for a little extra time as well. Which is great, because my other project, which I haven’t bothered to show off yet, is going to be a very very long slog!

While You Weren’t Looking

I managed to spin more loop cloud 3 ring circus singles and get those plied with the remainder of my fatcatknits batt. I guessed how much I needed in the way of singles to match the fatcatknits singles. When I finished the fatcatknits singles I had exactly 2 inches of the loop cloud singles left. There’s NO WAY I could have been more accurate in my guess. That was fun!

I ended up with 370 additional yards of this fabulous and weird combination. That means I have a grand total of 1,230 yards of 2 ply!


All I need do now is find the perfect project for them. I feel certain these won’t sit in my stash for long, my obsession is pretty strong with these skeins.

In other news, Miss Butterfly and I have been enjoying some Pokemon Go these past two days. Or rather, I’ve been enjoying the company on my walk, and she has been enjoying pokemon go. I am pretty much her handler while she plays the game. However, we are enjoying it greatly. It gets me out of my walk routine, as she’s off chasing a nearby pokestop, or wanting to explore a new area. And, she wants to play more than I would typically walk, so our walks get long when we have the time for it. It’s been a pretty nice way to spend some time together!

We are headed to a water park this weekend for some fun time away. I figure it is one of the last weekends to do it, since despite the fact that it remains hot here often through September, they close everything up after Labor Day anyhow. So, we’ll enjoy a little quality time with Miss Butterfly while the summer remains.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Shiny and New

We’ve had some pretty amazing weather here. In the heat department, upper 90s with feels like temps of 114. Then evening storms. Our Wednesday night surprise storm crept up on us, and then gave us hurricane style wind and sideways rain. It came out of nowhere, and Mr. Ink was outside pulling weeds, so all of a sudden he comes running across the lawn with his weed bucket quite soaked.

We watched that storm from the living room, watching our trees bending dangerously and the busy road completely flooding. It was pretty wild. And, it allowed us to get stuff done in the house since everything was then watered. I did a bunch of plying, Mr. Ink worked on one of his fish tanks, and I ended up finishing a skein.

I hung it out to dry Thursday afternoon, figuring the 97F weather would dry that skein fast. It sure did! So, I got some snapshots of it prior to the next nice big rainstorm that came through.


815 yards of 3 ply fingeringweight yarn. I adore it!

Let’s take another look!


Yep, that one turned out quite well, I am glad I did a full 8 oz project.

During yesterday’s storm, I began spinning up more 3 ring circus so I could complete my 3 ring circus/fatcatknits batt project. The heat has left outdoors so undesirable that my spinning production seems quite high at the moment.

The latest garden area that we edged and walled was an area that was creating a water problem in the basement. Now, our basement isn’t finished, so it isn’t a big deal. However, we’ve been anxious since we moved in to cure that water problem. We decided that before we tried particularly drastic measures like digging trenches and laying in rocks or a pipe for drainage, we’d try the simple measures. Mr. Ink chose the viburnum for that garden as we needed something larger to take up the water there. Removing the rotting raised wood edgers was also priority, and the new garden slopes nicely to the side as well as building up the dirt at the base of the house to keep water from the foundation.

After two heavy rainstorms in a row, causing flash flood warnings to pop up all over my phone, I can honestly say with a bit of confidence we got the basement water issue fixed. We don’t have any immediate plans to finish the basement, but it is one of those things we talk about from time to time. I’d say that getting the water issue fixed is absolutely step one!

That’s all from me this morning, hoping to have a pleasant update tomorrow as well, maybe even some finished yarn again! Have a great weekend everyone!



It’s been a nutty few days. On Monday, Miss Butterfly was to arrive via airplane from a visit with my parents. It would be her first flight where she was a Young Traveler rather than an unaccompanied minor. Young travelers are basically responsible for themselves. Due to this, I’d decided she should be on a flight which kept her on the same plane all the way through to her destination. But, the destination had to be an airport 3 hours from home. So I was to leave work and drive 3 hours to pick her up, and drive back home.

I got a call mid day saying that if she stayed with that flight, she’d end up stranded in Orlando, and so they were going to move her to a flight that did change planes, arriving in her destination city a little earlier than I’d anticipated.

Well, I wasn’t thinking. I mean, I was at work, and had a visitor here who was also having flight issues, and as soon as I hung up the phone I realized that if she was going to be changing planes, the ENTIRE PURPOSE of me driving 3 hours to a different airport was moot. I quickly texted my family who were already close to the airport that things had changed, quickly looked at flight options, picked one that would get her into our airport, and called the airline. The rep that I spoke to wasn’t that eager to change things, but put me on hold while she asked a supervisor. Meanwhile, my parents arrived at the airport, noticed the change, and called me. So, now I’ve got two phones, one to each ear, trying to figure out what to do. Thankfully the rep at their airport was quick to agree to the destination city change, and I hung up on the airline from my end.

Now, you would think that flying alone and changing planes would be a bit distressing to a youngster, but not our Miss Butterfly. To be fair, I’ve been training her from a young age to be able to figure out what needs to be done at the airport. I started by explaining everything to her, showing her tickets and how to locate gates and information, when she was 4. By the age of 8, I began asking her what we should do next, so that she could work it out herself. When asked if she could do the plane change, her response was basically “I can if you give me all the information!” She was very confident about it, and seemed to think her mother and grandmother a bit silly for their anxiety.

Not only did she travel beautifully, but she was very good at keeping in contact with the airline where she switched planes, letting someone know when she was headed out for some food, and then letting them know again when she got back to the gate. They do worry over their young travelers and try to keep tabs on them, and the airline rep was so pleased with her communication, she sent Miss Butterfly back out with a $10 gift certificate for ice cream.

All in all, a grand success. Miss Butterfly arrived home a tired but triumphant traveler, ready to putter about the house, and sleep in her own bed. Where she told me how much she loved the perfectly perfect yellow color on her walls in her room.

Yellow. It’s a theme lately.


I began plying the yellow/purple/grey singles yesterday. I took the day off to hang out with Miss Butterfly. We got her physical done in the morning, along with 2 immunizations. She had her first experience with almost fainting. She doesn’t like those needles AT ALL, though she tolerates them because she knows they keep her from getting ill. Then we headed off to finish school supply shopping, and home to do some laundry. Pretty soon she was in contact with her local friends catching up with them. We walked down to pick up one of them, then the girls walked to the school to turn in her immunization records and physical sheet, and to put her stuff in her new locker.

This left me time to mow. She spent a few hours meeting up with all her local friends at the local pool, then once she arrived home we got to spend some time with her and have a nice dinner together. All in all a lovely day spent together, which is great because….

Today I have a middle schooler. She’s in 7th now, with a locker and changing classrooms, and everything else middle school entails. Apparently she was so nervous that she really didn’t sleep last night, and was quite frustrated when I woke up this morning. I suspect she’ll sleep great tonight!


More yellow, the color of these two gorgeous missouri evening primroses on our front bank. I noticed them blooming beautifully when we brought Miss Butterfly home from the airport Monday night. I just had to go get a photo. We planted these tiny plants earlier this year. There were 4, but only 2 survived. They seem to also be thriving! I think I’ll have to have a set for the back yard next year, I really love them!

Finished Object!

You may remember this handspun crepe yarn I created awhile back.


The main colors are inglenook batts and the third single is my own hand dyed silk hankies. I had intended to knit it into a cowl, and I did knit all the yarn. And then at some point I realized that I was just sitting on an almost finished object but had an odd mind block about it. It sat and sat and it took me awhile to figure out why. Why? I didn’t want to connect it into a cowl. It was a gradient, and I didn’t like the idea of the dark purple seamed with the blush color I began with.

Once I figured that out, I decided the best option would simply be to cast off, and allow it to be a gradient scarf.

And that was that! I do like the gradient scarf look, and I think I am far more likely to wear it that way than I would have been as a cowl.

A Spinning Day

Yesterday I spun. I mean, for real, it’s basically ALL I did. I mean, I took a walk, and cleaned a few things up, and swept the patio, but mostly, I spun. Mr. Ink worked on my latest garden wall and edging, and then had a friend over to visit, so he wasn’t asking me to go places or do anything in particular with him, and so I just…spun. All day.


I finished the second bobbin of this dyeing arts 8 oz. project. And then I kept spinning some more, and finished more than half of the third bobbin.


So so much spinning! I haven’t spun like that in ages. It was extremely pleasant to lose an entire day to my wheel.

Mr. Ink did finish the wall and edging of the iris bed. It looks amazing. As is typical with our home, each task becomes a surprise, and the surprise for this task was finding a large pipe of some sort, capped off, directly under the sod.  It was exactly where Mr. Ink was to be putting stones, so he decided to put one oddly shaped stone there so that we’d know exactly where it was, in case it is an important pipe in the future.


Another great looking improvement in our garden area, I can’t wait to see the next one!


I guess you could say that yesterday was spinday. Actually, I finished this skein on Friday, wound it off, and then soaked it saturday morning. After some time outdoors in the afternoon sun, it was dry enough for a photo.


That is 860 yards of 2 ply yarn. One ply is a fat cat knits batt, and the other is loop’s 3 ring circus cloud. It’s possibly my favorite yarn ever created. And, I had almost half a bobbin left of the fat cat knits batt singles!


That’s a ton of leftover singles! I’d been trying to pace myself with making a decision about purchasing some more 3 ring circus, but really as soon as I saw that yarn dry, I had to do it. So, needless to say, I am not done with this spin. And I can’t wait to get the next loop cloud!

In the meantime, I am back to that dyeing arts purple/yellow/grey combo.


I got about half a bobbin of that done yesterday, which feels like amazing progress since the entire project is an 8 oz. one. The weather was blissful yesterday, so much of this was patio spinning while listening to podcasts, just a beautifully relaxing day.

I did get some garden stuff done as well though! I dug up almost all the hostas from my shade garden. That might sound like sacrilege, but when we moved in, hostas were the ONLY thing in that bed, and that was just boring. As of right now, I’ve left 3. However, I think I’ll remove one more. The two that are left are different, one is green leaves with an off white edge, and the other plain green leaves.


I put together a laundry basket of dug out hostas and offered them up to locals on the book of faces. I’ve got two takers, and there are a good 6-8 solid sections that can be taken. I’ll be pleased if they go to a new home, but I am not going to be too upset if they don’t either. I am at a point I can trash them.

The best part? This means I was able to move the faltering bleeding heart I purchased earlier this year. It was desperately trying to produce in the area I placed it, even blooming a couple times, desperately, with one little bleeding heart hanging down. But, it just didn’t seem to be able to get ahead. I moved it to a section where a hosta used to be, giving it plenty of room, and gave it a good watering. This morning it already looks better. It shouldn’t! Transplants shouldn’t look better the day after you transplant. But…nevertheless, it does. It must have been in a fabulously poor place for it!

We did a lot more dividing and moving of plants in the cooler weather yesterday. I dug out some more orange day lilies, divided and moved some mums, and Mr. Ink divided his silver mounds. I even got a chunk of one of those! I am pretty sure I am just about done dividing and moving mums, I suspect the next thing will be just to dig them up and out of my veggie garden. I figure saving one chunk of each is good enough.

Today it may or may not rain. I figure, either way it’s all good. But, if I go out on the patio for some spinning time, it probably will rain! So, that’s what I am headed out to do.

One Quiet Morning

Well, it’s one of my mornings where no one else is at home. These are the most blissful for me. I treasure them so much! I’ve been out to wander among the flowers, gotten laundry started, am now on my second cup of coffee, and the day (until 1:30 when Mr. Ink gets home from work) spreads out in front of me with limitless possibilities! There’s just no time I feel more optimistic than I do when home alone.

Yesterday, Mr. Ink found 2 praying mantises on a car at work. Naturally I told him to bring them home, half joking. But, I really thought maybe they might help with my budworm problem. Actually, it was particularly odd, since another friend, who is an auto technician at another dealership in town, also posted that he’d had 3 praying mantises on his first car of the day. With as alien as mantises look, with their odd long legs, way of articulating their bodies, large eyes, triangle heads, and ability to turn their heads 180 degrees, you could almost believe that small aliens were attempting an alien take over of the area car dealerships.


Guess what? Mr. Ink brought home a mantis in a box for me! He really is the best! The mantis is still around this morning, so that’s hopeful!

I’ve also found the best time to see and pick budworms, 8-9 p.m. when we are generally making dinner is the best time. They come out to feed, and I can actually get ahold of them and get rid of them. The battle rages on!

In spinning news, nothing new to show you, but I do have a skein of wet handspun sitting next to me. That means tomorrow there will be a finished skein!

But, I thought maybe I’d bring you up to date with my knitting. The cowl I’ve been working on is close to completion, all I need to do is a bind off, but somehow the motivation to get that done seems to be wandering off. So it’s been sitting on the needles that way for days. I think it’s that I love the yarn so much I don’t quite want the project to be done. When I bind off, it’s done.

Instead, I started a new project. This one is out of Miss Marja’s yarn, and it’s also for her. Time to add to her collection.


Look at those colors together! You can perhaps see why I am so eager to work on this, it’s just gorgeous! And you don’t even know all the colors we’ll be getting to yet! The pattern is foreign correspondent’s scarf, but I’ve cast on provisionally so that I can connect it to be a cowl.

That’s all from me, stay tuned for a skein of handspun tomorrow, and see JUST how much more handspun singles I have on the project to mess around with!

The Plying That Will Not End

Not that I am in a huge rush for it to. But I AM in a rush to own this yarn as a finished product.


That riot of color just thrills me to pieces. As do the chunky bits.

I actually seem to have a lot more yardage of the fat cat knits batt singles than I do of the Loop 3 ring circus singles. I am not entirely sure I won’t purchase more 3 ring circus and finish the project off that way. Let’s see what kind of yardage I get once I run out of the 3 ring circus singles, then I’ll take it from there.

I headed out to my garden after work, because I could see we had a bunch of storms brewing. I am NOT a particularly good midwesterner, I think it’s because I didn’t grow up here. So, when I heard the tornado sirens go off, I immediately looked around, saw nothing, and having looked at the radar before going outside, decided I was in no danger. I continued deadheading, and staking plants, and so on. And then I realized that TRULY I should be a better midwesterner and at least go inside, if not to the basement. I gathered my stuff, and meandered indoors. Only to look at the radar and the weather and find out that the sirens were going off here for tornadoes in a different county. I KNEW I didn’t have to take it seriously! (In all seriousness, I am always grateful when those sirens don’t mean anything to me. And thankfully, yesterday’s weather did not cause damage that I am aware of, though the pictures are pretty fantastic.)

After I realized the sirens didn’t apply to me, I headed back out doors for awhile, and was JUST completing what I’d set out to do when the rain began. I went inside and spun, as Mr. Ink had decided to stay at work until the worst of the storm had passed. The gardens got a great soaking, and since we’d planned to spend our evening watering, that was a relief. The storms pulled in cooler air, so we spent about an hour messing around in the garden, pulling weeds and so on since watering was no longer necessary.

I am still struggling with a nasty case of budworms on….basically everything. My roses, and all the potted plants. It’s SO highly irritating to see a fresh rosebud with a hole all the way through it! I am headed to the store after work to see what I can find that might more effectively deal with them.

That’s it for this Friday, we are looking forward to the weekend!


Not Much in Pictures

I’ll just have to use my words.

It’s again quite oppressively hot and humid. Hard to motivate to be outdoors, even to walk to a car. Thankfully, I had a perfect excuse to NOT be out in the weather yesterday, even though it isn’t precisely an excuse I wanted. But, that’s selfish. Let me explain.

We have a wonderful friend here, IntrovertedKnitter. Go check out her blog if you aren’t already following, she’s wonderful. It’s been my great pleasure to have met her through the blogosphere, reached out to her, and made real life friends with her. I am sure she thought that, initially, weird and uncomfortable but she got over it pretty fast. 🙂

Unfortunately for us, she’s moving away. I’ve tried to keep it as positive as possible, because it’s a GOOD move for her and hers, and I am so happy FOR them. But it’s certainly a loss for us.

So I planned a little send off with a few of our friends, some wine and cheese, good company, and a little bit of crafting. Really, it was more about the wine, cheese, and good company last night. But, I did get a little plying done. I did not, however, manage to get a photo of that plying.

We also had the company of our friend Marja’s small dog Max. Marja rescued Max about a month ago, and it’s been fun to see him go from being a rather anxious little dog to a dog full of confidence, finding his scritches in anyone who is offering them, in such a short period of time. Absolutely a testament of good dog ownership paired with a very good and agreeable little dog.

At some point during the evening, Marja deposited Max on my lap while I was plying, and he settled right in on my leg, not even minding that I continued to spin while he hung out there. Naturally, a photo was taken, and I kind of love it, the spinner in action and the cuteness of a little happy dog.


It was a very pleasant and low key send off, and a very VERY enjoyable evening. And, now I’ve got another friend to visit if we want to travel to the pacific northwest someday.

The Usual

I came home from vacation to find this swallowtail caterpillar on my dill plant. I love the opportunity to raise some butterflies, so despite the fact that I know it will eat my dill or parsley to the ground if there’s not much of it, I always let them be. The dill and the parsley always grow back, and being out of an herb for a short time doesn’t bother me much.


I did pick a budworm off the same parsley this morning. Budworms don’t get the interfere with the swallowtail cat food source!

The rose of sharon is blooming! We’d cut it back SO far last fall that I really wasn’t sure it would bloom this year. It’s not having an issue.


It’s a little bit later than the other ones in our area, but it’s producing!

After mowing, I sat outside on the patio despite the humidity, trying to get my spinning done.


I was so close to finishing this bobbin I couldn’t quit! Mr. Ink came and sat on the patio for a bit as well, and then started fussing about the neighbor’s junk trees again. I told him he should take time to enjoy the yard and he responded that he finds sitting and looking around the yard stressful. I told him it’s not OUR yard that is stressful! He just fusses about other people’s yards. He actually picked a bucket full of bagworms off the neighbors bush near our property line yesterday, figuring that working on the neighbor’s trees would save his trees in the future. That particular neighbor has a full 3 lots, with tons of trees, so the little wooded area near our property doesn’t get a lot of attention from the neighbor. Despite this, I think Mr. Ink has a good enough relationship with that neighbor to let him know about the bagworms. Of course, that doesn’t actually mean he’ll do anything about it, but it would be nice for him to know WHY Mr. Ink keeps picking at his trees!

In any case, I had to register Miss Bug for school this morning, which meant I spent more time at home than I generally would in the morning. Between a little after dark plying, and this morning, I’ve got a perfectly lovely start on this 2 ply.


If I keep looking at the two ply, I can almost forget what a complete cluster getting registered for school was!

Last Full Day

We did it guys! We actually had a genuinely relaxing day. The kind of day most anyone would call relaxing. We had decided we were going to allow the morning to be relaxing, as there was a storm system that was moving through, and we thought perhaps it would be best to wait to see it move on, lest we get rained on during our planned bike ride. We decided to ride after lunch. But, then I wanted to nap. And it was windy. So I napped, and Mr. Ink napped, and he napped even more than me, and basically we did all our sleeping in during one nap. And I finished this bobbin.


I made sure that bobbin had a view.

Then we decided it was too windy, and we might go shopping. But we didn’t go shopping. Instead, I spun and Mr. Ink did yoga, and later in the evening we went out to dinner. Where we had the biggest size medium margaritas ever.


I would hate to see what a large looked like. The food was inexpensive, but those margaritas didn’t have a price on them, and as it turns out, they were as expensive as our dinners. Oh well, it’s vacation, right? After that we stopped at a store to get a few provisions for the house, basically replacing things we had used while there, and then we decided to go to a little dive bar the locals had recommended that was very near us in order that we could watch the sunset.

That bar was SUCH a dive. But it had SUCH a view! It was lovely. Then we headed back home, and I spun late into the evening while listening to some Cowboy Junkies, which always has the lovely effect of relaxing me quite completely.

This morning we’d planned another quick adventure. We were up bright and early putting the house back together for the next guests, as we had decided to take the tandem bike in the garage over to the little diner for breakfast. I looked at the radar right before we left, and it became clear the tandem ride wasn’t going to happen. We drove to the diner (In my brain I want to say “like losers” because it’s about a mile, and every other time we went into town we took our bikes.) to have our last breakfast there, and by the time we got home it was pouring.


This is a pic of the spinning I got done yesterday, I was also hoping to pick up the pouring rain on the deck, but that didn’t happen. Anyhow, this bobbin is my loop! cloud in 3 ring circus, it’s so fun!

We quickly finished putting the house in order and packing the car, then headed back home. We drove out of the storm, into the hotter weather, only to realize that my AC has decided to have some issues. Thankfully, it’s due for an oil change anyhow, so Mr. Ink can just take it into work sometime this week and all should be well. I am telling you, having a car tech for a partner is MADLY useful.

All in all, an excellent relaxing vacation. I am not sure if it was the amazingly good bed, the vacation, or the nice cool weather, but despite being a terrible sleeper, I slept amazingly well that entire vacation. I keep telling Mr. Ink I am going to ask my friend about her mattress and go get one. Our activities and non activities were fantastic as well. I am already looking forward to the next lake adventure, I told my friend that I am bringing garden implements of destruction next time and working on a few spots in her yard. I know she won’t mind one bit, and will be quite grateful. It’ll be a nice way to say thank you.