The End of a Starter Project Pan

So, a month ago I decided to try my hand at panning (or using up) some items even though I am less than 6 months into a makeup obsession. So, let’s see where I got.


The clinique cleanser is gone, the container in my empties box. The Clinique CC cream is gone, thrown in the trash. I actually think that it really had gone bad. In front of that cover fx highlighter drops. I tried to make these work for me a few ways, and each time I was just ridiculously annoyed at them. They are gone too, but by “gone” I mean they are in Miss Butterfly’s collection now. The perfume I used daily, or almost daily, without using any other kind. No discernable progress. This is a great lesson in just how long it takes to use perfume. The elf setting spray I used 5 grams. I really only started using it seriously about a week and a half ago, so it’ll be easy to pan next month. The elf eyebrow pencil, because it really was my only eyebrow product, did get used. I think I can get that panned next month too. As for the eyeshadow, I did hit pan on the transition color! And I used a total of 2 grams.


Next group from left to right. The Origins eye cream I used 1 gram. The night cream I managed to use 7 grams and the gel moisturizer I used 3 grams. A funny thing happened this month while trying to use up the hair balm, over 3 grams used, and that is I fell in love with it. I guess that’s what these subscription boxes hope will happen! I haven’t purchased any yet, as I’ve got a ton of other hair products to try to get through before I try to get serious about settling in on a favorite product. Then there’s the lip exfoliator. I didn’t figure I’d find any progress at all on this, but I used 2 grams.

Halfway through the month I decided I didn’t have enough to pan with this (silly, I know) So I added a few things.


The peeling gel is close to gone, but I really only use it once a week. And, well, I found another on sale and purchased it so there’s a back up on its way. The Clinique gel is gone. The porefessional 1 gram, and no discernable progress on the Urban Decay primer potion.

So, I completely used up 3 products, moved another product out of stash, and made progress on everything else. Not too shabby really. I’ll be adding another post tomorrow of the next project pan, but I’ve decided to do things a little differently. So you can call this past month a starter project pan, next time I’ll be a little more focused, and the blog post will be rather large. Miss Butterfly helped me though, so it was fun to spend time together with it.

I’d Better Update My Totals

Because I haven’t updated my spinning totals for awhile, and look what I finished!

That’s a very large skein of 2 ply, 1285 yards in fact. No wonder it felt like FOREVER while I was plying! I think 1285 yards is actually enough for a sweater. Maybe even a featherweight cardigan! So I plan to set this aside for a future date and a future sweater.

I love that I combined two similar bumps of fiber. It really added to the depth of the project, and I was quite surprised while plying that it wasn’t just shades of green, purple, and green and purple barberpoled. Of course, when I look at it in skein form, all I see is purple, green, and green and purple barberpoled. So, I think its depth won’t be seen until I knit it into something.

I began spinning another spindle spun project, so we’ll see how that goes. And I pulled out some fiber to put on the wheel next too. I have two bumps of the same colorway, and am considering doing a traditional 3 ply for one bump and a chain ply for the other, in order to have two different but complimentary skeins. Might be fun for a change!

Up next will be two days of makeup related blog posts, one on my May project pan, and the other on what I’ll be working on over the summer.

I am glad it’s a short week because in just two days the week has been brutal. Thankfully the heat broke somewhat and we got a little rain. That’s a relief at least! Now if only work would slow down a bit so I can get back on track there…

One more day of this….

This was a genuinely needed long weekend. I spent all day Sunday just a little amazed at how much I was getting done around the house and also that I had one more day to keep it up. It remains ridiculously hot. I got up early and got my watering of all my plants done early, as well as a little more planting too. Everything that I currently have purchased this year is now in the ground. Including this lovely addition to my lily collection:


A lovely rose on the outer edges and a cream in the middle. I am THRILLED to have it! I am sure it’ll bloom closer to the others next year, but this year I get to enjoy its drama all by itself.

I do think I’ll pick up some more stuff this year, annuals to fill some bare spots in. Mr. Ink did an overhaul on my shade garden by the shop. He had put a Japanese maple in there, and I’d been mentioning that it needed his expert touch. The soil was pretty bad and needed good turning. And he wasn’t thrilled with the placement of plants. And I wasn’t thrilled with one of the huge hostas in that garden. I didn’t really want to get rid of it either, so he took it and found a new spot for it.


It’s by a new tree in another shady area with some ajugas we’ve been nursing along for the last 3 years. And that is again, a bit less yard to mow for Mr. Ink.

Saturday night I finished all the singles from the purple and green combo spin.


I didn’t bother to start plying Saturday night, but bright and early Sunday morning I got to work on the singles I’d spun on spindles.


I was done with this before noon, and with the high heat all I had to do was soak it, run it through the spin cycle on the washer, and lay it out in the sun for a brief time. And I had finished yarn! 570 yards of 2 ply.

Now I am on to plying the combo spin which is going to take a little longer. I am also itching to organize my yarn stash and fiber stash, in part because that room itself is a little dirty and out of control looking. It’s mostly Mr. Ink’s problem, but he’ll think of it as a problem perhaps once a year. So I may get to tackling that project today. Plus, shopping with Miss Butterfly who desperately needs more shorts.

And that’s about it from my corner of the world. Have a great day, and if it’s an extra day off, that’s extra special!


What a Day

When I look back over yesterday, I realize we really got a massive amount accomplished. And yet, since it was one of those days where we had no where to be (Mr. Ink and I) it seemed very relaxing. Today is day 3 of 100F here in the heartland, unseasonably hot for this time of year. Typically we could expect a mild summer after a particularly cold winter, but doesn’t look like that’ll bear out this year. The trees are taking it very hard. (As am I.)

Miss Butterfly had a wedding to attend and was being picked up by her stepmom at 11:30. So, I let her know what her chores would be prior to her leaving the house. Also, she decided it was time to give Lizzie a bath. And ever so right she was. I mean, I knew Lizzie stunk but the bathwater was so brown with dust! We also trimmed the fur on her paws and she got an extra lot of brushing which was good because she’s going through another shed and seemed to really want to be brushed yesterday. She looks, feels, and smells great now! But, it really is a long process.

Then Miss Butterfly, after finishing her chores, decided to do half her makeup for the wedding while still at home, leaving the eyes to work on at her dad’s house. She put her foundation on herself,using Dr Jart+ bb cream, as she tanned up so well in Alabama none of her own foundations match anymore. (And I tanned up so well in Alabama that my sample of Dr Jart+ is too light for me.) She was also thrilled to realize she could use my Tarte shape tape as she is now dark enough to do so, prior to this it toned yellow on her and looked terrible. She used my Coty airspun powder to set everything, and then decided she wanted me to work on her bronzer, blush, and highlight. So, I did that for her, keeping a light hand as she’s still so pale it’s hard for me to adjust. We used PF Butter bronzer, Flower Beauty flower pots blush in sweet pea, and the new PUR cosmetics palette for highlighter. She also wanted me to work on her eyebrows which are notoriously difficult. Her brow hairs are light and sparse, so almost every brow pencil we try to use is too dark. Her brows hang pretty low on her brow bone and one arches much higher than the other. So she gets totally frustrated with it all. She added some eyeshadow primer to her brows and I tried my best to fill them in with a light eyeshadow in a neutral very light browny taupe.

I told her she had better send me a photo after she finished her eyes.


She did! This is her completed look. She’s wearing my Tarte be a mermaid and make waves palette on her eyes (Which she left at her dad’s, so no more of my makeup goes to dads now…) and flower beauty petal pout matte on her lips. In the end, I think she looked quite natural overall, and her look held up well. We did this about 10:30 am, she returned after 11 pm with makeup still looking great. Even though it was 100F. Nice job kiddo.

Now on to my weekly shop my stash for my makeup look. Now, it’s a long weekend and I doubt I’ll wear makeup tomorrow. It’s too hot, and I am just working around the house. I might get an early morning bike ride in with a friend, which also won’t lend itself to a makeup look. Also, my May project pan is coming to an end this week. Which means I will have an opportunity to wear something else on my eyes without feeling a little guilty!


Vaguely left to right. The wet n wild palette that’s on my pan list is up there for the three days of use, along with the wet n wild contour palette I try to get use out of. Below that is a NYX happy birthday palette. Miss Marja gave it to Miss Butterfly for christmas, but Miss Butterfly has decided that only one of those shadows works for her, so she’s set it in my room so I can use it. I love those warm tones and can’t wait to play with the green as well, so I’ll be giving it some love on June 1. I may also try to incorporate it into looks using the wet n wild palette.

Under that is the elf eyebrow pencil I am trying to pan, but also a nyx eyebrow pencil below that as I wanted to experiment with colors that suit me better. Below that is the brown/green toned eyeliner I got in a box this month, I am going to go ahead and try to use that right up. There’s not much in it, and I also don’t feel tied to it like it needs saving.

Under the eyeliner is a IT cosmetics bye bye under eye sample I got in a box a few months ago. I tried it once and hated it. But, I am ready to give it another try, just in case I was too harsh. I’ll experiment with it this week.

Back up to the top with the Coty Airspun, which is a staple and I won’t buy any more powders until I finish this and my laura mercier sample. You’ll see this regularly forever probably. To the right of that is my butter bronzer, which is my only bronzer so it also gets a repeat appearance. Under that is the urban decay eyeshadow primer and the benefit porefessional, both of which I am attempting to pan. They are close, but tubes like that are deceiving, as there’s a large amount of product in that very bottom area.

Back to the top, for foundation this week I’ll be getting some use out of my wet n wild photofocus foundation. I’d like to pan this really, and not buy it again. It looks fantastic on the skin, and it wears well, all except for my nose. I can’t get it to stick to my nose for more than half a day, and that’s highly irritating. I’ll be trying to apply it with no moisturizer on my nose this week to see if that helps, but even if it does help this has already angered me and I am ready to give it up once it’s gone. There are a lot of foundations out there, and while I see value in using them up once they are purchased, I do not see value in repurchasing something that doesn’t thrill me, even if that product is inexpensive.

Under the foundation is Benefit dandelion sparkle (I think that’s what it is called) highlighter because Miss Butterfly also took our new face palette to her dad’s and it didn’t return. Then beneath that is L’oreal’s lash paradise and to the right of that is the elf setting spray I am trying to pan. It won’t be gone this week and is likely to make it into next month’s project pan.

For my June project pan, I think I’ll try to get a little better at documenting progress in a manner that’s easy to see. For some products this month you’ll just have to take my word for it, but my word for it is hard to take even for me, as I want tangible progress. Other items I’ve been weighing which works pretty well for me, but I’d like to try marking containers for progress. I’ll have to work harder at that this week.

Anyhow, if any crafters made it to the end of this, I’ve got spinning pictures tomorrow. 🙂 Have a great long weekend.

May Boxes

Hey all,

I wanted to talk makeup again but wasn’t sure what I had to talk about beyond next week’s makeup and it’s a bit early for that on a Saturday. Then I thought perhaps I could grab all the products from my 3 may boxes and let you know what I’ve used, what I haven’t used, and what I thought of what I did use.


Now, I was trying to get this photo pulled together while Miss Butterfly was packing her makeup for a wedding she is attending this weekend. There’s quite a bit in there that she wanted to take with her, and since we share boxes I wanted to make sure she had the opportunity. Which means I forgot the one little single eyeshadow in gold that I received, immediately pulled out of its little container and threw in my empty magnetic palette only to find that it doesn’t actually stick to the magnet. No matter, I hadn’t used that eyeshadow anyhow and I don’t have anything to talk about.

So, let’s go bottom up, left to right if necessary. The first items are the brushes. Out of on box we received a very pretty little eyeshadow brush. We both think this is absolutely beautiful and unlike everything else we own. The hairs are a gradient color, there are two little jewels on the gold area of the handle, and the rest of the handle is a gorgeous blue. It’s from Slmissglam which seems to be a company that makes a bunch of pretty but twee brushes. I can’t speak for the quality because we like looking at it so much we haven’t used it. Hah.

Above that is a set of eyeliner brushes from aesthetica cosmetics, we also have not used those and then a powder brush from aesthetica. This powder brush is extremely fluffy and soft. I saw a lot of reviews where subscribers didn’t really care for this brush, but we love love love this brush. It lays down the bare minimum of powder which keeps us both from getting too heavy handed. In fact, I like it for blush too, which I have a tendency to accidentally overdo and have to go back and correct. This brush was one of the things Miss Butterfly wanted to take with her today she likes it so much.

There’s a pure heals face mask, we received two, and I haven’t used them yet. I’ll probably do that today. I have a dedicated baggie in the bathroom since I think that oftentimes these samples give enough for two or three applications. I like to save the excess in the baggie and get extra use, but the baggie wasn’t free until last evening.

Next to that is pretty vulgar’s gel liner, and THIS is a product I’ve been using a ton. Am I capable of a winged liner? No I am not. Do I think I’ll ever seriously wear a winged liner? No I do not. Would I love to learn anyhow? Why yes I would. But, I had never tried a gel liner before and it really goes on so ridiculously smoothly. I’ve used this about every other day since I received it. There’s a TON in there, the packaging is so so pretty, but the product is so far down in the tub that it can be a bit difficult to see what I am picking up on a brush. That would be my only complaint.

Next up a sephora mud mask. This immediately went to Miss Butterfly. I see the word “mud” and my skin wants to cry. It cannot handle getting that dried out. Miss Butterfly has to be careful too, but it works well as a spot treatment for her teen acne, and that’s how she’s using it.

Then there’s a full size of cover fx blurring primer. I’ve been using this sparingly and it needs more time for me to figure out how I really feel about it. But, initial thoughts are that it works fine, it doesn’t break up my make up or move it around my face. The only reason it’s a sparingly situation is that I am trying to pan a benefit porefessional at the moment.

Then there are three black tubes that seem to have rolled before I snapped a photo. They are a marc jacobs velvet noir mascara which I am not going to even open until I finish up my current lash paradise. I’ve decided that since one is only supposed to get 3 months of use out of mascara, I could probably get by just on samples from subscriptions. So I am not about to start opening them and using them. I’ll wait until a more appropriate time.

There’s also a kat von d tattoo liner, which I haven’t opened and experimented with, so much am I enjoying the gel liner.

And there’s a touch in sol style sepia gel liner. This one is a brown toned liner with a green undertone that also seems to have a faint bit of gold sparkle too. There’s very little of this product to use, and I have used it and liked it just fine. It glides on smoothly and I have nothing bad to say about it. But I doubt I’d run out to get another either.

There’s a sample size of drybar dry shampoo. I don’t use dry shampoo, Miss Butterfly has two kinds already here at the house and SHE doesn’t use it either, so this sample is going to miss Marja. Quite frankly, even if I gave it to Miss Butterfly and she liked it, it’s too expensive for me to purchase for her anyhow. Best let someone else get use out of it.

Next up is the PUR cosmetics contour face palette. This palette is…annoying. The contour colors I’ve tried everything with, but they don’t blend nicely at all on the skin. It’s a serious challenge to get them to look any way other than “You’ve got dirt on your face.” So I decided I could use them as eyeshadow instead. Only trouble is, when I do this? They blend away to nothing. So…they won’t blend on the face but they disappear on the eyes. It’s kind of irritating. I’ll still play with them some more in the future. However, we are liking the highlighters actually. This is another product Miss Butterfly wanted to take with her this weekend, simply for the highlighters that look fairly natural on the skin. So, half of it is a hit and half of it is a miss.

Next up, beauty creations matte lip gloss, which all over the internet people are saying “What?” “That’s not a thing!” So, I’ve worn this once. When I put it on it’s super sticky. It dries down and doesn’t transfer much at all, but also doesn’t quite lose it’s stickiness. So, I don’t love that. One of my goals this week is to see if I can make this work for me, and if I cannot I’ll pass it on to Miss Butterfly. I am not sure about the color either. Bright lipsticks look great on me, but there’s this certain tone that one would think is bright but then goes dark on my lips and then makes my lips look really thin, and I don’t love that. And this may be one of those.

Above that is another sample of porefessional. Now, to be fair, I purchased the sample I am using now, this is my first subscription sample. But, you know, it’s a product I like and use, so I am not mad about it. I do, however, have plenty of other primers to use so I may set this one aside even though it’s a very small sample.

And then there’s the sample size of YSL black opium. Which….I don’t even know how to get into. I apparently have to crack open the plastic container, and then the lid will get turned upside down and put back on the container. However, I can’t figure out how to do it. I had been looking for a video on how to do it, but no one has posted one that I can find. And, the internet forums have horror stories about product spilling all over when the vial is cracked open, so I am not too eager to just give it a try. I’ll be honest, I’ve been really enjoying trying different sample perfumes from boxes, and I am downright annoyed by this. I cannot imagine that a company put their product in this vial, sat a panel of potential customers down, and said “OK, get into this and let us know what you think of it.” without mass confusion and irritation. It’s dumb and I do not like it. I feel dumb that I can’t figure it out, even though clearly others cannot as well. And I’ll feel dumb if there’s some easy solution I am not catching too.

Overall thoughts on these subscriptions. I am pretty pleased with May, we’ve certainly got more than we paid for, big time. I like many of the products, I still have plenty to try, keeping us occupied this month. I am currently getting 3 subscriptions but one is on the chopping block. We’ll see in the next few months if I keep with it. The samples in that particular box are just….smaller than the others. Then again, they are also higher end, so it makes sense. But, maybe I don’t need samples of higher end products. So we’ll see.

That’s it for May, now we get to keep trying these products while waiting for June boxes.


Then there was spinning

Miss Butterfly had her first day of summer vacation. It’s gonna be a long one guys…because I came home to this:


This kid LOVES to bake. So much baking love. And Mr. Ink and I are (were?) on a diet. But now we are going to come home to baked goodies daily. This one went a little unexpectedly though. I’d told Miss Butterfly she needed to eat a banana during the day. Instead, she decided to use the banana as a decoration on a plain vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Now, I knew that probably I wasn’t going to like the cake infused with banana essence, and indeed that was the case. Problem was, SHE didn’t like it either! She didn’t realize that the banana was going to flavor everything. Mr. Ink on the other hand thought the cake was JUST FINE and ate two big slices. I told him he’d better bring the cake into work today. We’ll see if he does.

One of the rules we discussed on Tuesday evening was that if Miss Butterfly was going to play in the kitchen, she needed to clean all her dishes. Thankfully, she took this seriously and I didn’t come home to a kitchen mess.

It was hot last evening, and when Mr. Ink got home he wasn’t particularly interested in running right outside and messing around in the gardens. This is unusual, but I think he’d had a particularly miserable day. So, we stayed cool and watched a tv show, then went out later in the evening. I planted my canna garden. 3 varieties of cannas this  year, and then I added some tropical milkweed to the garden. It’ll be my butterfly and hummingbird garden.

I finished the singles on my spindles, the ones I hit pretty hard while my knee was out of commission. Someone remind me during the winter when I regret not spinning that spinning is seasonal for me, please? I have no desire to pick up my knitting at all, spinning is everything right now.


These are from batts I made on my drum carder.


This is a common color theme for me, I am pretty sure I’ve made almost this exact color in the past. For that spin, I made a 3 ply so I plan to do a 2 ply here. But, I am going to set this aside for a time so that I can work on finishing that green/purple combo spin. I am halfway done on that and look forward to finishing in the near future though I really haven’t had time to sit with it recently.

In makeup news, I hit pan on the eyeshadow palette I’ve been concentrating on this month! Just on the transition color, but still it’s good to know that it takes a full month of wear on one of those little palettes to even hit pan in any way. I’ve got two more of those little palettes so come fall/winter I will spend a month on each of them. (The color scheme on both of them really doesn’t scream summer, that’s for sure. They are better saved.) I’ve been spending more time combining the little brown palette with other palettes in my collection these past few days, I’ve just been way too bored. But it is still getting used.

That’s it from here! We are almost through the week and into a long weekend here. And it’s going to be hot. 97F on Saturday! Spring was….very short this year. So much for thinking the exceedingly cold winter would mean a gentler than usual summer.


Brutal Week!

I am having one of those weeks where I feel like I just can’t keep it together. I know that these weeks happen every spring, so I suspect it is cyclical. But it has definitely hit hard this week. I think it’s a combo of end of school year, plus busy work, plus trying to add in all the wonderful outdoorsy stuff we love to do because the weather has gotten pleasant.

Despite my very behind feeling (I bowed out of my tuesday night bike ride this week because I just couldn’t imagine adding another thing in) I have a high schooler on my hands! Miss Butterfly finished middle school yesterday.


She’s clearly relieved to have a little time off, the end of the year was really getting to her as well. We spent a bunch of time discussing expectations for the summer last evening. She didn’t get to sleep in this morning either, as we were up and out the door quite early for an orthodontist appointment.

We had a huge rain yesterday, rather unexpectedly. And the heat has begun. So, when I walked out the door to grab this photo of Miss Butterfly, I was startled to see my favorite peonies blooming all at once! I knew they were pretty close, but they went from pretty close to full on blooms in half a day.


Isn’t this bush just the most dramatic? I love it. Of course with this one blooming I had to go check out peony alley, the area on the far side of the shop where we’ve got peonies all along the side. The bushes that the sun hit are blooming now, though the other more shady ones aren’t there yet. I love that, as it means we get to experience blooms for longer.


I feel like peonies are such an old fashioned flower somehow, and fit right in at our mid-century home. And their drama really makes me happy. I’ll be cutting vases of them to enjoy shortly, and getting hollered at by Mr. Ink and Miss Butterfly for bringing peony loving ants in the house. (I don’t mind, I just catch them and take them back outside.)

In knitting news, here’s a finished sock!


It’s super nice, and fits quite well, and the colors are really easy to wear. I cast on the second sock this morning at the orthodontist’s office.

In makeup news, I’d had a couple of goals for this week. Figure out how to make the Urban Decay all nighter foundation work for my skin. I think I’ve got this now, adding a drop of facial oil to the two pumps of foundation works pretty well. I still don’t like the foundation much, I won’t buy it again, but at least I’ve got a way to make it look more like my skin and less like something smeary laying on top of my skin. I’ll at least not let it go to waste. It’s a bit light on me, and there may be times this summer that I have to put it away for a bit (Today I am looking very light.) But I am fairly certain I can get it gone before it expires.

My other goal is to keep working at panning the tiny wet n wild palette of browns. Well, today? I just needed a new look. I did use two colors from the palette but then I went WAY off course with a different palette and two dark forest greens, one shimmery and one not. I ended up with a very smokey eye look today, FAR different than I’ve worn most of the month but it was just the thing. Eye shadow is my most favorite part of makeup, I am completely obsessed, and I really needed the break from the boring browns. I mean, if I can’t make it fun, what’s the point really?

And that’s it for today. I’ve got spindle spinning to show off tomorrow since I haven’t been able to quit since the knee injury Saturday. (Knee is fine now, thank goodness! I did stop in time!) I am almost done with another set of singles, and it was a pretty big project!