Happy Halloween!

I’ve got a flower girl to show off,

She made out like a bandit in the candy department. I managed to score one Almond Joy, but no Butter Fingers at all!  The neighborhood was so crazy busy and so fully decorated, so we walked and walked and hung out and looked at costumes. Now that we are home, I find myself exhausted and my back is feeling it too.

But, I do have some completed spinning to show off. The Perendale I’d been working on is complete. I have just under 400 yards of navajo plyed yarn. It is fairly thin, light fingering weight yarn I’d say. It turned out just lovely.


Since I was at a friends house when I completed this project, and couldn’t manage to just leave it on the wheel, I wrapped it around a chair back. I thought the chair itself would have enough ease to remove it from the chair back, but once I started removing the hank, it became apparent it was too tight. It really did take a bit of time to ease the hank off the chair just a few strands of yarn at a time.

Stick around and I might even show you tomorrow how far I am on that Starmore sweater!

Spinning Perendale

I’ve been needing a bit of color to add to my spinning in between all the brown from the fleece. I pulled out some wool I’d have called a mystery, but once I unbraided it, I found a tag. It is 100% perendale wool. Feels a bit like BFL quite frankly. The colorway is floating orchid. I have spun it all on one bobbin with the intent to navajo ply. We will see how I am feeling, either I will do it tonight, or work on it tomorrow. I must admit I am also having trouble staying focused on my Starmore sweater, but still lack motivation to cast on something new. So, I might just have to ply tonight.

Pretty pretty!

Like gangbusters

I’ve been knitting along exclusively on my Starmore sweater. I am more than 1/2 of the way through the back now, and that doesn’t include the ribbing. It is slow going with all those cables, and yet I am suddenly enjoying it so much that I just don’t want to work on anything else!

Pictured with the finished front.

Cloud Chaser Vest

So, I knit the Cloud Chaser vest at least a year after I intended to. I’d been hoarding the yarn in my stash for quite some time. I added a whole bunch of length to the back due to my long torso. Other than that, I knit it pretty much as written. After an initial “I think this looks goofy” moment, I realized it really is quite a wearable garment. So, almost a full week after I finished it, I finally dressed up and had photographs taken.

I worked on this almost exclusively except for spinning at the fleece once in awhile and the Rick socks which I kept at work. This used to be highly unusual for me, but has become more the norm now that my hobbies are expanding again. I do like the rate at which it feels the project draws to completion, but it leaves me often feeling like I need a break because something is going wrong with the project. I am not entirely sure I am making more mistakes than usual, but it feels that way because I have nothing to temper the mistakes with.

The Pile is Growing

The pile of yarn I have created from the CVM Romeldale fleece is growing. I now have 6 skeins of 3 ply. I have not counted yardage yet, and do not intend to do so until I am done spinning. That being said, I only have 7 batts remaining so I am actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with this project. On the other hand, I was in serious need of color in my life, so I took a break and started spinning something else.

I also have a new retaining wall! Yes, I am very pleased about that. It is lower than the last one and is not starting to take over the sidewalk. I anticipate that this will make shoveling easier this winter.